Jason and Carlos entered the cell to find Martinez struggling against the handcuffs that held his wrists over his head and attached to the frame of the cot. When Martinez saw them coming in the cell, he began to twist and plead in Spanish while Carlos explained what they were going to do to him. Jason got up on the cot, straddling Martinez facing towards the officers feet then he squatted down rubbing his hard cock and balls on the chubby hairy cops face. "MMMMMFFFFFF!" Martinez grunted as the beefy muscular blond began to grind his balls and ass into the swarthy officer's face.

Suddenly Jason felt Martinez's tongue licking his balls then licking the space between Jason's balls down to his asshole. "Damn this guy is licking my hole!" Jason said to Carlos as the swarthy officer began to rim the hot blonde's hole. Fuck that feels good. Jason thought as the thick tongue began to enter his tight pink hole. Jason looked down at the chubby hairy body and saw the Martinez's beer can thick stubby cock was hard, the foreskin stretched over the bullet shaped cock with the pink head peeking through the open ring of stretched foreskin.

Jason reached down and pulled the foreskin back down over the glistening pink mushroom head and jacked it back and forth as Martinez continued to rim his hole. Carlos then got on the cot facing Jason who was squatting on the swarthy officer's face, and got between the officer's feet grabbing his thick hairy legs and bringing them up and spreading Martinez's legs bending them at the knees. He looked at the hairy valley between the chubby ass cheeks and the tiny hole deep in the crack. He poured oil on the hole and on his big erect cock as he pressed the head of his cock against the tight hole.

"MMMMFFFFFF! AAAAAGGGGGHH!" Martinez opened his mouth to cry out as Jason stuck the head of his fat pink cock into Martinez's mouth and Carlos eased his big cock in the tight hole. "AAAAAHHHHH yeah that is a tight ass!" Carlos said, his eyes half closed in ecstasy grinding his huge cock deep into the chubby cops ass. Jason looked down at the chubby hairy cop's spread legs, his fat throbbing cock rock hard against his hairy belly and hole spread wide by Carlos's fat cock. Carlos reached out and pulled Jason's face close to his and began kissing him deeply his tongue forcing its way into Jason's mouth.

Martinez took Jason's thick cock deep in his throat with ease causing Jason break away from kissing Carlos and to moan in pleasure. "Fuck this guy can deep throat! I think he's done this before." Jason groaned to Carlos while Carlos began driving his big cock in and out of the chubby officer's hole.

Plop....plop.... Plop....plop.... Plop....plop.... Plop....plop.... Plop....plop.... Plop. "Damn this is a hot ass; he squeezes his hole around my cock like a pro!" Carlos moaned as he fucked the chubby officer.

The cot squeaked as Jason and Carlos fucked the swarthy hairy officer from both ends. Jason was amazed how good Martinez was sucking his cock taking it deep in his throat that he began to feel his balls pulling up tight. "Oooh yeah I'm gonna shoot!" Jason cried out, driving his cock deep into the velvety throat and shooting his load. Martinez swallowed the hot load and continued to suck more cum out of Jason's thick cock. Jason removed his cock and got off of the cot to wipe himself off with a towel as he watched Carlos continue to fuck the chubby cop.

Jason watched as Carlos continued to fuck the chubby hairy officer as he began kissing Martinez who was moaning in pleasure. As Jason watched the two fucking, he began to remember how Carlos had fucked and kissed him with the same passion. Even though Jason considered all this sex with men just getting off with no emotion, for some reason he felt a twinge of jealousy watching Carlos fuck and kiss Martinez.

Damn what is wrong with me, I date women I am not gay! Jason thought as he watched Carlos whispering and kissing and fucking the moaning chubby cop. Soon he heard yelling in Spanish coming from down the corridor and knew it was time to finish his revenge. I'll leave these lovebirds alone. Jason thought as he quietly left the cell and went down to the interrogation room.

