Hai guys, great stories. I don't if mine is gona be that good but here it goes.

It was at the beginning of high school, the one afternoon me and my mom went to a friend of hers and I decided that I'm gona go to one of my friends just around the corner. When I got there, there was 2 other guys there as well seeing that my friend just got out of hospital. The 2 guys were brothers, the was is 3 years younger then me and the other one was same age as me. We started chatting about random shit and we started to become friends. We gave out cell numbers to each other and then I left. About an hour after I got home I got a call, it was the guy I just met at my friends house. He asked if I was home and I said yeah. So he came over and we listened to music and chatted away. Then he asked if he could sleep over, so we went to his house to ask his parents and they said yes. We went back to my house and just chatted again.

After a while we went to town and then got back home. I saw that he had a boner, but I said nothing. That time I noticed guys but didn't think much about it. I didn't consider myself gay or anything. Later that night when it was time for bed, we made a huge bed in the living room and said nyt to my parents. We watched a movie seeing it was a friday night, we didn't have to go to bed early. We were just watchin movie and chatting, then he asked if I had any porn movies. I said yes and then he asked my if we could watch one. I said sure and I put one in the vcr. We were watching it and then I noticed his boner under the blankets. I looked back at the tv then I saw him move under the blankets and then it looked like he was jerking off. After a while he said we must jerk off, so I said okay. I mean at that age it's usual for boys to jerk off together. We got rid of the blankets and our clothes. We were just jackin off, then he asked me if he could jack me off, so I said sure coz another friend of mine did it once with me.

So he took my dick and started jackin me, then I took his dick in my hand and did the same. My dick was about 6inches that time and his was about 5inches. After a while he asked me if I had condoms, so I said yes but what for. He said he wanted us to jerk off with each other wearing condoms. I went to go get the condoms and we put them on. We started jackin again and then he asked me if I have ever had or gave a blowjob. So I said no and he said that he hasn't either. He asked if he could give me a blowjob and I said yes. He took my cock, oozing with precum and he put it in his mouth. Oh my god it was amazing. I just layed there gasping for air while he was sucking me. I then pulled away and he asked what was wrong, I said nothing at all, it's just if his gona go on like that I'm gona cum and I didn't want to just yet. He said okay, then I took his cock in my hand and said that I'm gona suck him. I sucked him for a while and then we decided to do the 69 position. We still had the condoms on while we were sucking. When we got into this position I took the condom off of his cock and took the condom off mine. We started sucking eachother and we went faster and faster. He the started fucking my mouth and I did the same to him. I was in heaven, this new thing that we discovered was driving me insane. I loved every bit of it. Then I felt I was going to cum, he was close to. We sat next to eachother and we jerked off. I shot my load all over myself and then I looked at him, I took my tongue and licked his balls to help him out a bit. He let out a loud moan and started shooting his hot white cream.

We just sat there, talked a bit and went to bed. It went like that every weekend for 'n couple of months, then I got a shock. He was staying over at my house again, that night we did the usaul jerking off and suckin eachother. Then he said that he wanted me to try and fuck him. I looked at him in shock and said okay. I took a condom and I put on my cock. He was standing on the bed on all fours. I stood behind him and pushed my cock against his ass. I tried to push it in but it didn't want to go in. He then said that he was going to try and fuck me instead. I layed on my back with my legs in the air, he pushed his cock against my ass but no luck. It didn't want to fit. So tried it again with him and my head went in. But it didn't want to go in further. We tried the whole night long but I couldn't get it in further than my head.

Then we just sucked eachother and came all over ourselves. Then the one day I was at his house and nobody else was there. We went to his bedroom and took off our clothes. I was on my back on the bed and then he also got on the bed. We were in a 69 again. We sucked and then he pulled away and went out of the room. He came back with a condom and a bottle of lube. He then said that we were going to try it again. I said okay and well, it worked that time. After we finished he went to take a shower and told me to join him. We started playing again in the shower and soon we were sucking eachother again. That night we went to bed and the next morning he was lying on top of me with a boner. He was still asleep, and I put my hand in his boxers. I started playing with him, then he woke up and just smiled at me. I felt like I was going to melt right then and there.

Well, it didn't last very long, he died last year but there isn't one day that I don't think of him. Sumtimes I still think about all the stuff we did together and what might have been. Hope my story was good, but that is the way everyting happened.




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