Prologue: Dear Readers

This is not my usual happily ever after romance. This is the story of a good and dear friend and his first gay experience. This is for your dear Cooper, where ever you may be.

I'm Cooper Davis a sophomore in college at Chapel Hill, NC. At long last it's Semester Break and my buddy Jack and I are on the road to my home in Charleston. College can be lots of fun but one never hears how hard it can be for 19-20 year old guys like us. The parties are great and there are plenty of them, but if all you do is party, you're quickly out of here . Semester break gives us a brief respite from the routine and a chance to relax and have a bit of fun. Plus a quick trip home replenishes the body with "home cooking" and Mom's TLC and usually the wallet too with some extra cash from Dad for those good grades I've been getting.

Jack is my friend and fraternity brother, his family is from the Midwest so he jumped at my offer to come to the beach. Everyone at the frat gets a big kick out of hanging with Jack. His last name is Daniels. I swear it's the truth. His full name is Jackson Conner Daniels, he's everybody's buddy; Jack Daniels. He's also a very good looking man. Six feet tall, 165lbs. Light brown hair, blue eyes and a smile that will blow your socks off. My sister Candace is home for the break too. She's in her senior year at Clemson, upstate. Candace brought along William, her boyfriend of the moment.

With the house full, Mom went into full Southern Hostess mode. Announcing as we arrived that dinner would be at 8:00 PM. and we would dress for dinner. That is her absolute favorite of the Old Southern Traditions from her childhood. No, she's not that old but hers is an Old Charleston Family dating back almost 200 years. Old Families cling to the old ways often, especially in the low country. In Charleston Society family lineage is worth more than gold and can open doors for you that gold cannot. Mom didn't require that we wear Ballgowns and Tuxedos; she saves that treat for her Holiday Parties and Dad's important business dinners. Knee length cocktail dresses and Dress Slacks/Sport Coats were the bare minimum she allowed, pure torture for the flip flop generation. With the house full Mom called in some "help" with the cooking and cleaning. Nothing's better to a student that home cooked meals and Mom goes all out to be sure that we have all our favorites meals when we are home. With William here, Jack and I would share my old room which was fine with us. We would most likely pass out every night from too much drink anyway and after the dorms, a queen sized bed was enormous.

On our first night out Jack and I hit about 10 bars and a couple of clubs, getting fairly soused toward the end of the evening. We caught a cab and came home a little after 1:00 A.M. We managed to get upstairs without falling and kept reasonably quite despite being staggering drunk and bad case of the "giggles." Jack had to pee and I stripped down to my shorts and flopped onto the bed. Jack came out of the bathroom shedding shoes, pants and shirt, crawled over me to his side of the bed and was snoring in less than a minute. I turned of the lamp and was soon fast asleep myself.

Sometime later I woke with Jack spooned to my back, his arm across my side and his hand in my shorts holding my very hard cock. It felt so good and as I came fully awake I began fucking his fist gently moving back and forth. On the backstroke my butt would push into his hard cock. Jack snuggled closer and I felt his lips kissing the back of my neck. Suddenly I heard him gasp, awake and mortified to find my hard cock in his hand. He moved to take his arm away and I grabbed him to keep him there.

"Jack, it's okay...I like what you're doing, it really feels so good, don't move away."

I was really excited, I had never done anything like this with another guy. I heard stories back at the frat house but though that they were mostly "just talk" and hadn't believed them. Jack relaxed a bit and I turned to face him.

"Let's take off our shorts, Jack"

My heart was racing. Staring into my eyes Jack slowly leaned in, inching closer and closer until our lips met, I felt his tongue brush my lip and I opened my mouth and let his tongue in. I felt as if I would explode. I had never experienced any kiss like this, more erotic than with any woman I had known. We were both so excited that we became a bit too noisy. When Mom asked about the noise the next morning I told her that we had been drinking and joking around and ended up wrestling each other to the floor.

After that kiss, I would have done anything Jack asked. As I lay there tingling all over Jack began making little kisses on my neck, my ear, the little valley made by my collarbone and down onto my chest. As his lips kissed one side he used one finger to trace down the other side of my body. When he reached my right nipple with his lips I moaned loudly, when he lightly pinched the left one I almost screamed. He continued kissing one side and teasing with the finger trailing down the other. After gently tugging at my chest hair his finger led his kissing lips down my treasure trail onto my abdominal muscles. When he reached the top of my abs he spread his hand and let all five fingers glide lightly over my abs closely followed by his lips kissing each ridge and crevice carved there. I trembled as goose flesh sprang up on my skin. My body was vibrating so I feared it would start to hum from the pleasure Jack was giving me, I had never felt anything so erotic.

