I sat in my chair at my Condo feeling guilty about my parents.  I had just hung up from talking with them, Mom was her usual cheerful self. Never letting anything get her in a bad mood for more than a few minutes.   Her motto is 'it'll all work out just fine in the end', and for her it usually does just that.  My Dad is another matter entirely; he's a good man and a great father but worrying about things is his favorite pastime.   At almost 65, I suppose he has every right to worry, facing retirement in a few short years, the constant upkeep of the farm and buildings, trying to make the best investment choices, having enough saved so that they won't have to alter their lifestyle drastically

Dad's latest worry about is repairing the little niggling things around the house that he could do with no trouble a few years ago.   However, now the thought of him on a ladder makes my skin crawl, and my Mom puts up such a fuss he gives in and doesn't get up on one anymore.   Most times he's realistic about what he can and cannot do, but then there are times when he thinks he can do everything he's always done.

We spent at least half an hour with him telling me that one of the upstairs window shutters was in the garage, it fell off in a windstorm back last fall.  The steps from the back porch to the yard have become uneven and wobble when he steps on them, the right hand barn door is off it's track and won't open, a tree out by the garden lies split into two pieces by a strike of lightning, one side breaking down the fence as it fell into the vegetable garden.  His list went on for another 10 minutes.

I know that they aren't flush with cash to hire these things done, but I suspect that the reason for his complaining was his hope that I might come for a visit and we could do some of these repairs together, like we did when I was growing up.  

I picked up the phone and called my boss and asked for two weeks off. I explained that I needed to go help my parents and he gave me the time I requested with no fuss or guilt trips. He's a great guy that way, always trying his best to accommodate whatever his top guys needed to do. I'm in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing in Charlotte.

I phoned back to my parents and told Mom to dust out my old room, I'm coming to visit for a week. She squealed like a little kid and I heard her shout to Dad in the sitting room.

"Billy's coming...Billy's coming!

I told her I'd be there day after tomorrow, Saturday.

"Oh Billy this is wonderful, bring something nice to wear and you can come to church with us Sunday.   We want to show you off to our friends, they always ask about you every Sunday. Oh...I can hardly wait."

By the time I hung up the phone I felt like a heel, the bad son who seldom makes time to go visit with his aging parents.  Too busy for the people who love me most in this world.  This time I'll do what I planned, I'll stay the full week, no fake emergency calls to let me leave early this time.   After all, the only thing they ever want from me is my time, just come and be with them for a while.  That's all they want, to see me, be with me.

I called the airline for a reservation to Myrtle Beach; rent a car, buy Dad some power tools there, and drive up to Southport, NC, my home town. The driving distance from Wilmington was only 29 miles but with the plane schedules, I could get there 3 hours sooner by driving up from Myrtle Beach.   Each time I go back home, I'm amazed at the growth all around Mom and Dad's little farm out on Jabbertown Road.

Memories flooded back of growing up, how good life was on the farm up until I was seventeen and left for college.    I liked boys, I knew I was gay as a pre teen, at least I knew I was queer, I didn't know what 'gay' really meant sex wise back then.  I was still a virgin, but that would change the summer I was sixteen.  There was a boy, my best friend Jonny Baker, that lived about a mile down the road, we were good buddies and that summer we started jacking off together in the barn haylofts, either at his place or mine.

I remember us using a watch to time the seconds we held the others cock in our hands, when that got too familiar, we timed holding each others cocks in our mouths. Not actual cock sucking, just putting the others cock in our mouth for 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, a whole minute.  Finally one day, I threw the timing watch down and started bobbing up and down on Jonny's cock.  When he yelled that he was cumming, I pulled off his cock, but his jizz hit my face and I licked it off, I was hooked from that moment on.

In only a matter of days after I actually sucked his cock, Jonny and I were doing a 69 together, without a timing watch.  We were both swallowing cum as fast as we could.   That was the extent of my sexual experience when I got to college.   I was truly shocked at how open the gay guys at college were.   I kept a low profile, knowing what I did at school would follow me the rest of my life.   I didn't stop having sex, but I was very particular with whom I chose as a partner.  The summer after my freshman year I taught Jonny the joys of anal sex.  I'm a born bottom and Jonny loved to fuck my butt, almost as much as I loved him fucking it. Jeez! I haven't thought about Jonny Baker in years, I hope he's happy wherever he is.

I shook myself to get that adolescent reverie out of my head, and went to my bedroom to sort through my casual clothes for something suitable for farm work. I have jeans galore but none suitable to work in. I made a list to buy tees and jeans with a 'skosh more room.'  I remembered that I have a pair of old army style boots (they were the rage at the gay clubs for a few weeks,)  I rummaged around until I found them, and thought to myself when I looked at them that I've probably danced ten miles in those boots but never done  a minutes worth of work in them.  I laid out a Navy Blazer and tan pants. a light blue shirt and a colorful tie to wear to church for Mom. Later that evening I went shopping for the things on my list.

A terrific storm blew into Myrtle Beach and we were re-routed to Wilmington to land and wait out the storm at MB. I got off at Wilmington and drove the 30 miles to Mom and Dad's, the bad weather had actually worked in my favor for a change.  Once I turned onto Jabbertown road I was stunned, the country road I remembered with only three or four family farms is now paved and widened into  three lanes.  The road is lined with $500,000 homes and subdivisions, with Mom and Dad squeezed in between them on their forty five acres. They were both sitting on the front porch when I drove up.  Mom came running up to me with open arms and Dad, standing at the end of the steps, waiting for Mom to get through hugging me.  A wide grin spread across Dad's face, that was a big display of happiness from him.  Dad and I were not back on the porch yet when Mom came out with a tall glass of sweet tea for me.

We sat there and talked for over an hour, me telling them all about my sales and that I was the leading sales person for the company for last year, and I'm ahead for the same period for this year.  Mom told me all about the new neighbors, well what little she knew anyway. These new folks weren't the friendly type that had always lived here.

She told me that the Baker's place, was under contract now, it is only twenty five acres and our place is forty five.  Anyway the Baker place sold at $20,500 per acre or $512,500.  That was Jonny Baker's home!   I asked Mom about the Baker's and she told me that both Mr. & Mrs. Baker had died in a car crash five or six years ago.

"Poor Jonny, he brought that woman, that hussy he married back here to live after his folks passed, but three months after their precious baby boy was born, that wife of his up and left him and the baby.  He's working and raising that boy all alone.   Let's see, mmm that baby should be getting close to five years old now.  I guess he'll move off from here now that he's got all that money.  You and him was close as kids Billy.   You ought to go over there and say hello before he's up and gone from here."

After our supper of Fried Chicken, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans cooked with ham hocks and Mom's wonderful Cathead biscuits, I drove over to Jonny's place.

When he came to the door I could tell he didn't have a clue who I am. Just as I opened my mouth, his boy ran to him and wrapped his arms around his Daddy's leg and stared at me with eyes black as coal.

