When I got into Jack's car I was already turned on. Jack was a year older than me and was very fit, 6'1" muscular body and always smelled fucking awesome. The ride to the parking lot was about 6 minutes and was very quiet. We pulled in and parked. "I only wanna do oral" he said when he parked the car. I was kind of disappointed honestly but it was better than nothing for sure. So we moved to the back seats dropped our pants to our ankles and started to get our dicks hard. Once we were both fully hard we grabbed each others cocks and helped each other jerk for a few minutes. Without any warning he leaned over and took my whole 6 inch dick in his mouth and pumped really fast. I could feel his tongue swirling around the tip of my cock. He used a small amount of teeth, which surprised me but felt amazing after a minute. I made him stop so we could 69 until we came in each others mouths. It got hot in the car the smell of sweat and the cologne Jack was wearing really turned me on. We came almost at the same time we swallowed every bit of each others loads. We sat back up and I thought that we were done. It was hot while it lasted but we put our shorts back on and got back into the front and he started to drive back to my house. We didnt talk the whole way back. When we pulled into my drive way and before I got out he pulled me in and kissed me so hard it was so nice and We just kept making out for what felt like forever. I finally broke the kiss and told him to come inside. My parents were away for the weekend so we could do whatever we wanted. We went directly into my bedroom kissing the entire way i pushed him onto my bed and got on top of Jack dry humping each other while kissing and moaning. I grabbed his cock that was getting hard again and we stood up got fully u dressed again and continued to make out he finally said to me "lets do it" and I knew exactly what to do. I went into my sock drawer and grabbed a condom while Jack was blowing me in the best way. He sat on my chest and put his dick in my mouth while i was fingering his ass with 3 fingers. i rolled the condom on and lubed up my dick and his ass hole. He finally sat on my cock and let out a huge moan "FUCK YES" he yelled slowly sitting farther down on my penis. Once he got the whole thing inside him he took it like a champ bouncing on me as we kept making eye contact he leaned down and we made out a lot. I knew he was close to cumming cuz he broke the kiss and started bouncing faster and jerked his cock so he jerked and jerked and jerked moaning as loud as ever until he finally shot so far it hit my mouth 3 different times. He was obviously still

Horny cuz he took the condom off and blew me. It was the best head i ever got that i came the most and moaned so loud and begged him not to stop sucking even though it was sensitive it just felt so fucking good. He swallowed every drop of it. He came up kissed me a few times and laid next to me and we spooned the rest of the night watching tv....





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