INT.Studio Apartment.Night

V.O: Just been let go again.The man told the agency to send someone with backbone next time.I guess labor pool ain't for me.

We him see lying on a blanket in the middle of the studio apartment. The blanket was on the bear lino floor. A ceiling fan was whirling above him.To one corner was an old 19' TV.We see that this young negro does not own much.

V.O: By now I should own my own business. It is true what they say, dropping out of school makes things tougher. Especially if you are black.

We see him check the classified pages of the 'Penny Saver'.A job seemed to attract his attention.

V.O: Janitor wanted. The Tonga resort hotel.Washing toilets for minimum wage is better than no job. I'll check this out first thing tomorrow.

What do you wear to an interview for janitor? He pondered that question before jumping on the bus.


He soon entered a plush hotel lobby .We see him walk to the ornate 'welcome desk' where a highly groomed blond gentleman stood smiling.The smiling eyes seemed to fixate on the muscle bulging out of the Bros muscle shirt.He nods approvingly as he points a finger down the hall to motion the applicant to walk down it.

Front desk guy: The janitor job?

Lamar: Yes...down the hall?

Front desk guy: Down the hall. Mr Jordan is waiting.

As Lamar walked on, the more he saw of the place, the more he liked being in the hotel.The high grade furnishing,the sense of coziness.

Lamar (V.O): If I had the money, I sure will spend time in this place...yeah definitely.

We watch as he admires the fine molding features from the sides of his eyes.Lamar walks slowly. A door opens slightly to his left but closes quickly as he heard laughter come out of room 209.

Lamar (V.O): At least someone is having fun.

He reaches the end of the hallway and frowns with disappointment to find a door to what looked like a broom closet that had 'JANITOR' in bold black letters.Lamar scratched his bald head as he pondered what to do next.

Voice: You came for the janitor interview?

Lamar's face lights up as we see him move closer to the door.

Lamar: Yes..sir..Mr Jordan?

The door swings open and Lamar was facing a youthful looking older black man.

Jordan: Come in . Close the door.

Lamar enters what was more broom closet than office. He looked around the place for a seat, but nothing obvious comes to his attention.

Jordan: you can see this is not an office.Lamar suddenly imagined an image of the older man having sex in this broom closet.He wondered why such a feeling comes over him at a job interview.

Lamar: You have a nice place here...the hotel...I mean.

The older black man gives an appreciative nod of agreement.

Jordan: What's your name buddy?

Lamar: Lamar Earl ,sir.

Jordan: I'll call you Earl...I like that name.

Lamar: That will be fine, sir.Like I was saying...I feel this will be a nice place to work.

Mr Jordan seems to size him up for a minute before finally breaking his silence.

Jordan: Lets see what you know about massage.

Lamar nearly choked on his own saliva.

Lamar(V.O): Did he really say massage?

We see Mr Jordan pack some janitorial supplies and equipment.He heads for the door, and soon they are back in the hallway.

The younger man takes the bucket fro him.They then stopped at door 208.Mr Jordan uses a card to open the door. He ushers Lamar into a very nice suite. Lamar frowned at the fact that the suite looked very clean...ready for move-in.

Jordan: Put the bucket down there.

Lamar did as he was told, he takes the bucket to the bathroom of the suite . When he got back Mr Jordan was taking off his 'JANITOR'' overalls. Lamar's hearth begins to beat faster.Mr Jordan soon steps out of his pants.Lamar noticed how cut the the older man's body looked.Jordan was soon lying butt naked on the plush carpet.

Jordan: It will be a lot easier on your back if you get as low as possible to the carpet.

Lamar: But...sir...I...

Jordan: Janitors in this building have never been like Janitors in other places.Trust me Earl, this is part of the job here.

Lamar stared for a moment at the naked body on the carpet.He grinned with pride at how impressive Mr. Jordan was without the overalls.He flashes back to the late rent notice that would surely come if he made no income for the week.If Mr. Jordan wants a massage, a massage he will get.Lamar knelt down by Mr Jordan's side and begins to massage Jordan's back.After the back massage was done to his apparent satisfaction, Mr Jordan speaks moan-fully.

Jordan: Do my legs and arms Earl.

Lamar now felt more comfortable with his new boss.He begins to carefully massage the older man's leg.Jordan soon turned over, as Lamar realized he was getting harder.The older man too seemed to be getting hard. Jordan now held is larger than average penis in his hand.Lamar was now not sure what to do next.

