A little background here. If you have read my previous storys, you know I had an affair with my nephew. After the first time occurred, I was confused and a little scared. I avoided him for awhile and slept on the couch while considering this situation. I kinda felt we had entered a taboo area on the one hand, but on the other hand, it felt so wonderful. The longer I waited, the more excited I became. He apparently was still a little nervous also and had not approached me since that first wonderful night. I did not know what to do, so I just waited. We had been alone several times since then, but neither of us had mentioned what had happened. Finally, I could stand no more. I still was afraid to say anything. But when bedtime came. I went in and went into the same bed instead of the couch. Apparently, this was all he needed to build up his courage. We laid there for awhile,not speaking or even moving. Finally, I guess he had become as horney as I was, he broke the silence. He said, as if everything was normal, I thought of a really neat game. He paused, waiting for me to speak. I knew if I did not say something, I might lose this oppurtunity. I said,' I am listening.' He said, it is called doctor. I will be the doctor and I will give you a check up and you just lay there and I will do everything. Okay? I did not answer, I just nodded yes. He must have been thinking of this for awhile. He had a childs doctor kit, with all the plastic instruments. He then pretended to check my heart rated, reflexes, etc. He then said, ' it looks like I will have to operate' He then positioned the sheets over my neck and shoulders so I could not see what he was doing. Like on and operating table. I fould this extremely exciting. He was moving around on the other side of the blanket getting ready for something. I just lay their in anticipation. Finally, I felt him pulling at my underwear. He slid them down and removed them completely. I guess I was rock hard already. He had not touched me at all yet. I wanted him to very badly, but I was afraid to speak. He had a light positioned so he could see what he was doing. Finally, he touched me, he clutched my erect dick and started jacking up and down slowly. He was playing with my testicles and balls. I was flowing precum already. He spoke as if he was a doctor at times, saying this is interesting and such. I tried to lay still and play along, but I moaned severl times from the pleasure of it. Finally, he moved down and lifted my legs up. I next felt a totally new sensation. He was gently probing my anus with his finger. He would wipe precum from my dick and wipe it on my anus. At first I was a little scared, but it felt good. He did this over and over I guess to make sure I was lubbed up and suddenly he pushed. His finger easily slid in with all the lubrication. I know I jumped a little. But, I kept acting the patient part. He had my dick in his left hand and was fingering me with his right hand. It felt marvelous. I could not stand it and began hunching against his finger. In a matter of minutes, I came like a fountain. The greatest orgasm I can ever remember. He stroke me until every last drop came out. Then he wiped me clean with a couple of towels. While doing this, I had become flacid and became erect again while he was wiping my cum off. He was going out of his way to stimulate my dick and balls as he cleaned. I knew this night was far from over. He started doctoring me again. He had me erect and excited as before in no time. This time, he used his precum on my anus. I could feel his hot juice on my hole. I then realize, that was not his finger. He rubbed his dick up and down my slit until I was literally soaked with precum. Finally, on one of his upswings, I hunched against him. It slid right in. He paused, I guessed waiting for me to protest, but I was still being a really good patient. He slowly started moving in and out of me. It hurt a little at first, but then, as I relaxed a little, it started feeling very good. He was fucking me and stroking me at the same time. I felt him cum inside me after just a few minutes. I came about half way through his orgasm. We were both totally spent at that time. We cleaned up and put everything away and slept well that night. As our relationship grew, this became one of our favorite fantasys. Hope You enjoyed this as much as I did.





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