As Jason entered the interrogation room he heard El Capitán yelling and cursing in Spanish, fighting the wrist restraints that kept him spread eagled. His body was tight, lean and muscular with some salt and pepper chest hair that trailed down to his big pendulous horse cock and balls between his legs. "How dare you do this...I will have you arrested!" the capitán yelled as he continued to twist against the restraints, his big cock flopping back and forth. Jason smiled calmly while he took a few pictures of the naked officer then put his phone down on the table as he picked up the police belt.

"What.....what are you doing?" El Capitán said, his eyes widening in fear as Jason approached him with the belt and then stood behind the struggling officer. CRAAACK! The belt smacked the firm brown muscular ass globes causing the officer to jerk forward. "AAAAAAEEEEEEE!" El capitán screamed as the belt continued to beat his muscular ass cheeks leaving red strips on the brown globes. CRACK....CRACK...CRACK... CRACK....CRACK...CRACK...Jason vented all his frustration and rage on the man who had abused and fucked him ruthlessly.

Jason paused for a moment, reaching out to grasp the muscular red ass globes causing El Capitan to flinch and cry out. "Damn these ass cheeks are nice and warm." Jason smirked as he groped and squeezed the tender globes, his cock beginning to engorge. "Oh Please stop....I'm begging you!" the sweaty officer pleaded as Jason fondled his muscular cheeks. Jason walked over to the desk removing the leather strap. "Well I think your ass needs some more warming up!" Jason said as he returned to stand behind the moaning cop. WHAP! "AAAAGGGGHHHH!" El Capitán screamed as the strap came down on his cheeks. WHAP...WHAP... WHAP...WHAP... WHAP...WHAP... WHAP.


"Please stop...I will do anything" El Capitan cried out as the strap slapped his blazing red ass globes. "What did you say? You'll do anything? Will you give me your ass?" Jason said pausing the whipping as he grasped the ass globes spreading them wide apart to expose the tiny hole. "Yes. Just please stop hitting me...I can't take anymore!" El capitán cried out as Jason reached over for the massage oil pouring some onto the tight hole. He used his index finger to spread the oil around then pressing the tip and entering the tight ring.

The groaning officer clenched his cheeks together which provoked a hard slap to his right ass cheek. SMACK! "Open up that hole... spread your legs wider and stick your butt out!" Jason barked to the officer as he reached around the officer finding his chest and nipple pinching it hard as he forced his finger in the tight channel. "AAAAAAEEEEEE!" El capitán cried out as the finger entered his virgin canal deep pressing against his prostate gland.

Jason brought his mouth close to El Capitán's ear while he worked a second finger into the tight ring to massage the prostate gland while he worked the officer's nipple pinching as he fucked his fingers in and out. "Now you know how it feels.... Who's the bitch now?" Jason whispered to the groaning sweaty cop. El capitán moaned in pain and the invading fingers being rammed in his tight virgin hole. Jason pressed both oiled fingers deep pressing on the firm prostate gland provoking a grunt from the moaning officer.

"You ready for my thick gringo cock in your tight Mexican hole?" Jason whispered in the officer's ear as he removed his fingers from the hole and pressed the mushroom head of his throbbing pink cock against the tight ring. "Please don't....I've never been fucked in my culo." The officer pleaded as the erect cock pressed harder against his asshole then suddenly the fat head popped through the tight ring. "AAAAAYYYYYY!" the officer cried out as the oily cock split open his cherry hole sliding deep into his ass.

"Hot damn this is one tight sweet little hole!" Jason said as he pressed his fat cock deep in the tight velvety channel grinding his pubes against the firm brown Mexican ass cheeks. Jason reached around and grabbed the huge flaccid uncut horse cock and began massaging the cock while he ground his cock pressing against the cop's prostate gland. Jason felt the huge cock begin to swell in his hand as he began to bring his cock slowly out then sliding it in deep in the tight ass.

