I was relaxing with a cigar on my front porch in our town in central Kentucky. I noticed a young guy coming down the sidewalk of my street. He looked to be in his mid-twenties. I thought,“This is odd. No one walks in this town”

    When he reached the front of my house he turned into my front walk and asked, “Could I use your bathroom?”

    I answered, “Sure, come on in.” I showed him the way to the half-bath on the ground floor. I had the urge to peek to see what he was doing, but didn’t have the courage to do so.

    When he came out, the thanked me and said, “I sure needed to take that piss.” He then remarked, “This is a pretty big place you got here. How many people live here?”

    I replied, “Just me. I have three bedrooms upstairs and one on this floor. I don’t use the bedrooms upstairs. They don’t have any furniture. But the sofa in my living room makes a double bed when I have guests.”

    “By the way, what is your name?” I inquired.

    “Kevin,” he replied.

    “I’m Bill, it’s a pleasure,” thanking my lucky stars for this unexpected development.

    He then surprised me by saying, “I’m looking for a place to stay. My old lady threw me out of the house. I have been out of work for a year, and can’t find a job. She got tired of supporting me, but it’s not my fault that I’m not working. You know how difficult it is in this town.”

    I told him to have a seat, and asked if he wanted anything to drink. I explained that I had just about everything alcoholic available, like champagne, whiskey, wine, and cognac, but no beer.

“Hey, that’s cool man. Can I have a glass of champagne? I don’t get to drink that very often.”

    I answered sure, and went to the kitchen to get his drink. I thought to myself, “What a nice specimen.” He looked to be about twenty-six years old, five feet ten, a handsome face, and a body probably developed by physical labor. I mused, “It would be nice if he lived here. Maybe I’ll have some built-in dick to suck.”

    I handed him his drink, and told him that he could stay at my house. I realized that this might be a gamble, but men think with their balls, and I was doing what comes naturally.

    He replied, “I’d like that, but I don’t have any money to pay you.”

    “No problem,” I answered. “I need the company anyway. Why don’t you go get some clothes, come back and settle in?”

    His answer surprised me. “Well, I don’t have any other clothes, just what I’m wearing.”

    This struck me as very strange, and alarm bells started to go off in my head. But I soon got the reason.

    “All of my clothes are at home, and my wife won’t even let me into the house.”

    I replied, “Well, that’s a predicament. What are you going to do?”

    “I don’t know,” came the answer.

    I explained that I didn’t have a washer-dryer in the house, that I sent my laundry out.

    “Well, I can wash them myself,” he offered. All he had on was a white t-shirt, jeans, and was wearing socks in his sneakers. I supposed that he was wearing shorts too.

    “But all I have here is just face soap. I don’t have any laundry detergent,” I explained. “I can give you some money and you can go buy some at the supermarket a couple of blocks from here.”

    His answer left me a bit shocked. “I’d rather not go outside.”

    Then I realized that I have gotten myself into a potentially dangerous situation. This guy must be some kind of a whacko.

    “That’s OK, I’ll just use hand soap,” he told me. “Can I start now, they kinda need washin?”

    “Sure, go right ahead.”

    Then, unabashedly, he started removing his clothes, until he was down to his shorts. I got an unexpected thrill as I saw his decent body, and what looked like what might be a nice size dick.

    As it was getting late in the afternoon, I asked if he was hungry, and explained that I always kept my frig full of food.

    “Hey, that would be great, I could use some chow. I didn’t have lunch.”

    I offered him a cheeseburger with fries, and he said that was OK with him.

    While I was fixing his snack, I wondered what his real story was. Was he running away from someone or something?

    I have a clothes line behind the house, so after he finished his wash, I took his clothes and hung them on the line. He seemed perfectly content to just sit around in his shorts.

    I thought to myself, “So why didn’t you wash them too?” I guess he didn’t want to be totally nude in front of me.