"Hey Jonny! It's..."me...Billy, Billy Cannon from down the road, How have you been guy!"

"BILLY! Billy Cannon? Omigod BILLY!

For a second or two I thought he was going to run out to me but he stopped himself and said...

"Come in, come in.  Man oh man, you sure are a welcome sight for these eyes Billy, I can see that city livin' agrees with you.  Oh, Billy, this is my son Joey, his name is Joseph, named for my Pop, but I call him Joey."

He bent down on one knee and told his son that he and I were friends back when we were little guys like him.

"Joey this is Mr. Cannon, can you say hello to him? Remember? Like you do when we're at church?"

Joey let go of his Dad's leg and stuck out his hand.

"Pleased to meet ya sir." He said.

I bent to shake his hand and told him I was pleased to meet him too.

With that over, Joey took off through the house and we heard the kitchen screen door bang shut.   Joey had gone outside.

"What a cute and smart little guy he is Jonny. You're a lucky man."

"Well the luck was hit or miss there for a while.   His Mom left us when he was only three months old.   It's been a struggle, but I've sold the farm and we'll be okay now.  Joey's college will be taken care of and he'll never have to work a farm unless he wants too."

"My Mom told me about your selling your place. I wanted to come over and see you before you move away.   I was thinking about you when I made the plans to come spend a week with Mom and Dad."

I took my card from my card case and put my home and cell numbers on it and gave Jonny the card.

"I mean it Jonny, you keep in touch.   We go back a long, way together, if there is ever anything you want or need, you call me.   Heck, don't wait until you need something to call me, just call when you want to.  If you settle on the Charlotte area as your home, I can get you a great deal on a home and no realtor fees.  Not to mention how great it would be to be able to see each other whenever we wanted.

I hope you know I care a great deal about you and now little Joey too. You've always been one of my favorite people Jonny, there's no pretense about you.   You're a genuine good guy, and I've been around enough assholes in my business to know that the truly good guys are rare, when you find one, make him your friend."

Jonny never looked up to my eyes, the entire time I was making my little speech, he just stared at the floor.   I started to the kitchen.

"You have any beer here Jonny?"

"No beer Billy, but there's blended whiskey under the sink."

Pulling out the bottle I saw it hadn't been opened.

"Alright, now we're talking, 12 year old Canadian Club, smooth stuff."

Back in the living room I placed the glass in front of him, he was still staring at the floor.

I heard him speak but I couldn't hear him well, he spoke so quietly.

Suddenly he raised his head and looked me in the eye.

"Do you ever think about us...that summer we were 17...up in the hayloft...do you ever think about what we did Billy?"

"The first few years after college I didn't, but Jon, I live as a gay man now. I'm out and proud.  I'm not a rainbow flag waving type of gay, but I never deny it when asked.  You are my first love, of course I think about you and what we did, especially what we started doing once we quit timing each other."

He laughed out loud...

"I'd forgotten that...we did time each other...that seems so silly now. So Mr. Gay man Billy, what's life like in the big city.   I'd imagine looking like you do now, you have a date any night you want."

"It's not a very glamorous lifestyle, I live alone, I work crazy hours, sometimes 70 or more hours a week.  I go months at a time without sex. I could travel, go anywhere I want its just that I don't want to go alone. I want to find that one man Jonny, a Mr. Right For Me.   All I can tell you about him is that for the time being, he's a slippery devil, I can't seem to ever catch sight of him.  Tell me Jon, do you think about us up in the hayloft all those years ago?"

Jonny was quiet, staring at the floor again.

"I think about you all the time Billy, you are my first love too.  My only love really, I would have come looking for you ages ago if I hadn't screwed up everything by getting Joey's Mom pregnant then marrying her. Joey is the only good thing to happen to me from the time we got out of High School until the sale of the farm."

I was very surprised, I never imagined that he would ever acknowledge those days in the haylofts. I could see the sadness in him.

Joey came in through the kitchen and ran through the house, jumped off the porch and ran and all the way out to the mailbox at the end of the driveway.  He looked both ways, turned and ran back to the front porch. I saw an immediate change in Jonny, his face absolutely lit up when Joey ran by us.

"Don't you wish you could capture some on his energy and save it for later.  How do you keep up with him Jonny, does he do everything at a flat out run?"

"Pretty much, after his breakfast he's like this to lunch time non-stop, then he's running again till night time, some days it wears me out just watching him.  He refuses to nap in the afternoon unless I nap with him.

I know you're here to see your folks but there are some things I'd like to get your opinion on and I have one big and important request, if you have a couple of hours before you leave.  It's really important, I need to map out what I want done to take care of Joey if, God forbid, something happened to me.   I was going to go see your folks to find out how to get in touch with you about this.    Call me up when you can talk Billy, I need your advice.   I know you're on of those 'good guys' you mentioned earlier. You're my friend, I know that I can trust you Billy.

Looking at my watch I knew I had to get back, Mom would have supper ready in a few minutes.  I told Jonny I needed to call her and stepped out on the front porch.   I asked her if it would be okay to bring Jonny and his boy home with me for supper and she was excited about it.   I think she wanted to be around Joey more than Jonny or me.

"Jonny, my Mom says I'm to bring you and Joey home with me for supper. She said to tell you 'no arguments, just come on over.  You won't be a neighbor much longer and it's high time your feet were under her table again."

Jonny laughed and shook his head.

"Help me corral that kid of mine so we can clean him up."

All Jonny had to do was tell Joey we were going for a ride and he was raring to go.   It took a few minutes to buckle in Joey's car seat then we piled into my rental and off we went to My Mom and Dad's.

Once inside, Mom grabbed Jonny into a hug, then he knelt and whispered to Joey who stuck out his little hand and told her he was pleased to meet her, he repeated the same performance with my Dad. Both my parents were asking Jon questions left and right about the sale of his property and my Dad shocked me when he said that he has been thinking about selling too.

"Dad, if you're serious about selling, I would advise you do it fairly soon, I do expect that there will be a drop in prices within the next few months, If you can get 20 or 21 thousand per acre, sell it quick.  Jabbertown Road is the hot spot right now, but trust me, it will change in a few short months."

Jonny wrote down the name and number of the man he dealt with and gave it to my Dad.  I could see he was doing the mental arithmetic and I saw the shock on his face when he realized how much money the place would bring.

All the time we were talking about the farm, Mom was having a great time with Joey, cutting up his meat and vegetables for him, getting more milk, telling him about the Banana Pudding waiting when he ate all his supper.  Once when I glanced over to Jonny I saw that his face was lit up again.  I realized at that moment that Joey is Jonny's lifeline.  Every bit of love and emotion that Jonny possesses belongs to Joey.

I also realized that I was a bit jealous of Joey.  I've always wanted a man to love me so unconditionally, like Jonny loves his son.