The officer groaned as he felt the fat cock sliding in and out pressing his gland as his own cock began to swell and grow as the gringo jacked his foreskin back and forth. He could not believe that he was getting excited by the cock in his ass but the feeling of the hard shaft deep in his ass made his own cock rock hard and throbbing. "Ooooohhhhh Si." El Capitan groaned as he was fucked and jacked off by the sweaty muscular gringo. "You like that bitch? You want me to fuck you harder?" Jason whispered as he picked up the tempo pulling his cock almost all the way out then ramming it deep.

Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop...

Jason fucked the sweaty cop while he gripped the huge cock jacking it back forth. El capitán felt his balls begin to rise up and he felt he was close to shoot his load. "Si..Si...Si....I cum now!" the cop cried out as his big cock began to shoot 3 huge loads of cum on the floor. Splat!... splat!... splat! Jason rammed his shaft in and out of the tight hole also feeling his balls rise up. "Here it comes fucker I'm gonna shoot my load deep in your ass!" he cried out as his cock began to shoot hot cum into the tight channel.

As Jason began to catch his breath and remove his softening cock from the tight hole he heard Carlos come into the room and pick up his phone and take some picks of him pulling his cock out of El Capitan's ass. "Damn that was fucking hot Jason." Carlos said as he showed to picks to the officer and then told the officer if he tried any action against them the pictures would be released to the town. El capitán bowed his head and reluctantly agreed so they released him and allowed him to dress.

Jason and Carlos released all three officers then left the police station together heading into the town. "Hey man you wanna come over to my place for dinner?" Carlos said as they walked along the quiet dark street. "Sure that sounds cool, I'm pretty hungry."

Jason said as he followed Carlos down a couple of blocks heading towards the outskirts of the village. They approached a small stucco white house with red terracotta tiled roof. The house had a nicely manicured lawn and a small stone fence surrounding the property. "Hey this is a nice place you got!" Jason said as Carlos led him through the gate and into the small house.

The interior was traditional Mexican with polished Saltillo tile floor and heavy wooden carved furniture. The walls were brightly colored with local artisan pieces on the walls on shelves and small arched niches. A large painting of a stern looking older man dressed in religious robes was on the wall above a small table with a lighted candle. Jason noticed something about the man in the picture looked familiar then he moved walked over to the kitchen.

"My grandmother left me her home when she passed away." Carlos said as he went into the kitchen to prepare the meal. "Make yourself at home Jason." Carlos said as he began opening the fridge and getting the food ready. "Hey man do you mind if I take a shower?" Jason asked. "Sure the bathroom is in the back I had it redone when I moved in here a couple of years ago." Carlos said.

Jason headed into the back bedroom that had a large wooden framed king sized bed and a large wooden armoire. The room had a ceiling fan and the walls were painted a soft olive green. He walked into the large bathroom completely tiled in a beige marble that had a walk in shower with a glass block partition. "Wow this is really nice!" Jason said as he removed his shirt and shorts and turned on the modern brushed nickel shower hardware and notice settings for a rain shower from above and a full body spray with several nozzles in front.

The water soon warmed up and Jason stood in front of the spray luxuriating in the water cascading on his body. "Room for one more?" Carlos said as he began removing his clothes and stepped in the shower bringing his hairy body to press against Jason's smooth muscular back. "Fuck I've wanted to have you again." Carlos whispered in Jason's ear as he began kissing his neck and rubbing his hardening cock against Jason's big white ass globes. Jason felt the fat hard long shaft rubbing between his ass cheeks as Carlos ran his big hairy hands all over his body cupping his big muscular pecs and pinching his big pink nipples causing him to moan. Carlos reached down and grabbed a bottle of lotion pouring a generous amount in his hand which he smeared on his cock and then worked a large glob into Jason's tight pink hole.

