The U.S.S Minnesota had just docked into the port of San Diego. Me and my shipmates were on 24 hours leave. And I was one horny ass sailor! For the past two weeks the guys had been talking of nothing except all the action they were going to get into while on leave. I was feeling the same but unlike them who was hankering for some female pussy to relieve their sexual hunger, I was sprouting a hefty boner for a hot Latino stud to take care of my needs.

So I headed for Tijuana. I heard about that place and I was hoping it will be the spot to find some seriously hot muscular Mexican stud just itching to wrap his lips around my throbbing cock before ramming his cock up my tight and eager asshole.

As I was heading to the place my need for thirst overtook me so I went into a nearby restaurant called Seven Seas for a quick beer. What I saw there made me completely forget about Tijuana. What I staring at was hotter and spicier than anything they had on the menu!

He was a dark, macho waiter with shredded muscles that rippled underneath the tight black slacks and crisp form-fitting white shirt that appeared to have been painted on his tempting, sexy body. To say he was sinfully hot would have been a vast understatement. In that brief moment when I first saw him I physically froze right there on the spot more or less blocking his way.

But the hot hombre didn't see me as I came through the door and stopped dead in his path. He collided with me, sending his tray of dishes crashing to the floor.

"Fuck!" he exploded. But the moment he laid his piercing coal black eyes on me the stud stopped in his tracks. We developed an instant connection of mutual lust for one another. I loved the way he looked, his caramel smooth skin, his overt masculinity and the way he spoke broken English in a very deep, sexy Mexican accent.

It was obvious the feeling was more than mutual when he squatted down to pick up the broken dishes. The dark, olive-skinned stud just kept looking up at me to leer at my crotch, which in my well-fitted, tight sailor uniform, was very visible to the seeing eye. Fuck! I felt like he was about to eat me alive as he licked his extra long tongue over his full, thick juicy lips. The horny hombre cleaned up the mess, stood up, winked at me and started walking away but not before nodded his head towards the back of the restaurant where it was dark and quiet. I got his meaning and followed his silent direction.

He was about six-one and clocked in at an healthy one hundred and ninety pounds. It was obvious this stud worked hard on his gym trained body because his muscular aesthetic was astonishing.

His shoulders were very board and they tapered down to tight narrow waist. His muscular pecs were sharp and very pronounce despite being hidden underneath his tight shirt. Hell I was able to see the outline of his nipples punching seductively up against the thin material of the shirt. His thick, chiseled biceps was fantastically well-developed and bulged freely whenever his moved his arms. His rolled up sleeves revealed strong veiny forearms which was connected to huge and powerful hands. His super flat stomach had the appearance of pure granite. His huge thighs were extremely powerful and well-fit and he possess a tight, taut round muscled ass. And there was no question there was a huge cobra snake hidden inside the crotch of his tight fitting slacks.

He looked to be about thirty, and while he was seriously hot, he wasn't what you would call an overtly handsome looking man in that standard sense. He was far from being ugly but he certainly wasn't one you would describe as beautiful. It was obvious his nose had been broken and his general looks would never get him on the cover GQ Magazine. In truth he had the looks of a low-life thug you wouldn't wish to meet up in a dark alley at night.

And yet he exudes a smoldering, erotic sexuality, with just the right amount of menace thrown in, that told you he possess the reassuring confidence of someone who could have anyone he wanted without trying very hard to get it. In other words he was the essence of a fuck stallion come remarkably to life.

I was still in a daze from my sudden encounter with this sexy beast when I sat in a booth and lit up a cigarette. As I smoked I couldn't help noticing how he continued looking back at me with eyes dripping in lust which I soaked in happy in the fact he was enjoying the view. And why shouldn't he?