I cleared away the plates and silverware and brought out Mom's dessert bowls, spoons and fresh napkins.  Then she sat the big bowl of Banana Pudding in the center of the table.  Little Joey's eyes were big as saucers. Mom served him first, talking to him, trying to keep him from gulping it all down at once.   After Jonny, Dad and I were finished, Dad went over to the old Pie Safe that belonged to my Grandmother and took a bottle of Johnny Walker Black from behind the bottom door, it was the bottle i'd given him for Christmas last year and never opened until now.

Dad poured us three generous glasses, at least three fingers, neat, and we went to sit on the front porch, leaving Joey with my Mom.

Dad lit a cigarette, both Jonny and I declined, I had quit smoking seven years ago and Jon never had taken up the filthy habit.  After a couple of swigs of the Scotch, Dad started talking about selling the farm again.   He told me he wanted me to call that number Jonny had given him and 'get the ball rolling.'

"Billy, you're Mamma and me, we've been thinking about pickin' up and going to Florida, or maybe to Gulf Shores over in Alabama, probably less folks there in Gulf Shores these days.  Anyway, we could get us a nice little place there, just a couple of acres or so.   Once we leave here, I ain't gonna do no more farmin'. A little vegetable patch will be plenty enough farming for me."

"Dad, I can check out what's available in both places tonight before I go to bed.   I know some Realtors in both places too."

"Once I decide where Joey and I are going to live, I might want your help too, Billy."

"We'll talk about that later Jonny, do you have any idea where you want to be."

"Yeah, sort of, but it'll keep for a while yet."

A bit after 8:00 pm, I took Jonny and a very sleepy Joey back to their place. I watched as Jonny put Joey to bed.  We walked back out to his front porch and we sat down, side by side on the top step leading out to the yard.

"You know you've put me in a hard spot tonight Jonny.  My Mom fell hard for your Joey tonight,  I'm gonna be hearing them talk about not having grand kids for a long time now."

"But they know don't they, I mean...they know you're gay, right?"

"Yes but they were after me to adopt back when I was with Hank. It's a good thing we didn't adopt too, Hank and I were only together a year and a half, I wasn't enough for him, he craved to be with other men. "

"Then he's a damn fool...Would you be willing to adopt and raise a child Billy."

"Yes! If I find the right guy and he wants a kid, then yes, I just hope I can be as good of a Dad as you are Jonny.  Watching you today I can tell that you were born to be a Dad, it's a perfect role for you, and you're damned good at it too."

"Billy...if something were to happen to me...if I should die...uh...I need to know that someone I love and trust will take Joey and love him like I do. He'll have money, I just want to be sure he has the love too, if anything should happen that I couldn't be there. I know it's a lot to ask Billy, but there's no one I love and trust anymore but you.  I lie awake at night worrying about what will happen to him if I die.  I have to work out a plan.  I want you to think it over Billy, will you be my Son's Godfather."

I reached out and put my arm around Jonny's shoulder and pulled him against me. I felt his body shudder when I held him close.

"The answer is yes Jonny.   You and Joey are the only people in the world who I would do this for.   This means that we will have to be closer friends than we have been, Joey will need to get to know and trust me. Maybe I can be like his uncle or something."

"No, I don't want you being his fake uncle, you'll be Billy, my friend since we were 5 years old.  Oh Jeez Billy, you just don't know how relieved I am that you agreed so quickly.  I knew you'd be the one, it has to be you to make it work right.  Thank you Billy, thank you."

I put my arm around him again and pulled him close and held him to me, I felt Jonny's body shaking as he cried, I knew they were tears of relief. Now maybe he can quit worrying and begin to have a little fun in life. There are so many things he can do with Joey now.

"Thank you Billy, I'll have my attorney add you to my will as Godfather and legal guardian of Joey in the event of my death or becoming incapable of caring for my him."

Jonny let out a big sigh.

"I knew I could count on you, you've always been there for me when I needed help.  I can relax now, knowing that you'll be there if the worst happens.   I love you Billy Cannon, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Looking over at him, his face smiling now, I had the urge to kiss him. We've never done that, we had sucked and fucked in our teens but we never kissed.  I wanted to, but I knew I shouldn't, not yet.  Jonny and I are reconnecting on a completely different level now.   My Arm was still around his shoulder, I held him against me and I tilted my head to lean against his, we rested together, our heads touching as we sat on his front porch.    He was not as tense now, I guess he had worried about me accepting the caring of Joey should the worse happen.  Sitting there with Jonny, my arm across his shoulders, our heads tilted against each other, I was overcome by a feeling of sheer contentment, a peace like I'd only dreamed of.  It's Jonny!...it's him that makes me feel this way.

Later, in my bed back at my folks place, my imagination ran wild, Jonny and I were together, he was my partner, my lover and my friend.   Joey, Jonny and I were a family, living in Gulf Shores Alabama, we both doted on little Joey and my parents who lived just a mile away were the very happy grandparents of little Joey.   I woke and went to the bathroom to empty my bladder, back in bed I tried to get back into the dream, in there everything was perfect  No matter how much I tried, I couldn't get back to the dream.   Finally I got out of bed and went to sit on the front porch and watch the sunrise.

Jonny and I would need some time together to get back to being the Jonny and Billy we were so long ago.   I don't mean the sex part, it's just that we're both different people now.  A lot has happened to us since we were sneaking off to the haylofts two and three times a day.  We won't rush things, first of all, I wouldn't want him or anyone thinking it was his new found money that got me interested in him.  While it's been over eight years since our time in the haylofts, Jonny has never been far from my mind, I feel like I've always loved him.   I did back when we were little, about Joey's age now.  I knew I loved Jonny back then.

My biggest fear for him now is that his ex-wife would hear about the money and come back and try to get Joey along with monthly checks from Jon.   I made a mental note to call him early this morning to bring this up with his attorney.  He needs to file for divorce as soon as possible.   His wife left them almost four years ago and hasn't returned or called to see her son.  He should get sole custody of Joey and a divorce with no trouble.  He just needs to do if before she finds out about his money.

It never dawned on me to call to warn him about getting a divorce to keep the Ex-Wife from trying to get custody of Joey.   I jumped in the SUV and drove over at 7:30 am.  He heard my truck and came to the door as I was stepping onto the front porch.  His brow furrowed and he knew something had agitated me, I was talking as soon as I saw him at the door.

"Jon...you gotta call your attorney and get a abandonment divorce ASAP. When she hears about the sale of the farm she'll come running back here for Joey and your money!"

I noticed that he was smiling the whole time I ranted on about it.  Finally when I ran out of steam and saw that he didn't seem to be very concerned, I laughed.

"You've already got the divorce haven't you." I mumbled.

Putting his arm across my shoulder the said.

"Come on in, the coffee's ready, Joey's watching Sesame Street."

I sat and Jon put the coffee cup in front of me.