Carlos grabbed Jason's hands and placed them against the wall as he kicked Jason's legs apart causing his ass cheeks to open exposing the pink hole. Jason felt the fat cock head pressing against his hole then gasping as it popped through the tight ring. "OOOOHHHH FUCK!" Jason exclaimed as the huge cock slid deep into his tight hole. Carlos ran his hands over Jason's muscular chest cupping and pinching his big pink nipples as he eased his huge cock deeper in the tight pink hole. "Aaaahhhhhh." Jason moaned as the fat prick slid deep in his ass spreading him wide open while his own cock was rock hard and throbbing.

Carlos eased his horse cock balls deep as he looked down he saw Jason's big round grapefruit sized white ass globes spread wide and his own brown horse cock deep in the tight pink hole that was stretched tight around his fat member. "Oh baby you have the hottest ass I've ever fucked!" Carlos exclaimed as he began to grind his cock deep pressing on Jason's prostate gland. Jason's cock throbbed with precum oozing from his cock head as he pushed his bubble butt back on the hard cock groaning with lust. "Fuck my ass Carlos!" Jason moaned as the hairy Mexican began to thrust the big cock in and out of his tight hole. Carlos smacked the big white ass cheek as he began to fuck Jason.


Carlos fucked Jason deep while Jason was spread eagled his hands pressed against the shower wall working his ass to meet the thrusting huge shaft up his ass. Carlos reached around Jason and began to jack his hard cock as he rammed his big cock in and out of the tight bubble butt. "Fuck baby you are gonna make me come!" Carlos exclaimed as he began fucking harder ramming his cock deep then bellowing as he shot cum deep in the hole. Jason groaned as his own cock began to spew ropes of cum against the shower wall.

The two men stayed locked together as Carlos kissed Jason's neck wrapping his arms around the muscular blonde's torso. "Baby I could do this every night with you." The hairy Mexican whispered as he began to pull his softening cock out of Jason's hole. Jason gasped as the huge mushroom head popped out of his pink hole then he felt Carlos rubbing soap over his back and shoulders then down to his ass to soap up his tender hole. The two men soaped each other up under the shower spray until the cum was washed away.

After they dried off they headed to the kitchen where Carlos had been simmering the chile verde which is marinated pork in a green chile sauce with homemade tortillas and Mexican rice and beans. Jason was starving and enjoyed the tender flavorful pork and rice with beans and had several helpings. "Wow you are a great cook!" Jason exclaimed as he devoured the delicious dinner. "Glad you like it." Carlos replied with a grin as he went to the refrigerator to get the cold beer. They finished dinner and Jason volunteered to wash the dishes and help clean up the kitchen then they went into the front room.

"That was a great fuck and a great dinner!" Jason said grinning as he relaxed on the comfortable leather couch. Carlos smiled as he sat down and put his arm around the handsome blonde hunk. "So I still have the two airport cops that I want to get revenge on." Jason murmured his eyes half closed. "Tell me again what they did to you?" Carlos said as he pulled the sleepy hunk to lay his head on his chest. Jason explained what happened when he arrived at the airport and was strip searched by the two officers then forced into sex. "Damn those fuckers did that? I have an idea how we can get even with them." Carlos said as he heard Jason begin to snore against his chest.

"Come on baby lets go to bed." Carlos said as he gently shook Jason then helped him stand up and walked him to the back bedroom. He helped the sleepy hunk remove his shirt; pants and briefs then pulled back the bed covers and laid Jason down who immediately began lightly snoring. Carlos stripped naked and lay down behind the naked muscular blonde wrapping his arms around him with his hairy chest pressed against Jason's smooth back.

As Carlos held the sexy hunk he realized he was falling hard for the handsome American. But he knew Jason would soon return to the United States and Carlos could not return there as he had been deported. Carlos felt saddened at the thought of Jason leaving, but decided to try to enjoy his time with the sexy hunk as his eyes began to close and he fell into a deep sleep. Jason meanwhile was dreaming he was back in the stone chamber standing before the raised dais with the stern looking man in religious robes. Jason found himself naked with his arms and legs in shackles and he felt a big muscular guard pressed against his back with his arms wrapped around his chest.