Eventually the finger twirled through the dense trimmed pubic hair above my cock. As his lips met my bush the kisses stopped and he put his nose and mouth to my groin. His mouth and tongue found that spot where the groin and leg meet and I moaned aloud again. I heard him take a deep breath and a muffled moan from his throat as he sucked and lapped at my groin. On the move again the lone finger traced up my rigid cock, circled the head and wiped away the pre-cum oozing there, he licked it off his finger then traced back down to trace across my testicles. His fingers encircled my sac up near the base of my cock and began pulling and stretching the inner cords bringing first a gasp, then a low guttural moan from me. With one hand stretching and pulling my testicles he grasped my cock with the other and jacked it for a few strokes then opened his mouth and took my entire 8" cock into his throat to the base. It was like I had been shocked with electricity. I thrashed, tossed my head, grabbed fistfuls of bed covers and made unintelligible sounds as he began his worship of my cock. These manipulations, the tugging on my testicles and my cock deep in his throat were too much, I couldn't stop my orgasm as it raced through my body from head to toe, It felt as if my insides were rushing up and out of my cock, spewing forth at an alarming rate. I lay there gasping for breath and thinking that this was the most incredible sexual experience of my life.

Finally I turned to Jack, still unable to express the pleasure and joy he had given me. I just pulled him close and held him tightly. I kissed him deeply and tasted my semen on his tongue. Some minutes later Jack looked over to me...

"So Coop, what did you think of that?"

"Again Jack" I giggled "Do it Again"

"Cooper, anytime you want that, you just remember who makes you feel like that. I'm your Man Coop.

I'm your man."

After a brief rest I said to him.

"Jack, I want to try and make you feel as good as you did me. Be patient, I've never done this before."

"Coop, you don't have to do that, I'm just fine."

"Oh, but I do Jack. I've just got to do this, I want to do this for you and for me. You'll have to tell me if I'm doing something you don't like, okay."

"Sure Coop, remember to keep your lips over your teeth and go slow and breathe through your nose. If you start to gag ease up and the reflex will pass. Before we head back to school, you'll be a pro at this."

With that, I began as he had with me. Light kisses on one side and the tracing finger down the other side. The lower I went on his body the more excited I became. His hard, taut body was perfect and felt so wonderful against mine. How could a male body feel this good. Would I ever want to go back to the soft, pliable body of a woman? The way this night was going I thought that I might have already had my last female sex partner.

I loved feeling his body squirm and rise against me when I sucked his nipples. I spent extra time on each one as I found them buried in his fur, enjoying his body's reaction against me. My tongue circled his navel a few times before plunging in, causing his abdomen to tense and ripple. There is nothing about his outer body that is soft and yielding. As my trip down that ripped & toned male torso continued I nuzzled between his navel and pubic hair. Licking and kissing the firm, taut muscles that veed in from each side, pointing the way to the main attraction. Jack's hard cock lay tight to his belly and was hard to pry up for my intended purpose. I thought I would climax when I buried my nose in his crotch; my first encounter with the aroma of a man. I wanted to sniff it all into my lungs, get his aroma on my body and wear him like cologne, Intoxicated by his aroma I encircled his big balls and tugged like he had done with me. Jack gasped.

"ffffuuuuucccckk that feels so good, tug harder aaarrrrghhhhh."

In the middle of his last outburst I took his cock as far into my mouth as I could. I began bobbing my head trying to get more of him into my mouth. The angle was all wrong so I flipped around into the 69 position and eased his big fat 7" cock down my throat. It took a few thrusts to the back of my throat to realize that I could relax and just let it slide down my gullet. Soon I had it all in me; my nose was buried between my hand on his balls and his big cock.

"COOP! pull off, I'm ready"

I sucked him deeper and pulled hard on his balls and pinched a nipple, his body went rigid and his semen rushed out and down my throat as he thrashed about and moaned my name. I was excited and proud that I could give him pleasure him as he had to me. When he could move he turned to his side, wrapped me in his arms tightly, entwined our legs and we drifted off to sleep. I had never been so contented in my life.