Jordan: In the pockets of my overalls, bring two condoms.

We see Lamar rush to get the condoms and was soon handing one to the older man.

Jordan: Take off your cloths Earl.

Lamar hurriedly took off his cloths his breathing suddenly seems heavier than before.The young man's dick was at full attention now.He slid on the condom.He sees the older man carefully wear the condom over his penis.

Jordan: This suite is booked for later tonight. I want to avoid a need for deep cleaning today.

Lamar: Yes sir.

The older man eyes the younger man's erection.

Jordan: Dick me down Earl...dick me down.

Lamar could not believe what he just heard.Lamar placed his penis in slowly watching that the older negro was not in any discomfort before he begins to trust.Gently kissing his boss' inner legs as he began to thrust slowly at first , then rhythmically with more force.He rolls his waist intermittently to Jordan's apparent pleasure.Lamar bends over to kiss Jordan's pecs.As he continued dicking down the older man. Soon the older man begins to moan as he squeezes his penis tighter to keep from cumming . Lamar noticing this , kisses Mr. Jordan's testicles lightly.Mr Jordan moaned with pleasure at the tenderness. Lamar made love to his new boss long enough that his raised legs began to hurt slightly. Lamar , knowing this, began to 'dick down' Mr. Jordan from the side. They made rhythmic plopping sounds as their balls bang. This would be Lamar's most cherished day at work , up till then.Soon Mr Jordan begin to moan louder than before, which let Lamar know he hard climaxed. Lamar pulled away from the older man. He gets on his feet to clean up himself in the hotel suite bathroom.

Jordan: Earl , you are a janitor at the Tonga.

Lamar: Thank you sir.

Mr Jordan closed his eyes and took a nap.

Lamar had a busy week. The last section to be cleaned that week, the ground floor hallway had just rounded up.He was happy to see Mr Jordan walk towards him and motion him to follow him to the JANITOR room. Lamar dragged the carpet cleaning machine behind him.He was surprised to see an oddly familiar white man waiting in broom closet for them.

Jordan: Earl, this is Bill. Bill, this is Earl.

Lamar quickly remembered seeing Bill's face on the cover of 'SMART DOLLAR' the business magazine.

Lamar: Pleased to meet you Bill.

The white man smiled at him with a nod.

Bill: Same here.

Lamar wondered why he was not in one of the suites.

Jordan: Bill hear, wants you to ravage him and fuck the heck out of him in this broom closet.

Lamar turned to the older black man to confirm he was serious . Mr Jordan gave a nod.

Bill: You can start by shredding my cloths, I brought new ones.

Mr Jordan left the two men at the broom closet door, and disappeared into the hallway.Lamar sized up the rich white bear before him. Deciding he deserves to treat himself after working so hard all week.He dragged the machine to its space in the corner and locked the 'JANITOR' door behind them.The room was small enough that he was nose to nose with Bill.

Lamar: You got condoms?

Bill: Yeah ... extra large.

Lamar: Hand them to me.

Lamar unzipped his overall pants and motions the millionaire to slide the rubber over his now harder dick. Bill happily obliged, shivering with anticipation. Once the condom was snug, Lamar Lamar grabbed Bill's monogrammed shirt and begins to rip it off .Soon he began to rip off Bill's Armani pants.

Bill: Rough me up.

Lamar pondered the request for a moment then grabbed Bill by the neck, pressing his face into the wall. Bill moaned with pleasure.Lamar tears off Bill's jock strap. He grabs a handful of the millionaire's crutch. Lamar then rams his penis up Bill's man-pussy.Bill moans with pleasure as the black dick thrusts into him. Deeper and deeper with every stroke. Bill holds his head in apparent bliss . Lamar's penis slammed deeper and deeper into him. Lamar holds Bill's now erect penis in one hand while he pinned his face against the with the other. He begins the rhythmic rolling of his waist, which delights Bill. He pulls back suddenly to turn Bill to face him. Bill kisses his full lips. He slams Bill hard into the wall, lifting one of the white man's leg over his right shoulder. His penis tears into Bill's ass again. He looks Bill in the eye menacingly as he rams his dick harder into him. Bill begins to move his hands over Lamar's muscles. Lamar stroked and trusted harder and harder into Bill's ass. Bill's eyes begins to roll in their sockets as the white man begins to cum. Squirting a load on Lamar's toned belly, the black man knew he had climaxed. He pulls away from Bill and steps into the small shower area that was built into the broom closet.