"Sir could you please release me from these shackles?" Jason pleaded with the robed figure. "I'm sorry my son but only you have the ability to release yourself from your bonds." The robed figure said. "I don't understand, how am I supposed to release myself?" Jason said as he struggled against the muscular guard's tight grip. Jason felt the guard's cock begin to harden and press against his ass cheeks. "Soon you will understand and then your life will become what it was meant to be." The robed figure said as he slowly began to fade away.

"Wait! Please I don't understand!" Jason pleaded as he felt the hard cock sliding between his ass cheeks and pressing against his hole. "Baby...you ok? You were mumbling and moving around a lot." Carlos whispered in his ear as he ran his hands all over Jason's body caressing his muscular arms and torso and flicking his hardening nipples as his big hard cock which was already lubed up was pressing against Jason's tight hole. "I was having a weird dream.....OHHH!" Jason gasped as the big mushroom cock head popped through his tight hole. Carlos kissed and licked his neck then nibbled on his earlobe as he slowly advanced his big cock into the tight canal. "Oh baby I love to fuck your tight ass." Carlos groaned as he slid his big cock into Jason's tight pink hole. "Ooooohhhhh." Jason groaned as he was impaled on the huge rod his own fat cock engorging as he felt the fat prick slide deep in his ass. Carlos began to grind his cock deep pressing Jason's prostate as he kissed and nibbled Jason's earlobe. "Fuck baby I don't want to let you leave." Carlos murmured as he slowly fucked his big cock in and out of the tight ass.

Carlos continued to fuck Jason from the side sliding his big cock in and out then he pulled out and flipped Jason on his back, raising his legs and sliding a pillow under Jason's lower back. Carlos slid his big cock back into Jason's tight pink hole until his balls were pressed against the big white ass globes. "AAAAHHH!" Jason gasped as he was impaled his legs spread wide and his own cock rock hard against his belly. Carlos began to fuck Jason hard, his groin slapping against Jason's spread ass cheeks.

Plop...plop...plop...plop...plop... Plop...plop...plop...plop...plop...

The bedsprings squeaked as Carlos rammed his big shaft in and out of Jason's spread legs pounding the muscular hunk's tight asshole. "Oh fuck baby I love you!.. I'm gonna shoot!" Carlos exclaimed as he rammed his big prick deep and began to shoot his hot load deep in Jason's hole. "YEAH FUCK ME!" Jason cried out as his own cock began shooting all over his stomach and chest. Jason felt Carlos's mouth against his and his tongue entering deep in his mouth as the muscular hairy Mexican continued to fuck him with his big cock.

Carlos broke off the kiss and stared deep into Jason's blue eyes and grinned. "Sorry about that but I got carried away." Carlos said sheepishly as he moved to get a towel and begin wiping off the cum from Jason's stomach and chest. "Damn that was hot." Jason said while yawning then turning back over on his and closing his eyes. Carlos wiped himself off then also got back into bed cuddling with the sleeping hunk as he slept.

The next morning Jason woke to the smell of frying bacon and coffee brewing from the kitchen. He got out of bed and padded into the kitchen to find Carlos preparing breakfast. "Good morning handsome, why don't you grab a shower while I get breakfast ready." Carlos said as he began to fry the hash brown potatoes. Jason headed to the bathroom and took a hot shower then dressed and returned to the kitchen to find a plate full of scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, hash browned potatoes and toast with orange juice and coffee. "How did you know I love bacon and eggs for breakfast?" Jason said smiling as he sat down to eat. "Lucky guess." Carlos replied as he shoveled a fork full of eggs into his mouth.

