DISCLAIMER: The below story contains explicit gay sex scenes. The writer retains all rights to this story, meaning NO posting on other free or paysite websites/online groups without the writer's permission. If you really like this story, please write to me at [email protected] Interview With A Porn Star Luke was very excited for at last he was going to sit face to face with his favorite gay porn star, Trey Castillo. Working for a gay magazine as a reporter, it was Luke's job to interview the hottest gay porn stars in gay showbiz. At then, he was sitting in Trey's living room in Trey's big house which Trey had just bought. He had never been so excited like that in his 31 years of life. Scanning the surroundings, Luke could not help admiring how big the house was. It seemed that being a porn star had made Trey a new rich guy in town. Fumbling aimlessly with the note and pen in his hands, Luke could not help getting hard as his mind thought about sex. 'Shit! I'm already hard. I've never had any hard-on while interviewing gay porn stars. But why am I having it now?' Luke berated himself, trying hard to relax his growing dick. But the harder he tried, the harder the erection became. 'Fuck! I can't get it down!' he thought, turning panicky. His brown hair started to get damp as his head and forehead were beaded with cold perspiration. And suddenly the door was opened. The man that Luke had been waiting for finally walked in, giving him a big smile. 'Hi, I'm Trey. And you must be Luke from Gay Showbiz News. I hope you haven't waited for me for too long,' he said, coming up to Luke. Apparently, Trey just finished taking a shower for his body was still somewhat wet. That porn star was roughly as old as Luke was. At then, Trey was not wearing anything except a towel which was wrapped around his fleshy waist. Thus, his beautiful body was exposed to Luke's lusty eyes. Reaching out, he shook Luke's cold sweaty hand. 'Your hand is cold. Are you nervous seeing me?' he asked, chuckling to himself. No answer came from Luke, for he was too embarrassed. 'Ok, let's get down to the interview. Start firing me your questions,' he said while sitting down on a sofa right in front of Luke. 'I'm sorry, I was too nervous. I mean, I'm your biggest fan, Trey,' Luke nervously explained. Seeing that Trey was almost naked, Luke was more aroused than ever. The cock grew hardened inside his trousers, trying to push out of the fabric confine. 'Fuck! Trey is so hot. His body is so sexy. He's hotter here than in movies.' Glancing down, he found that his dick was still pointing out of the trousers he wore. The bulge created a visible throbbing tent. Instantly, Luke's face reddened. Before Trey could make comment on his embarrassing erection, Luke immediately added, 'Sorry, I cant help getting hard. You're too hot.' Hearing Luke's honest statement, Trey laughed in his seat. 'It's a very nice compliment. I would have been very upset if you didn't sport a hard-on.' Intentionally, Trey spread his legs apart, inviting Luke's eyes to take a peep. 'I see that your bulge is quite large. Your cock must be big.' A drop of water slowly crawled down Trey's naked torso. It flowed down the bulging chest mound before it hung on Trey's brown erect nipple head. But Trey's hand moved upward and wiped that water drop away. Turning to Luke, Trey said, 'Ok, let's get down to business. Start firing your questions, Luke.' The towel was stretched as Trey spread his legs wide. Underneath the towel, a tent slowly rose up. 'You don't have to be embarrassed. See? I'm hard, too,' Trey stated, giving Luke a bawdy grin. 'Relax, reporter,' Trey smiled, touching his own erection through the towel. Clearing his throat, Luke realized that he was the reporter and that he should be the boss in the interview. 'Ok, let's start the first question,' Luke said, starting to get grip of himself. To his own surprise, the interview went very well. Question after question flowed out swiftly from Luke's lips and Trey happily answer them. The nervousness was gone. Luke could even smiled back and joked around as if Trey had been his best friend. 'Ok, next question. You have starred in a numerous gay porn movies. Which movie and in which scene do you find the most erotic and memorable for you?' 'The Tourists. The plot and the actors were hot. I got hard all the time at the set. It was truly such an amazing porn movie that I have ever starred in. And I heard that it was based on a gay sex story written by an Asian amateur gay writer,' Trey explained, his handsome face showing great excitement. 