At five-seven and hundred and forty-two pounds my own muscle aesthetic are perfectly well-developed and sharply defined. Every thing about my body is chiseled and ripped from my round shoulders, strong chest, hard biceps, shredded stomach, slim waist and round, compact bubble ass. And thanks to the extremely tight fitting white sailor uniform I was wearing every curve and pulsating bulge of my muscles was deliciously on display. At twenty I was the All-American country boy born and bread from the heartland and had the gorgeous looks to go with it. Blue eyed and blond with high cheeks, attractive nose and full lips, I had 'FUCK ME' written all over me. And I've been fucked a lot!

When I first entered the navy at eighteen I was a wide-eyed innocent. In the two years since I've lost count of all the men I've had sex with and that's perfectly fine with me. I'm a horndog, a slut, a whore, a skank. Whatever name you got you wanna call me that okay because most likely it will be true. I've traveled the world and have been fucked in some of the most exotic places: Rio De Janeiro, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Egypt, Greece, the Fiji Islands among places by some of the hottest studs you could possibly imagine.

I've experience great sex, bad sex, hot sex, weird sex, stoned sex, group sex, kinky and freaked out sex. I've been tied-up, flogged, whipped, sold out for money by my superior officers. I've been gangbanged - two - three - five - ten men at a time. I've lost count at how many blow-jobs I've given, how many quarts of cum I've drunk down my throat. I've forgotten how many asses I've rimmed and how many buckets of steamy hot jism that had been deposited up my tight asshole.

But in all the travels I must admit I had never come across a stud as hot as the current one staring hungrily at me and to think he was basically in my own backyard.

As I sat back enjoying the fact I was being sexual checkout I glance about my surrounding walls. They were covered with pictures of athletes in action: wrestlers, boxers, glistening in sweat, their muscles rippling. It nearly blew my mind when I recognized one of them. It was an eight by ten glossy photo of the waiter in boxing trunks. It was an action photo and in it he was drowning in an abundance of fighting sweat. He had a hard determined facial expression that of a skilled killer as he was shown slamming a powerful right hook onto his opponent's jaw. The hit was so forceful the poor sap mouthpiece was seen flying out of his mouth along with a gusher of blood as his cross-sided eyes dilated in complete defeat. It was an awesome shot.

No wonder the stud was in such magnificent shape. He was a boxer and by the looks of that photo a superbly brilliant one at that. There was no question he had the monster, killer instinct which was both sexy and frightening all at once. It certainly explain his broken nose and beaten looking yet sexy face.

Down on the bottom of the photo I made out his signed autograph, "Cesar Rivera."

Fuck, my cock was getting hard as steel thinking on the few rounds I would like to share with this light heavyweight champ. Hell by the time Cesar returned to take my order my cock and balls were doing a triple somersault in my skivvies. I was hankering badly to get this macho stud in the sack.

Happily it was fairly obvious the Mexican hombre had pretty much the same thought in mind. As he approached me, sitting chips and salsa on the table, Cesar was sporting an unmistakable boner. Pulsing and throbbing, it jutted out at a lewd angle from his hot crotch. It was fat as hell and was as long as a crowbar. It looked like it was about to rip through his tight slacks and slap me hard in the face.

"Does the gentlemen know what he wants?" Cesar said it with such a deep, smooth, sexy tone, hearing it had my blood boiling with raging lust. He was leaning purposely over me showcasing his phenomenal, prodigy muscles as I watched the adam's apple attached to his thick colt-like neck dance about his throat as he spoke. His jugular vein was visible, swollen and extremely sexy looking. I suddenly had the thirst of a vampire.

"Yeah, Cesar," I answered him. "How's about a side order of this to go?" Boldly I reached over and gave his stiff boner a hard squeeze. I swear you would have thought I was handling molten steel.

He gave out a low growl like an untamed animal and grabbed my hand, holding it firmly against his lust-swollen cock. His hot super hefty boner throbbed even harder with desire. I felt it pulsing and burning against my palm. "I get off in twenty minutes," he told me. "Here's a drink while you wait." As he walked away with a confident swagger in his step I swilled down my double Tequila and by the time those twenty minutes were up my iron-like cock was on the verge of splitting in half and my pent-up ball juices were boiling.

