Jack Ireland - From Marcus's point of view

I am Marcus, and I am going to tell you about my first time meeting Jack Ireland. In hindsight I am not sure why I waited so long, but I am glad I did. Jack was a bit of a legend in San Francisco and like most legends people either loved or hated him. I took me a while to figure out why but as near as I could tell it was just plain old jealousy of his looks or manner or his sex practices. He was very straight forward about his desires and tastes and the bluntness turned people off. Also it seemed that if you took him home to have sex with hm and you had lied about something like your tastes or your cock size he politely got you off quickly, thanked you and left. This made tops mad when they could not get in that ass, and even madder when he offered to fuck them. To them he was only a bottom and they were insulted that he had the nerve to top also and further insulted when he didn't like their dicks. Well, if you lie about your dick what do you expect? Why would you lie if you expect to have sex with someone?

Jack also had a fear of fat. Now I don't mean that to sound mean. He had a fear of fat on himself, but it didn't matter to him if you had some extra pounds. This rubbed people the wrong way, but I understood. My mama was friends with Jack's mother, a sweet Polish lady who had become obese and had two strokes because of it. Jacks Father, who my mama said had been an Irish stud in his day, had also gained a lot of weight and had a heart attack. I get it, that should make someone paranoid about their health, and Jack while having a spectacular body, was not one of those ripped, lots of veins, 6 pack kind of men. He had just enough fat on his ass and stomach to look good but after seeing his parents you knew he really had to keep his body under control. He went with a lot of men of all sizes, but all of them were built big and most were tall. Race and color didn't seem to matter and neither did looks although none of them were ugly.

I knew I probably had a shot with him but I wanted to know why some men were refused access to his ass. I hated getting someone home and being refused because of my size. I am black and 280 lbs with a really thick 10 inch cock, like wrist thick which tuned out to be too much for some people. It was very frustrating and I hated those situations, and there had been a lot of them. I had played football and then did strongman completions so men had been available to me, but found the idea of a man like me was not the reality. The fantasy of a big thick dick was too much for them in reality. I had a theory about Jack that he didn't like tiny ones or long skinny ones.

Rays group. Finally I had gotten in after waiting a few years. Then Jack walks in with another Irish morsel, a ginger. Both of them nude and pale with just enough body hair, one red and Jack dark black. The perfect specimen of a Black Irishman, with big green eyes with fringey dark lashes and wavy black hair and a smirky smile that would make any man's dick hard. We met right away and got the lowdown on the rules; you were meant to mingle nude and not touch, get numbers and to hook up later on down the line. Jack came back to me and asked if I was busy the rest of the evening. When I said I was free, he smiled and said your cock dripped on my boot. Then he smirked and took a big whiff in my direction, flaring his nostrils and moaning under his breath. I felt like the most desired man at that party watching that big muscle bubble butt walk away, knowing that I would be fucking it later that same evening. Glad I did my research !

My pal Julio took us back to his hotel but I barely noticed he and the redhead in the other bed. Jack kissed like a god and kept his hands moving over my sensitive pecs and nipples driving me crazy. I told him I loved that and he said he loved my huge pecs and he kept his hands on them when he started to suck my cock. He looked so happy sucking my cock and he kept moaning how perfect my thick cock was, which was a real turn on. He rubbed my cock all over his face and hair and then over his pecs. Then he went down on me again taking more into his mouth and I heard his jaw do a little pop which made him laugh and the vibrations from his laugh did wicked things to my cock and balls. I didn't want to come that way so I pushed him on his back and went in for his hole. He said can you push the wide head in and out of my hole for a bit before you go all way in? Happy to oblige I did that for longer than I expected because his reaction was so hot to watch. Gasping, smiling, leaking cock amazing reactions from this built pale man I had been thinking about doing this too for years. The reality was better than the fantasy. He was built for cocks like mine, no walk outs happening tonight. I am going all the way in now I said, can you keep your ..and before I could finish speaking he grabbed my nipples, just what I was going to ask. I fucked him deep and he gasped and shuddered and kept it going in long and deep pumps speeding up ever so slowly each time. He came hard without touching himself in 6 long spurts. Beautiful.

His dick stayed hard and as I gathered up all his jizz and applied to my own cock, he asked why I had not come yet. I said I need you to fuck me from behind while you play with my tits and I jack off with Jack's jizz. Happy to he said. He pushed his cock in smoothly and grabbed both my pecs roughly and I felt the tingles throughout my body start. I knew his dick was a good size but I had forgotten it was thicker than most I took in my ass. The head bumped my prostate perfectly on each downstroke and his balls swung into mine gently. I wished I could stroke my cocks with two hands but I had to hold myself up so he could reach my pecs, and he was doing such a good job with my pecs I didn't want to change positions. This went on blissfully for some time until Jack sensed my problem. He pulled us back off the bed to the floor and said just rest your head on the edge of the bed and use both your hands on your dick. I got you, he said. You got me? I outweigh you by like 60 pounds, I thought. But he had me, just like he said. It meant he took one of his hands off my pecs but he slid to the side of me to prop us both up, and that meant this head was near mine breathing hot breath into my ear. Then he stuck his hot tongue in my ear  and that did me in. I held off as long as I could trying to keep that moment going on forever but I lost the battle and came buckets upon buckets of come.


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