I awoke at 7:30 and began playing with my new favorite toy again. Stroking him, kissing and cradling his flaccid cock, gently rolling his balls through my fingers and just soaking up his maleness with that magnificent body against me. I shuddered from the thrill of it. Jack stirred, opened his eyes and smiled.

"come here, you"

He pulled me on top of him, wrapped me in his arms and held me tightly to him. I nestled my face into the crook of his neck and we lay there lost in the feel of our bodies pressed together. After a while, Jack whispered in my ear.

"Cooper, I want you to fuck me, please. I need to feel you inside me"

"yes, anything you want Jack, I'll do anything you want."

Jack excused himself to the bathroom, I followed, loaded up my toothbrush and went back and sat on the bed and think about what had happened between us as I brushed. Jack came back and lay face down on the bed. I rushed to the bath and rinsed my mouth and returned to him. As I sat down he handed me a tube of lube and instructed me in the art of preparing his beautiful butt for my cock. I traced the lube around his anus and gently began penetration with my finger. Soon there were three fingers in him and he was ready. I became confused as he turned over on his back and raised his legs to my shoulders.

"I have to be able to kiss you and see your handsome face as you take me Coop, I want to remember your face when you shoot your load into me for the first time. Take me Cooper, make me yours, be my man"

As I lubed my cock he guided it to his entrance, explaining how I was to enter then wait until he told me to continue. At his okay I began the slow deliberate slide into him I was surprised at the heat. I was sliding into an inferno. The heat and the slickness combined to send unrivaled spasms of pleasure to the sensitive head of my cock.. Once my balls were resting atop his, I fought for control trying to keep my impending orgasm at bay.

I was entranced by the emotions that crossed his face as I entered him. At first there was a tensing of his body and he winced as I popped into him. As I began the long slow slide there was a long drawn out aaaaaaaahhhhhh that came from deep within him, his eyes closed as that pleasure filled him. Finally when I was as far into him as I could go his eyes flew open. A look of triumph and of possession crossed his beautiful face. I lay there pushing as hard as I could to get deeper into him as he ground his butt against my cock as hard as he could. Chills and goose flesh sprang up again as I shuddered trying to keep from exploding into him. Nothing had ever felt like this. I started the long stroke back to his anal ring and then back down as far as I could go. I settled into long dicking his perfect ass and Jack went wild, Grinding his ass in circles as I withdrew and throwing his hips and butt up to meet my down thrust.

Our connection stirred such strong emotions within me. Jack was my friend and I cared for him but this was something much deeper, a feeling more intense, a connection between us that I had never known with anyone before. Our pace became frantic, pushing and grinding. Jack rode with it, he sighed' he moaned, he laughed and yelled. That's it Cooper Fuck me, oh yeah Fuck me Cooper Fuck Me!! I leaned forward and kissed him deeply. That kiss set Jack off, his semen flew from his cock, hitting my chin, my stomach and chest, dripping off me onto him, gluing us together. The sounds of his eruption and the smell of his semen sent me over the edge as I filled his thrashing butt with my semen. Nothing he had said or done prepared me for the force of this ejaculation; this emptying of myself into him. There were no words to compare what I was feeling with anything gone before. I was speechless and I was left with a dull wonderful ache in my cock and balls that constantly reminded me how he made me feel.

What a way to start the day! I pulled Jack from the bed and into the shower where we gently, lovingly cleaned each other and dried our spent bodies. We dressed and went down for breakfast. Mom smiled when she saw Jack and I eating as if we had not eaten in a week. Occasionally I glanced up at saw Jack looking at me with a smart ass smirk on his face. Mom saw it too and gave me the raised eyebrow, silent question. I smiled at her and said..

"it's not a topic for the breakfast table Mom; let's just say that Jack and I got lucky last night."

Jack choked on his toast. Candace laughed out loud and William didn't have a clue as to what was going on. Mom returned to her food and it was never mentioned again.

Tomorrow would be our last full day and night here. We had to leave for Chapel Hill Sunday. Jack wanted at least a day at the beach so that's where we went. I took him to my favorite spot. A small clearing between two dunes that hid us from the view of beach walkers until they were directly in front of us. I did all my heavy thinking and relaxation there. As we talked we found ourselves in much different type conversations than we had ever had before now that there was this sex element in our friendship. We learned about each others wants, desires and dreams, our basic beliefs and revealed much deeper sides of ourselves than ever before.

