'I'm home!' No answer as I thought, I left my bag in the entrance and headed to the kitchen, the clock in the microwave marcked 14:30 school was over and I was oficially in Christmas holidays!

'I'm hungry' I stated opening the cupboard, I got some ramen noodles and added hot water, then grabbed chopsticks 'No I am not asian I am just fucking awesome!' Another statement lost in the air I really felt the necesity to explain my actions 'I'm maddly stupid' I said rolling my eyes and grabbing a glass of water before heading to my room.

Once there I sat in the middle of my bed surrounded by all my stuffed animals and passed the pages of my sketchbook while slurping noodles, I stumbled into an unfinished self portrait...My hazael eyes and copper coloured curls where the only colour on the drawing, my sharp face and muscled chest was still a pencil draft.

The drawing was really close to reality, I have strong sharp features and am well muscled because of my gymnastics and swimming, I have hard good-sized pecs and a pretty nicely defined six pack, hairless...I am pale, but my only defect is that I am extremely thin because the anorexia I suffered two years ago, my legs are long and slim,my but practicaly non-existant, thin tiny waist...it made me look weak but I didn't really care 'No time to care about stupid things' I said to myslef finishing up my noodles.

I picked up an searched for my ipod and my book, 'I don't wanna be without you babe, I don't want a broken heart, I don't wanna take a breath without you babe, I don't wanna play that part, I love you won't let me just say I don't wanna love you in any kind of way' started blasting through the earplugs, I started singing along while returning to the magnificent drama I was reading. I hadn't read two pages when the dorbell rang, I had changed to a pair of sweatpants and a long sleeved t-shirt two sizes too big so I hesitated before opening, I'm really concerned about my looks. The instant the door was open a pair of arms flung to me pulling me into a tight embrace.

'Will' I whispered recognizing his scent, his feeling...it was Will...tears came to my eyes when we parted 'Martin! Oh my god, I've missed you so much! We are passing the holidays here and I just couldn't help the visit! I've missed you pal!' Said the wonderful looking Will standing in my doorstep.

Will and I have been best friends for over 12 years but last year his dad was transfered to Seattle. I had missed the tall muscled blonde, his deep blue eyes. Will was a sports allstar, he had a big frame, steel muscles, incredible pecs and the most defined six-pack I've ever seen, a treasure trail thet went all the way from his navel to his pubic zone.

I told him to come in and almost instantly flung myself to his arms and started to cry 'Shhh, shhh, hey Martin, you ok?' I parted and looked into his beautiful eyes, my breathing started to calm down 'It's, it's just that I've missed you so much! The bullying has gotten worse...I still have Martha and ofcourse Edward, but it isn't the same without you Will. Chicago isn't the same without you!' He gave me half a smile and caressed my face with his hand whiping my tears while looking at me lovingly 'I've missed you to dude' we continued to stare at each other until his hand dropped to my waist and he ghasped 'Martin! When was the last time you had a meal!' I blushed 'Um..I just had one of those cups with ramen noodles...' He frowned 'I mean a real meal...' I hesitated '...5 days ago a full course lunch...' '...' 'Will?' 'Martin, are you back...back with the anorexia?' I was shocked 'God no! No, Will, no... It's just I've had all my finals and school has been so stressing, and my depression is worst than ever, but I am eating, really, and excersice regularly!' He smiled 'You better' then he grinned and ended up laughing so I giggled 'God! I had forgotten that cute giggle you have' he said wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me to him once again, I smiled and put my hands to his chest before rising on my tiptoes and kissing him, remembering those lips, the feeling of them breacking back into me like a knife, I definetly had missed Will.

The kiss lasted a lot, our tongues and lips getting reaqcuanticed. It was all the same, I still got the fireworks and the chills, once again my legs went numb giving me the flying sensation, Wills sensation, it was as great as it had always been, like if he had never left.

We parted and looked at each other lovingly 'Will, it's all the same to me' he smiled 'It will always be the sabe babe, lets go to your room and talk for a while before getting...serious' he said with a smirk.

Will and I had been friends for 12 years and had dated the last 3 before he left, wich means that if we are eighteen we dated while beeing fifteen, sixteen, and seventeen. This was my first year without him, but only this year, next year we both had already our scholarships in Standford, me because of my swimming and him because of his soccer.

We sat on my bed in the middle of my drawings and pencils and books and stuffed animals and started talking, I asked him about the new city, his house, school, and finally the hardest came 'Will?' 'Yes?' 'Any new boy in your life?' He cupped my face in his hands 'No, Martin, we promised each other a 'Forever' and I am never breacking that promise, babe from the first time I knew it was you all along' happy tears came to my eyes 'Are you still keeping the promise Martin? Any boy or girl?' I am actually BI so he has always been a little worried 'No, Will, a forever is a forever, this is my life and I am still willing to pass every last minute with you' he smiled and kissed me on the forehead, then crawled ontop of me and let himself drop, resting his face on my chest, caressing my abs 'I love you babe' 'I love you to' I whispered, then just layed down and enjoyed him, running my hands through his blonde curls, he was my little big soccer player, and we had missed each other.


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