He couldn't admit it to even himself!

How could this be? He couldn't believe he was... gay!

All his life he had never fitted in, at school during P.E. the guys used to make fun of him. He'd never really been one to go after girls either and when the school dances came around he'd always end up being asked byu some pretty irl instead of him doing the asking.

It's not like he had something against gays, he really was an easy going chap but when reality struck, it struck with such a brutal force that it had left him confused and lost.

He was pretty good looking, himself. He was definately above average and in highschool girls used to fall all over him. He was not what you'd call tall but not short either, far from it. He had the deepest blue eyes that were quite rare, his hair was usually tousseled no matter how he tried to tame it. It was wavy and a nice blondish-brown on colour. His physique despite being so lacking at sports was not that bad either, he should have had a new girlfriend every month with his boyish and cute face but alas he faced the truth.

He was utterly and truly gay.

He'd gotten a sense of it earlier this week when he'd been in the park and a bunch of college kids had been having fun in front of him as he'd sat quietly reading a book. There were some very pretty girls there. it had seemed like some group date sort of thing but his eyes always kept darting back to the guys. They were pure jocks, all handsome and all-american.Their tight muscles had set him off a bit and teir smiles...

he shook off the memory and tried concentrating on his work. He was at the resturaunt, sitting in front of his laptop gooing through some of the designs he'd come up with for his latest project.

At twenty-two he was quite a young architect and was also very good at what he did. Still even though he tried and tried, he couldn't stop fantasizing about men.

Just when he was imaginig himself in a compromizing position with one of the boys he'd seen in the park the bell tinkled to the door of the silent resturaunt and in walked the most gorgeous man Kyle had ever laid his eyes on. His breath caught in his throat the moment he set his eyes on the stranger.

Lord have mercy, he thought.

The man was well over six foot which was how tall Kyle was. He had dark hair and golden eyes that sparkeled with intelligence and confidence radiated off of him in fumes. His eyes were stunning, even through his sharp black suit Kyle could make out he had an impossibly perfect physique. He had broad shoulders that narrowed down at the waist and long legs and muscular arms.

The stranger moved past him and without even a sideways glance at him sat down in the booth behind his. Holy moly but what had just happened?!

How could he just walk in there and completely set Kyle off? A raw feeling deep down in Kyle's gut suddenly manifested itself. It was greedy and frustrating. Kyle irritatedly ran a hand roughly through his thick hair. Sighing he got back to his work and tried not to pay attention to the adonis behind him.

Only he couldn't.

He became sick to his stomach when he heard the tone of voice the waitress was using. She was probably eighteen and Mr.Hotness over there seemed way too old for her. She cooed over him and tried sounding all seductive but his nerves momentarily cooled down when he heard the man's deep, rich and masculine voice give her curt replies.

He squirmed with need. His ckeeks were on fire and he knew he'd combust if he turned around.


Silly girl, Cal thought. The waitress didn't look a day over eighteen and yet here she was acting like a world-class prostitute throwing her assets all over the place. They were very nice assets however. She purred over her words and bent really low when she poured him a glass of water.

"would you like anything else mister?" she batted her eyelashes up at him as she rose slowly, showing lees cleavage than she had a second ago. "That's it" he replied curtly, showing no hint of attracton, because to be honest there was none.

Finally giving, with a huff the girl wandered off. Purposely sashaying her well defined hips from side to side.

There was a young man who sat at the table before him, he seemed quite restless. He'd noticed he was working on something techinical like a bulding plan on his laptop. Poor fellow, he looked pretty smart and the urge to help him starteled Cal.

The man looked about three years younger than him and was quite easy on the eyes. Cal had some experience with architecture and wanted to help the troubled soul out.

His food arrived ten minutes later and he saw the young man before him had nothing before him but a cup of coffee, he must be a regular here, he thought.

He stopped with his fork midway to his mouth when he heard him swear. Cal fought the urge to laugh, he'd looked so innocent and pristine that such a foul word from his mouth hardly seemed possible.

He must have a deadline thought Cal, he set ihs fork down and tapped the man on his shoulder.

He literally jumped and turned around wide eyed like a caged bird. Cal's breath caught in his throat, those eyes... They were bluer that anything he had ever seen before. So blue that something pulled in his chest. And for some reason Cal remebered that night many years ago in college when he had been drunk and had let some stranger take him home.

He'd never slept with a man before but his senses had been opened that night and he'd turned bisexual after that.

This youn stranger's face was so attractive though in the effeminate way.

"I could help you out" he offered immediately. He had an easy smile on his face and strangely the man seemed at a loss of words.

"Uh... Well, th-thank you" he stuttered and moved over into his booth.

"I'm Callum Harbinger, pleased to meet you" he held his hand out. "Kyle, Kyle Austin" the other man said blushing and that was when Cal realized his fantasy could in due time become a reality. Or Kyle was just very shy.


Oh. My. God.