"Thank you Billy, I truly appreciate your concern, I got the divorce after she had been gone a year.   I couldn't take the chance that some wacko judge might decide in her favor at a custody hearing.  She can show up now and she won't get Joey and she won't get any money from me.  Two thirds of it are going into a Trust Fund for him anyway. When he starts going to school, I'll be looking for a job, most likely part-time until he's a bit older."

"That's a relief, I had trouble sleeping last night, weird dreams...I got up at 3:30 am and sat on the front porch and watched the sunrise.  I used my IPad to Google North Carolina Divorce Laws and realized that you needed to get a divorce as soon as you could."

"You were always looking out for me when we were kids, too bad you weren't here to save me from getting married to that Witch...then again, I wouldn't have Joey if I hadn't married her.  It's good to know you're still watching out for me Billy."

"So you're not going to have any legal trouble out of Joey's mother, you'll be free to do whatever you want when you close on the farm sale."

"Yes, I'll be free...doing what I really want may not be in the cards for me, only time will tell about that."

I started to ask questions about that but the look in his eyes stopped me. There was a look of longing for what he knew would never be, a sadness, realizing that he would never have his heart's desire. I wondered if I was part of the reason for his sadness, I was at a loss for words right then. He dropped his eyes and focused on the coffee cup in front of him, he looked as though he might cry.

We were saved by Joey running into the kitchen, telling his dad about what he had seen on TV.  In mid sentence he stopped and looked to me.

"Oh...hi, Mr. Billy"

Joey finished the sentence he had started, then he was off running again. At the sound of Joey's bare feet running on the hardwood floors, I saw Jonny's smile, lightening his whole mood.   He had turned his entire attention to his son, listening and talking with Joey about what Joey saw on Sesame Street.   Almost as soon as he ran in, he was gone again, Jon was smiling from ear to ear and shaking his head.

"Every time I get to feeling down, or lonesome for adult company, in comes Joey to cheer me up.   I haven't the words to express what that little kid means to me.   In many ways, he saved my life. He's my purpose, the most important thing that I will ever do is raising my son to be a man. Everything else in my life comes second to him, and that is a large part of my problem.  No one I could be with as a mate or partner will ever be willing to be second in my affections.   It will be 12 to 15 years before I can ever think about finding someone to love."

"No Jon...you just need someone that will love Joey like you do. Trust me...it'll happen for you, just wait and see."

Jonny is an attractive man, he's a bit over six feet tall, on the slight side at around 155 pounds, chestnut brown hair, eyes that are nearly emerald green, quite startling when you look at them for the first time, a straight handsome nose, a squared off chin and high cheek bones, thick heavy curls at the neck of his tee shirt and on his forearms. In my eyes, he's better looking than most of the models we see in magazines and on TV. He's smart too, with a degree in Computer Science from UNC-Wilmington, he worked with a software firm until recently when that company moved to Texas.

I drained my cup and stood, telling him I had to get back for Breakfast and start on the repairs and cleanup I came here to help Dad do around the farm.

"Billy, if your Mom would watch after Joey, I can come and help out, that way your Dad can supervise while we do the grunt work. I need to do something, this just sitting here gives me too much time to think.   I need to do some sort of physical labor to keeping me from thinking too much. I took out my phone and called home, Mom answered and I asked her if it would be okay to bring Joey and Jonny home with me explaining that Jonny and I would do the work and let Dad boss us about if she would look after Joey.

She was elated and said to bring them on.   Jonny called Joey and we were on our way in five minutes.  While we were getting the new tools ready to use; Joey came up to his Dad and told him he had to ask him something important, Jonny knelt beside him and Joey whispered something to his Dad.  Smiling Jon stood and told Joey that it would be okay this time but he shouldn't expect this every time he came to visit Mr. and Mrs. Cannon.

I looked at Jon with a questioning expression I suppose because he had just laughed and said that Joey wanted permission to have more of my Mom's Banana Pudding.

"You'll have to watch her Jonny, she'll spoil him rotten."

"I wish My Mom was here to spoil him." Jon said softly and with a little catch in his voice.

We took the new chain saw out to the fallen tree near the barn and we soon had a huge stack of wood that now needed splitting to use as firewood.  Once the dead tree was cleared away we re-strung the wire fencing between the fence posts and now Mom's garden patch was closed off to the cattle and other large critters. We moved on to the barn to work on the door that wouldn't open and found that it had just come off its track, Jonny and I lifted it back into position in no time.   Next on the list was the wobbly back porch steps, we found a lot of rotting wood there and we just made a completely new set of steps with a handrail on each side.

When we finished it was nearing 10:00 am and Mom had fresh coffee and Banana Pudding ready for us when we came in.  Joey was climbing all over Jon, telling him all about the things he and my Mom had done. She had gone to the attic and pulled out some of my old toys.  Joey was telling us about a train and he grabbed my finger and started leading me to the living room where they had set up my old Lionel Model freight train.   I got down on the floor with Joey while he explained how it all worked for me.  Jonny started to say it had been my train and I motioned for him to let Joey go on telling me about everything.

Mom asked if I would go into town for her grocery shopping, saying she wanted to spend all the time she could with little Joey.   I asked Jonny if he wanted to come along and he agreed, telling Joey where and why we were going, that he should be a good boy and mind Mrs. Cannon.  Dad was napping in his chair as we drove off.   I suddenly realized that for the first time in many years, Jonny and I were alone.  I think Jon realized it too for he said we needed to drop by his place for a minute so he could get his shopping list.

At his place he said Come on in and I followed him.   Once inside and the door shut, Jon backed me up to the door and leaned in and kissed me. Once the initial shock was over I opened my mouth and our tongues wrestled, bringing us both to a fever pitch.  We never broke from the kiss as Jon backed his way from the front room to his bedroom at the back of the house.  Once we were in his room, we broke apart to pull off tee shirts and undo each others pants. We stood there kissing, each of us naked down to our ankles where the pants and shorts were bunched up at our shoes.

Kicking our jeans free we lay on the bed, finally taking time to breathe.

"Oh Billy, you've no idea how many times I've dreamed of us doing this again, but as men this time.  We're not kids any more.   I need you Billy, It's been more than two years since I was with a man and that time it was not a good experience.  Oh God Billy, please hold me, sometimes I think I'll go crazy if I can't find someone to hold me, to feel a man's arms around me.  You feel so good against me.  Hey! Oh Wow! you've got a bitchin' body Billy Cannon, muscles everywhere."

Jon took my erect cock in his hand he smiled up to me and said...but this is the only muscle I remember though."

Jonny bent over, swallowed my cock to the root causing both of us to groan loudly.   Remembering how we were long ago, I thought then that us having sex was the most exciting thing I had ever done.   Buy lying here now, sharing our first kisses, naked from head to toes I knew that nothing could match the excitement I feel now with a grown Jonny Baker making love to me after all the years apart.