'There was a memorable scene that I will not forget. I played as an innocent straight tourist who was raped by a bunch of horny exotic Asian men. They laid my body down and spread my legs. Next, cock after cock penetrated my ass. I cummed a lot during that scene. Cum was splattered all over my face and naked body. The smell was very erotic. After it was over, I could not walk! It took weeks for my ass hole to heal.' As Trey was talking about his horny experience, he could not conceal his erection. The cock inside the towel hardened. Its erection towered up and slightly lifted the towel. Thus, Luke could see Trey's big balls and cock more clearly. Gulping down his saliva, Luke tried to restrain his lust. But it was not easy. 'Ok, next question, what's your favorite type of guy? What kind of guy that can get you hard?' Absentmindedly, Luke reached down for his trousers and gave the bulge a quick massage. At then, precum had been oozing profusely, dampening the front part of his trousers. Luke did not realize that Trey's eyes were on his crotch. 'Well, my type of guy is...' Trey could not take his eyes off Luke's wet erotic bulge. 'He must be handsome, athletic, horny, and have big dick. Emotional tie is very important. There are a lot of handsome muscular guys in this world. So only those whom I'm attracted to that can get me hard.' Trey paused for a while, giving Luke a lewd ogle. 'Someone like you, Luke.' Reaching out his hand, Trey placed it on Luke's knee. 'You're really my type of guy. I usually bottom for other men in most of my movies. But I would want to top the man that I really like.' Sensually, he squeeze Trey's knee. 'Yeah, I can see that you're very horny. Come on, don't be shy. I really like you, Luke.' Leaning over, Trey ran his hand upward towards Luke's thigh. 'Yeah, I can see that your tent grew bigger. It must be one helluva cock.' Luke froze in his seat, not expecting to be seduced by his own favorite porn star. The pen and the note fell off his hands. 'Trey is seducing me. Oh, how can I reject him? This is my dream coming true.' With a shaking hand, Luke reached out and touched Trey's hand. 'Oh, Trey's hand feels so warm.' Sensually, Luke gave it a hard squeeze. 'And it's quite strong, too. Oh, fuck! I'm so horny for him,' Luke thought, his dick pulsating inside. Another drop of precum oozed out and was soon absorbed by the briefs he wore. 'Trey, I like you, too. You're my porn idol. I'd like to have sex with you,' Luke stated, his cheat heaving heavily. Hesitantly, he brought his face closer to Trey's. At close distance, he could feel Trey's warm breath blow against his. 'Oh, Trey, if only you knew how much cum I have spurted for you.' 'Oh, I know, Luke. Believe me, I know,' Trey replied, reaching out his other hand to touch Luke's face. Slowly, he stood up. Instinctively, Luke followed suit. In Trey's eyes was unspeakable longing lust. 'I really like handsome horny man like you, Luke. Just by looking at you, I turn horny. Yeah, Luke, I want to have sex with you.' Crawling downward, one of his hands headed for Luke's bulge. As the hand found it, the hand gave it a gentle squeeze. 'Oh, I can feel your cock through your trousers, It's quite big, and hard. Oh, I can imagine how good I'll feel if this man meat of yours penetrates my ass.' Trey's breathing became heavy, as if it was hard thing to do. 'I'm so horny for you. Let me entertain you.' Without Luke's permission, the sexy porn star pressed his lips against Luke's. The reporter did expect it, but still he was surprised when Trey's lips suddenly touched his. As soon as it happened, Luke felt as if his body was electrified. Rapture coursed down his fully clothed body. Trey's free hand was wrapped around Luke's neck and brought Luke's face closer to Trey's. Kissing passionately, they found that it was hard for them to separate. Blindly, Luke ran his hands over Trey's athletic back. And accidentally, Luke touched the towel that concealed Trey's privates. The towel then dropped down, revealing a set of desirable man's privates. Trey's cock and balls were not new things to Luke for he had seen them over and over in all gay porn movies that Trey starred in. But it was sure the first time for Luke to touch them. 