On the drive back from the beach I noticed that Jack had been watching me for sometime.

"What?" You've been staring at me for more than five miles. What is it?"

"Coop have you thought any about how our situation has changed? What happens when we get back to school? Do we go back to the way we were? "

I pulled into a sightseeing area by the road and turned the car off.

"Jack, I don't mean to sound flippant about this but I haven't really thought about anything past what I want you to do to me tonight. But I do know that I don't want to go back to the way we were before this trip. "I can't do that."

Jack had a very serious expression on his face as he said...

"What then?"

"Jack can you tell me what you want?"

"Yes I could tell you but I'm afraid of how you might react."

"Jack don't you know you can tell me anything, I wont be mad we'll always be best friends. There's nothing you could say that would stop me from being your best friend, don"t you know that? Please tell me."

"Coop I thought it was plain as day. I only want you, anyway that suits you. Cooper, you do know that I'm in love with you, don't you?

"Jack, I'm not sure I even know what love is."

Trying to hide his disappointment, Jack turned and looked out the window.

"we'd better go now Coop or we'll be late for dinner"

Jack was quiet the rest of the drive home. I reached over and held his hand until we pulled into the driveway at home.

After dinner we went out to a couple of bars, neither of us wanting to be there and just waiting until we could go to bed. Finally about 9P.M. I asked Jack...

"you want to go home and watch TV for a while? We need to rest before the drive back and I have a favor to ask of you later tonight."

A big grin spread across his face.

"you're perving on me aren't you? I can see it in your eyes. What's this favor Coop?

I could feel the blood rush to my face blushing as I never had before..

"I can't say it in here. Jack!"

"Whose going to hear it with this racket going on, tell me you perv."

I motioned for him to lean in to me and said in his ear..

"Jack, I need you to fuck me tonight. I've just got to feel you in me, okay?"

Jack looked a little stunned then he broke into another big grin.

"Let's go, Coop. You'll never know what a turn on it is for me to have Cooper Davis perving on me, wow!"

At home we went straight for the kitchen to grab some snacks and then to the den and the TV. Candace and William had left earlier in the day. Mom and Dad were just heading up to bed as we came into the den. We said our good nights and sat down with our food. After about 10 minutes Jack looked over and said...

"getting sleepy little boy?"

I laughed.

"now who's the perv?"

Jack leaned closer and said quietly..

"I've been perving over you since we met, Mr. Hot Stuff... Cooper Davis, the Frat Boy Stud, has filled most all of my jack off fantasies these past two years"


"Oh yeah! You have no idea how long you've been my man, Coop."

Jack stood, took my hand and led the way to our room. As we undressed Jack looked concerned.

"you're sure you want to do this tonight Cooper? I promise your ass will be sore tomorrow. Once you let me in there I'm going to fuck you long and hard. I'm gonna do it to you so many ways you gotta like one of them."

I smiled looking at Jack, he looked like he would explode. He wanted to do this so badly, I teased him.

"Well, maybe your right Jack, the soreness would be bad on the ride back. We'll just wait till we're back at school."

Poor Jack, his expression was mixed with disappointment and concern. I hugged him and laughed. I told him I would be out in a few minutes and I expected him to be in bed, naked and hard when I came out.

Jack was so careful and patient with me. He held out his arms to me as I came to bed, embracing me a pulling me onto his chest and stomach. Jack is a master of foreplay, every touch, caress and kiss was choreographed to bring the utmost pleasure to me. He told me to lie on my stomach so he could get me ready. He began massaging my shoulders and back then slowly descended, his lips following, kissing everywhere his hands had been. Now he had a hand on each cheek of my butt. He asked me to rise up onto my hands and knees. Gently he spread my cheeks and I felt his breath on my skin bringing goose flesh again as he kissed and caressed each cheek. I gasped as his tongue circled my anus licking and probing sending previously unknown sensations to my over taxed brain. Soon, I was pushing my butt back and grinding on his tongue as it circled the wrinkles at my core. I knew I couldn't take much more of this when Jack began pushing his tongue into me and stabbing it into my hole. I became light headed and thought I might pass out just as my my balls began to draw up and I told Jack to stop or I would cum. He added more lube and three fingers stretching me, readying me for his cock. I begged him...