    Since lunch is my main meal, I don’t eat dinner. So I sat with him at the kitchen table while he eat, and he had a glass of red wine that I offered him. He was silent, and I decided not to ply him with more questions, nor make small talk.

    After he finished, he asked if he could lie down as he was kind of tired. I opened up the sofa, got bed clothes and a blanket, and he stretched out. My mouth was watering, and my tongue was getting hard.

    “I’m sorry I don’t have TV,” I explained. “I watch everything on my computer.”

    “No problem,” was his reply.

    So I decided to go for broke, and asked if he liked to watch porno.

    I got a rapid reply, “Hell yes.”

    So I clicked on a movie that I had book marked. It was a blond gal trying to suck a big cock, but not doing a good job.

    As usual, I studied his crotch to see if there was any reaction. And I was thrilled to see that there was already a noticeable swelling in his shorts. I offered my usual spiel, telling him that she wasn't doing a good job, and that women can’t suck as good as men.

    “I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had a man do it to me. And my wife won’t do that kind of thing,” he offered.

    “And if a man wanted to suck you, would you accept?”

    “Shit, I haven’t been gettin’ any lately, so anything would work.”

    So I had reached my goal.

    “I’ll tell you what, take off your shorts and I’ll give you a blow job,” I encouraged.

    He gave me a surprised and startled look, but quickly removed his shorts. I was treated with a larger than average dick, ram-rod straight, and it was beautiful. I was already in cocksucker’s heaven.

    I explained,“Prop yourself up on your pillows and slide further down on the bed. I’ll kneel on the floor in front of you.”

    He didn’t waste a second.  I took off his shorts, and  swallowed his whole now-hard prick.  He let out a loud gasp of pleasure.

    “God damn, that’s great. It’s better than a pussy. How can you take that entire thing into your mouth?”

    “I’ve had a lot of practice,” I answered assuredly. Yes, I now had built-in dick available, I thought. With my usual expert and toothless mouth, he shot his load fast.

    After I had drained him dry, he exclaimed,”Wow, I didn’t know a blow job could be so awesome.

    I suggested that now that I had seen his entire body, he could wash his shorts, and I would hang them on the clothesline. He agreed. After he finished his chore, he came back into the living room nude, and seemed perfectly comfortable. I felt like I had hit the jackpot.

    He appeared on Tuesday, so Wednesday and Thursday we sort of developed a routine. I don’t go out much either, so we just hung around the house, with him in the nude all of the time. Of course he wanted me to suck him off twice a day, and I willingly complied.

    Came Friday, and our weekly newspaper was published. I read it online. To my surprise I read that a jail trustee who was out alone trimming grass on the courthouse lawn, had not returned. The paper even showed his photo. Now I knew why he was hiding out in my house.

    I confronted him with the evidence, showing him his photo in the paper, and asking what it was all about.  He explained that he also had a young kid, and that his bitch of a wife had sued him for lack of child support. This had landed him in jail.  But because it is a minor offence, he was

allowed to be a jail trustee, which means that he was even allowed to work outside the jail on government business, because they trusted that he would return to the jail at night.

    “So why did you walk off the job,” I enquired. “Don’t you know the consequences of what you did?”

    He answered, “Well I’m so confused.  I didn’t cause any of my problems. I just decided to take a walk to think things over. Then I came by your house while you were on the porch, and thought that there might be some way you could help me.” It turned out he was right on the mark.

    And now I was faced with a major dilemma. Should I turn him in, and lose the pleasure of his presence and his fabulous dick? Or should I risk it and if they found him to pretend that I didn’t know he was an escapee, and would provide the story about his wife throwing him out, etc.

    So I asked him, “So what should I do? You can’t go on like this, or I will get in trouble. I think I should phone the police.”

    “Oh, please don’t do this. I like it here, and I like you. Please let me stay. Nobody will know,” he pleaded.

    And now, dear reader, please vote on what you would do. Would you report him, or let him stay? Please send your reply to [email protected]


Mighty Mouth


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