'Oh!' Luke gasped as he realized that his porn idol had been stark naked. Haphazardly, both of his hands were groping Trey's bubble ass. Squeezing the ass cheeks, Luke then pulled them apart. Thus, Trey's clenched fuck chute was stretched slightly. A soft gasped escaped from Trey's quivering lips. Breaking the kiss, Luke looked straight at Trey's beautiful brown eyes. 'I've never thought that this day would come. I'm glad it does. I will do whatever you want to do. If you want to fuck me, I'm gonna surrender my body to you. And if you want to get fucked, I'll gladly fill your body with my sperm. I'm yours, Trey.' Wanting to get more comfortable, Luke lifted both of his hands to take off the T-shirt he wore. Proudly, Luke showed off his semi-athletic body. Indeed that he had just started to frequent the gym lately. Thus, the muscles were still under development. But still, Luke looked marvelous. Any gay man would definitely want to fuck him. Trey's eyes widened as they spotted that beautiful erotic sight. Instantly, his dick throbbed harder. 'Oh, Luke, I love your torso.' Reaching out his hand, that porn star placed it on one of Luke's fleshy chest mounds. 'It's so full of flesh,' Trey commented, mesmerized by that sexy chest. As he squeezed it, he could feel that Luke's chest comprised good composition of flesh and muscles. Trailing down, Trey's eyes satisfied themselves by watching Luke's stomach. No six packs came out yet, but flat stomach had its own attractiveness. Lustfully, Trey ran his hand down to Luke's stomach. 'I want to fuck you, Luke. You have made me so horny. I want to have you, to plunge my aching dick into your ass.' Again, Trey leaned over and laid a passionate kiss on Luke's lips. Luke gladly accepted the kiss. Holding the back of Trey's head with one hand, Luke forced his tongue into Trey's mouth. No resistance came from the porn star. Easily, Luke's tongue found its way in. Meeting Trey's tongue, both of them wrestled with each other. Saliva from each other's mouth poured in, getting mixed together. It was truly pure pleasure. The sounds of their heavy breathing and smacking lips echoed inside their ears. In his delirious mind, Luke thought, 'Oh fuck! I'm gonna have sex with Trey Castillo! My cock is dripping precum. Oh, I'm so horny. Ah, yeah!' One hand then slipped down to his trousers, wanting to undo them. Down there, Luke accidentally brushed his hand against Trey's hard meat. 'What a hard dick. I never thought I could actually touch Trey's dick for real. Oh! This an extremely horny experience. Oh, Trey is such a good kisser. He turns my head spinning with passion.' Immediately, Luke unsnapped the button of his trousers. Soon enough, the zipper was unzipped, exposing the big white lump. Its front was obviously dampened by Luke's leaking precum. Without being asked, Trey used one of his hands to help Luke. Those two hands worked hand in hand to free Luke's excited cock. As he was still kissing Luke, Trey said to himself, 'This gay reporter is hot! I won't let him go until I have fucked his ass. If there's still time, who knows I'll let him fuck my ass. Luke is so damn sexy! Fuck yeah!' Suddenly, Luke's trousers fell onto the floor. Immediately, the hands were pulling at the waistband of the briefs. In a matter of seconds, Luke had been totally naked. Naturally free from all sort of clothing confinement, both men got into a hotter kissing scene. Bending their neck, they were slurping each other's neck. Trails of saliva were left, glistening. 'Stand up, sexy man,' Trey asked, wanting to take over the whole sexual thing. 'Let me lick your body.' With that, Trey hungrily lapped Luke's upper body. His wet hot tongue was sweeping every inch of skin on Luke's bare torso. 'I like Luke's chest. It's not too muscular but is quite fleshy. The chest is so smooth. I don't see any chest hair at all. And his nipples, oh, they're so pointy. Shit! I can cum without touching myself for this is too overwhelming.' Two pointy brown nipples attracted Trey's attention. Bending his knees, Trey focused his licking around the areolae. Wet traces of saliva decorated Luke's heaving chest. Repeatedly, the porn star polished each nipple well with his drool. Each time the tongue touched the nipple heads, Luke would groan with total abandon. 'Luke is a nipple guy. He groans whenever I flick is nipple heads with my tongue. Ok, then, I'm gonna make him wild.' Mercilessly, Trey then opened his mouth and took one of the chest mounds in. Warm breaths were blown from Trey's mouth, warming up the encased chest mound. Luke, of course, could not help groaning. His groans could be heard clearly, resounding around that living room. Immediately, Trey used his tongue to caress the trapped nipple head. Being sensitive, Luke reacted by letting out loud whimpers and bucking his body. 