I sighed as I clicked off the tv now leaving my house in total darkness. It was quiet. It felt like of you exhaled a light breath people would clearly hear you. Sighing again, I walk my way over to my small kitchen and grab a beer from the fridge then make my way upstairs.

Every step made a hollow echo through the house. I reached my bedroom and strip to only my black boxer briefs and climb comfortably in my bed. Drinking my beer alone in the darkness. Alone. That word seems old news to me. I've always been alone. Since my mother passed away 3 years ago and my father totally shut himself out from the rest of his family which took a huge toll on me. Being the only child, I was always lonely. My mother and father were Christians, church every Sunday, always read the bible before bed. No swearing. No gays. None of that shit.

I thought I'd be funny to piss them off by growing my hair out, getting piercings, tattoos, wore an upside down cross necklace, listen to rock bands, wear 'gothic' clothing, made out with a guy in front of them. It worked quite well but I got kicked out of the house. I don't know how she died anyway. Father wouldnt tell me. Sometimes I wish I hadn't though. I miss those days when mom gave me this embarrasing nickname 'Baby Lizah' I've always hated it.

Not noticing that I fell asleep think of mom, I jumped at the sound of a crash downstairs. Shit. Not making noise, I tip toed to my dresser and put on a pair of sweatpants on and put my ear up to the door, listening for anything else. Nothing. Not thinking through, I opened my bedroom door and crept downstairs into my living room to see that my vase from China was broken and the window behind it is opened.

I inspect everywhere around the livingroom looking for a clue or hair or blood or something to help me know that there is another being in my damn house!

"Hello?!" I call out knowing I wouldn't get an answer. Why even bother? The house was a still quiet. Then, I hear heavy footsteps come from behind me. My blood went ice cold. Terrified, I slowly turned around but nothing was behind me. Relieved now, I let out the breath I was holdimg but I thought too soon. I saw nothing but whit teeth show into a grin. The form licked its lip,

"Who are you?" I asked stepping back while it stepped forward. It stayed quiet. We played the game of me taking steps back and it taking step to me until it stepped into the light from the moon that was shining through my window. He was beautiful. He was tall, maybe a good 6'3, swimmer's thin built, dark hair that fell to his elbow, dark seeping red eyes that glowed when he opened them. His skin was pale, white as snow and pink plump lips that fitted his face perfectly.

"What do you want from me?" I demanded now half scared and half turned on. He grinned again but said nothing and came closer to me. I was blocked by the wall. Shit. He finally stopped when our cheat were touching. My breathing became heavy as he leaned ever so slowly to my ear and whispered,

"You." I froze. Me? He caressed my cheek with his thumb lightly with his cold hands. He pecked my cheek, lingering for a moment then pulled away looking at me deep in the eyes.

"Don't you want me too?" His red eyes bore into my green ones. Not being able to control myself, I nodded as he took my hand and placed it on his hollow, empty chest.

"Then kiss me." And I did just that.

The mystery man held me by my waist as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He licked my lip asking for entrance which I gave to him and his tongue explored my mouth. A growl came from the back of his throat when I bit down softly on his lip. We pulled away. He lead me to my bedroom with his hand in mine. Cold but warm. Once we reached my room he scooped me in his arms and laid me down on my plush bed before climbing on me so we could continue or kiss. He pulled away again after a while and attaches my neck with light kisses and tugging at the skin. I moaned in his ear causing another growl to come from him. He went lower and teased my pink nipple in his mouth while he pinched the other. My back arched. While looking at me dead in the eyes, he went lower to my navel and circled his tongue around my bell button. God my cock was about to rip from the elastic hold it.

"Stop teasing." I yelled urging him to lower. He chuckled against my stomach and did as I said. He peeled off my sweatpants and briefs making my 8 1/2 in cock sprimg and flop on my belly. He gripped it tight, really tight then ran his tongue from the shaft to the tip. I bit my lip.

"Yess....like that!" He kept this action up then finally put all 8 1/2 in of meat down his throat. I hollared loudly.

"Shit!" He bobbed his head faster and faster sucking harder harder and jerking with a tight grip. I was basically tearing at my bed sheets.

"I-I'm cumming! FUCK!" I released about 5 ropes of cumul into my handsome visitor. He collected my cumul in his mouth and we shared the meal in a sloppy kiss.

"Can I get what I want now?" He asked in a whisper drawing shapes on my sweaty chest.

"What do you want?" I asked a little alarmed. He smiled and attacked my neck again.

"This." Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck.

I sent an ear piercing scream into the night knowing no one will save me from my visitor.

(A/N:.So yeah...this is my first story so be easy. Next one will be better I promise. Comment Please.)




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