On the very edge of my senses I could feel a little of it, in the direction that lies away from the sun. I turned us and we began flying in that direction. We flew until I was sure that my wings would fall off and then I began to descend. Tewlien landed next to me and smiled, 'I am surprised that you flew as far as you did. It can take a lot of energy to fly, and apparently you have some to spare.' I reached inside for my gift of sand manipulation, I lifted the sand and I compressed it into a hut of sorts. When I was finished we had some where to sleep. I spun a hammock from the same cloth I was wearing, and it looked comfortable.

Tewlien said, 'I will hunt for your dinner my love, I will return quickly.' I smiled and lay in the hammock. I woke to the gentle pressure of his lips to my forehead. I said, 'Welcome back my love, was your hunt successful?' he smile and said, 'Yes my darling one, I have brought you your dinner.' He held up a large slab of meat I hadn't noticed. It was cooked and it smelled wonderful, I called up my gift and I created myself a plate for it. He laid the slab of meat on the plate in my hand, and I laid that on my stomach. I began to pull pieces off and eat them, the flavor of the meat was very unique and it reminded me of something.

I asked, 'Tewlien what kind of meat is this?' he replied, 'The animal was hunting some other animals, she fought well. I believe she was a descendant of a cougar.' I said, 'Can you describe it to me?' he did, and while he was doing so I felt the blood drain from my face. He asked, 'What's the matter my love? Are you sick?' I said, 'No but we need to leave now!' he asked, 'Why Nyna? Do you feel the evil near?' I said, 'No but that was an Armoulini, if you kill one the pact will track you and hunt you until your life has been taken as payment.' He said, 'They are animals, in the wild their predators hunt them.' I laughed and said, 'My love they have no predators, we don't hunt them because we know exactly how powerful they are.'

Even thought I knew that eating this meat was a bad thing, I couldn't stop. It was very delicious, and I didn't want to hurt Tewlien's feelings. When the meat was gone, I said, 'Did you say this beast had a blood mark on her back leg on the right side?' he nodded and said, 'Yes but why does that matter?' I smiled and said, 'Then we need not worry, the blood mark means one of two things. It can mean that the Armoulini was exiled from the pack, or the Armoulini was a queen too old to govern her pack befittingly. Either way she was in exile, and we don't need to worry about the others hunting us.' He smiled and said, 'I was shocked by how well she fought, I mean she had recently given birth.'

I sat up and I said, 'Did you say she had given birth recently?' he nodded and I said, 'We can't leave the cub out there to die.' he must have heard the conviction in my voice because he didn't argue with me. I called to the magick within me and I sent it out in search of the cub. I found her not very far from here she was huddled in a cave waiting for her mother. I knew that this cub was no more than four days old, I said, 'Tewlien go get her, I can not let her die. I will guide you from the air.' He nodded and was gone; while he flew I gave him the directions. It took him only minutes to find her and bring her back. She was rather big, bigger than she should be for a cub her age. That made me wonder just how big her mother had been. I cradled her to my chest and lay back on the hammock letting my magick go.

She snuggled close to me, enjoying my body heat. I knew that she would need milk soon as she was nuzzling me now looking for a nipple. I giggled and called up my power, I thought of the result I wanted and I willed it to be. The front of my garment swelled as if it was a real tit, and a nipple formed. I guided her mouth to it and I let her drink her fill. I knew that this addition to my garment would last as long as she took to grow to her weaning age. I smiled when she pulled away from the tit and just curled up on me. I smiled again and let her rest, Tewlien looked to me and said, 'Is that what it would look like if you fed our children?' I nodded and he slid into the hammock next to me. The cub snuggled up to him as well, enjoying our little nest of warmth.

