Kyle walked through the long hallway of the hotel to his room with his band members Robbie and Charlie. They were 3/5ths of the multi platnum boy band "Sting."The other members are Taylor and Colton. Kyle opened the door to their room, "woah! It's huge!" Robbie said. Their manager set them up with a 3 bedroom villa at the baton rouge hotel in New York City. "we all get our own rooms!" Charlie exclaimed.

Kyle was shocked at the size of his room "oh my gosh..." he thought to himself. As Robbie's room was adjacent to Kyle's, he could see him getting changed into his suit for the press conference later that evening. Kyle was secretly gay. He had came out a few years ago. But he was afraid to come out to his band mates because he didn't want to be kicked out.

But he couldn't help but staring at Robbie's tanned body. He moved his eyes from his short black hair, deep brown eyes, and a typical 18 year old build along with a faded six pack. He started to lose his breath and his heartbeat sped up. Kyle didn't perceive himself as sexy or hot. He had short blond hair, piercing blue eyes, slightly bigger and a little more defined than Robbie, but around the same build.

Robbie looked at Kyle, Kyle quickly looked away but managed to see Robbie still looking at Kyle like he never saw him before. Something inside Robbie ignited and he started to get this feeling he has never felt before. But he snaps out of it and continues to get dressed. Kyle liked him. Back before they started sting, Robbie was Kyle's only friend in high school.

But when they made eye contact, something was pulling them together. "I'm going out!" Charlie hollered. "yep!" Robbie hollered back. They continued to get dressed when Robbie walked over to Kyle's room. "you look good Robbie" Kyle said. "so do you man." Robbie replied. He put his arm on his shoulder,"real good..." he finished. "what does that mean?" Kyle said jokingly.

Robbie snapped. "it doesnt mean anything! What do you think I meant? You think I meant that like a fag would? then your stupid because I am not a faggot!" Kyle was completely shaken. "I didn't mean that. I'm sorry." Kyle stated. Robbie knew how sensitive Kyle was. And how beautiful his eyes were.

For no reason, Robbie grabbed Kyle by the waistband and pulled him close to his body and kissed him. Kyle was surprised, but started to return the kiss. With every time their lips meet sends a wave of electricity through them. Kyle started to get hard. Robbie pulled off his shirt, Kyle did the same. "you like my body, don't you Kyle?" "yeah... I love it" Kyle replied.


They kept making out on Kyle's king size bed Robbie pressed his body up against Kyle's as they made out. Kyle was overwhelmed. He didn't know what to think. Robbie grabbed Kyle's crotch, and was amazed. "holy shit man! You gotta big one in there... I wanna suck on it!" before Kyle could say anything, he had no pants on and Robbie was trying to get at his 7" cock.

Before long, he was deep throating him, Kyle felt robbies warm throat slide up and down his shaft. He felt his dick twitch, " Robbie... I'm gunna...." Kyle has never had a blowjob before so he kinda figured it wouldn't be long before he came. "good Kyle... I want it for dinner!" and soon after... Kyle came in his mouth.

Robbie felt the cum squirt in his mouth and down his throat. "wanna fuck?" Robbie whispered. " well.... I don't know..." " itll be ok... I promise" robbie said. "...0k..." Kyle said hesitantly. Robbie rolled Kyle over onto his stomach. And grabbed his dick. He slowly started to insert his 9" cock into Kyle's firm ass. "ugh... Ow..." Kyle said quietly.

Robbie laid down on Kyle's back. "just relax Kyle..." so Kyle relaxed and robbie's dick popped in. Robbie gasped and he started to fuck Kyle. Kyle moaned a little and started to like it. Robbie picked up speed. Robbie started to sweat and it rolled down his face, chest, and abs. He put his hands on kyles hips and started to pull him towards him.

Robbie started to cum and he blew his load into 18 year old Kyle. "that was so good Robbie." he said exhausted. "Kyle? I'm gay...." Kyle wasnt surprised that Robbie was gay. Considering what just happened between them, he was just waiting for Robbie to say it. "you don't say? That's kinda obvious isn't it Robbie?" Kyle said jokingly. "well, I was afraid to tell anyone in the band because I love you guys and I just didn't want to lose you guys as friends." Robbie explained.

"that's how I felt for years..." Kyle announced with a saddened look on his face. Robbie was shocked. Kyle was always the one who was talkative, down to earth, accepting, and care free. "the reason why I was so nervous when know... I had a boyfriend when I was younger. I loved him a lot and I told him that often.


But one night when I slept over his house. He said 'kyle, can you give me head?' and I said no but he wouldn't listen. He walked over to me and backed me up to the wall and forced me on my knees... And I guess you can figure out the rest." Kyle tried to explain. Robbies eyes filled with sorrow, and his heart sank. "I'm sorry Kyle.

If I pressured you into doing that, then I'm no better than him. I'm sorry." Robbie said. "you didn't pressure me Robbie, I've had a lot of feelings for you since the 8th grade and I'm glad that you did it with me." Kyle said. The boys looked into each others eyes. And they Leaned in to kiss. The door opened. "oh god!" Charlie screamed. "Jesus Christ! What the fuck Are you guys doing?"

"get off me you fag!" Robbie screamed and pushes Kyle off or him. Kyle started to cry. He didn't understand what he did wrong. "hey, you don't need to call Kyle that Robbie. If he happened to be gay you need to respect that." charlie said. Kyle could believe what was happening. Kyle was crushed. He felt small and helpless. "come on guys.

We need to get dressed." Kyle followed charlie's order and he left. Kyle waited for him to leave so he can change. "I'm sorry Kyle. I couldn't let Charlie know about us. We have to keep it a secret." Robbie said. The boys got dressed and went down to his press conference close to the lobby. As the 5 boys answered questions about the tour and what not, kyle felt charlies hand touch his inner thigh below the table. He got extremely horny...




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