As they ate breakfast, Carlos explained his plan on how they would get revenge on the two airport officers Ruiz and Sanchez. Jason listened to the plan while he finished his breakfast, his eyes widening in surprise. "You think we can pull it off?" Jason asked as he sipped his coffee. "Yes and I have some dirt on those two that we can use to our advantage." Carlos replied. "Ok man I'm ready to get those fuckers." Jason said getting up to clear the table and help Carlos clean up the kitchen.

Carlos knew that Ruiz and Sanchez carpooled to the airport and he also knew the truck they used and what road they traveled on to work. He also knew of an abandoned shack in the jungle that was the perfect place to carry out their plan. They drove out to the road at dusk to the bend in the road that was close to the old shack, and then they pulled an old fallen small tree into the road to block it. As they waited for Ruiz and Sanchez to arrive they put on ski masks and hid in the bushes on the side of the road. About 15 minutes passed before they heard a vehicle approaching.

Ruiz was driving with Sanchez in the passenger seat as the truck slowed and stopped the two got out to move the tree in the road. As they both reached down to grab the tree, Carlos jumped up waving a gun at the two yelling at them in Spanish to remove their weapons. The two officers froze, their eyes widened in fear and then they both removed their guns which Jason collected, and then Carlos motioned for them both to head into the jungle towards the shack.

Once inside the shack Carlos told both officers to strip naked. They both hesitated until Carlos cocked back the gun then they began removing their shoes, shirts and pants down to their briefs. Diaz was taller with muscular arms and chest with lots of wiry black chest hair and a large belly. Sanchez was short and barrel shaped with a large belly and also lots of black curly hair all over his chest, back and arms. The two officers stood before Carlos and Jason in their underwear staring in fear at the two masked men as Carlos began to tell Diaz the secret he knew about Diaz's ex-wife and Sanchez.

Carlos knew Diaz's neighbor and had heard that when Diaz went out of town to visit his parents in another state, his wife was fucking Sanchez. As Carlos told Diaz what he knew Diaz first looked puzzled then he looked over at Sanchez who was staring at his feet unable to look his friend in the eye. Diaz soon began to get angry and began yelling at Sanchez who was wringing his hands and soon began to ask for forgiveness. Carlos then ordered Sanchez to drop his shorts and bend over the small wooden table while handing a leather strap to Diaz telling him how he could get his revenge on his former friend.

Diaz's eyes narrowed in anger as he grabbed the strap then he stood to the side of Sanchez as he rubbed the strap along the big round hairy ass cheeks. Sanchez whimpered in fear as he felt the strap rubbing against his chubby ass cheeks then Diaz brought the strap back, swinging it back to connect with the ass globes.

SMACK! "AAAAYYYYYYY!" Sanchez screamed as the strap began to rain down on his big jiggling hairy ass globes. SMACK!...SMACK!... SMACK!...SMACK!... SMACK!...SMACK!... SMACK!...SMACK!... SMACK!...SMACK!... SMACK!...SMACK!

Sanchez trembled in fear at the anger of his friend but he also felt guilty about betraying him by fucking his wife. The chubby officer's ass cheeks were scarlet red where the strap smacked the big hairy globes. Diaz vented his rage at the betrayal by his friend and the power he felt by dominating him was making his cock rock hard. Carlos and Jason watched as the muscular officer beat the chubby hairy cop's big hairy ass as he sobbed and pleaded for mercy. They could see that Diaz's cock was beginning to harden as he beat Sanchez's ass with the strap. Carlos then put his hand on Diaz's arm to stop the beating while handing a bottle of oil to Diaz telling him how he can get the ultimate revenge.

Diaz eyes glinted with cruelty as he threw down the strap and reached over to yank Sanchez briefs down to his ankles then he grabbed the big hairy ass cheeks spreading them wide apart exposing the tiny virgin ass hole deep in the ass crack surrounded by dark curls. "NO! Por Favor!" Sanchez pleaded as his shorts were pulled down and he felt Diaz spreading his ass cheeks apart. Carlos poured a generous amount of oil into the ass crack as Diaz pulled his own briefs down exposing his thick erect cock. "AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!" Sanchez screamed as Diaz's thick mushroom shaped cock began to penetrate his tight virgin hole.