As we slipped into sleep I said, 'Good night Tewlien my love, good night sweet Lini.' Tewlien chuckled and then I was sleeping. When I woke the next morning, Lini slept beside me, Tewlien was no where to be seen. I rolled to my side and Lini moved too, she nuzzled my body until she found the tit, and she began feeding. When Lini finished her meal I scooped her up and stood. She was rather heavy, and I laid her on the ground. It was not very many days until her eyes opened; I smiled as she began to toddle around the inside of the hut. I stepped to the door and looked outside for Tewlien. I saw him standing next to a fire; he was cooking the remaining meet from my meal last night. He had already disposed of the bones and the flesh.

I said, 'How are we going fly with Lini? I mean she's still an infant and she can't even really walk yet.' He said, 'Worry not my love, we are far from your village we can stay here. If we are here when the evil comes it will not bother your village.' I nodded and said, 'Tewlien I am glad that I have you, because without you I don't know that I would be able to face this evil that's hunting me.' He said, 'My love, I am sure that even without me you would still be able to survive this evil. You are strong of soul and will, and I love that about you. You are the very thing I need in my life, the very thing that keeps me from darkness.' I wrapped my arms around his neck, his lips came down to mine in another kiss that left my knees weak.

I begged him with my body to consummate our bonding. I begged him with all that I had. Yet he still held himself from me, only allowing me to sample the sweet virtue that was his lips. He broke the kiss and laid his forehead on mine, he whispered, 'Careful my love you are on a mission to undo my careful control. You are not yet ready to handle the full power of my love for you.' His words stung me and angered me at the same time. I stepped back and I said, 'Then Tewlien I will take my leave, I am going to search for this evil alone.' I leapt into the sky using my power to fuel my speed. I closed my mind off from any thoughts that might come to me. I wanted to just hide from his stinging words and the fear that he didn't wish to be with me in the ways of bond mates.

I flew until my whole body hurt but when I landed my body began to hurt even more. I writhed in pain on the ground hoping that by some miracle that I would at least get to see Tewlien before this pain took me to my death. The sound of wings forced my eyes open, and I looked to the sky. His voice filled my mind, 'What's wrong my love? Did something attack you?' the pain wracked my body again forcing a scream of pure agony from my throat. The ancient voice that had taught me my magick filled my head, 'My darling child, come into my light and let me heal you. You have pulled far deeper on the magick than you should have. Come to me while your body changes, I must teach you the new depths of your power.'

I retreated into the light and I said, 'Does this power always have to hurt?' and I fell into the rhythm of the training. When I woke I was laid in the hammock, I opened my eyes and I looked around. Tewlien was knelt beside me my hand in his, his head resting on my arm. He said, 'Why did I push you? You are so delicate and yet I pushed you beyond your limits. I don't deserve you, you are so much more loving that I deserve.' I said, 'You speak lies my love, come closer so I can silence your evil lips with a kiss.' His head which had shot up at my voice leaned over and kissed me.

My body exploded into sensation, his hand caressed my cheek and yet I felt his caress all over my body. Our kiss was interrupted by a troubled mewling sound, I looked down and there on the floor was an Armoulini it was quite big. I said, 'Tewlien where's Lini? And where did that Armoulini come from?' he laughed and said, 'That is Lini my love. She has grown quite a bit in the two weeks you were sleeping.' I said, 'T-two weeks? I was gone that long?' he said, 'Yes my love your body writhed in pain almost the whole time. Your wings are gone as well, the tattoo on your back vanished at the end of the first week.' I said,

'Ok I will accept that but how the hell did Lini get so big?' he said, 'That clothing of yours still filled to feed her so I let her feed. She doesn't need it any more; she has begun eating meat now. Her teeth grew in quickly, and her body had matured to that of an Armoulini of about six months I would guess.' She looked at me and I felt her mind reaching out to me. I touched her mind and she sent me images of me writhing, then her trying to comfort me. She considered me her mother and I couldn't help but smile. I swung out of the hammock forcing Tewlien back. I stood and my legs took my weight with no problem. I went to Lini and I embraced her neck.