Cesar came back wearing a red satin jacket with his name in big, bold black letters on the back. He ran a comb through his thick, wavy black hair and put on a pair of pricey dark sunglasses. A gift from a grateful trick I'm sure. He squeezed next to me in the booth and slid a horny, possessive hand between my thighs. His hand was enormous and his fingers were extremely long. The touch of him had my loins burning as I spread my legs wider in order for him to have easier excess.

"I've never made it with a professional boxer before," I said. "Just how powerful are you punches?"

Cesar awarded me a sexy, cocky smile, "I punch very hard, quick and fierce. I'm very merciless and very detailed in my savage attack. I make sure my opponent leave the ring exhausted, glassy-eyed with a strong limp in his walk. Oddly enough they always come back for more."

"Do they now," I swallowed hard while listening to him speak, knowing full well he wasn't speaking about boxing, as his stared hard at me with his hypnotic black eyes. I could feel his hand squeezing on my thigh as it journeyed upward towards my crotch.

"Si," he said in a low murmur, "the way I punch into them leave them begging and pleading for more...much more."

By that time his right arm was wrapped tightly around my slender waist and both his horny, rough hands was fondling and squeezing my pulsing crotch. I hurried to finish my drink. He told me that he hadn't had a piece of ass in weeks because was in training for a major championship fight scheduled in two weeks.

"I'm filled with overworked adrenaline and my hormones are raging. I need an asshole to shred to pieces." His grabbed his clothed cock and gave it a hearty squeeze.

"I like American sailors...'specially white American sailors."

"No shit," I teased.

"Si. Easy to dominate."

"Are we now?"

"Younger the better. How old?"

I decided to have some fun and lied. "Turned seventeen two days ago." Thanks to my tiny height and extreme baby face I can easily pass for seventeen. And that thought obviously pleased Cesar.

"American jail bait...I like," he said moaning in my ear. "I'm horny. Fuckin' horny."

"Me too, buddy!" I gave his monster cock a lusty squeeze.

"Come to my house - now!"

He pulled me from the booth by my arm and hurriedly dragged me out of the restaurant by the back door. There stood a victory magnum motorcycle. Gleaming in chrome and shimmering in full-throttle design it could ride two easily. The shit was powerful to look at and it was pretty damn obvious it cost a shit load of money. Yet another gift from a very please admirer I thought to myself. Sleek, muscled and masculine it was a bike to impress and intimidate all at once.

I watched as his easily straddled his legs around the bike and started up the motor. The engine growled loudly, smoothly like a giant tiger purring. The imagine of him sitting on his bike was so sizzling and erotic I nearly busted a nut just looking at him.

"Hop on Jail bait," he said to me in a voice brimming with authority.

I did as I was told and we were off. He drove at a high speed and the ride was smooth. As the engine hummed between my legs, exciting my asshole, my arms were wrapped tightly around Cesar's steel-like stomach. My hands sat upon his hardened crotch. I squeezed hard there, copping fields as we drove along, pressing my own fiery crotch up against his solid buttocks. By the time we reached his small three room bungalow house I knew this hot and anxious hombre was ready to plug my twitching, hungry hole with his fat Mexican cock!

Cesar pounced on me the second we were behind closed doors. He slammed me hard and purposely up against a wall. I hit it so hard I nearly passed out. Before I could recover he was on me pressing his sinewy body up against me tearing away at my uniform. I'm a naturally strong person but my strength was nothing compared to Cesar's. He attacked me with the power of two tigers. It was pain he was in charge and he was making sure I knew it.

It was both exciting and thrilling as he shredded me from my skivvies as I in turn began doing the same with his clothing. We were flinging clothes here and there until we were both as naked as the day we were born. Cesar's eyes were two pools of burning fire and his grunt sounds was like an enraged dangerous animal. Lust was boldly etched on his imperfect face. My heart began to pound like a trip-hammer when I saw his super thick, uncut Mexican cock thrust up over his cum-filled, well-shaven nuts, ready to explode and drown us in an ocean of cum.