'Oh fuck! Oh yes! Lick my nipple, Trey! Oh yeah! You make me so horny! Ah! Do whatever you want to me. I'm your se slave. Ah!' Steadying himself, Luke grabbed Trey's damp head. The involuntary bucking movements had thrust Luke's drooling dick against Trey's stomach. The slimy dick head immediately smeared it with its overflowing precum. 'Ah! Fuck!' Luke yelled suddenly when he felt Trey's teeth gently gnaw at his nipple head. 'Fuck yes!' he yelled again, bucking his body wildly. Both of Trey's strong hands were holding Luke's body tight, steadying him. The sensation that Luke received was too overwhelming. 'Trey! Oh! I'm so wet. My cock keeps drooling! Oh! If it keeps going on like this, I can shoot prematurely. Oh!' Thus, Trey directed his tongue downward. Kneeling, Trey tongued Luke's crotch. A dense pubic hair had grown around the base of Luke's hard dick. Somehow, it made the dick look shorter. Some hair tickled Trey's nostrils as buried his nose in Luke's crotch. Musky smell of dried cum and piss hit Trey's nose; an aphrodisiac to him. 'I like smelling Luke's crotch. The masculine aroma of this cock is very overpowering. Oh! Shit! I get hornier.' Without touching his own erection, Trey could feel that his own dick had been throbbing incessantly. Finally, Trey's tongue had found Luke's dick head. That hard dick throbbed shamelessly before Trey's eyes. The musky smell that the cock emanated was so strong, permeated the air around it. Trey's head was reeling with excitement. A thick layer of precum enveloped the reddish mushroom-shaped head. Luke's cock slit was slightly open as the cock exuded a drop of clear precum. Sticking out his tongue, Trey immediately lapped up the pearly liquid. Luke's body shuddered as the hot tongue brushed itself against the sensitive cock head. Looking up, Trey saw Luke's chest mounds hanging down. It was quite an erotic view. A pair of Luke's brown nipples were pointing downward, looking very inviting. Trey's tongue continued to work on that delicious piece of man meat. Luke's dick was coated with a mixture of saliva and precum. 'Yeah, Trey, lick my dick head. Oh yeah! A porn star is licking my dick head! Ah! This is very arousing, yes!' Luke groaned, his stomach contracting. The sexual ecstasy that he received tripled for the one who sucked his dick was the porn star of his dream. Arching his back backward, Luke was shoving his dick into Trey's mouth. 'Oh, suck me, Trey. Suck me now. Don't keep me waiting, oh!' he demanded, taking hold of Trey's head. Another shiver forced him to buck his body as Trey kept twirling his tongue on Luke's shiny helmet. 'Yeah, I like you, Trey. Make me horny. Oh!' Running down, both hands were roaming Trey's strong back aimlessly. The warmth of Trey's naked back was absorbed by those hands. 'Trey, yeah! I'm so fucking horny,' Luke whimpered, bending his back to reach further down to Trey's ass. Since Trey mostly bottomed for other guys in his movies, Luke thought that Trey would enjoy being finger-fucked. 'Your ass is so hot, Trey. Oh, I want to feel your hole with my fingers.' Without asking for permission, Luke pushed in one finger into Trey's ass hole. Upon feeling that his ass was being violated, Trey widened his eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes bulged as if they were about to pop out. His breath turned deep and heavy. 'Ah fuck! Yeah, Luke, fuck my ass with your finger. Oh yeah! Make me horny! Ah! I'm gonna fuck you when I'm ready. Ah yes! Luke, do my ass! Yes!' Without any difficulty, Luke's finger slipped in. The sphincter seemed loose, after having been fucked by numerous of men. 'Ah! Fuck me! Yeah, Luke, come on. Give it to me. Oh!' Trey whimpered, his head spinning with lust. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, Trey finally took in the whole length of Luke's pulsating dick. He was deep-throating that meat! At the same time, that porn star also produced a muffled groan, which soon vibrated through Luke's cock. The effect was immediate. Luke's whole body shook uncontrollably as if he was having an orgasm. Rapture flitted across his contorting face as Luke expressed the overwhelming sensation by groaning. 'Oh yes! Ah!' Still bending over, Luke laid his body on top of Trey's back. A finger was still working its way in and out of Trey's clenching fuck hole. 