She purred softly as I petted her back. I said, 'Its ok Lini, I still love you and thank you for being near me at this time.' I stood and said, 'Tewlien my love I am hungry, I am going to go find some food.' He said, 'No need my love I have food waiting outside.' I went out with him and I saw the fire, I smiled as I saw the meat roasting over the fire. I went near the fire and looked for somewhere to sit, I was about to just sit on the ground when the earth rose up to provide me with a seat. The sand rose and then solidified into stone, my jaw fell open and I said, 'Ok that's new, I can only imagine what else is going to start happening.'

I sat and waited for the food to be finished cooking. When it was Tewlien cut some meat off for me and brought it to me. I said, 'Tewlien my love do you have my plate?' about that time it appeared before me. Tewlien said, 'Well I was going to say that while you sleeping it dissolved but I guess it's back.' I shrugged and held it out; he laid the meat on the plate. He said, 'I was hoping to try some of those vegetables you created. Some of them looked absolutely enticing.' I said, 'I guess I could create us a garden out here, but I don't want any of these pesky desert rodents to get into it.' He said, 'With your new power I'm sure that the earth is going to appease you. I mean look at this, the very earth provided you with a seat even when you hadn't asked for one.'

I nodded and said, 'I don't know what this is but my teacher told me that strange things might happen in the beginning.' I nibbled the meat and I smiled at the memories the flavor brought back. I remembered mother cooking and my sister twittering on about her friends. I hadn't been gone from them for very long but I missed them terribly. I remembered waking up on Nornan Day to the scent of roasted melkin and brittle berries simmering for the tubbers. Most of my childhood flashed before my eyes in the short time it took me to eat the meat. And I couldn't help the few tears I shed and the blossom of hope that filled my heart that we could get this over with soon.

When I was done eating, I said, 'Tewlien how am I going to follow you I cannot fly as you can.' He was about to say something when a woman's voice floated to my ears from no where. She said, 'Silly child, you think that I would take my favor from you so easily? You have not angel's wings but your wings are still with you. Will them into existence like with your angel's wings let them appear and you will see.' I stood and sat my plate aside. I willed my wings to appear and Tewlien said, 'What are you doing my love?' I closed him out; I closed out everything as I willed the wings from inside me.

I felt something give inside me and then I felt a gentle weight on my back. I looked behind me and I saw them, delicate and beautiful. These wings looked like the pictures of stained glass in the ancient texts. I touched them and the colors changed. I laughed and they changed again. Tewlien said, 'This is wondrous my love you have been gifted with the wings of the fey. I never thought to see those ancient wings again.' I laughed and flexed them, with one simple flex they launched me up into the air. I hovered there over the earth, ten feet up laughing at the beauty of flight. I slowly descended to the earth and I said, 'Oh Tewlien my love, this is wonderful.' He smiled and embraced me. His kiss was full of beauty and love for me, I basked in it and I let myself fall into his love.

He wasn't holding back from me any longer. He put his entirety into his kiss and then he broke it and said, 'My love I fear that I can not hold myself in check any further. Are you strong enough to consummate this bonding?' I said, 'Tewlien, my darling one. I have been strong enough since the first day. It was you that was afraid to complete this bonding, not I.' he said, 'I was afraid that I would hurt you.' I laughed and pressed myself closer to him letting him know that my body was his temple, and that he was free to worship at any time he wanted. I said, 'My love you could no more hurt me than I could let you die, it is just not possible.' He was quiet for a moment, then he said, 'You speak wisdom far beyond your years my love. Come let us perform our dance of love, and let the world know that we are one in all ways.' He lifted me into his arms and carried me into the hut.

My clothes fell away as he laid me in the hammock. His clothes vanished quickly and he laid himself down beside me. He said, 'I know not the extent of my virility but I beg that you not be angry with me.' I said, 'Tewlien my love, come to me now I will sooth away your worries I promise.' I pulled his lips to mine, claiming his kiss as my own. His kiss was like fire that filled my veins, a burning hunger that drove me beyond my sanity. He slid between my thighs, his heated body pressing into me. I wrapped my arms around his torso and enjoyed his weight pressing into me as our lips were locked in our fiery kiss.