"Tell me again how old are you," Cesar asked in a deep, low menacing growl.

"Seventeen," I hissed back absorbing the heighten sense of fear he clearly wanted me to have.

"Jail bait," a sinister grin washed over his sexually hardened face, "like that. Gonna fuck you good little amigo!"

The horny Mexican grabbed me roughly and enfolded me in his powerful muscular arms, kissing me all over my face. "Your white young skin taste good," he growled hungrily as he licked my eyeballs, cheeks and nose with his extra long wet tongue before dropping it inside my mouth. The kiss was vulgar, intense and extremely sloppy. He was raping me hard with his tongue leaving me breathless as I struggled for air. My blood was boiling, raging under his powerful attack as I gave myself completely over to his savagery.

As he continued kissing me Cesar's large hands flew down to my throbbing cock. The cum was hot and churning in my heavy balls as he jacked me off, his hot hands slipping and sliding over my sweaty fuck pole.

"Nice cock," he said in between scorching kisses. "Nice size. Young and sweet!"

I reached out and grabbed for the gusto, my hands whipping around his twitching butt-buster. Holy Fuck!! This Mexican was indeed packing one hell of a pecker! Ten giant inches of prime Mexican stainless sword. It was a true monster both in length and in width. Cesar release a deep moan when I slipped the tip of my finger along the inside of his foreskin and grazed the tip of his blunt, fat cockhead.

A thick drop of hot pre-cum oozed out and wet my fingers. I brought my finger up to my nose and took a good whiff. The hot smell of his meaty uncut cock hit my nostrils and I nearly passed out. The smell was so ripe, so raunchy and so intoxicating.

Our mouths were glued together as Cesar fisted my dick good and hard and I in turn pulled his foreskin back over his wide cockhead. I jerked his bull size nuts and frigged his pecker. With each stroke I gave him he drove his wet tongue deeper and deeper down my throat.

"Ah fuck," he groaned. "I like that!"

Yeah, the horny Mexican fucker was really getting off to my yanking his juicy fat boner. I was stroking him steadily and hard as he was doing the same with my rod in his iron grip. His muscular body shuddered and quaked as a light blanket of sweat began covering over his body. His odor was fowl and electric as I soaked him in through my nostrils. His thick tongue was flip flopping inside my mouth, choking my throat out good, as he breathed a heavy moan and sent wad after hot wad of thick Mexican cum splashing over my burning balls and dick.

"Fuck yeah...yeah!" I exploded as cum flew from my bloated balls and a thick stream of hot fuckwad spurted between our musky groins. Semen was flying everywhere as Cesar rammed his muscular, monstrously shredded abs against mine.

We were both breathing hard as we continued stroking ourselves. You would have thought after that wild spontaneous whack off session, Cesar would have needed a break in order to re-energize himself. But no way, Jose! While I was going semi-limp, Cesar's monster rod was as rock hard as ever. If anything after release such a huge gusher instead of going limp his cock only seem to have grown harder in strength. No question this stud was ready for round two.

"Fuck," I asked in amazement. "What type of animal are you?"

"The type that's gonna fuck you eyeballs out before I'm finish with you, Jail bait," he answered.

Cesar latched his mouth upon my neck and began sucking hard, chewing and biting, large chunks of my flesh into his fiery mouth.

"Unnggh fuucckk," I whimpered out. Cesar had me locked up tightly in his powerful arms as he humped our crotches sensuously together. I was trapped in his arms and I couldn't get enough as I wrapped my arms - as best I could - around his board sturdy shoulders.

As he continued sucking on my neck his huge hands latched themselves onto my buttocks squeezing them in a tight grip. I could feel his fingers spreading my cheeks in order for him to rub the tips of them against my bunghole. The friction of all that along with his hard cock rubbing up against my own was quickly re-hardening my cock.

