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The story begins as I take a semester off from my teaching and TV productions for almost 20 years at a college near the western coast of the U.S. I have assembled a three man TV crew and traveled to Europe to conduct interviews with western European people as to their attitudes on sex.

At the beginning of our third week in Great Britain, we are filming in Chester, England. At the end of the day, my crew and I are having a beer at a local pub when I notice a most attractive distinguished mature gentleman having a beer at the next table. As I have not had sex since arriving in Europe, I am extremely horny. I begin to feel the most powerful chemistry toward this mature man as our eyes lock on to one another.

I decide to throw caution to the winds. Some force takes charge of me and I approach his table and ask: "Sir, may I buy you another beer?" He gives me a smile and displays two sexy dimples. I am smitten by his personality and beauty. He responds: "Hi, I am Jack and I would love for you to buy me a beer and join me for a drink." I reply: "My name is Eric and I am spending a few weeks in Europe conducting TV interviews regarding people's attitudes regarding sex." I can see his interest peak at this point.

As we share a beer, the conversation turns almost immediately to sex. Jack is direct when he says: "Eric, I noticed you the minute you came into the pub and I saw you starring at me as I starred back. Are you Gay, man? I am Gay." My cock is beginning to grow as I confirm that I too am Gay.

I learn that Jack served in the Army and that later his occupation took him to many places. I shared that I was a college professor and TV producer.

Jack could see that I was 5'11" tall, sky blue eyes, approximately 168 pounds with sandy reddish blond hair, and a rock hard body.

Jack was in great shape making it difficult to determine his age. He was about my size but with darker features. I could not avoid looking at his crotch that appeared to house a huge cock.

Somehow I had the courage to tell Jack that I had a desire to learn more about a great variety of sexual techniques to enhance my eroticism during sex.

This is when I receive an unbelievable response from Jack. Jack places his hand on my inner thigh and says: "Eric, can you take the next 24 hours and come to my cottage? I will show you the most erotic ways to kiss, masturbate, give a very hot blowjob and enjoy pleasurable ass fucking." I reply: "Oh, yes, I would love to spend the time with you."

Jack and I are now very horny from this erotic conversation. As we continue to drink, I feel Jack reach under the table and begin playing with my crotch. I am now in total heat. Then Jack begins opening my zipper. He pulls my hard rod out and starts jacking me off. WOW! He takes his glass of beer, puts it under the table and pours it all over my crotch. I now have wet balls and a cock soaked in beer.

As my face turns red and I am breathing harder, Jack knows I am about to come. He puts the palm of his hand under my aching cock and catches blast after blast of my warm cum. When I am spent, Jack takes the cum covered palm of his hand and licks off all my seed in his mouth.

I am now a mess and wondering how in the hell do we get out of here without the patrons,likewise my TV crew, of the pub seeing my wet beer and cum crotch. Jack smiles and says: "Eric, I am going to jump up and accidentally spill a whole pitcher of beer on your crotch. No one will ever know. I just wanted to give you this hot prelude to what we are going to experience over the next 24 hours.

Jack spills the beer and makes a big scene of telling me how sorry he is. I go over to my crew and tell them I will be gone for 24 hours. With huge smiles they wish me great sex. They know they have a very horny boss.

We get to Jack's lovely cottage. He takes me to his sexy bedroom that features many mirrors, a big round bed, expensive stereo system, silk bedding, candles and large windows over looking a court yard with a flowing stream.

Jack puts on some sexy music and begins to undress me as I undress him. My 8' cock is now rising to its full length and Jack's cock is now hard and appears to be about the same size as mine. His cock is gorgeous with a silk smooth texture, big cock head, wide piss slit and large balls. Man, I am glad I accepted his invitation for 24 hours of hot sex and learning some new moves.

Jack comes close to me as I smell his warm breath and says: "Eric, you gorgeous hunk, are you ready for your lessons in hot kissing, masturbation, blowjobs and ass fucking?" I am about to erupt from this dirty talk. I assure Jack I am.


Jack takes his hands and places them on each side of my face and looks into my eyes with great passion. He has me close my eyes as he very gently and softly touches his lips against my burning lips. Foe several minutes, Jack repeats this very gentle series of steamy kisses. I have never been kissed with such gentleness.

Jack then changes the technique to pressing his lips against mine with much greater force. We engage in a form of aggressive kissing. This too is very hot. Jack pauses long enough to kiss my closed eyes and the tip of my nose.

Jack now turns to French kissing me. I open my eyes and mouth as Jack lunges his tongue into my mouth. First, he is very methodical as he runs his tongue across the roof of my mouth going as deep as his tongue can reach. Then he manages to get his tongue underneath my tongue for a hot experience. Next he is able to use his tongue to lick the inside of my cheeks---flash against flesh. We then circle our tongues around each other. Finally, he has me stick my tongue outside my mouth and he gives me a terrific sucking job. This is one wet kissing session. I love the smell of his breath.

Jack compliments me as an excellent student.