"Now Jack, Now."

He flipped me over onto my back telling me..

"I want to kiss you and see your beautiful face as I enter you. I'm going to make you mine, Cooper, Mine!."

He placed the head of his cock at my entrance and I shivered in anticipation and he began a steady push against my anus. The pressure felt so good but as soon as the head popped in I felt a pain like no other. Jack saw the pain on my face and held still. Leaning to me he kissed my lips, my eyes and nestled his face on my neck whispering to me...

"Try to relax babe, the pain will ease up soon, Just relax and you'll feel a pleasure like nothing you've ever known, I promise."

Jack kept kissing and telling me how good it felt, how he loved being in me. Soon I was pulling on the backs of his thighs pulling him deeper into me. An incredible feeling of fulness replaced the pain. I was sure that any deeper and I would split open but I kept pulling him into me.

When I was into him as far as I could go, my balls resting atop his, I thrust hard making him grunt. Slowly I retreated to his ring that contracted to keep me in him. I slid deeper into the heat that was Coopers ass. Each stroke was a little faster, he was looser now and I picked up the pace making him groan with pleasure.

"you doing okay, Coop?"

"oh yes, I've never been this okay with anything before. Faster!"

I began to slam into him eliciting a deep grunt and a grind from him every time we hit bottom.

"You like that Coop?"

"Yes, yes."

"I'm going to change positions a bit and see how you like it."

I shifted the angle and began to stroke his prostate with each stroke.

"Oh, Oh, what are you doing? Oh, Jack! That's unbelievable, OH! Jack I'm cumming, Jack...JACK!."

I quickly leaned in and kissed him as he sprayed my chest and stomach with more cum than I had seen the entire time we had been here. As I began to ejaculate into him I pushed hard, making both of us groan. I held his beautiful face in my hands and kissed him. His eyes were shut as I mouthed the silent words, I love you Cooper. I rolled to my side pulling him into my embrace and we lay there, a few minutes or it could have been an hour, I didn't know. Just holding Cooper like this was all I ever wanted, that and I desperately wanted him to love me like I loved him. In a way I knew he loved me, but I knew he didn't know it himself yet. I would wait. What else could I do, I love him.

When I opened my eyes I was looking into Jacks face, his eyes wet from tears. I kissed the tears from his eyes and gently kissed his lips. I knew then how we would work all this out. I knew there was more to "us" now but I couldn't say it was love yet. I knew he wanted to hear me say it but I knew I had to be sure and mean it when I did. He would know if I said it and didn't mean it, I knew that.

My mind was short circuiting, the intensity of our love making just now had overwhelmed me. I couldn't compare it to anything I had ever known. I held him tighter to me and he spoke...

"easy Coop, I can't breathe"

"sorry babe, that was so incredible. I never knew anything could feel like this."

"It's all in the connection that the two lovers have Coop, that's the secret. It's in the connection between you and me."

" you mean that if we were strangers it wouldn't feel like this?"

"Yes I do Cooper. It isn't the act that causes an orgasm like we experienced. It's the connection between us; what we feel for each other that pushes us over the top to such incredible orgasms. You could go out tomorrow night to that gay bar in Chapel hill and find someone have have sex like we've just done and no matter who you do it with, he won't be able to make you feel like I do. Get this through your head Cooper. I'm your man, I'm your man." My eyes filled with tears because there was so much love in his voice when he said "I'm your man" We had passed from being buddies to being lovers without me knowing it was happening. We returned to school and immediately found a place and moved in together. One morning near mid term I woke and Jack was already gone to class. I pulled his pillow into my arms and buried my face in it smelling his scent and wanting him there to hold me. At that moment I knew. I was in love with Jack. I've never loved anyone before, I giggled then laughed out loud.

"I'm in love...I'm in love!"

My last class was over at 3:00 P.M. today. I hurriedly did some shopping and rushed home to tidy up and prepare a real dinner for us. Jack got home a little after six to a candle lit room and cooking aromas filling the apartment. He wrapped his arms around me from behind at I stood at the sink and kissed my neck...

"what's up babe? who's coming over?"

"If I play my cards right, it's you that will be up before the night is over and no one is coming over. Now take a shower and dress for dinner, we've got a big night ahead for us."