He choked his tongue back down my throat kissing me sloppy and long. Once again he was stretching my lips out wide as he press me ever harder up against that wall he had yet release me from. His strength was incredible. He was overwhelming me with it.

"Fuuck," he gasped when he release my mouth. His black eyes devoured me from head to toe. "You're fuckin' hot, amigo!" His thick heavy cock swung low between his muscular thighs, hard as ever, ready for some serious action as it jetted from a thick forest of black pubes. The shit was screaming out to be suck.

"Holy shit," I said amazed looking at the beast between his thighs. "I thought I'd drained your balls.

Cesar grinned. "There's plenty of cum in my balls little amigo. Never run dry!"

"Oh yeah?" I quickly dropped to my knees. "I'm gonna suck you dry!" I got a good grip on his powerful thighs and drove underneath his balls, hanging close to his body in a huge brown nutsack. I took each huge nut in my mouth and Cesar panted and moaned as his incredibly muscled, brown body squirmed and shuddered. I've yet to see a stud who didn't trip out on getting his nuts sucked. He grabbed me by the hair, keeping my hot mouth glued to his balls as I took the whole sac between my sucking lips. My cum-thirsty lips wrapped tightly around those Mexican nuts, pushing up against the root of his enormous cock.

"Ayyy," he groaned heavily as he spread his legs wide apart and I stuck rooted to the spot. He bucked and squirmed wildly like a untamed beast. I figured it was time to get down to business.

After giving Cesar a complete Navy-style workout on his musky brown nuts, I let my wiggling tongue drift up towards his asshole. I lightly circled my taster along his furry ass crack and hit on his dark brown butt-bud. It twitched and quivered with each stab of my tongue. Cesar sucked in his breath violently, yelling, "Si, suck my ass!"

"Yeah, Cesar," I panted. "I'm eating out your fucking shit hole!" The Mexican stud's giant hands darted swiftly behind him to grasp each muscled, firm globes of his superb Mexican bubble butt. He split those sweet, sweaty buns wide open so I could bury my face in his powerful ass. I gave his hot ass a good tongue-lashing, driving my tongue up his hole as far as I could.

Cesar howled and growled like an animal. His whole body shuddered with lust while blanketed in a thick sheet of sweat. He was going out his fucking mind thanks to my attack. His asshole twitched hotly and clenched firmly around my ever probing tongue.

"Ahh fuckin' hell...I'm gonna cum, amigo," he cried out.

"Whoa," I moaned, taking my face from his ass. "Like fuck you are. You're gonna shoot that hot Mexican cum up my underage asshole!"

"Si Jail bait," he growled, "I'm gonna fuck your tiny asshole raw!"

I quickly scuttled in front of Cesar with my hands on the floor, push-up style, and backed my ass up into the air. My thighs were spread wide and my entire body was arched. I could hear Cesar hissing and growling at the image before him.

"Looking good Jail bait," he said as he knelt behind me, warming up my ass with several hard whacks from his enormous, rough hands. Then suddenly with his hands he parted my butt cheeks and jammed his face dead center between my buns and began eating my hot Navy asshole. His stiffened his hot, long tongue and pushed it in like a heated sword.

"Ooh yeah," I moaned. "East my my fucking ass!" The boxing brute pushed forward with his head, his tongue working in and out of my tight hole. His attack was enormously sloppy and tremendously intense. He ate me out like a savage hungry pig. He had my entire body spasming all over as he was getting my fuck hole all wet and juicy. I've never had my ass ate so hard, so wonderfully brutal. The sensation had the boiling semen inside my nuts on the verge of exploding from my brick hard cock.

"Fu-fu-fuck me, s-ss-stud," I begged in a slurred voice. "Fuck meee!!"

Cesar flipped me over easily on my back, lubed his cock, lifted me up by my haunches and aimed his gigantic, lust-swollen ten inch prick at my pulsating asshole. The Mexican stud's fat cockhead pushed against the tight puckered ring of my ass.