Bill: Jordan was right, you give great service just like him.

Lamar runs the water of the shower over his head, as he soaped himself down.

Bill: See you next month.

Lamar: Yes sir. See you next month.You might join me for a quick shower, so you don't mess up your new cloths.

Bill was happy to hear that. He joined the negro for a quick shower.

Jordan (V.O): Give Mr. Jones in 243 a lap dance.

Lamar(V.O): Lap dance? What do I know about lap dance.How will that work out.

We see him stop at door 243. He waits to listen a moment before knocking on the door. The door opened and he was looking at a 'Shaq 'sized naked man.

Lamar(V.O): Man! This negro is big!

The door soon shuts behind him in suite 243.

Jones: Jordan says this is your first lap dance.

Lamar's eyes hid his surprise.

Lamar(V.O): How does Mr Jordan know so much .

Lamar: Yes sir.I was never a stripper...before now.

Jones: Just use your imagination...that's all I ask.

Jones sits on the largest sofa, which still seemed small for him. He motioned Lamar to come to his lap by smacking them loudly.

Jones: Take your cloths off Earl.

Lamar strips down to the jock strap Jordan had suggested Jones liked.Soon he was on the big man's lap, 'winging it'.As Lamar began to imitate the moves of a stripper, he noticed the big man was soon forced to hold his dick to keep from cumming too soon. After Lamar had become comfortable with the big man enough to move his butt more sensually on the big man's lap, Jones suddenly squirts a large load and goes to sleep. He begins to snore. Lamar knew his work was done as he gets a blanket from the bedroom to cover the big man. He quietly put on his work overalls and walks out of suite 243.


Lamar had just finished buffing the wood floors when he saw the man walk to the door of the 'Sultan Suite'.

Lamar(V.O): It is him! It is J! In my hotel!

J looked just like he did in the films. A pleasant looking black man as he greeted Lamar with a nod.He puts his suitcase on the floor before opening the door to the suite.

Lamar: You are 'J' right?

The man smiles.

J: Yeah. I play J. Its the job.

J looks Lamar over.

Lamar: You want anything?

J: Yeah, world peace.

Both men laugh. Lamar begins to walk back to his buffing machine.

J: Hey. When you are off duty, holla at me...Sultan suite.

Lamar could not believe a movie star wants to hang out with him.Lamar finished the floor buffing and it was time to call it a day.He hurried to the JANITOR room to find Mr Jordan waiting. He closed the door behind him wandering if he had skipped any work.

Jordan: Earl, Bill wants me to give you this.

Lamar skimmed over the the special paper realizing it was Bearer Bonds with a $10,000 face value.

Lamar: But... I'm not a hustler...why...?

Jordan: He knows that. He is just gratefull.

Lamar: Oh...please thank Bill for me sir.

Jordan: Jones wants you to have this.

He hands the younger man car keys. Lamar looked puzzled.

Jordan: Its a Bimmer...lot 3-104. He said it was thoughtful of you not to let him wake up feeling cold.

Lamar stood speechless, this was quite a lot. He hurriedly took a shower as Mr Jordan looked on.

Lamar: You know J is here?

Mr Jordan smiles knowingly.

Jordan: Harold? Yes I know he's here.

Lamar frowned at the name.

Lamar: Who is Harold?

Mr Jordan sighs.

Jordan: J is Harold. That's what his mama named him.

Lamar was excited to hear this.

Lamar: You are related?

Mr Jordan nods again.

Jordan: Yeah...cousins.

Lamar: J is your cousin?

Jordan: No. Harold is my cousin.

Lamar put on street cloths.

Lamar: Should I call him Harold?

Jordan ponders the answer.

Jordan: Ask him first.

Lamar: I will do that.

Jordan: Before you go I want to give you a new set of keys.

Lamar: Not another car?

Jordan: Earl. Remember I told you on your first day here that Janitors in this building are not usual janitors?

Lamar: Yes sir, I think I get that now.

Jordan: No Earl, you don't. He motions Lamar to follow him. They soon entered a service elevator, where Jordan did something Lamar had never seen him do before.

Jordan: Password J1046.

Lamar's eyes widen as the elevator panel door slides down to reveal a new red B button. Jordan pressed the new red button and they headed down to the basement level. The door soon opened to the nicest basement suite Lamar had ever seen. Complete with a mini waterfall. Lamar marvelled at how nice the place looked.

Jordan: Each Janitor has always been a 10% owner. This basement is yours Lamar.

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