I felt his thick length pressing against me, showing me his needs. I couldn't stop the small sounds of pleasure that were escaping my throat. I wanted him to be inside me, I let him know this by wrapping my legs around him. His tongue delved into my mouth and lit me a flame in a new way. My body burned for him in ways that had me crying out with pleasure. He kissed my neck and then his lips found my right nipple. My spine arched and I could swear I died a little from the pleasure of his tongues caress. My fingernails dug trenches in his back and I cried out again when he found my other nipple. I rolled him under me using care not to tip us out of the hammock.

I kissed him and then I kissed my way down his body. When I came to his manhood I marveled at its size for a moment and then I took it in my mouth. It was like velvet covered stone, so smooth and yet rock hard. I swirled my tongue around the head and basked in joy as he moaned and writhed in pleasure beneath me. I hadn't had him in my mouth for long before he pulled me up and rolled me under him. He lifted my legs I felt his finger invading me, he said, 'My love, are you sure that you want this? You are very tight here, I don't wish to hurt you.' I grabbed his head and pulled into a kiss.

Before I knew it he was pressing against my opening, slowly guiding himself inside me. There was a moment when I was scared that it wouldn't be able to penetrate, and then something gave and he slid in. The initial pain of his entry was washed away quickly by the beauty of the pleasures that came after that. My body was riding an edge of pain and pleasure. I thought that my mind would explode with all the sensation filling me, driving me to an edge I didn't know was there and throwing me over. With every thrust I was dancing on the edge of sanity and my every step brought me a new sensation.

I was dazzled by the pleasures that Tewlien was bringing me throwing me into the abyss that was pleasure. My need for him was insatiable; I wanted more and with every thrust that hunger grew more potent. I screamed my pleasure for him, I moaned and begged and pleaded with him not to stop. I was driven mad with pleasure and I didn't care I let it take me to the depths of insanity and bring me screaming back. I let go of all of my inhibitions and I let my power explode from my skin. I shared my power with him and everything around me, I was so absorbed by the pleasure we were sharing I didn't notice the world around us warping and changing. Eventually sanity danced back into range and I came to it riding on waves of pleasure. Each wave was stronger than the next but none of them had the flavor of madness.

I locked my lips to Tewlien's and shared all my pleasure with him. I raked my nails down Tewlien's back and felt his flesh give under my nails. His grunt of pleasure let me know that he liked that and I reached further to dig my nails into his buttocks. This apparently was rather pleasurable because he moaned and thrust into me harder. His thrusts began to fill me in deeper places as he began to speed up, the pleasure of his making driving me to that edge again. The pleasure had a new sensation, and it was a unique and curious one at that. It felt like I was being tickled with feathers and kissed all over by a million pairs of lips. The pleasure was so intense it was like I was wrapped in a cocoon of it.

I was nearing the edge when he began to groan and he gasped out, 'I'm... oh gods I'm cl... close my love.' I cried out, 'Finish me Tewlien; oh gods above I need you to finish me.' He drove deeper, hitting a spot inside me that drove me over the edge. It was like the cocoon broke open and I was thrust into a whole new level of pleasure. I felt him pulsing inside me spilling his seed in a place none had ever been. Our bodies covered in sweat were a sure sign of our coupling. I laughed and reveled in the afterglow of what we'd just done. Tewlien whispered, 'Did I hurt you?' I laughed again and said, 'If that was pain then please do it again my love, I never thought that it could feel like that. It was far beyond anything that my mother said it would be.' he said, 'You truly feel that way? I was afraid that I would hurt you with my need.' I laughed again and said, 'No my love, I am not hurt but I am more than a little famished.'

He grinned and said, 'Shall I bring you some food while you rest my love?' I said, 'Yes my wondrous lover, that would be much appreciated.' He kissed me gently and I could almost taste his love for me love on his lips. He had just stood to leave when I said, 'Tewlien, can I give you a gift?' he smiled and said, 'You have given me the greatest gift any man can have my darling. Anything else would be overkill.' I laughed and said, 'Then can I give you a gift for my benefit?' he said, 'This sounds a bit intriguing, pray tell what would you give me?' I stood and placed my hand on his chest over his heart. I called on the power the lived inside me and I asked for a mark, something that best showed the image of my soul.

