Jack was a 19 year old who has had a few gay sexual experiences with boys his age but loves the thought of having sex with older men.

His first time with an older man was with his dad's friend. Jack's dad's a builder and had a lot of sexy rough looking men.

One evening Jack's dad went out and Jack was home alone. He was wearing his work clothes which was a white shirt, black pin stripe trousers and black smart shoes. Suddenly the door bell went and Jack answered the door. It was Dan his dad's work mate. He was a short broad man with bronze toned skin, bald head, big brown eyes and big lips. He was wearing timberland boots, light blue jeans and a light grey t-shirt. Jack's 7 inch cock went hard immediately.

Dan said 'I'm here to drop a key off for your dad' in his common London accent.

Dan handed the key over and said 'Who's home.'

Jack replied 'Just me.'

Dan smiled and said 'Aren't you going to invite me in for a drink.'

'Sure' said Jack stepping to the side to let Dan in.

Once Dan had passed Jack closed the door and Dan grabbed Jack's cock and started massaging it.

'You like that don't you' said Dan.

Dan then pushed Jack against the wall and started to kiss Jack with his tongue diving in Jacks' mouth. Jack was getting harder and loved the feel of Dan's stubble on his face.

Dan then ripped open Jack's shirt and started licking over his defined chest and abs.

Dan then stopped and said 'should we go upstairs.'

Jack grabbed Dan's hand and led him to his room and started kissing him. Jack then pulled Dan's t-shirt off and threw it to the floor.

Dan's was perfect. He had a defined chest and a little bit of a belly.

Dan rubbed his big hand all over Jack's chest and abs and pushed his shirt to the floor.

Jack looked down and saw the large bulge in Dan's jeans. Jack grabbed in and went down to his knees. Jack began sucking Dan's bulge in the jeans whilst Dan kicked his boots off to reveal his thick white sports socks.

Dan then started to undo his jeans and slid them down to uncover his navy blue boxers.

Jack yanked Dan's boxers down his hairy legs to unveil the perfect 8 inch bronze cock with no hair. Jack launched on to the cock, sucking long and hard. He used his right hand to massage his own cock in his trousers whilst his left to play with Dan's balls.

Jack then started to suck Dan's balls and use his hand to grab round Dan's slightly hairy arse.

Dan then guide Jack to his feet and took his jeans and boxer off properly so he was just in his socks. Dan then pushed Jack on to his bed and pulled Jack's shoes and trousers off. Jack was now only wearing cotton black socks and tight white A fronts.

Dan began sucking and licking Jack's cock through his underwear and it was now becoming visible through them.

Dan then pulled Jack's underwear off and started to suck his cock whilst he stuck his finger in Jack's arsehole.

Jack loved this and had his eye's shut enjoying every minute. Suddenly Jack felt Dan stop sucking and take his finger out of his arsehole. Jack was about to open his eyes when he felt something bigger enter his arsehole. It was Dan's cock.

Dan was pounding Jack hard. His balls were slapping against Jack.

Dan then started kissing Jack whilst fucking him and Jack was in heaven.

After a while Jack then said 'I'm gonna cum.'

So Dan stopped and stuck Jack's cock in his mouth so he could take the juice.

Once Jack had let off his load Dan was the wanking his cock so he could shot his load. When Dan and built himself ready he stuck his cock back in Jack's arsehole and let it all out.

Then Dan took his cock out and began licking it all out of Jack's arse.

After it was all gone Dan laid next to Jack on the bed and rubbed his sock up and down Jack's leg.

'I better go before your dad gets back, we'll do it again sometime' said Dan whilst getting up and putting his clothes on.

He gave Jack a quick snog and his cock a quick lick before leaving.

Jack was so happy he had finally had an older man and couldn't wait for his next.



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