'Yeah! Suck my dick, Trey. Oh, you're a good cock sucker. Yeah! Suck it. Bring it in as deep as you can into your throat. Pleasure my cock. Ah! Fuck yeah!' Intentionally, Luke poked Trey's ass deeper. Feeling weak from the excitement, Luke could not help convulsing as Trey was sucking on his dick. 'Oh! Suck it! Yeah, Trey! Fuck! Oh!' The leg muscles were contracting wildly, convulsing. Rotating his finger inside the ass, Luke brought in another finger. Easily, it slipped in and joined the other finger. Thus, two fingers were fucking the ass. 'Feel it, Trey. Fuck! I have two fingers now. And I'm gonna insert the third one. Ah yeah!' As the third one was inserted, Trey's breath got heavy. Grunting like a mad bull, he sucked in the air using his mouth. Saliva and precum were sucked in, creating loud slurping noises. Luke moaned, too, for his dick experienced tremendously horny stimulation. The other hand of his was laid on Trey's ass cheek. Ruthlessly, Luke was squeezing it. Occasionally, he dug into the ass cheeks suing his blunt nails. Both men were deep in their sexual pleasure. The cock inside Trey's mouth never stopped drooling. Streamlets of precum oozed out frequently. No precum was wasted for that porn star had licked it all up. And each time the tongue made direct contact with the dick head, Luke would groan and his body would shudder. 'Fuck! Trey! Oh, I can feel my cum is rising up. Oh! Yeah, keep going, man. Oh yes! Make me cum!' Luke yelled, increasing the penetrating speed of his fingers. Deliberately, he rotated his hand. Thus, the three fingers were rotated as well. As they were spinning, Trey's ass lips were stretched forcibly, forcing that porn star to produce more muffled groans. 'Yeah! Feel those fingers ravage your fuck chute. Oh yes!' Luke moaned, sensing that Trey's body tensed up. 'Oh, keep sucking my dick, Trey! Yeah, I'm so fucking close. Yes! Suck my cock, come on. Fuck! Oh yes!' Holding onto Trey's body, Luke contracted his muscles as he was near to ejaculation. Throbbing, his dick leaked more precum into Trey's sluttish mouth. 'Oh fuck! I think I'm gonna cum soon. Trey! Ah!' Sucking that delicious meat for nearly 15 minutes, Trey himself had got quite horny. His dick was throbbing incessantly. A string of precum was hanging on the dick head, swaying to and fro. Seconds later, it was stretched downward to join the precum puddle, right beneath his dick. The heavy balls of his was swaying as Trey eagerly sucked Luke's erect meat. 'Oh! Luke's fingers feel s good in me. Ah! I wish he could fuck me forever. But I have to make him cum first, so that I can take his ass. I do like getting fucked but I also like fucking guys whom I think pretty hot. I won't let Luke go before I have plunged my dick up his ass and cummed in him. Oh yeah!' he thought to himself. Wrapping his hands around Luke's ass, Trey blindly searched for Luke's fuck hole. After groping around for a moment, finally he found it. 'This is your fuck hole, Luke. I'm gonna stab it with my fingers. I bet your hole has got used to being fucked.' With no warning, Trey suddenly jabbed in two fingers at the same time. 'Oh! Fuck!' Luke yelled. Sharp stinging pain suddenly pierced his ass hole. Instinctively, the sphincter contracted, blocking the way. It seemed that Trey did not really have any intention to finger-fuck Luke for Trey only jabbed his fingers lightly against the clenching ass hole. But to Luke, the sensation he received was like as if he was being fucked. 'Trey! I can't take it anymore. I'm gonna let loose my cum. Ah! Take it! Drink my cum! Trey, ah! I'm cumming now! Ah!' And all of a sudden, sweat was pouring out of Luke's body pores. The half-developed muscles inside his body grew taut. 'Fucking yes! Trey! Drink my cum! Fuck!' Luke yelled at the top of his lungs. Violent spasms were shaking his bent body. Luke could clearly feel the cum in his ball sack rise up to the urethra. In less than a second, that sexy man released his creamy cum. Spurt after spurt of cum sprayed Trey's mouth. Frantically, Trey was trying to gulp it all down. Those thick gobs of man cream found their way down Trey's throat, flowing down like a torrent. Trey's Adam's apple was bobbing up and down as he swilled the cum down. Some guys preferred to shut their eyes when they drank cum, but Trey did not do that. On the contrary, he kept his eyes open as wide as he could. Trey wanted to enjoy Luke's cumming expression as Luke