Diaz smacked the big hairy ass globes as he forced his fat prick into the tight channel. "SMACK! The big ass globes jiggled as the fat cock was forced deep until Diaz had the whole cock buried deep in the tight hole. Diaz groaned in pleasure as he fucked his fat cock in the tight hole, he had secretly fantasized about fucking his friend's big hairy ass and the tight channel gripping his fat long prick felt great. Sanchez's whimpers turned into grunts then groans as the big cock slid in and out of his hole. The big cock stretching his virgin hole and pressing his prostate gland was beginning to feel good as he felt his own stubby thick cock begin to grow and throb as his prostate was pressed and massaged by the fat cock.

Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop... Pop...Pop...Pop...

Sanchez began to push his big hairy ass back to meet the thrusts by Diaz's big cock. Diaz's eyes widened in surprise as he felt his chubby friend pushing his big hairy ass cheeks back to meet his thrusts. He leaned forward and began to kiss Sanchez's neck and nibble his earlobe while he reached around to grab onto Sanchez's beer can thick cock and jack it while he pounded the chubby officer's big ass. Diaz removed his big cock from the tight hole and flipped Sanchez around and pushed him back on the table on his back while lifting his hairy thick legs and spreading them wide as he drove his cock back into the hole. "AAAAAAYYYYY!" Sanchez cried out as he was impaled with the huge cock as Diaz leaned over and began to kiss Sanchez's mouth driving his tongue deep while pounding the big ass.

Jason and Carlos watched the two men fucking and both looked at each other with surprised looks and shrugged as Jason began taking pictures with his I-phone. This wasn't quite what they were expecting but it sure was interesting to watch. Diaz was pounding the chubby officer's hole while he stared into Sanchez eyes with lust.

POP...Pop...Pop... POP...Pop...Pop... POP...Pop...Pop... POP...Pop...Pop...

The two officers were sweating and groaning as they fucked when suddenly Diaz threw back his head as he rammed his fat cock deep in Sanchez hairy ass. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" Diaz yelled as he shot his load while Sanchez also began to groan as his fat thick cock began to shoot cum all over his hairy belly. The two men remained locked together as their breathing slowed then Diaz began to remove his softening cock and he stood and helped Sanchez stand up, putting his arm around him protectively when Sanchez tried to stand and wobbled on his shaky legs.

Carlos showed them the pictures from the phone explaining the reason this was done to them because of how they had abused Jason at the airport and warned them to keep quiet about what happened or the pictures would be shown to the town. The two men stared at their feet and mumbled that they agreed and Jason and Carlos let them get dressed then returned their weapons and let them get into the truck and leave.

Jason and Carlos then got in their vehicle and Carlos drove Jason back to his hotel. Along the way they discussed what had happened between Diaz and Sanchez and laughed at the unusual twist of events. "Maybe now they will become lovers." Jason said as they drove down the road towards the town. Carlos pulled up close to the driveway that led into the hotel and Jason got out promising to see him the next day.

As Jason began walking up the drive a dark sedan sped up the road stopping in front of Jason as a dark tattooed thug with a shaved head got out with a gun and motioned for Jason to get into the car. "Jason watch out!" Carlos yelled as he watched Jason hesitate while staring at the thug with the gun, then follow the thug to get in the back seat as the thug got in and the car sped off. "Oh Shit, Jason's in big trouble now!" Carlos murmured to himself in fear as he watched the dark sedan head up the road into the jungle.