Was this really happening?!

They bonded over the next two hours and only then did Kyle realize it was nearing seven pm when his gaze fell on the wall clock.

"Oh dear, it's almost seven" he exclaimed surprised. It had felt like just ten minutes. Cal was so smart and funny and charming it was hard to concentrate on anything but him. Though they had, together, finished Kyle's design and he fell even more in love with him.

Kyle's POV:

"That was fast, hmm... I need to et going now" Cal said straightening.

That was the beinig of a beautiful friendship. We spoke almost every day and I felt like I'd known him forever.

Though the attraction didn't pass... I had ended up jerking myself off to sleep every night now. Just hinking of his face, his voice... those golden eyes of his that saw throuh me, made me fell naked. Ahh... Callum.

I'd fantasize him kissing me, I'd researched on gay sex now, I knew how it worked. He'd play with my ever hardening nipples as I'd sqirm under his lips. He'd make me so hard!

Then he would ever so gently slip his hand into my jeans and would massage my cock. He'd rub my pre-cum all over the head and all this as his eyes held mine. He wouldn't let me close my eyes and even when he'd trust into my puckered little hole he'd make me watch him.

The way he hissed at entry, how he'd slowly run his tongue along his lower lip and when he came he'd shout my name out. And I would moan into his mouth on my release, moan his name out in a garbled language.


One day he called me over to his house. I'd been there twice now over the past two weeks. But his time he'd sounded like he had some ulterior motive.

I eagerly went int he hopes of warming up to him even though I knew he was straight. A man can dream right?

He was sirtless when he opened the door for me. I'd nearly fainted at the sight of his perfect body. He looked like a marble statue brought to life. He was absolutely beautiful.

We'd done nothing in particular for a while but after an hour my dreams had started to become a reality. We'd talked about my sexuality, I'd admitted it to him that I was gay but was also very new to this lifestyle. He's strangely seemed really content and I couldn't place his expression.

We'd spoken more about our sex lives. He had had a long past with women and I had just had sex twice in my life. He wasn't very surprised and neither was I because I was gay.

"Hey, I'll just be a minute okay?" he abruptly said at one point of time and had gotten off the kitchen stool beside mine. "Yeah, okay" I watched adoringly as he wandered off into his bedroom for a moment.

I rose off the bar stool and walked up to the window, he had such a nice veiw. It overlooked the Olympian forest range and I was lost in thought when I felt two strong arms go around me. I jumped and was about to turn around when I heard Cal's deep voice rumble in my ear, "shh... stay still. I know you've wanted this as much as I have".

I blanched, I had never felt a man's touch before but Cal's felt so right and protective. He drew me to his chest and he kissed my neck, I felt faint at the electricity I felt jolt throuh and I gasped. his strong arms held me up though. "I've wanted you for so fucking long Kyle" he licked my earlobe making me cry out in pleasure.

"Tell me, tell me how bad you want me!" he bit down and I cried out louder bucking my hips agianst his hard erection. His arousal was because of me and that set off something wild within me. "Ahh! I want you so bad Cal, I'll die if I don't have you!" I ground agianst him.

Not seeing his face made me bolder like hell. He began unbuttoning my shirt with deft fingers. All the while he kissed my neck and shoulder even leaving marks. His hands began stimulating me through my jeans. I whimpered at the contact, "Cal..." I felt so wet, I was dripping with pre cum.

"You are so hard, mmhh... I'm going to make you come so hard" he pulled down my zipper and chuckled in my ear when my cock sprang up. The vibration set me moaning "it feels so good" I whispered agianst his stubbled ckeek. I kiised him and he turned his head so that our lips met.

Explosions went off in my head. His lips felt incredible on mine. Our tongues lashed together and one of his hands moved up to tweeak my nipple.

Triple assault!

His one hand pumped my throbbing cock, his other played brutally with my nipple and his tongue was down my throat, drinking from me.

"Mmmh... unghh! haaa...!" I moaned against his mouth as I puonded my hips upward in rythem with his hand as his jacked me off. His lips left mine and he pushed my jeans down so they pooled at my ankles. one of his fingers which were coated with pre cum rubbed over my anus. It prodded inside and the intrusion felt wrong but it fuelled the thundering orgasm that was on it's way.

"Cal! Oh God, Cal!" I whined in his ear, "there, there. I'll let you come" then finally e picked up speed and in about two seconds I came. Oh and did I ever.

"Gahh! Fuck" I hissed as warm and creamy cum shot up all over me. some even got on his face and I eagerly licked it off even as my orgasm went on and on... that finger in my ass! That glorious finger. Then he pulled us to the ground and he fucked me. Just like my dream.

"Ha! Ha! Ha! Mmmh... oooh Cal" his mouth was hot and slick on my hard tool. 'Silch, squish, silch' our sex noises filled the air and I was dazed by how incredible this felt. I loved this man more that anything.



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