"You're not the only one who's dreamed of us like this Jonny.  Now, before you make me cum, I want you to kiss me some more, then I want you to fuck me Jonny,  I want you inside me again, I want to feel your semen filling my rectum.  Fuck me Jon, fuck me, fuck your Billy!"

Seeing his handsome face loom above me as he placed his beautiful, hard cock at my opening, sent chills across my body.   It was exactly as I had dreamed last night, Jonny inside me, bringing me a special sexual pleasure that I haven't felt in years.  We're connected, Jonny and I, there's an emotional connection as well as mutual our desire for each other.

As I felt his corona nudging against my sphincter, I pulled his face to my lips for another kiss.   Our mutual passion was immediate and almost frantic as we thrust against each other and then suddenly he was inside me.   I pulled at the back of his thighs with my hands and my ankles, wanting all of him inside me. When he ground in a circle against my pelvis I sighed feeling all the old familiar sensations of Jonny filling me, of how I had loved him then, it all flashed before my eyes.  When I opened my eyes and looked at him now, the grown handsome man he's become, I felt a flutter in my gut.   I'm falling for Jonny all over again.

I felt something wet drop on my chest, when I looked up he had tears streaking his cheeks.

"Jonny! What's wrong...Jonny?"

"Nothing is wrong Billy, everything is right again.  I've missed you so Billy, I'm so happy that you're here, that we're connected again, being inside you again is like coming home, it's where I belong.   I've never loved anyone like I love you Billy."

I know...but Jonny...we can talk after...let's enjoy this now...but I agree, your fat cock does belong in my butt.  Jeezus you feel so good in me, fuck me Jon...fuck me hard, make us cum together again...kiss me...ohmigod... Jonny!  He settled into his rhythm, long deliciously slow strokes deep into my anal canal then grinding hard against my pelvis.   With a slight change in his knee position he was stroking my prostate with every thrust, making me groan and pump semen onto my abdomen with every stroke of his cock inside me.

Before either of us wanted it, our orgasm was upon us.   My body tensed, my legs straight out behind his pumping butt. I saw his face twist in orgasmic pleasure as I felt him filling me with his hot semen. I saw stars, heard angels singing, bells, whistles and fireworks all going off inside my head.   Jon collapsed atop me and I wrapped my arms about him, kissing his neck, hugging him tightly to me.   After a short nap we cleaned up and started out to the market.   At the front door we stopped and hugged each other, and shared a nice, romantic kiss. Not the fuck me right now kisses of earlier, these were unmistakably 'I love you kisses.'

The next day, Dad and I did some general cleanup around the place, fence rows, some touch up painting on the house, Mom weeded her front flower beds and moved out to the garden for more weeding. She called us in for lunch at 12:30, she had fried pork chops, like only she can cook, mashed potatoes, green beans, biscuits, cornbread, and sweet tea.   She had made a chocolate meringue pie too.

It was after 2:00 when I got back to work, leaving Dad asleep in his chair on the porch.  Sometime around 3:00 pm Mom brought me a pail of ice water and an old aluminum dipper.  I drank my fill and she sat on an upturned log for a seat while I was splitting logs for firewood.

"I sure have enjoyed you being home son...and that little Joey of Jonny's is so adorable.   It's good seeing you and Jonny together again too. You could do a lot worse than Jonny you know."

"MOM! Your matchmaking again!"

"You know perfectly well that I'm right Billy Cannon.  Your Dad and I would like to see you settled and happy, that's all we really want, for you to be happy, Son.   I've seen the way you boys look at each other, it was the same back when you were kids, When you and Jonny are together you both light up from the inside.  Yes sir, Billy Cannon, you could do a lot worse than Jonny Baker."

"You ready to start with a 6 year old grandson Mom?"

Laughing so hard that she had to hold her side. Mom managed to say...

"I'd walk over there and bring them back right this minute if I could. You and Jonny need to be together Billy, I can see it...why can't you?"

"It's complicated Mama, we've changed, we've grown up and grown apart. It takes time to bring our two lives back together again."

"POPPYCOCK" I see how he's mooning over you...do you love him like he loves you Billy?.

"I think I do Mama, I think I really do."

"Put your shirt on and go tell him then, we're having white beans with ham hocks for dinner, bring Jonny and Joey after you've told him how you feel. We're proud of you Son, and we love you.   It's time you settled down, go get your new family, Billy.  Go on! GO!"

I bent over and kissed her cheek. "I love you Mama.  Wish me luck."

God love her, she can see right through me.   She's right, I know that Jonny and I should be together, I sure hope he agrees.

When I drove into Jonny's yard Joey was playing on the rope swing over a sand pit.

When I got out of the SUV he came running up to me.

"Hi Mr. Billy."

"Hey there Joey, where's your Dad."

"He's in the house, he's not feeling too good.  He get's lonesome he says.  I think he needs a grown up, besides having a little kid like me.   I don't like to see Dad so sad, will you make him happy for me Mr. Bill? Please."

"I'll need you to help me Joey, okay?"

"What I gotta do Mr. Billy"

"We're gonna double team him, Joey.  You tickle his feet and I'll tickle his ribs.  That ought to get him laughing.   I'm gonna sneak in the back door, real quiet and you come in the front door real quiet...when you see me raise my hands and wiggle my fingers like I'm tickling, that's our signal to jump him and tickle him till he laughs and gives in to us."

Joey is already giggling.  I stop and listen to him. A giggling, laughing child just might be the best sound in the whole world.   I held my finger to my lips signaling Joey to be quiet while we got into our positions.   Joey was on his hands and knees heading straight for his Dad.  When he saw me wiggle my fingers he giggled again and Jonny looked up to see him untying his shoes.

"What ya doin' Joey?"

"We're gonna make you Happy Dad!"

Before Jon could move I dug my fingers into his ribs and tickled him like mad.  He's always been very ticklish and he was yelling and laughing in a second.  Joey was having more fun than any of us.   He laughed so hard and so long we finally had to quit.  No one laughs like a kid does.  We all ended up on the sofa, me on my back leaning into the corner, my arms around Jon in front of me and Joey laying on his Dad's stomach, his head propped up on an elbow.  He looked at his Dad.

"I know I'm not 'sposed to tickle ya like that Dad...but we just had to do something to make you happy again."

"Well Joey, you and Billy did a great job.  I had a real good laugh.  Now what if we tickle you!"

Joey squealed and was gone in a flash.   I laughed and Jonny just snuggled more into my arms.

"We need to have us a serious talk Jonny, and soon." I said tightening my arms around him.

"Stay for dinner, Billy, Joey goes to bed at 8:00, we can talk then."

We lay there me holding him to me, the way we were a few minutes ago, the three of us laughing, Joey and me tickling his Dad.  I knew that's what I want, it's what my heart yearns for.  I just hope we can work it all out. We gotta, Jonny and I belong together, My Mom said so!

