I had been going out with Jack for a about a month when this happened. We were both in our early twenties, and were pretty good looking guys. I had a roomate at the time, so most of the time we were together we were at his place. He lived on the eighteenth floor of a concrete highrise in the middle of the city, with a spectacular view of the surrounding area. Jack was the bottom guy in our relationship, although to this point I had only fucked him a couple of times it was clear that he liked it.

One weekend I had been reading a gay newspaper with an article on shaving in it. Something about shaving a guy's ass appealed to me a lot, and the more I thought about it the harder it made my cock get. Jack had a pretty hairless body, but he had a fair amount of it around his asshole. As I said, I liked to fuck him, but we really hadn't got into that in a big way yet. There was still the comfort level to establish with one another somehow, it was like we were both a little shy about it. The times I had fucked him he had taken my cock while laying on his stomach below me.

We were sitting on the couch watching tv later that night, and he was curled up in front of me. I had my hand on his hip, and slowly moved it down to play with his ass. I could feel him breathing faster, and I felt my own heart quicken its pace at the thought of what I wanted to do to his ass. I licked his ear lobe for a while, and then whispered in his ear.

'Would you ever let me shave your ass?'. I felt him stiffen as I said this, but he didn't say no. He didn't really say anything at first.

'Please?' I whispered, and applied a little more pressure to his ass as I ran my fingers up and down it. I was feeling an overwhelming desire to see his ass.

'I don't know.' he said. I licked the back of his neck, and slowly reached around to the front of his pants, and undid the buttons. My hand slid around to his ass, and beneath his soft underwear. It was so warm, so beautiful. I wanted to be there so badly, I could feel the burning accumulate within me. I had to convince him to let me shave him.

'I promise you'll like it.' I said earnestly. Something in the imploring tone of my voice made him smile, and he turned his head around to face me.

'You really want to do this, don't you?', he said, smiling more broadly.

'I really want your ass.' I replied. His smile faded, as the sexual tension escalated. We stared into each others' eyes for a couple of moments, and then he said,


We got up from the couch, and I took his clothes off. I went into the bathroom and got his razor and a can of lotion. I sat down on a chair, and put the towel over my knees. There was good light right over where I was sitting. Jack stood naked in front of me, uncertainly. I could feel my cock hard in my pants as I looked at his body. He was so beautiful, especially the curve of his ass.

'It's going to be alright.' I said. He smiled again, in spite of the tension.

'This really turns you on..,' he said. I patted my knee, and with this he came over to me and lay himself across me. I sighed as I ran my hand over his sweet ass, now laying in my lap. He could feel my hard cock pressed against him, and I could feel him getting a hard on as well.

'You have such a beautiful ass,' I said softly, 'this will be good for both of us.'

I picked up the lotion, and then smoothed it onto his ass, spreading him open with one hand and I applied with the other. The curve was so alluring. Now I took the razor in hand and carefully started to shave the hair from him in slow even strokes. Jack was mostly silent, except for one moment between strokes.

'This is so humiliating' he said, almost to himself. I stopped and rested both my hands on his ass.

'I want to worship your ass, I want to be inside you so badly. Humiliation is a part of that.' My heart was pounding. This was too late to stop, and his confession of being humilated by this experience was just making it hotter. I couldn't wait to fuck him now.

At length I finished shaving him, and wiped his ass off with a warm, wet cloth. My hands were starting to tremble. I ran my fingers up and down the smoothness there, barely daring to breath as I felt that exquisite softness and smoothness. We sat there for a moment, and then I started to get up. He stood as well and we walked over to the bed of one accord. I gently lay him down on his stomach, and then knelt at the foot of the bed. His leg overhung the end, and my rigid cock pressed against it. This was the supreme moment.

My face came closer to his sweet ass. My lips parted, and I gently extended my tongue. I felt him give a start as it touched that most sacred of places, and I held it there, feeling the heat of his ass, and tasting his flesh. His asscheeks touched against my face, and I sighed deeply. I began to lick his ass, completely lost in this sweetness. There was nothing else that mattered.

I stayed licking his ass for what seemed like hours, taking both his legs in my arms and locking them against my chest. He pushed his beautiful ass against me, and my tongue ran over him again and again. This smooth ass gave me so much pleasure as to leave me at a loss for the words to describe it. It was the supreme indulgence. He lay there moaning, as lost in the pleasure of this experience as I was.

After a long, long time of licking his ass over and over again I reluctantly rolled him onto his back, and then felt my pulse quicken yet again as it hit me that I would soon be deep inside him. He lay there on his back looking up at me. I took his ankles in my hands, and spread his legs. He was so beautiful. I could see his brown eyes looking back at me, his lips slightly open. I pressed the head of my cock against his ass. I could feel him yielding to me, willing me inside him, where I so much wanted to be.

I felt the warmth of his ass envelop my cock, and looked deeply into his eyes. There was a light there which I had not seen before any other time we had sex. I felt him press his legs open wider.

'You like this, don't you.' I said, as I gently but firmly pushed my cock all the way up his ass.

'I love having you inside me.' he whispered. Our faces were close together, and I could feel his breath as he said this. I began to fuck him, stroking back and forth, staring intently into his face, measuring his expressions and responses to my penetration. We were both so turned on.

I kept fucking him, now slower, now faster, all the way in and out of his sweet ass. He took it so well, and looked back longingly into my eyes as I did this. We both wanted this to go on forever. There was nowhere in the world I wanted to be but deep inside him. We were both aware that we had struck onto a new plateau in our relationship, and we were I think both a little overwhelmed at the passionate intensity of it. He manipulated my cock with the muscles of his ass.

I stopped fucking him, and pulled out of his ass. He turned his head towards me wondering what I was about. I pulled him to his feet and turned him in front of the window. His face showed some doubt, but I pushed him forward while holding his hip, making him bend over and take my cock again, in full view of whoever might be watching. This turned the both of us on, and so I fucked him there for a while. We then turned back to the bed, and slowly shuffled over to it, my hard penis still deep inside his sweet ass.

At length I had to come, and did so deep inside of him. He stroked his own cock once or twice and came gushingly all over himself as he looked pleadingly into my eyes. We lay there in silence for a few minutes, then my hand drifted back to his ass, still slick with lubricant, and alluringly smooth. I gently pushed my fingers inside him and kept them there as we lay next to one another. From this point on, things would be very different.


Jethro Maki

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