I am prasad from india age 20 yrs, fair and good looking actually I am a gay and I am into the gay sex since my 7 years age. and till know I am into that the story which I am going to share is about my real love which I am in now.

I have my friend name santosh of my caste very good looking and handsome and my best friend his age is 25 yrs. we daily call each other talk to ech other and when ever we have leave we meet each other . I share all my feelings with him I tell him all my day to day updates since last 4 years. But in some corner of my heatrt I was in love with him. but I dint knew was he with me or not bcoz I wa s afraid if I tell him he may get angry and would stop talking to me. so this continued. on august 21st 2007 he went to his native for some work and was going to come after 10 days. This made me little upset . he went that day I went to station to leave him to station .

On 30th I too went to native for some work I wasin native on 31 st I called him he cam eto meet me we went out and evening went again to each other house on 1st we planned to go to Mumbai together. We made tickets and sat in the bus at 2.00 pm we were sitting close to each other . I was very happy because I was going to spend whole day with him.He was joking whole the time in the bus at night after lunch we sat in the bus again and the lights were off as it was night bus was silent and it was also raining out side I was sitting near the window I slept keeping my head on his shoulder and I felt nice he too didnt tell any thing to me but something was in my mind he was hot I couldnt sleep but pretended to sleep. as I have to do twice thrice I saw him he was sleeping.but slept on his shoulders only and holded his tightly later after some time he kept his face on my face I felt too hot slowly r face started touching each other then too I was afraidto proceed as I felt he may be in sleep and in sleep he might have kept his face like that way, after some time he too holded my hand yightly and he even came near to me . slowly I kissed his soft lips and too my surprise he didnt even moved but he proceeded then we had french gives I kiised me him very wildy he too did the same to me slowly my hand move to his cock it was full erect in 90 position in kissing only I removed his zip and removed his cock out and started mastrbating he tooo did ythe same with me. I then bent and sucked his cock it was uncut islowly slipped his fore skin and started sucking . believe me till that date I had sex with many males but whenever I sucked I dint like it but I sucked as the partner use to like butthis time it was not like that but I like to suck his cock very much the pre cum was tasting some thing great and his cock wa smell wa ssuperb then again we did french kiss the n masturbated and after sometime we both jerked out.

I felt relaxed and was very very happy that wht I was thinking for last 4 years and had lost hope for such thing with my friend hapened all of sudden from that day onwards I am waiting for such amoment when we wil be in some room and have sex again iwant to see him full naked and want get fucked very hard from him from that day I am feeling something different in me every time time I am thinking of that guy and at night tooo which never happened with me whenever I had sex before with other people .

I think this is only called love.



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