He scurried off without questioning me, he knew something special was up when I said to dress for dinner. We weren't at Moms so dress slacks and clean pressed shirts passed for "dressed' for the two of us. When Jack came back after his shower dressed and smiling at me I got a huge lump in my throat and my eyes watered just looking at him. I handed him a cocktail and we sat on the sofa, close and touching, he laid his arm around me pulling me closer.

"What's up babe, dinner, and dressed in the middle of the week? What have you done?"

I elbowed him in the ribs.

"I haven't done anything, except I did have a revelation this morning when I woke after you had gone to class."

"What king of revelation?"

A buzzer sounded at the stove and I jumped up to check the roast and said over my shoulder,,,

"you'll just have to wait, I'm cooking."

He just shook his head and grinned.

At last the meal was on the table and we were finishing up.

"Wow, What a great meal Coop. You can do that anytime."

I got up, cleared the dishes and brought the pot to refill our coffee cups and sat down. I placed a gift wrapped box on the table. Jack eyed the box and waited for me to speak.

"These past few months with you have taught me more about myself and you than I could ever have imagined. These feelings and emotions you have wakened in me have stupefied me. I never knew that life could be so joyful and fulfilling. I know that my reluctance has saddened you but that's over. I know now. This morning I realized that I love you Jack. More than that, I'm in love with you. I know I'm slow but never having been in love before I just didn't know what I felt for you was love."

"Jack, I love you with all my heart and soul. All I'll ever need is to be with you and know that you love me. I've known you love me since Charleston. I see now that I loved you then too, I just didn't know it. I love you Jack, I truly do."

I handed Jack the wrapped box. Setting the box down he took my hands and looked into my eyes...

"At last and Thank you, God! Cooper Davis, I have been in love with you almost since the day we met"

Tears streaked my cheeks as he opened the box, then looked up at me, rose from his chair and knelt by my side. He took my left hand and slipped the ring from the box onto my finger, He then handed me the other ring that I put on his finger. Not a word had been said. He kissed my ringed finger, looked into my eyes and said...

"you remember who makes you feel,like this Cooper... I'm your man, Coop. I'm your man.

I thought of that first night in Charleston when he first said those words to me. This night turned out to be quite a night for us as we reached impossible new heights in our love making and new depths in our love for each other. Our connection had grown so much stronger and the pleasure we gave each other was greater than ever. There were no doubts, we would always be us. We were one.

Two weeks after that night classes kept me until 5 P.M...I walked into our apartment and gasped out loud as I saw my parents, my sister, Jack's Mom and his brother all standing in our living room. One look in my sister's eyes and I knew something was terribly wrong.


As my Dad put his arms around me I knew...Jack was dead. A long wail of heartbreak and despair escaped my body as I slipped from Dad's arms onto the floor.

A drunk driver on the freeway crossed the median and hit him head on around 1 P.M. as he was coming home. He died instantly. Mine was a slow death. I was sedated and didn't attend the funeral. I couldn't have faced his corpse and coffin. I took an incomplete for my classes and took the rest of the semester plus the next semester off. I stayed in bed for twelve days after the accident. My Mom and Sister kept me fed, bathed and comfortable. After a month I was taking care of myself but dead inside.

The only thing I wanted was to be left alone in silence. I completely missed that Christmas without him. I slowly began to live again in the third year after his death. I finally began accepting friends invitations to dinner or a movie. I realized one day how lucky I was to still have any friends after 3 years of mourning and self exile. I knew I had to make the choice to surrender to grief and live as I had been doing or begin to live my life again. Finally, I sat by Jack's grave one Saturday morning, propped up against his tombstone like I propped against him on the sofa at home. I told him that I knew I had to either start over without him or give up and join him. I told him that I chose to live again, and I knew that's what he wanted me to do. The grief has never passed, but I can live with it now. Jack is always with me and I know that someday maybe I meet someone and I can tuck Jack away in a corner of my heart and mind and learn to love again.

The End


This is a mostly true story of Cooper Davis' first man2man sexual experience. The Story was being edited when Cooper died suddenly on Feb, 7, 2011 at the age of 31. He was a kind and gentle man and a romantic soul who after 10 years had found someone and learned to love again. This story is dedicated to Cooper's memory and to his "Davey" who taught him he could love again only to lose him so tragically."


Bill Hudley

[email protected]


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