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Island Rituals I

I saw him from across the party, a tall, mocha vision of broad shoulders and rippling muscles, skin glistening with sweat as he danced in the light of the bonfire. His brown eyes sparkled mischievously at me, holding my gaze despite the space between us and I could feel my heart beating like a drum in my ears. My blood surging into my face and loins...

I looked away, trying to gain composure. I was a 22 year old virgin trying to "broaden my horizons" on holiday with two cute guys from my dorm. Over there, I could see one of them, a tall dark and handsome meat gyrating between the bikini-clad blondes near the waterline. The other guy was being held down by three girls who were taking turns licking shots off his rippling abs. The two boys had let me come out of pity it seemed, though on the outside I looked just like them - long, curly surfer locks over the firm, toned, 6'1 frame of a college runner. By all rights, I should have had ladies all over me, instead of nursing a drink on the outskirts trying to fit in and trying not to drool at the dark stranger on the other side of the flames...

A tall, dark stranger who was not there anymore.

Before I had time to panic, a smooth voice interrupted: "Hey there, mind if I have a seat?" He smelt of the ocean, glistening with sweat. I made room for the handsome stranger, trying to hide my boner.

"Why don't you dance my friend? Is the music not to your liking?"

"It's a bit louder than I'm used to." I gulped. "Plus I don't dance."

"Nonsense." His voice was ambrosia in my ears. "You just need some practice."

"Not here!" I squeaked.

"I have a place nearby - how about we head there." He pointed at a shadow around the bend in the beach, which I now realised was a hut of some sort. He paused, "Sorry, how rude, I did not introduce myself! I am Maru and I work here my friend. My job is to make sure you have fun and you cannot have fun until you have your dancing shoes on!"

A hunk of a resort employee, giving free dancing lessons in his private hut... I thought the service here was fantastic.

We talked on the way there, his voice soothing, rhythmic and hypnotic against the waves on the beach and moonlit shore. The hut was spartan, with a big plush bed, a bar on one side and a large mirror and cupboard on the other side. I could finally see Maru was wearing grey slacks that stretched across his muscular thighs and butt and the rippling expanse of his broad sweat-beaded back. He spread his arms wide in welcome and I could not help but marvel at his soft brown eyes and white friendly smile. I realised he was quite a bit older than me by the laugh lines around his eyes and the stray white hairs along the temples of his full head of jet-black hair.

Maru offered to make me a drink while I looked out one of the windows back at the party (to try to calm myself down). He turned on some music and handed me a sweet, yet refreshing cocktail, making some more small talk with that soothing voice of his before sweeping me into the middle of the room. It seemed like the room around me faded to insignificance and the room began to sway as I got into the rhythm of the music. The music was soothing and rhythmic and his hands guided my hips to flow with the music,. I danced closer and closer until I realised I was in his arms, my hands resting on his broad shoulders, feeling the heat from his soft, smooth skin all while staring at his eyes. My head felt heavy and all the while I moved to the music, swaying and gyrating against Maru's body and looking into his amber eyes which began to glow like stars from the night sky....


I woke up with the worst headache I had ever had in my life.

Struggling, I opened my eyes a crack and the fiercely bright light of day cut into my head like a blade. My mouth felt dry and my tongue heavy and swollen. I tried to hold my head and realised my hands were tied. Behind my back.

My eyes shot open. I was in a shack - the daylight streamed in from gaps between the planks of the walls which held up a primitive roof. My hands were tied to a central pillar that held up the whole structure, and there was no floor - just sand.

My heart pounded hard as panic set in. I had been drugged. I had been kidnapped. Shit. Shit. Shit. My feet scrabbled for purchase as I tried to haul myself up against the pillar - but the sudden influx of light, exertion in trying to stand up and hyperventilation hit my head at one moment and all went dark again in one painful rush.


When I woke again, I could hear voices outside. More importantly, my throat was parched and my tummy grumbled. I looked around and saw that there was a large bucket of what looked like water - clear fresh water - just beyond my grasp. Careful not to over exert myself or spill a drop, I used my toes to hook the bucket handle and manouver the water closer, then to use my legs to slide it the rest of the way toward me.

I dove head first into the water and lapped at it like a dog - I didn't care if it was undignified. All I could taste was that sweet, sweet water in my mouth, soothing my parched throat. I was halfway through before it occured to me that this water tasted different, slightly metallic bitter-sweet, but by good it tasted great to me.

"No, no, no!"

The bucket was yanked away from me, almost emptied, by Maru. Who looked inside the bucket and then into my eyes while I licked my lips. I should have been angry - Maru was the one who had drugged me and kidnanpped me. But Was it me, or did Maru's arms look particularly sexy in that tank top of his?

"What is it uncle?"

