Jack is a 6''2 athletic 28 year old model jock who does whatever and whoever he wants... despite having a sweet loving boyfriend named Thomas who is oblivious to his transgressions. Thomas works set shifts at work through the day so Jack takes advantage of that and as soon as his boyfriend is out of the house he is on his hook up applications browsing the potential conquests.

It isn’t long before he finds a hot 18 year old 5''7 submissive twink willing to do anything he says.

So he starts charming this teenager into submission explaining everything he wants to do to him in great detail. The boy is hooked before he has even seen a picture of Jacks 9 inch thick veiny meat.

Now the twink is under Jacks spell he tells him to send him a bunch of compromising photos completely naked and with full face pictures so he can blackmail him into doing whatever he wants later. The boy sends him picture after picture of dirty sexual pictures each one with the ability to ruin his social life. So by this point Jack is so hard and his boxers are soaked in pre cum he invites the boy over to service him.

When the boy arrives at his door he is shaking the boy feels compromised already and he hasn’t even got his clothes off! “Perfect” he thinks. “take all your clothes off boy I want to see what you have to offer me” The submissive boy does as he’s told. Standing there completely naked and shaking with vulnerability Jack looks over him. He’s completely smooth and ready to be used. 

Jack orders the boy to his knees and like any good sub he does as  he is told. Jack puts a dog collar on the boy and leads him into his and his boyfriends bedroom. There is a video camera already setup and ready. Jack pulls out his soft cock and pushes it into the boys mouth (6Inches soft) the boy gags on it clearly not very experienced. The sound of the boy gagging on his fat cock only makes it grow more quickly and soon enough the whole of mouth is full of meat with still most of the cock sticking out of his mouth. He thrusts deep into his throat and with a pop the cock slides down. He pulls in and out the boy can feel the viens on the cock and they bump past his throat Jack and the camera can see the boys throat swell dramatically whenever the cock slides down. The boy is still gagging but jack doesn’t care the boy is there for his pleasure and nothing else. 

As much as Jack enjoys a good blow job he cant help but admire a nice tight little ass and oh boy does this boy have a nice tight ass can barely slide a finger into it so he bends the boy over ass in the air and rims that hole. The boy moans out in pleasure Jack is making the boy drip pre cum he doesn’t stand a chance... After 15 minutes of poking his hole with his tongue the boy finally relaxes and its now time for the main event...

But they better hurry Thomas is due home from work in 30 minutes. So without a moment to spare Jack lubes up his raw cock and pushes into the boys ass can see the boy tearing up but jack doesn’t care he is in it to please himself not the boy so he continues to push deeper into him until the whole cock disappears. The boy is now impaled on his massive cock so he manoeuvres the boy so he’s sitting on his lap both facing forward with the boys legs spread wide for the camera to see. He grabs the boy by the hips and with his strong athletic muscles he pulls the boy up and down each time the boy goes down he makes a loud moan. Unsure if its pain or pleasure he continues. Soon enough the boy is moving with him and Jack takes that as a sign of approval to let him have it. So Jack starts thrusting hard and deep upwards into him. And the boy moans like a bitch. After about 30 seconds of the vigerous thrusting the boys cock shoots like a fountain covering himself in juice. And his ass constricts and around Jacks cock but jack keeps pounding up into his ass. He only has 15 minutes before thomas walks through that door so he fucks him so hard the boy shoots for a second time and his ass constricts tighter than before. This time however Jack cant hold back and blows his load deep into the boy. Before the boy has a chance to say anything he grabs him and pushes him out the door butt naked ass dripping cum and his clothes come flying after him. With the door shut behind him. Jack quickly puts away the video camera and cleans the bed up and jumps into the shower to get the smell of sex off of him. Moments later Thomas walks through the door and Jack greets him with a cheeky smile.




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