I called home and told Mom to go easy on the pork chops, I'd be eating here with Jonny and Joey tonight.   Jonny fixed a great dinner, we had battered and fried cubed steaks, white gravy, steamed broccoli and boiled whole red potatoes and biscuits.   I was amazed to see little Joey clean his plate.  Even the broccoli, he ate every bite.   I bragged about him to his Dad saying that I hadn't ever seen a kid his age eat broccoli and like it.   Joey finished his milk and asked to be excused, We heard him turning on the taps in the bathroom and Jon smiled and said he was washing up after his meal and getting ready for bed.

We made small talk until we heard Joey call out.

"I'm ready Dad!"

I followed Jonny to Joey's room and stood in the doorway as Jonny tucked him in.

"Joey looked up to me and said..."

"Dad's gonna tell us a story Mr. Bill."

I nodded my head, yes...too moved at the sight of Jonny and Joey to trust my voice.

I sure hope that Jonny will be receptive to what I have to ask him. I think he will, but working it all out may be the hardest part.

Jonny was only on the third page of the story about Thomas, the train engine when Joey was fast asleep.   Jonny gently got off the bed and turned when he was beside me to look back at his Son. We both stood in the doorway and I put my arm around Jon's waist and pulled him close, I nuzzled then kissed his neck.

"Watching you with Joey only makes me love you more Jonny...come, let's talk a minute, I've something to ask you."

Jon had been leaning against me as we watched little Joey sleep. He straightened and we went to the living room and sat on the sofa. Jon was looking sad again and looking at the floor.

I put a finger under his chin and raised his head so I could see his eyes.

"Jonny...uh...is there any way...that you and Joey can make room in your life for me.  I want to be with you Jonny, us together as partners and lovers.   I've loved you since we were kids Joey's age.  I want us to be together Jonny...we need each other."

I saw his shoulders begin to shake and realized that he was sobbing, tears were streaming down his cheeks but when he raised his head to look at me he wore a huge smile and nodded yes at first then when he was able to speak he said yes.

"You're my dreams come true Billy, you're the love of my life, and always have been. We'll work it out, Joey really likes you and I can tell just by watching you with him that you already are under his spell. Yes Billy Cannon, a million times yes, I love you like no other.  We're gonna be so good together."

"I have to tell you that me coming over here today was because of my Mom. S he gave me a good talking too, and ended up telling me to come over here and get you and Joey and bring you home with me.  She kept saying...Billy...you could do a lot worse than Jonny Baker, go tell him how your feel."

"So here I am. When Dad's place sells they want to be in Florida or maybe Gulf Shores. I'd like us to be near them it possible. They both dote on Joey and at their ages I think I need to be around them more often.   I feel really bad about not visiting with them as much as I should have.  What are your thoughts, about where we live?"

"Near your parents would be perfect.   Joey will have grandparents and I'll have the love of my life beside me.  I do love you Billy, so very much. We can lock my bedroom door if you want to spend the night."

I pulled out my phone again and called Mom.

"He said yes Mama...we'll be there for breakfast...the three of us. I'm staying here tonight."

As we said goodbye, I heard her yelling for Dad. She's probably jumping up and down thinking about Joey right now. Joey was excited about going to Mrs. Cannon's for breakfast, I think that maybe all of us were excited.

I give thanks constantly for my wonderful parents. They have always been adaptable.   Years ago when I told them about being gay, it didn't phase my Mom one bit.  My Dad wasn't so sure for a couple of days, then he came to me and we went for a walk around the farm.  He told me that he didn't know much at all about being homosexual so he went to talk to his Pastor at Trinity UMC.  After talking with his Pastor, Dad came to me and told me about his concern and that he had sought help because he knew so little about homosexual persons.

"After talking with my Pastor I feel much better now Son.  I know it wasn't your choice to be homosexual and I know it doesn't matter so much who you love as it matters how you love.  You've been raised as best we could, and you're a fine young man.   I love you Billy and I'm proud of the man you are.   You are and always will be, my Son, who I love better than life itself."

When I hugged him to me and thanked him, I was crying tears of happiness and joy.  He pushed me back...sniffling too, like me.

"No sense gettin' all worked up about it.   We'll plow the row the Lord has picked out for us.   Now, no more wastin' time with this nonsense. Now go find your Mama and help her out with her garden."

That was it for my parents. No big deal.  We'll just plow the row He's picked out for us.

So simple and so loving. How we all wish our world could be like that.

So, Joey, Jonny and I arrived for breakfast and Mom had gone all out. She had Virginia Country Ham, Red Eye Gravy, Grits, Cat Head biscuits, scrambled eggs and fried Granny Smith apples with coffee.    She even washed Joey's ham after it was cooked to cut back on the salty taste for him.  Joey did do serious damage to the scrambled eggs, biscuits and red eye gravy though. He ate the apples after everything else like a dessert.

Yesterday  Dad  gave me all  the info I needed to call the Agent that bought Jonny's farm and he was overjoyed to hear Dad was ready to sell. He said he'd come to look the place over this afternoon.

Dad watched his morning news shows and listened to the Farm Report on the radio while Mom and Joey cleaned the dishes and picked the ripe vegetables from the garden for lunch and supper.  Jonny and I were walking around the farm, talking and we had stopped in front of the barn lost deep in our conversation about Florida or Gulf shores, how Joey would take to me being in the house and on and on with endless questions and ideas.

When we stopped to catch our breath I looked up to the hay loft. When I looked back to Jonny, his smile told it all just before he broke into a run to the barn, I was close on his heels.  I finally caught him and we fell into the smaller mound of wheat straw Dad used for stall bedding back when he had a horse, now it mostly went into the laying hen's nest and for mulch in Mom's vegetable garden.

We were locked in a wonderful kiss, both ecstatic at the prospect of being together finally, for good.  Jonny was tugging at my belt, then my jeans. When the jeans were pulled past my hard cock, it sprang out and bobbed up and down a time or two while Jonny tried to capture it with his mouth, no hands. I pulled at him and got us into a '69 position and we reveled in each other, the joy and memories of doing this so long ago right here in this barn and knowing we'd be together now made it all the sweeter.

We both knew when to stop the '69 before our orgasms were imminent. Pushing my legs up and onto my chest Jonny did a dive into my butt with his tongue, making me squirm about and push back against him.

Once he had me well lubed, his cock slid home like we had  always done this. We kissed, and cooed to each other, whispering I love you and how good we felt,  how much I love Jonny pounding his fat cock into my butt.  I felt an absolute joy having Jonny inside me.  Just knowing that fate had returned my first love to me filled me with awe at the power of two kindred souls making love.    At times my emotions got the better of me and I'd be laughing and crying at the same moment.  My heart and mind are so filled with love for him and from him I fear I may burst sometimes.

Once again, we didn't pace ourselves, it was over way too soon, our only consolation being that we could do it again in just a few hours.   We went out the back of the barn a good ways and walked over to a lane used for the tractor to make it look like we had been walking about all the time.