"He drank almost all of it. I had not intended him to drink that much. I can't predict the effects - especially as I've boosted it with some of the things the tourists leave behind." Maru sat down on the floor facing me, resigned. "We will just have to wait and see."

The nephew stepped into my field of view and all I could think about was how god-like he appeared. Tall, broad shoulders with the toned muscles from use, not from any gym, topped with a handsome broad face. Everything about him seemed huge. Even the bulge in the shorts he wore. I noticed that it seemed to be the only thing he wore. He looked to be about my age, perhaps a little older. And he looked divine. I felt myself lick my lips.

Wait - these guys had kidnapped me and now they had apparently drugged me with something else. I shook my head to try to clear it. I tried to get angry but it was like trying to see through a fog. All I could think about was a fire that had started in my loins and was spreading throughout my body. About how the moonlight through the open door highlighted every rounded, well-formed muscle on these two guys' bodies, how my ass was itchy and my cock hard as a rock. How this all felt right.

"He's decent looking I guess." the nephew said, siting next to his uncle. "You think the water is working?"

"Let's find out."

Maru stood up and walked close to me, his shorts close to my face. It felt like I could almost see the waves of heat and masculinity coming off him - the musky man smell of his overpowered all remaining will I had. I struggled a bit to get onto my knees and began to lap at the pouch of his shorts, nuzzling the source of that smell.

"Looks like it has caught. He'll be tighter than your wife's pussy and he'll be twice as keen for it too by the look of things."

Maru pulled out a knife from behind his back and cut my bonds. I made not attempt to escape though - all I could think about was how I could hold onto Maru's strong thighs, and open up his shorts to see, smell and taste directly his cock. I scrabbled to pull down his pants and moaned at the point when I finally uncovered what had been taunting me - a hardening tube of Maru cockmeat. I paused for only a moment before I devoured it, sucking on this cock - the first cock I had ever tasted - with a hunger I had never before felt. I licked and slurped on it, trying to get more of that deliciously salty man taste into my mouth.

"Ack! watch the teeth!" Maru cursed, swatting me on the head.

I tried again, going slower this time to not anger the owner of this tasty morsel, lest he deny me the distinct pleasure of more. I kept being thwarted by the size of my mouth - until I learned to swallow and fight the gag reflex to allow more and more of that savoury shaft sink into my throat.

I sensed rather than saw or heard the nephew come up beside me. And what he offered dwarfed what I had tried to cram into my mouth. I had only just managed to bury my nose into Maru's pubes with all 8 inches of his cock blocking off my airway and the shadow beside me made me pull off. Like everything else about him, the nephew's cock was almost twice as big as his uncle's already impressive member. It was thicker than his uncle, and curved upwards slightly - thick as my wrist and almost the length of my forearm. Pulsing with need, heat and musk.

I looked up for permission, as I traced the throbbing veins with my tongue, seized the fat base of that monstercock and directed it into my mouth. And finally closed my eyes in solemn worship as I sheathed it with my moist, wet mouth.

At the same time, inside my head I was screaming to stop but unable to wrest the controls from my libido which had been long supressed and finally released by the magic water to allow my body to do what it was designed to do. To worship cock. To milk pre-cum from the throbbing turgid length and to give myself up to satisfying its needs with everything i had.

While I worked to open my throat wider to fit more of the nephew's cock into my throat, I could feel the cold of Maru's blade as he cut what clothes I had from my body. I could feel the cool night air flow around my body and his fingers like warm kisses caress my body. I pushed my body against Maru's fingers unconsciously, even as I struggled to accomodate more than half of the nephew's enormous endowment into my throat. I moaned as Maru's fingers brushed across my hole, which suddenly felt sensitive. I wiggled my butt at him until he pierced my hole with his fingers. I embraced his digits warmly, squeezing them and milking them with musles in my hole which I never knew I had. But my libido did - and I could sense my body responding like a bitch in heat, writhing to each touch and caress by these two men - my kidnappers.

Then, a momentary cool as Maru took away his fingers before the pressure of him shoving his rock-hard cock into me. The pain seemed to temporarily dispel the fog of lust on my head. I screamed as the pain intensified, as Maru shoved the last few inches into my once-virgin ass. But the scream did nothing more than empty my lungs and open my throat which was immediately and rapidly plugged with more of that cock.

"Ariki, he is so nice and tight. You will enjoy him much when I've opened him up for you!"

I struggled to breathe but Ariki's hands tightened on my head and his cock continued its relentless pumping in and out of my throat. The fog was lifting and I was beginning to panic. I was skewered on the cocks of two complete strangers who had kidnapped me and were about to use me like a sex slave. My ass hurt. I couldn't breathe. My clothes had been sliced to ribbons. Fuck Fuck FUCK!