What I got was amazing, a raised silver reptile coiled around itself. I smiled and he said, 'A silver serpent, similar to that which caused the fall of Adam and Eve.' I said, 'I don't know these people, but if this symbol is a bad one then I will get rid of it.' He said, 'Worry not my love this animal was under the spell of the most ancient evil of them all. He fell victim to the voice of Lucifer and yet he did not retain the evil of that fallen one.' I kissed the mark and the serpent uncoiled and wrapped around his body. I said, 'If in need call my name and this serpent will strike your foe. I have given it the most potent venom in the world; it is venom that will affect anything even if it is supposed to be immune to venom.'

He leaned down and kissed me, when his kiss ended he said, 'This I cherish above all, both because it is a gift from you and because it is a work of beauty and skill.' I smiled and said, 'I'm still famished my love.' He chuckled and said, 'Lay back my darling I will go and fetch your food.' I laid myself back on the hammock and I basked in the beauty of what had just transpired between my bond mate and me. Tewlien had been gone no more than three minutes when I began to wonder about what things were like before the world was as it is now. I pondered on all the many things and I wondered if there was a way to glimpse these things.

I was still pondering these things when I began to feel something at the edge of my consciousness. I reached out and I felt it there, an evil that was coming this way. I leapt out of the hammock and I called my power to me. I knew that this evil would be here in a couple weeks but I also knew that it wasn't the evil that was after me. Well this evil was curious about me but that evil was far worse than anything that this lesser evil was capable of and I wasn't sure if it was something Tewlien was ready for.As an angel he had fought in the wars with gods, but this evil was something beyond anything he had ever fought. I laid back and I began to recite the most powerful spells the ancient had taught me. I wove those spells around my new little home; I built up protections on it that hadn't been used since the most ancient of times.

Once I was finished I began to create that garden, I made it a place of pure bliss. I called up trees and flowers, fruits and vegetables. I made this garden something that would please the eye of any man. When it was finished I sealed my little garden away from the world, nothing that would harm it could enter. Once I was done I got up and I went outside, and I looked at my garden. This garden wasn't as big as the one at my home but it was just as beautiful.

I fell in love with the scent of the flowers, I walked to them and I said, 'Tewlien these flowers here, what would you call them?' I turned to look at him and saw that he was looking at the flowers with a bit of confusion. He walked over and said, 'These would be roses my love. But how on earth you created them I'll never know. It's almost as if your subconscious is remembering things that it can't possibly know, and for the life of me I've never seen a rose with this coloring.' I turned back to the flower and I cupped the blossom. It was quite big, and it was a pale blue, but the tips of each petal were a dark blue. I said, 'These are beautiful roses, I am going to weep when I have to leave them behind.' The woman's voice came to my ears again and she said, 'Then share them with the world.' I said, 'I don't understand how am I to go about doing that?'

She chuckled and said, 'Your power has grown my child, your smallest whim affects the world. If you will it to be then the world around you will comply. I nodded and closed my eyes letting my power fill me to the point where it spilled over. I thought of the world as a beautiful and lush garden. I wished for it and I wanted it very badly, I wanted the world to have lush vegetation, and forests like in the ancient texts. I wanted the world to be a natural beauty like it was in the ancient years. Most of all I wanted the world to be livable. I didn't realize that the earth was reacting to my wants; I couldn't see the lush vegetation that was filling the world around me.

But Tewlien could and his gasp made my eyes open and look around. The green grasses that covered the ground were tall, and there were trees every where. He looked at me and said, 'My love your power has seriously grown if you can do this.' I said, 'She told me to, she said that the world would do anything I wanted and I wanted the world to look like it had in the olden days.' He said, 'Well my love you have done it. The world looks like it did in days of old, it is a refreshing sight.' I went to him and he pulled me into his embrace. I kissed him gently and said, 'Tewlien my love, I can feel it now an evil that lurks ever present in my future.'