emptied his juice in Trey's throat. Luke's body could not stop convulsing. Both of his legs were barely able to support his own body weight. A series of orgasmic moans resounded through the room. Again and again, sperms flew out of Luke's slightly twitching piss slit. The strong surge of cum was coursing out through the gaping slit. Luke could only held onto Trey's back as he was wracked by orgasm. Yet, Luke did not slow down his finger-fucking rhythm. Trey kept gulping down the cum flood. The ejaculation itself only lasted for several seconds, But to both of them, it felt like forever. Grabbing his own pecker, Trey was stroking himself. The bitter sweet taste of Luke's warm cock juice reeled his head. Hungrily, his tongue was lapping up Luke's spurting dick head. Muffling his groans, Trey was stimulated by the violent finger-fucking that was ravaging his ass. Shuddering, he sucked the cock clean. When that throbbing meat finally stopped cumming, Trey gave it one final hard suction before letting it go. The once-erect dick quickly shrank away. With a long sigh of satisfaction, Luke withdrew his dick. His face obviously showed that he was dead tired. Luke's fingers slowly slipped out of Trey's ass hole. Licking his lips to pick up any remains of cum, Trey stood up. Luke followed suit, although his knees were still rather weak. Again, they were kissing. 'Oh, Luke, you're so hot. I'd like to take your ass and plunge my cock in it.' As the horny porn star was tonguing Luke's mouth, his hand reached down to Luke's ass and gave it a hard squeeze. 'Oh yeah, I'm gonna fuck your ass. Surrender your ass to me.' Intentionally, Trey was grinding his torso against Luke's. Inevitably, their pointy nipples were rubbing against one another, sending jolting waves down their naked bodies. 'I want to fuck a guy as sexy as you, Luke. Are you ready for me? Are you ready to take my dick up your ass, huh? Say it, Luke. Let me hear you beg for it,' Trey whispered in Luke's ear, brushing his slimy erect dick on Luke's crotch. Still recovering from his orgasmic daze, Luke reciprocated Trey's lustful kiss. As his nipple heads brushed against Trey's, Luke shivered with great delight. 'Yeah, Trey, I'm so horny for you. Although I have just cummed, I can't help being horny again. Trey, fuck me ass, please. Do whatever you like to me. I'm your sex slave, Trey. I want to get fucked by the hottest gay porn star. You, Trey.' Despite the fact that Luke had just ejaculated, his dick gradually regained its erection. The constant nipple-rubbing had also helped arouse that fuck tool back to life. 'Oh,' Luke gasped, shuddering. His eyeballs rolled upward. 'Trey, use my body, I'm ready. I want to be fucked.' Sensing that Trey's hand was pulling at his hard dick, Luke let his own dick throb harder in Trey's palm. 'Yeah, Trey, oh! Fuck yeah! Jerk my dick. I'm so hot for you.' The cum remains clung onto Trey's palm as he continued to fondle Luke's cock. 'Yeah, I will definitely fuck your ass, baby.' To emphasize his words, Trey grabbed one of Luke's ass cheeks and shook it. 'Lie down on the sofa,' he said, pointing his finger at a long sofa, not far from them. 'And get ready to get fucked,' he added, slapping the ass hard. Trey's eyes watched Luke walking over to the couch. 'Yeah, that's it, sexy stud. I can't wait to fuck your tight ass. I want to squeeze your chest and bite your nipples as I drive my dick furiously in and out of your sluttish ass. Oh yeah! I really want you.' One hand grabbed his own dick as Trey tried to maintain the erection of his dick. Precum immediately coated the palm well. Walking over, he approached Luke who was ready to get dicked. Whimpering, Luke had already imagined how good it would be to get fucked by that porn star. The length of the sofa fitted Luke's body, although his legs were hanging by the edge. Lying on his back, he bent the knees and brought them close to his torso. The pectoral muscles seemed to bulge as he exerted his strength. The previous sexual excitement had already left Luke breathless. Beads of sweat still beaded up his entire naked body, dampening it. Since the sofa was made of leather, the sweat could not be absorbed. Luke's heart was beating fast as Trey stood in by the couch. Finally, his dream to be fucked by Trey would come true. 'Fuck me, Trey,' he whispered. Lust was hanging in the tone of his voice. 