It was late on a Saturday afternoon. I have a 69 Chevy SS-396 I am trying to restore. I heard there was a wrecking yard about an hour away from where I live that had at least a couple of these kind of cars so I drove over there to see what I could find. It was about 4:30 when I got there and the sign said they closed at 5. I had made my way through the lot and the cars I found were worthless. I was walking beside a big delivery type truck that was laying on its side and could hear something on the other side of the truck. As I walked around the back of the truck I was standing looking at a man taking a leak. I have watched a lot of dudes piss, but never seen anyone with a stream like this. He wasn't 3 feet in front of me and as I stood there and stared he asked me what the fuck I thought I was looking at. I was speechless, I just stood there with my mouth open. When he finished, he shook it a few times and said like to have some of this wouldn't you. I shook my head, YES, and he said not now, he had to finish and lock up, but he lived in an old trailer house by the front gate. He told me if I wanted it, to go get a case of Bud and come back about 6, after the owner left.

I went and got the beer but when I came back about 6:10 there were still trucks in front of the building. I drove around and about 7:15 I saw the last truck leave. I gave him time to get out of sight and then I stopped and knocked on the door with the case of Bud (that was cold an hour or so ago) in hand. The guy opened the door and let me in.

The inside of the trailer reminded me of the outside of the wrecking yard. It was nasty with black grease on everything. It smelled like an old mechanics garage used to. He took the beer and got one out for each of us and put the rest in the frig. He said man I can use this and went and sat down in an old green vinyl recliner. I sat on what was left of an old couch. He killed that beer in about 3 minutes and got himself another one.

This time he let the chair back and I could see the outline of his dick in his tight blue jeans. He took about 10 minutes to drink the second beer, then said he guessed he better get up and piss, and that he was sure I would want him to clean up before I sucked his dick. I told him no, I really did not want him to clean up, I thought he had a real manly smell about him, and as for going to take a piss, I would really like to try to drink it, but I was sure I could not keep up with that big stream he had. I asked him if he wanted me to get in the bathtub so it wouldn't get on anything and he said fuck no. He said how about right here and he unzipped his jeans and pulled his dick out of his pants. I could see it was getting harder by the minute so I positioned myself where I could get over him and took it in my mouth. He laughed and said he never knew how hard it was to pee with your dick in someone's mouth, but finally it started, slow at first, then he built up to the big stream he had had before. I was trying to swallow it but I wasn't doing a very good job.

Just then he shifted in the chair and his dick came out of my mouth pissing all over my face and hair. There was so much piss that in a matter of seconds my shirt and even my jeans were soaked. I was trying to get it back in my mouth but about the time I did, he was through.

I stayed on it sucking it and it was now getting really hard. He asked me to get him another beer and he laid back in his chair and drank it while I sucked on his dick that was still just pulled out of his zipper. When he finished that beer he said shit man, lets go to the bedroom and get naked. We went in his bedroom and took off our piss covered clothes and thru them in a pile on the floor, beside where the rest of his clothes were piled. He got on the bed and laid down. I got on at his feet and started sucking his cock again. It was really hard now. I moved down and sucked on his balls and he lifted his legs up so I could get to his ass hole. I rimmed it a few times and let my tongue dart in and out his crusty hole, when about that time there was a loud pounding on his door.

Then they pounded some more. Here we were both with a hard on, our clothes in a pile covered with piss, the chair in his living room soaked in piss, and someone at the door.

He said to be quiet so they would think nobody was there. Bad idea as about time the door opened and there stood this big tall married friend of his named Joe. He was carrying a 12 pack of some off brand beer. He said what the fuck is going on here. The dude I was sucking still had a full hard on replied I was getting a blow job, if you can't tell. Joe replied he always liked blow jobs and his wife would not give him one.

The tenseness was going away as Joe got himself a beer and sat down on the couch. Roger and I got another beer and joined him. After we had all had 3 or 4 more beers, Joe said he was going to go take a piss. Roger told him he didn't have to go to the bathroom to do that, just lay back in the old recliner and let me have it.

Soon Joe was in the recliner but he unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and took out the roughest looking uncut dick I have ever seen. The foreskin must have come down 2 inches past his dick head and it was rough cut, almost looked like it had been chewed off by something. His dick wasn't hard and he had no problem pissing in someone's mouth, but his stream was small and I kept up with most of it. When he finished pissing, I started sucking and he started getting harder. Roger told him to lets move to the bedroom where I could work on them both, so we did.

While Roger was nasty with dirt and grease, Joe was just plain nasty. I was rimming his ass when he let out a awful fart, then laughed and said cheep beer made him fart a lot. Once his dick got hard, he wanted to dominate me, tell me what to do. He told me his buddy (Roger) needed a bath and for me to start licking him at the neck and lick every inch of his body to his toes. I was real surprised when I started licking his neck and I nibbled on his ears a little, I could tell he liked it. As I moved to his nipples he began grinding his dick against me.

Then Joe comes up beside me and tells me to stop a minute and suck his fucking dick. It was long even without the foreskin, but not near as big around as Rogers. I sucked on him a few times then he pulled out of my mouth and told me to lick Rogers arm pits clean. With that, I feel a hard slap on my ass and Joe spit on my crack. By now I know what I'm fixing to get so I try to get ready for it with out any lube. Joe had no mercy as he shoved it all the way in with one stroke. I took a deep breath and tried to relax and finally the pain went away and it felt good. I was cleaning Roger real good when all of a sudden I get this strange feeling and realize that Joe is pissing in my ass.

I can't handle this so I pull away and go to the bathroom and sit down on the toilet to get rid of it. You can probably guess, nobody has ever cleaned this toilet either. It didn't take but a matter of seconds for me to expel all of what Joe had done in me, and I was about to wipe my ass when Joe storms in and tells me to lick his dick clean now. He rams his dick in my mouth, then down my throat. He has grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and is force fucking me for all he is worth. I can tell he's getting close and I am ready to eat some cum, when he pulls it out of my mouth and shoots load after load in my face.

I reach for the toilet paper but the roll is empty. Then he calls Roger and tells him to bring me my shirt so I can wipe my ass and face. Roger brings it to me still jacking on his own dick. When he sees me sitting there with cum dripping off my face, he drops my shirt and leans back and says here cums some more and shoots his wad all over my chest. Joe hands me my shirt and tells me to wipe my ass, but don't wipe off any cum. Its beer time again guys, but I have got to drink my beer while cum dries all over me.

After a few more beers, its back to the bedroom. This time Joe tells me to lay down on my back and he comes up over me and tells me to start sucking dick. This time he had me where he wanted me and I couldn't pull away. He fucked my mouth like it was a pussy slow and easy. When it was time to cum, he pulled it out again and shot all over my face. Joe had already told Roger to get ready and as soon as he shot his load, Roger started smearing the cum that was on my face with his finger and rubbing some of it on his dick while I was sucking on it. This went on until about 5 o'clock in the morning when both of them finally passed out.

I put on my jeans, left the dirty shirt and eased out to my truck and drove home. I sure did hope I would not get stopped for anything since I had dried cum all over me and smelled like piss. I finally made it home and got a shower. I felt much better. I don't't know when I will look for car parts again, but I sure do want to go back there!

Please let me know what you think about my adventure. I would love to hear yours also.  [email protected]


Buddy A

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