He tensed up and said, 'Where? Is it near?' I said, 'No it will not be here for another two weeks, but I can not let you get hurt in this battle. I don't want you to fight with me; I need to do this alone.' He said, 'No I will not allow you to go into battle alone! Allowing you to fight alone would be an insult to our bond.' I said, 'My love there is truly nothing you can do if I decide to go while you sleep. If you tell me no and try to keep me here then it will spoil our bonding. Please don't make me regret seeing you that first time.'

He said, 'You really mean that don't you?' I nodded and said, 'Yes I do, I can not even think of you getting hurt in this battle. If you got hurt I wouldn't be able to live with myself and I would wish the death of this world with mine.' He said, 'Then I will do as you ask and I will stay here to protect our little home.' I said, 'Thank you for hearing me on this my love. Come now, I am still quite famished.' He chuckled and we walked to the fire. My chair rose from the earth before I needed it, and I sat. After I had eaten the rest of the meat was fed to Lini, she nibbled on the morsels as if they were delicacies.

I just smiled and I lounged on my chair, I sent my power out and I searched for the evil. I found it in the same spot when I had found it the first time, I probed it and it's conscious touched mine. Its mind was like the sand viper's kiss, deadly and tricky. I fought hard to keep myself from falling deep into the madness within it. I knew that this creature was evil I could almost taste its darkness on my tongue, and the flavor was strangely alluring. I said, 'Why are you coming after me? What do you want with me?' the laugh was like the softest feather's caress on my skin.

'You foolish child, I am coming for you because you are the only one in this world who can touch my darkness and not come away driven insane.' I was confused, I said, 'And what reason does that provide for you to kill me?' his voice was gentle and filled with genuine shock and confusion, 'Kill you? I would never kill the one my heart yearns for.' Shock slammed through me, I said, 'You think I'm your bond mate?' he said, 'I don't think it, I know it. I know your every curve and crevice. I watched you grow and I have been there always. I know about your angel, I know that you are soul bonded with him just as I will be bound to you.' I said, 'No one has two bond mates.'

He said, 'This is true, but your angel won't survive this battle we will have.' I said, 'And how do you know that I will ever love you like I do him?' he said, 'I have seen it, I have seen that you will love me far more greatly than you do him.' I said, 'So evil has reached its putrid fingers into the future to taint it.' He chuckled and said, 'So high are your values, I am shocked about this.' I said, 'I have never and will never take a life like I know you will.' He said, 'Where you are concerned I will take many lives yes. I yearn to protect you, and I will do anything to make you happy and keep you safe.'

I felt a hand touch my cheek gently, he whispered, 'You are the most beautiful creature on this earth. These roses that you have created are a beautiful representation of your soul.' I said, 'I'm surprised your touch hasn't sucked the life from them.' He chuckled again and said, 'I would never harm you or anything that you've created, unless that creation had intentions of harming you.' I said, 'Oh how very noble of you, I'm sorry but I'm less than enthusiastic about your thinking that you are my bond mate.'

He replied, 'You don't believe me now, but you will in time. I will withdraw for now, I will return to my home in the mountains to the North. You will find reason eventually and come to me, and from there our battle will ensue. I will not harm you, you may harm me but it will matter not, my body heals quite easily.' I said, 'What would you do if I killed myself right now?' he was quiet for a long moment then his voice came back to me like bed rock, 'You will not harm yourself, if you try I will be upon you in the moment you begin to do more than think about it.' I just laughed and said, 'You think yourself more powerful than me?' he was quiet until he said softly, 'No I know that your power far exceeds mine now, when you first began yes I was more powerful and I loved you primarily because you were fragile. Now I love you because you're powerful and strong. You far exceed me in all of your light and beauty, I don't deserve you in any way but my heart has spoken and my soul will follow.'



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