'I'm more than ready. Stick your fuck tool in me. Breed me. I'm all yours. Fuck my tight hole.' Trey did not say anything. His lewd smile was a definite yes answer. Stretching his arms, Trey seized hold of Luke's knees. The biceps bulged as he used his strength to secure Luke's legs. Pushing the bent legs against Luke's stomach, Trey exposed Luke's twitching ass hole which begged to get fucked. Bringing his throbbing male member closer, Trey sensually rubbed the slimy knob around Luke's ass lips. The fuck hole looked tight, inviting Trey to plunge his dick in. Ogling at Luke's handsome face, Trey leaned over. Slowly, their faces got closer and closer until Trey could feel the nervous warm breaths that came out of Luke's nostrils. Getting extremely horny, Luke stretched out his hands to reach for Trey's fleshy chest. As soon as he grabbed them, he squeezed the mounds to test their hardness. Responding to Luke's lewd action, Trey only gasped. 'Oh, Luke, you're really a hot man. You should have joined the porn business, you know. But then again, I might be jealous to see other guys take sexual advantage of your ass,' Trey whispered, bringing his lips as closely as he could to Luke's ear. Then, the lips moved to Luke's and laid a hot passionate kiss while Trey's dick started to push in. 'Ah, feel my dick, Luke,' Trey gasped, breaking the kiss. Pulling himself up, that naked porn star chose to stand as he was going to ravage Luke's fuck hole. 'Oh, I can feel how tight your ass is. Your sphincter guards your hole very well. But I'm gonna break it easily for I'm sure that you've been fucked before.' The oozing precum had smeared Luke's twitching ass hole, lubing it up before the real penetration began. 'Luke, I'm pushing my cock in. Take it. Yeah, open your ass hole for me. Oh!' Gradually, the glistening reddish head made its way. Luke's precum-coated ass lips had been quite slick, thus it was pretty easy for Trey's cock head to gain entrance. 'Oh! Fuck!' Luke groaned, wincing. His face was contorting with pain. 'Ah! It hurts! Oh! Trey!' he gasped, panting heavily. His firm grasp on Trey's chest grew taut, the blunt nails digging into the flesh. 'Fuck me! Ah! Push it in! It hurts but it feels so good. Ah, Trey!' Obviously, Luke suffered from great anal pain. But the more sexual pain he received, the hornier he became. 'Yes! Treat me like a whore. Fuck my ass. Oh, Trey! Give it to me! I want your dick!' By force, Luke's ass lips started to open. The cock head was relentlessly shoved in, pushing the lips inward. Thus, the fuck hole was opened. 'Yes! I can feel your dick head, Trey! Deeper! Oh fuck!' Luke shouted deliriously, his own hard dick brushing against Trey's flat stomach. 'Oh fuck! I can feel it, too, Luke,' Trey gasped, driving more air into his lungs. Sweat was dripping down his fabulously athletic body, soaking it wet. 'Yes! I'm pushing my cock head in! Ah! Luke, it's so fucking hot! I love your ass! Fuck!' A shudder ran down Trey's body as Luke's sphincter gripped his cock head mercilessly. With great effort, the knob forced itself to inch forward. Aided by a never ending supply of precum, Trey was determined to plant his dick head in. Half of the head was already inside the ass. Its slit twitched, oozing out a strand of precum. 'Ah! I'm pushing it in! Oh!' Trey yelled, throwing his head back. And the knob suddenly popped in! As soon as it did, Luke's previously stretched ass lips immediately snapped back against Trey's dick and gripped it tight. 'Luke, I'm in! My cock is in your hot ass! Oh yes!' 'Yes! I feel it, too!' Luke responded excitedly. 'Oh! Quick! Push the rest of your cock in, Trey. Give me all of it. Ah! I want to get fucked!' Gaining control over his sphincter, Luke deliberately contracted it. 'Yeah, I'm so damn horny. I want you, Trey. You're the only man who can get me so horny like this. Oh, I can cum 10 times if you keep fucking me,' he whimpered, returning Trey's ogle. Shuddering, Luke groaned when Trey's dick began its journey. The cock slowly dug deeper, shoving itself to the depths of Luke's hungry ass. 'Ah! Trey! I love your dick! Yes! Keep driving it in, baby! Oh!' Seeing Trey's lecherous expression, Luke was turned on. His dick, again, throbbed. The slimy head smeared more precum across Trey's damp stomach. 'Ah! Your ass is so tight. I feel as if I was fucking a male virgin's ass. Luke, oh!' Trey gasped, shivering. Both of his eyes were closed so that he could feel each delightful friction that his dick made with Luke's rectum. The knob was squirming inside the hot narrow fuck canal. 