It was a Saturday morning. I was in the shower, washing my rock hard muscles and sexy bubble butt. Rubbing myself made me pretty fucking horny so I began fingering my asshole. I had just cum, the semen swishing down the drain of the shower. I began washing again, but something was different. The water seemed thicker somehow. It felt really good.

It was as if syrup was being poured over my body instead of water. I moaned aloud and my roommate knocked on the door.

“Having fun with your meat in there, Lucas?” I couldn’t respond because an intense feeling was crawling over my skin. I couldn’t stop moaning.

“I’ll take that as a yes, fuck boi.” Tom said before leaving. I finally opened my eyes to see that the water looked more like a bluish translucent gel. It slid down my body and oozed out of the shower head. It was pooling in the shower under my legs. Suddenly, the puddle began churning.

I looked down in between my legs and saw that the gel was changing its shape. I was shocked at first, but then something pushed against my asshole. I looked behind me to see that the gel took the form of some kind of dick right behind me. It wasn’t big at all and slid right into my asshole.

I moaned loudly as I felt it explore my insides, going deeper and deeper and wiggling around like it was alive, which at this point I didn’t doubt. And then, without warning, the shower head burst off and goo poured out of the hole where it was. Gallons of it creeped across my skin, practically submerging me in its blue essence.

I shook in pleasure as the small part of the gel exploring inside me crept deeper and deeper and pushed against my prostate. I shouted in pleasure and ecstasy. Someone knocked.

“Jesus fucking christ, Lucas! What the fuck are you doing? Sounds like you’re fucking someone in there! Well, I’m going out for a while, I’ll give you some space.” And with that I heard his footsteps recede away from the door. Even though he was talking I couldn’t help shouting out while the goo explored me fully.

The blue goo pouring from the pipe finally subsided and it was filling the entire room to my neck. Since it was sentient, it only stayed in the room instead of seeping out everywhere. I felt the goo starting to take form again. It all formed together in a massive sphere, with me inside it. At first I couldn’t breath, but then one of the blue tendrils materialized and slithered into my shocked face, filling my lungs with air while simultaneously making me give it a blowjob.

I wanted to gag, but I was still getting plenty of air. I felt the blue goo that was slithering into my ass become more dense, feeling more and more like I was actually getting fucked by something solid. I felt it grow inside my ass and then slither further into me. I felt it inside my guts and then it was creeping up my throat. I watched in shock and pure bliss as the goo tentacle fucking me emerged from my mouth.

It had fully impaled me. It retracted and began fucking me, stretching my asshole wider than any dildo ever made. And then it came. I wasn’t sure how, but it did. I felt gallons of thick, blue, glowing cream pump into me. It poured from my throat in large globs, suspended in front of me inside the goo sphere. And then it pulled out. Gallons dumped from my ass and boy as the goo receded faster than I could’ve imagined possible and slid right back into the shower pipe. I was left a mess on the floor, my ass sore and blue glowing cum surrounding and soaking my body. If there was one thing I knew for sure, it was that this was happening again.



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