The rash of breaks ins in my affluent neighborhood kept my neighbors on edge. Even with the most technilogically advanced alarm systems, the thief or thieves seemed to be able to bypass the alarm and enter, leaving without a trace. Police security was bolstered, and security guards were hired for the more expensive homes.

I'd moved into Castlebrooke just a few months ago after my transfer from D.C. working for the government, taking a higher paying job in a Social Security office as a supervisor. My house was one floor plan, but pretty, with large rose bushes blooming with several different kinds of roses, and a well manicured lawn. I drove an older model minivan, and for the most part I kept to myself, and was not as ostentatious as my neighbors, with fancy electronics, expensive laptops, and jewelry galore. I had a new flatscreen, a laptop and a desktop a few years old, and the place was comfortably decorated.

One night around two in the morning I was asleep when I was startled awake by the sound of broken glass. I immediately pulled out my service revolver from the bedside table and jumped out of bed. I slowly opened the door to the bedroom and crept down the hallway towards the living room. In the murky shadow of the moonlight streaming through the large windows, I could see a rather tall figure bending over the back of the TV, apparently trying to unhook the cables.

'Don't move'. I saw him stand up and turn around. I fumbled for the light switch, and flipped it on. The young man couldn't have been more than 21 or 22, with short cropped blonde hair, blue eyes, clad in a pair of basketball shorts, a cut off tee, and tennis shoes. His body was nicely toned, with massive arms, and thick, corded legs.

'Man, i'm sorry. If you let me go, I promise I won't do this again'. His voice was pleading in a childlike sort of way, and he seemed to tremble a bit as he spoke.

'I'm sorry, I can't do that. Are you the one that's been robbing my neighbors blind?'

'No. A couple of my friends have been. This is my first one. I swear.' I didn't believe him for a minute, and eyed him with a cautious glare. 'Are you gonna call the police?'

My mind pondered this for a brief moment, knowing that if I turned him in, he might be able to lead the cops to the rest of the gang. But I was going to teach him a lesson he'd never forget. Waving the gun in the air, I ordered him into the bedroom. He reluctantly followed and we entered the room and I closed the door behind me. He stood there in the middle of the room like a scared cat, his arms raised towards the ceiling.

'Ok. On your knees. In front of me.'


'You heard me. Get down on your knees. NOW.' He walked towards me and did as I asked.

'Now. Pull down my shorts.'

'Hey, I ain't no fag'.

'Pull 'em down, bitch.' He did as he was told and looked up at me. I smiled down at him with a rather malevolent grin.

'Now suck my cock.' He hesistated for a minute, then said, 'Fuck you, faggot'.

'Either you suck it, or I shoot you as an intruder. Take your pick. Oh, and don't even think about trying anything, like biting down on it. One teeth print in my cock your ass goes flying across this room, got it?' He opened his mouth and took my flaccid penis into his mouth and began to suck. Surprisingly, he was quite adept at fellatio, using his tongue to move along the shaft.

'Massage my balls'. He grabbed them in his other hand and began to play with them, as I ran my hand through his baby fine hair.

'Yeah, suck my cock, fucker. You'll learn not to steal from others, won't you?' He continued to suck me, as I pushed his head in deeper onto the shaft. I was waiting to hear him gag, but he took my entire penis down his throat.

'You've done this before, haven't you, boy?' He remained silent as he fellated me some more. His young mouth felt wonderful as I felt my balls rising with cum.

I pulled him away from me and made him stand up. He was no longer shaking, and looked at me with a rather lascivious gleam in his eye. I reached down and jammed my hand inside of his shorts, feeling his manhood, which was quite impressive, at least 9 or more inches. I pulled them down the rest of the way and began to stroke his cock.

'You like that, boy?' He nodded in agreement and closed his eyes as I continued to fondle his parts. I knew what I wanted to do next. I led him to the bed, and told him to bend over.

'What are you gonna do?' he asked me in a tremulous tone.

'I'm gonna fuck your tight little ass.' I thought he'd tried to make a break for it, but he leaned onto the bed, and placed his ass in the air.

'Lube up your asshole for me. Lick your fingers and insert them into your ass crack.' He responded, wetting his index fingers and inserting them into the tight pucker. His ass was round and smooth, a beautiful bubble butt. I took my swollen cock and spat upon it, stroking it until it got nice and hard. I walked over to him and spread his ass cheeks. Placing the pistol in my waistband, I entered him and began to fuck him.

I slapped my balls back and forth against his tight ass, and he responded by crying out in moans of desire. I took my open hand and smacked the tender flesh. He flinched and I repeated it several times.

'Like that, fucker?'

'Oh, yes, sir.' I tore into him like a piece of steak, fucking him voraciously. He begged me to go deeper and I took every inch of my manhood and pummelled it into him.

'Stroke your dick.' He began to furiously pull at his long, tapered cock as I pulled out and stroked my own manhood. We both cried out as we came in tandem, his seed spilling all over my sheets, and mine shooting across his ass.

In the distance I heard the wail of sirens, and as he stood up and began to get dressed, I threw him a wet towel.

'Wipe yourself off.' He obliged and pulled on his clothes. There was a pounding at the front door, and suddenly two policemen entered the bedroom, guns drawn.

'Sir, are you OK?'

'I'm fine. This young man tried to steal my television set tonight. I caught him in the act, and I think if you take him in, he'll tell you where the rest of his partners are, and where the items that were stolen are also located. Right?' He shot me a disgusted look and the police handcuffed him and carted him out the door.

I stood in my doorway in a bathrobe as the other neighbors gathered around my house, asking me if everything was ok.

'Everything is just fine. I don't think we'll be having anymore trouble around here.'

'How do you know?'

I smiled. 'I thoroughly interrogated him.'



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