Dad told me that the pond over by the Oak trees out back of the barn had some Bream, Bluegill and Catfish in it, so we dug up some worms around the cattle water trough and took Joey fishing for the first time.  Joey was excited. I baited his hook for him while Jonny went to the other side of the pond to fish and let Joey and I have some time together.  I set the red & white float bobber on his line and he swung his line out and the bobber went underwater fast and stayed down I helped him hold the pole and we swung it up and around to the bank. Joey's eyes got big when he saw the pretty Bluegill flopping on the bank.

"Why is it flopping about like that Billy?"

"Fish live in the water, he can't swim out here."

"Put it back!   Put it back so he can swim...hurry, Billy, put it back before his Dad comes looking for him."

We let the Bluegill go and Joey said he didn't like fishin' much if the fish had to die cause they couldn't swim in the air.  A grown man sometimes has a hard time dealing with the logic of a five year old.   We wouldn't go fishing again in Daddy Cannon's pond.

Having heard Joey's worries about the Bluegill,  Jonny quietly let the three he had caught go back into the pond. Then he came over to where we were and we started back toward the house.  When we passed Mom's garden I saw that there were peaches and apples on the trees. We showed the trees to Joey and he said he'd already eaten a peach and an apple from Mama Cannon's trees.   Privately, I'm hoping for a Peach Cobbler tonight.

For lunch there was leftover ham, fried apples and a few biscuits. Mom has sliced up some tomatoes, made a cabbage slaw with water, vinegar and sugar dressing, fried pork chops, creamed corn and cornbread with sweet tea. Even Mom was amazed at the way Joey eats anything put in front of him.

After lunch Jonny and I went into town to find a place with free WiFi so I could do some research on both Florida and Gulf Shores properties. Jonny had offered his place where he has internet access but we both knew we wouldn't get anything done but making love again. We decided we'd stop there on the way back to Mom and Dad's.   I was wondering about Jonny so I asked the question.

"Jon...when was the last time you bottomed? I been thinking I might need to top you soon."

"You are the only guy that's ever been inside me Billy, we were 18 that summer it was just after your first year of college.  We both tried it, and we both decided that we liked my cock up your butt best.  We'll try it, you know I'll try to do anything you want, always. W e'll just have to get me loosened up good.   I remember how good your cock felt in me, there was a time not so long ago that those memories of us as kids, and the hope that we'd find each other again is all that kept me sane.  I've mourned for you since you went away after college.    Now you're back and we're together, the three of us will be a family.  You and Joey are all I'll ever need."

"The same goes for me Jonny, I've loved you all my life and I'll go to my grave loving you.  What was that you said you needed to stop by your place for?"

He looked over with a questioning look. I sort of gave him a leering look and wiggled my eyebrows and gradually a huge grin spread across his handsome face.

'Oh yeah....I might have left the TV on, we need to go check that out, okay."


In less than a mile, I turned onto the drive to Jonny's place.  He never knew when I turned because he had his head in my lap nursing on my leaking cock. When I stopped the SUV we were tearing off our clothes as we ran into the house. His shirt slipped over his shoulders and fell to the floor as we embraced, bare chest to bare chest.  Tongues battling to get deeper into the throat of the other.

Jonny tore at the buttons of my 501's and once the top one was undone, one small tug and the fly opened like magic.   Jonny went to his knees pulling my jeans down as he lowered himself. He lay his cheek against my lower belly and pulled me tightly to him with his arms around my butt.  I heard him breathe in deeply.

"Dear God I love your scent, Billy, I'd know you if I was blindfolded in a room full of naked men, just by sniffing at your crotch.  It's my favorite aroma in the whole world.  It's screams...Billy."

He pulled my rigid cock to his lips, looked to my eyes and...

"Let me worship you Billy." He took my cock into his throat to my balls.

I had a hard time keeping my hands off him and we wound up in a 69 on the bed.   All the time I was sucking his cock I was playing with his ass too, I had lubed my fingers and I was probing his tight little but to the point that he couldn't keep his attention on sucking my cock. When I tweaked his prostate, a few times he was begging me to stick my cock in him.   I managed to get my hands on each cheek and my mouth was in position to eat his cute little butt which I did with gusto.   Jonny was all over the bed, I had to chase him with my tongue to stick it up his sweet little hole.

Finally I gave in and turned him to his back and raised his legs.   My cock bobbed and throbbed at his rosebud, leaking pre cum there giving me more lubrication.  When he pulled on my thighs, I slowly slid into his heat.  So fantastic, the nerves just under my piss slit were going crazy with wild sensations in his steaming hot, velvet like tunnel.   Taking care not to injure him I moved slowly enjoying each little bit as I moved inside him.   When I was about halfway inside him, he pulled me deep in one swift move with his ankles locked behind my ass.

"Sweet Jeezus Billy, fuck me baby, I love you so much...I thought we were lost, that there would never be Jonny and Billy again...ung!  Yes fuck me Billy, love me baby, fuckme, love me, fuck me, love me...you're home, your mine...my sweet Billy."

"It's good babe, we're together to stay, nothing anywhere is as important for me as you and Joey.  Jeez baby, you sure do feel good, you haven't forgotten a thing.  Ride my cock Jonny, we're gonna bust a big nut here, OHHH! Jonny, Yea, oh fuck yeah...Jonny fuck my cock with your sweet ass. OHMIGOD!   JONNY!"

I saw his eyes roll back, he's gone...nothing exists for him now but my cock in his ass.  His job is to see how good he can make us feel when we reach our orgasm.   He's on automatic, his hips thrust up to meet my cock at the deepest penetration, each time he thrusts a tiny bit harder, hoping to get a little deeper down to that itch we're scratching like crazy.  I've had some epic nuts over the years but nothing ever came close to this. We've both lost control, we're just slaves to the fuck right now, we couldn't stop if we wanted to and we sure as hell DON'T WANT TO STOP! This is ecstasy!

We're both drenched in sweat and the funk of men fucking.   I felt the tingle in my testicles, it's starting, we're nearly there...

"C'mon Jonny, we're gonna cum, it's been a long while since you shot your load with a hard cock pumping in your sweet little butt.   C'mon, fuck the cum out of me Jonny!

C'Mon...now...it's time Jonny...it's time...aaarrrggghhh!  JONNEEE! Sweet Jonny, oh babe...sweet baby...God how I love you, my Jonny, mine...."


We found some great looking properties and I took down all the pertinent information and we decided that we should bring my folks over to Billy's place to look at the properties online.   We tentatively settled on a track of 25 acres in Elberta, Alabama, 16 miles north of Gulf Shores, Alabama, for $125,000. We could by the whole 25 acres together and put our houses a decent walk away from each other so that we would all have some privacy, but close enough for Joey to bike over and back easily.   We were far enough away from the coast that we had actual soil, sandy but it would grow food.