"Calm down boy," Ariki commanded in a deep rumbling voice, pulling out temporarily to angle my flushed face towards his. My eyes were trapped in his big, dark eyes and his perfect features. And the fog descended again like a warm cloak - I settled immediately lost in that handsome face. I stopped fighting as he shoved more of his cock into my throat, my gag reflex almost gone as he slid immediately and deeply into my throat. Meanwhile, I felt my hole relax its iron grip and immediately Maru's cock began to grind into my hole, stretching me open like Maru had said he would.

The men went slower for a while then, enjoying how tight my holes were, how great their cocks felt buried inside. But gradually they built up pace again, until I could hear the rapid slaps as Maru pounded my hole hard and deep. I focused on trying to swallow those last pesky inches of Ariki's cock into my throat, taunted every time Ariki withdrew to let me breathe by the tantilising sweetness of his pre-cum smeared over my tongue.

"Fuck I am going to cum!" Maru moaned as his grip tightened on my hips. I felt him unload- my sensitive, raw ass felt that cock pulse as it disgorged spurt after spurt of warm, thick cum coating my insides like hot medicinal balm.

Maru pulled out and slapped my butt.

"He's all yours. I'll wait by the boat." Maru left without another word to me, his needs satisfied.

Ariki pulled out and I whimpered, frustrated that I had not managed to swallow his entire dick. But Ariki pulled me up by the neck, I held onto his shoulders and wrapped my legs around his waist as his huge paw tightened around my throat. Even as I knew I should have been scared for my life, all I could feel was lust. His cockhead rested on my sphincter without further guidance, and then punched into my guts with all the force of gravity as Ariki's hold loosened. I moaned like a whore, as his cock skewered me like a pig on a spit. Maru's cum only slightly eased the passage of that massive rod into my insides. The pain was searing, but so was the all-consuming lust that I associated with it now, the sensation of fullness and mostly the fact that I had my legs and arms around this godlike avatar of masculinity. His musk surrounded me. His strength pulsed in the muscles flexing under my touc. His hypnotic eyes penetrated my soul as deeply and surely as his cock invaded my body. The last few inches resisted gravity, held by some unknown and unseen gateway within my body. I writhed in desperate, wanton lust yearning to have all of him inside and frustrated that my body was holding me back. Then, with a sudden lurch, Ariki's unstoppable manrammer shattered that last barrier and I felt my butt rest on his pelvis. I felt so full, so complete and so utterly victorious at having all that man inside me. Somewhere deep in my soul, I realised this was my place in the world. This was what I was made for. I wanted, nay I needed to be right here with Ariki's rod sheathed fully inside my hole.

Ariki began to thrust inside me, his massive manhood punching into my guts repeatedly as gravity forced me back onto him hard. I squeezed my hole and ground my hips against him, trying to touch and feel Ariki's pillar with every part of my insides simultaneously. Ariki's hand was still around my throat, asserting his rightful authority over me. I panted and moaned as I rode him and his thrusts became more aggressive. Ariki's cock seemed to swell inside me and with a grunting gasp, I felt him wash my insides with his seed. Ariki released my neck and I hugged his heaving, hot body against me as I felt his cock pulsing and pumping me full of more and more of his seed.

When Ariki leaned back again, I looked down and saw that unseen and unnoticed, my own orgasm had hit me - our abs were sticky with my load. His dark mocha skin contrasted to my light caramel tan, our bodies joined at the hip. I looked into Ariki's eyes, body still fevered and hot and mind still fogged with lust. Ariki smiled at me and gripped my neck hard again. I let his grip tighten around my neck, felt it start to close off my airway.

"Uncle was right. I am going to enjoy this ass."

He swung me down to the ground, cock still embedded deep inside me, so I was lying on my back now, legs wrapped around his waist. Ariki rose up on his knees, pushing down on my thighs till I was bent double and my hole opened up fully to his cock which was still hard. Ariki began to fuck again, pile-driving his cock into my guts with long deep strokes. I moaned, my eyes rolling into the back of my head from the force and ferocity of his attack. What little thoughts I had in my head were pounded out of me as Ariki plowed his seed into my hole, shoving his load deeper into my being. His full weight pressed on my legs, spreading my hole wider so his monstercock could delve deeper. My hands grasped and clawed at his steely arms but slipped in the sweat that poured off his rippling body in rivulets. He seemed to fuck me even harder and faster, his cock a blur as it now slid effortlessly in and out of my wrecked and drooling boycunt, until he roared and ground his pubes into my swollen asslips, pumping a second load deep, deep inside me.

Exhausted, I lay limp as Ariki pulled out of me. Dimly I remember his cock, huge and still-hard, slicked in cum and ass juice. I remember his handsome face breaking out in a grin as he said, "until next time." and then I sank gratefully into the oblivion of sleep.



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