"How old are you again, amigo," he grunted at me.

"Seven-seventeen," I whimpered back at him. His eyes grew darker, more sinister. Damn if he wasn't loving the idea of fucking someone underage.

"Jail bait," he said gritting his teeth, "love it!!" And then WHAM! Cesar plowed the full force of his stiff Mexican prick into my burning, throbbing bunghole

"AAHHHH FUUCCCKKKIN' SHH-EETTT!!!" I whaled out at the top of my lungs. Shit it felt so fucking good having all those ten mammoth inches thrust into me all at once.

Cesar groaned and howled. His hardened face glowed with a monstrous satisfying gleam as he impaled himself deep and hard inside me. He grunted hard with each brutal thrust of his massive Mexican cock. "I'm fucking you, amigo. I'm fucking your underage ass!"

I yelped and squirmed, whimpering like a trapped little baby. His large hands landed right on my pecs. He took each nipple and twisted them hard, tugging on them as I felt my bucking asshole suck around his pumping prick.

"FUUCCKKK YEEAHHH," I panted and yelled loudly, "FUUCCKK MMEEEE!!!"

He moaned with scorching ecstasy as he jack hammered the holy hell out of me with his massive weapon of power. He flipped me on my side sandwiching my left leg between his bent thighs with my right leg draped over his board left shoulder. He was choking me steadily with his enormous hands wrapped around my neck, holding me in place. He was power slamming hard inside me, whipping his head from side to side totally lost in a world of his own as he slapped a steady beating against my bucking prostate. I met his hard pumping cock thrust for thrust. His brand of animalistic, primitive fucking went on and on, scalding and searing my inside with a fire that had my entire body burning.

"Fuucckkk," he roared through clenched teeth, "I'm cumming!!"

Cesar continued his savagery, piston-whipping his fiery Mexican prick in and out of my tight Navy asshole, as my ass-ring sucked hungrily around the thick width of his huge cock as he repeatedly buried it all the way down to the root. I stared up into his face. His look was all disjointed awash in a thick river of musky sweat. His black eyes was molten lava with an evil gleam at it's center. His nostrils were flair out. He had the same look and killer stare he had in the boxing photo. And damn if he wasn't beating the fucking shit out of me. He was clearly fucking me with the same testosterone strength and energy he use in the boxing ring. He was hitting me hard and furiously like a dangerous runaway locomotive train running a top speed crashing hard into a brick wall.

Just at the moment I thought I couldn't take it anymore, his hot spasming prick swelled up and let loose a hot stream of cum that filled my hot throbbing asshole with the brute full of bullets shooting out of a machine gun.

"Fuckin' A!!" I howled. My bloated cock erupted with spurts of hot cum that splashed several feet across the floor. I never shot so hard and so plentiful in my life!

Moments later, our arms were wrapped around each other. My limps were more or less in a weaken state while Cesar held onto me with the steely powerful strength of a lion. He had exhausted me and yet he was burning with robust virile. His hard shredded muscles was flexing with barbarous power. We were glued together with sticky cum and hot, ripe sweat. We were still in each other's arms when the last drop of cum had oozed out of our pricks. Cesar and I lay together with our tongues coiling, joined together in a long, hot kiss.

"Hope you're ready for more, Jail bait," Cesar growled in my ear, "I'm ready to fuck ya again amigo!"

For the next twenty hours Cesar used his brute boxer's physique and endless potency to fucked my brains out repeatedly with uncivilized hedonism. He rimmed, sucked and fucked my hole relentlessly as he dumped a river load of cum up my ass or down my throat. I barely made it back on the ship on time Cesar was so determined to get one last fuck from me before I had to go. Once there my shipmates were boasting about all the action they'd had with all the females they had fucked.

I simply smiled rubbing my burning ass knowing there wasn't a hotter Mexican stud than Cesar Rivera. And I'd be seeing him the next time we docked in San Diego.



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