Things started happening fast after the Real Estate agent visited Mom and Dad's farm.  I was Dad's adviser, but he would negotiate his own deal.  I had made up my mind that he should take no less that $980,000 which came too $21, 777 per acre. Dad loved to haggle price over just about everything he bought or sold.  He sold his 45 acres on Jabbertown Road for $1,000,000 dollars!  Guess I know now where I get my real estate prowess from.   Jeeze, a million bucks!

We made plans for Dad, Jonny and myself to fly down and see the property, and Mom stayed home with Joey.   We all agreed that it was a good deal and finalized the purchase when the sale of the farm was closed.   We all lived in two adjacent apartments while both houses were being built and Mom and Dad hated every minute of apartment living. But they were in love with the new house when it was finished.

Mom and Dad built a modest two story, four bedroom home with a 10 foot wide, roofed porch on all four sides of the house.  They positioned the house to save three big hardwood trees and shade the house. Their place looked like a farm house that had been there for ages, The porch provided shade anytime of day and they had great, comfortable rocking chairs on all sides of the house.  Dad had a Dowser come and found a place for a well and located the garden nearby and put soaker hoses in each furrow. Mom planned her garden and had a vegetable sink and table on the porch near the kitchen door. She looked out her kitchen window to the garden.

Jonny and I built a more elaborate place than the folks, we had a huge, fancy tricked out kitchen, four bedrooms, each with its own bath, a Jacuzzi style tubs in the Master bedroom and a second bedroom, a den, dining room, great room, a small receiving parlor, the same wide porch surround our house like the folks place, a four car garage with storage shed and a 20' x 40' in-ground swimming pool with a cabana and lots of umbrellas and chaise lounge chairs.

After we had settled in, I bought a couple of houses and flipped them after a bit of renovating, for enough profit to do it again.   Jonny started his own online website selling new and refurbished computers and Laptops.  Joey rode the bus to and from school (he's in the first grade.) The fourth house I bought to renovate and sell was a real stretch financially, it was an Gulf Front property with a terrific view and I made a ton of money on the resale.

After my first Waterfront project I began to seek them out when I realized the huge profits that were there to be made when I could find a bank foreclosure property for sale.  By the time I had bought the third Gulf Front property I decided that this one would be ours to keep.  Mom and Dad were getting on in years so I talked them into living with us. When I did the redo, we added an In-Law suite so that they could have their privacy and still be with us and Joey could be with them as much as they wanted.

Joey was growing up. By the time we moved into the house on the beach, he was nearly eight years old and getting tall and thin like his Dad.   He loved the beach, spending hours and hours there every day.  He met tons of kids from all over the country there on the beach behind our place.

On all the beach properties I had renovated I added a sleeping porch just beyond the master bedrooms, It was where Jonny and I preferred to sleep and to make love.   This house was raised on pilings so that the bedrooms were almost to the roof level of the houses nearby, giving us the privacy to sleep nude and to make love there.  Anyone would have to be in a boat at least a quarter of a mile out, with binoculars to see any activity on our top floor balcony.  There are four bedrooms and two sofas that converted into beds when needed.

We were well into our second year when I hit the jackpot, home wise.  I buy most of my renovation places at auction and I was blown away by the house I went to bid on down on West Beach Blvd.   I was amazed that there were only four of us there to bid on the place when the auction started.  I tend to keep my hands in my pockets and come in at the last when I buy.  Two of the bidders were going at it in thousand dollar increments, their bidding started to stall as they got near the $200,000 mark.

I came in with a bud of $210,000 just as the auctioneer was ready to say sold. We waited but no one else raised my bid and I got the house.  It is big, 3,200 square feet with a pool and three car garage.  This place can easily be a $750,000 property, if the Reno on this new place is carefully planned.  From the first time I saw the place, I knew that this would be our forever home.  When it was finished the five of us were overwhelmed by the place.  None of us ever dreamed of having such a beautiful place to call home.

These days were the best for Jonny and I.  We've always had a hunger for each other and now that we're together, the hunger is still there along with a deep and abiding love and respect for each other.  No matter how much I love them both, I'm forever a bit jealous of Joey and Jonny's bond. Joey has accepted me mainly because he sees how happy his Dad is now. When he has becomes frightened in bad storms or just apprehensive with a stranger or new situation.  He runs to whomever is nearest. I can't imagine that I could love my own child anymore than I do little Joey.

Two months after the fifth anniversary of moving into our 'forever' house, my Dad passed away in his sleep on a Thursday night.  When Mom didn't come out for breakfast I went to check on them and found her on the bed holding him.  When I coaxed her up she turned back to him, kiss his forehead and said...

"I'll see you soon Honey."

She never cried, she said she was forever thankful that he wasn't ill or suffering in his last years.

"Be happy for him Billy, he's at peace and waiting for me to come to him."

Six months to the day, she did exactly that.   She too, went to sleep and never woke up.   Joey is almost 12 years old now, it was hard on him to lose both of them in a six month period.

The trip I had made back to Southport to help out my Dad because I felt guilty about not seeing much of them turned out to be the decision that changed my life for the better.

It's getting close to being six years now since that fateful day I went to see Jonny and met his boy, Joey.   It won't be much longer before Joey figures out that his Dad and Billy are not exactly a typical family.   Joey is a great kid and has lots of friends at school, several of which have two Mom's.  We'll face that hurdle when the time comes and deal with it as the family we are.

I am forever grateful for having my parents with us for the last years of their lives, we became friends as well as family and little Joey brought so much joy into their lives.  They left him a sizable inheritance in their will to be available when he finishes his college degree or when he reaches age 25.


Time passes so quickly when there's a youngster in the house.  Joey will be 14 next week.  We've only 4 more years with him before he's off to college and then he'll only be a visitor for a few short days at a time for the rest of our lives.  He is a wonder though, smart, loving, kind and inquisitive.  Jonny once told me that raising joey to manhood was the most important thing he would ever do.  He's done a wonderful job, too. Jonny and I are happy and content. We each have a successful business to run and employees to take care off, at the end of the day, we come home to a love for each other that is almost as old as we are.  I'm the luckiest man in the world...I met my soul mate when I was four years old.

It's another perfect Gulf Coast Saturday morning, Jonny and I are sitting on the patio having our morning coffee. Joey comes out of the kitchen with a glass of juice and slouches in a chair at the table with us.  I'm constantly amazed at how quickly he has grown, he's tall and lanky like his Dad, but with coal black eyes and a shock of yellow blonde hair and a sun tanned body with almost white hair on his legs below his shorts.

I noticed that he's darting his eyes back and forth between his Dad and I.

"What's up Joey? You seem a bit nervous...everything okay?" I asked.

He blushed, and sat up, putting his arms on the table and leaning forward toward us.

"Billy...Dad...uh...jeez...ah...are you guys gay?

The End?


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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