"Eric as I begin you just follow my moves," instructs Jack. Jack begins to spit large gobs of spit on his cock as I will follow his lead at each step. WE each close a hand around the head of our hard cocks and rub the spit up and down our entire cocks until they are wet and slick.

As we rapidly jack-off, Jack pours a very expensive lube on both our cocks. We are now able to glide up and down our cocks with great speed and arousal.

Now Jack instructs me in a more complex process involving two hand positions for effective jerking-off. First, we each take our huge lubed cocks into the palm of our hand, close the fingers around the cock with the thumb placed on top of the cock and begin thrusting up and down the shaft. After several minutes, Jack instructs for each of us to move our hand and fingers counter clockwise so that the thumb is now underneath the cock and begin jerking-off. Jack points out that some guys elect only one of these methods while some guys love rotating back and forth using both sexy positions.

Jack now demonstrates yet another jack-off hot position that I probably enjoy the most. Jack and I are right handed so we each place our right hand at the base of our cock's shaft and close the fingers around the cock. Then we take the left hand and place it just above the right hand on the cock and close the fingers. We each begin to move our hands up and down the full length of the cock in a rapid motion creating a tunnel for our cocks to pass through. This makes my cock feel as if it is fucking a guy's ass. We take a break before moving on.


Jack places me on my back on the silk covered bed. He sits beside me and begins to blow his warm breath on my cock and balls. This causes an arousal in my crotch. Next Jack begins gently kissing my cock head, the piss slit and gradually going all the way down placing kisses on my entire shaft. He then spits gobs of his spit all over my cock followed by licking up and down my now wet cock. He takes time to lick and suck each of my balls.

Jack moves back up on my cock as he takes my hard cock head in his mouth and sucks the head for some time. He rolls his tongue around and around the cock head. As I am now really aroused, he begins to take all my cock in his mouth inch by inch until he is deep throating my cock. His technique includes slightly opening his mouth as he comes off the cock and closing his mouth as he goes back down on the cock. This is beyond hot. Jack is enjoying my precum.


Jack reminds me that there are numerous sexy positions for ass fucking but he will show me his 8 favorite positions. He also points out that he will only give me three or four thrusts for each position so he does not come before completing all 8 horny fucks. We also thoroughly douche our asses so we can engage in bareback fucking.

Position One

Jack places me flat on my stomach on his bed. He puts a pillow under my crotch so that my ass is elevated. He lubes my ass crack, fingers my ass hole while massaging my G-Spot (prostrate), kisses and licks my pink ass hole and lubes his blood filled hard cock. He places his hands on the bed on each side of my body so he can balance himself that allows him to use the entire weight of his body to plunge all the way into my ass. Jack drives into my ass with great force three times. This is one form of the doggie style method.

Position Two

This position requires me to lie down flat on my back. From this missionary position, Jack inserts his cock into my ass as he is lying flat on top of my body. This is one of my favorite positions because I can feel Jack's entire body melting directly into my hot body with my head, chest, stomach, crotch and legs and feet.

Position Three

This position requires a very muscled and strong Jack to execute. Jack lifts me up into his arms (face to face). I put my arms around his neck and my legs around his ass or lower back. While holding me in this position, Jack thrust his big cock into my ass by maneuvering his cock underneath my balls as I lean backward to give him more room. We have to be in total sync to fuck in this position.

Position Four

This position requires me to almost be a gymnast. I stand on my head on a pillow on the floor, lift my feet vertically in the air as Jack is holding on to them, Jack spreads my legs apart, he moves inside my legs sideways and lowers his crotch and cock into my waiting ass. He drives in four times and lowers me back to the floor.

Position Five

Jack places my stomach and chest over the back of a chair and has me push my ass backward toward his cock. Jack is now free with lots of room to move back and forward as he enters and thrust his cock in my ass.

Position Six

Jack puts me on the bed lying on my left side. Jack lies down behind me and lifts my right leg high in the air as he inserts his hot leaking cock into my pulsating ass. The feeling is hot for me as I feel his body from behind.

Position Seven

We move to Jack's recreation room. Jack gets up on the top of his pool table and lies down on his back with his cock standing at attention as if it is a flag pole. I stand above his waiting cock, lower my ass onto his huge cock as jack lifts his ass to meet my cock. The advantage of this position for me is that I mostly control the action.

Position Eight

Jack has me stand straight up on the floor and he gets behind me while placing his arms around my chest. He enters my ass as we both move back and forth in a free motion.

At this point I have a sore ass and jack has a really worn cock. But Jack says to me: "Eric, I will probably never see you again so lets bust a nut before this remarkable encounter ends. You pick the position.

I have us lie down in a 69 position. We both start kissing, licking and going down on each others still hard cocks. We are able to deep throat each others' cocks. Before long we are both yelling, "OMG, I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!! We each blast huge loads of now hot cum down each others' throat. We kiss and share our cum meal.

I hope each reader finds at least one of these hot techniques so arousing that you shoot a big load.

I honor gaydemon writer Jack for this story of fiction because he encouraged me to start presenting stories here.



Naughty Eric


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