My name is David im five nine with a little swimmers build. I was sixteen years old when Luke my sister's boyfriend moved in with us, reasons I would soon find out. He was 21 years old six two and built like a god. He had deep blue eyes and black hair.

After a month of living with us I secretly began to fall in love with him. He would often walk around the house with his shirt off and it was a sight to see with his washboard abs. I would lay in bed a night and jack off to his image.

On a cool evening night him and my sister were in the hot tub and my sister asked if I wanted to join. Without hesitation I changed into someswim trunks and got into the hottub. They had poured soap into the stub so bubbles were everywhere. After a few minutes of talking, I tought about rubbing his dick with my foot. I soon built up the courage and tried to figure out where it would be. I streched my leg out and touched his lower leg instead. At that moment those deep blue eyed looked at me. He knew it was not my sister by the way we were sitting in the tub. I kept my foot there for a moment then slowly worked my way up to his dick. I was very nervous because I was not sure how he would react. Once I made my way up I began to massage his cock with my foot. After a few minutes my siter eterupted us as said "I'm ready for bed Luke you ready?" Yes he said looking at me. So I got out as well and got ready for bed.

That weekend my sister and parents left town and left the two of us there alone. I was excited and nervous. I did not know if he could come in there and kick my ass for what I did or come have sex with me.

I was getting ready to take a shower when I felt this hard push into the wall. He grabed my arm and twisted it behind my back. I felt his hard body press against mine. "Little fucker rubbing my dick I should kick your ass." He yelled I was scared but also turned on by his agressive dominance. "Don't let it happen again." he said shoving me to the floor and he just looked at me.

I got up and took my shower and got ready for bed. I locked my door that night because I did not want him to come kick my ass in the middle of the night. About one that morning I woke up because I felt someone in the bed with me then felt a strong hand reach for my ass then I rolled over. To my surprise it was Luke.

"Relax he said." I did just that and let him caress by body. He asked me if I was a vigin and I told him yes. Good he replied you can be my apprintance. I did not know what that meant at the time so I said ok.

He ripped my clothes off I asked him what he was doning. He smiled and said what do you think? No I told him as he was lifting my legs over his shoulders. Yes he told me then slapped the hell out of me and said, don't finish something you can start then I felt it the head of his dick pushing on my virgin ass. No I said again what about lube or a condom. What about them he said then I felt a pop the head of his cock was in me. I begain to scream and he just put his hand over my mouth, and worked all eight inches of his dick inside me. Once he was all the way in he let his dick sit there for a minute. Once the pain stoped it felt like I was on cloud nine he the pressed his hard body against mine and started fucking me hard. I started t moan alittle bit feeling his hard body against mine. A few minutes later I felt his cum in my ass. Once be finished he did not pull out he begain to thrust in and out again it felt a little better now because his cum was acting as a lube. twenty minutes later he cumed again. A just layed there on top of me. I felt his dick shirking inside me and I was wondering why he did not pull out. I just layed there with him still on top of me. About ten minutes later I heard him snoring. I did not know if to push him off of me or what so I just hugged him.

I finally dozed off when we were both awaked by a blast coming throught my wall.

Stay tuned to see what happens next.



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