Jason was thrown in the back seat of the sedan and the thug also got in as the car sped away. Jason's heart was racing and he stared in fear at the tattooed Mexican thug who leered at him holding the gun. Jason realized that these thugs were the same ones who raped him while he was in jail. The thug reached over and pulled Jason's head forward pushing his head in his crotch. "mmmfffff." Jason grunted as he felt the thick hard prick rubbing against his mouth through the thug's pants. The thug unzipped and whipped out his big thick brown uncut prick pushing the slimy head against Jason's mouth.

The big cock slid in between Jason's lips as the thug grabbed the back of his head and it reached the back of his throat. "Chupa mi verga puto!" the muscular thug grunted as he rammed his big uncut brown cock in and out of Jason's mouth. "aaaaggghhh!" Jason gagged as the fat cock was jammed in and out of his throat. The thug face fucked him roughly then he pulled his cock out of Jason's mouth and motioned for him to remove his shirt and shorts. When Jason hesitated, the thug slapped his face and grabbed his t-shirt ripping it as he pulled it over Jason's head. He then pulled down Jason's shorts and briefs leaving him naked.

"SIT!" the thug said in English as he grabbed the base of his throbbing fat cock and motioned with his other hand holding the gun for Jason to straddle his cock. Jason began to squat down as he felt the thug grab his ass cheek and spread his legs as he sat down and the fat mushroom head began to penetrate his pink hole.

"AAAAWWWWWW FUCK!" Jason cried out as the uncut cock began to force its way through the tight anal ring and slide deep into his ass until Jason was sitting down completely impaled by the throbbing member. "AAAAHHHH!" the thug groaned in pleasure as his cock was buried deep in the tight ass. The sedan began to travel up a jungle road that was uneven and bumpy and as the car began to bounce Jason also bounced on the hard prick yelping as the cock jabbed in and out of his tender hole.

The thug fucked Jason hard ramming his fat uncut cock deep in his hole while he pinched his big pink nipples. Soon the thug's breathing became ragged as he increased the fucking faster shouting and cursing in Spanish as he got close to shooting his load. "AAAAAHHHHHH!" the thug threw his head back as Jason felt hot cum shooting deep in his hole. As soon as the thug began to push Jason off of his cock the sedan reached a clearing in the jungle and slowed to a stop. Jason was pushed out of the sedan naked and the driver then pulled him over to a large fallen tree forcing face forward to lay down with his big white ass cheeks exposed.

The thug reached down and began massaging and kneading the big ass melons murmuring in Spanish as Jason whimpered. SLAP! The thug smacked the white ass cheek hard leaving a red handprint on the white flesh "OWWWWW!" Jason cried out at the smack. SLAP!...SLAP!... SLAP!...SLAP!... SLAP!...SLAP!... SLAP!...SLAP!...the thug grinned and gazed with lust at the big white ass cheeks turning scarlet red as he spanked them hard. Jason heard an unzip and felt the thug grab his cheeks spreading them apart as the blunt head of the fat cock pressed against his hole.

"OWWWW FUCK!" Jason cried out as the thug rammed his fat prick deep into his hole until his big brown balls hit the smooth round ass globes. SLAP! The thug spanked the big ass cheeks as he began to ram his big shaft in and out of his hole.

Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop...SMACK!... Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop...SMACK!... Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop...SMACK!... Pop...Pop...Pop...Pop...SMACK!...

Jason whimpered and cried out at the brutal fucking as the thug pounded his big white as globes ramming his fat brown uncut prick in and out of his hole and slapping his big cheeks. Soon the thug began to increase his fucking, shouting in Spanish as he rammed his throbbing cock deep in Jason's hole shooting hot cum in his bowels.

The thug pulled his cock out roughly as Jason cried out then roughly grabbed him to stand up and the two thugs marched him up through the clearing towards a house up the hill that was surrounded by a large security fence. "Where are you taking me?" Jason pleaded with fear as he was led through the fence towards the large home. The thugs remained silent as they pushed Jason towards the large dark wooden carved doors which began to open and a tall distinguished looking man came out staring at Jason with lust.

(To be continued)



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