'Fuck!' Trey yelled as he hit something inside the rectum. Looking down, he saw that his thighs had pressed against Luke's ass cheeks. It meant that the entire cock length had been buried. 'Luke, you have my entire dick in you. Ah! Your rectum is milking my cock. I can feel the rectal muscles massage my dick. Oh!' Another drop of limpid liquid exuded out of his engorged fuck tool. 'Luke, do you like my dick, huh? Do you want to feel its power? Coz I'm gonna fuck your brain out. Yeah, you're my fuck slut now. And I do plan to use your ass to the utmost of my own pleasure.' Squirming on his sweaty back, Luke looked as if he just stepped out from steam room. The whole body of his was drenched in sweat. 'Make me your fuck slut, Trey. You're my sex god. Do whatever you want to me. Fuck my ass till it bleeds. Ah!' For a few seconds, Luke could breath peacefully. His ass hole quickly adapted itself to the size of Trey's big dick. Anal pain still burned the sphincter. 'Yeah, Trey! Fuck me! Drill my ass. Screw it. Oh! I'm so horny for you,' he whimpered, pinching Trey's nipples lightly. To Luke's expectation, the nipple stimulation managed to boost Trey's horniness. The dick in his ass was withdrawn. As the meat backed away, it was scraping Luke's rectum. 'Oh! Shit! Your dick brushes against my fuck canal! Oh! My rectum becomes itchy. Shove it back in, Trey. Scratch my bowels with your dick. Ah! Trey!' But Trey did not immediately comply. He knew that if an itch was not scratch, it would get worse. Despite Luke's protest, Trey calmly pulled his dick out completely. The ass lips quickly clenched up, blocking the anal opening. Disappointment hung on Luke's handsome face. But Trey quickly shoved his dick back. Ruthlessly, the shiny dick head pushed back in, stretching the ass lips wide. Again, the cock wormed its way in until the head hit the rectum wall. Look responded with a deep long groan. Lustfully, Trey stared into Luke's eyes. Wincing, he flinched a little as Luke's fingers were rubbing his sensitive pointy nipple heads. Grunting, that porn star started to fuck that man's sluttish ass. Trey's hips were lifted up and lowered down in a steady rhythm. 'Ah yes! Fuck my ass, Trey! Oh!' Luke groaned, moving his hands to grip Trey's bulging biceps. He needed to grab those muscles to steady his own rocking body. 'Fuck! Screw my ass harder, Trey. Show me how manly you are. Take my ass. Bury your dick deep in it. Oh! I'm squeezing your horny dick with my ass lips. Oh fuck! Yes!' The joy of being fucked had reached his brain. Luke could not think of anything else but sex. 'Nice big dick! Oh! I love your dick, Trey! Yeah, it's the biggest dick that ever entered my ass. Oh!' At time like that, Luke could not judge things objectively. Trey's dick actually was not the biggest dick that Luke had ever taken up his ass. But his dazed mind told him that Trey's was the biggest. 'Trey! I'm so horny for you! Fuck me deeper. Yeah, drive it harder! Oh! Breed my ass. Ah! A porn star is fucking my ass. Fuck yeah!' Heaving, Trey did not slow down. The longer he fucked that ass, the quicker the fucking rhythm became. 'Luke, I love your ass. It's a hot ass. Yeah, use your ass muscles to squeeze my cock. Yeah, that's it. Milk it. Oh!' Trey's naked body shuddered as a drop of pearly precum let his piss slit. 'Yes! Oh! It feels so good. Ah! Fucking you is hotter than doing porn movies. Ah! I wish you were mine, Luke. Oh yes! I want to fuck you like this forever, never letting you go. Yeah, feel my dick hit your bowels. I'm ravaging your ass and turn it up side down.' Blindly, that porn star was driving his dick in and out, without caring whether Luke was in pain or not. Grunting like a mad bull, Trey let go of Luke's legs and moved his hands to Luke's chest. 'Oh, your chest is so beautiful. I like your pointy nipples. Ah! Shit! I get hornier when I look at your chest. Fuck! You're sure hot, Luke. Yeah!' One hand was roaming Luke's pectoral muscles aimlessly. The other hand was squeezing one of Luke's fleshy chest mounds. Trey could feel the developing muscles underneath it. Thrashing his head, Luke surrendered his body to Trey. 'Yeah, play with my chest, Trey. Twist my nipple. Oh! I love when men work my nipples. Ah!' A sharp growl escaped his mouth when Trey really twist one of the nipples. 'Yes! Ah!' Luke groaned, convulsing. Spreading his legs wide, Luke wrapped them around Trey's waist. Trey's sweat had dampened Luke's legs as they made contact with one another. 'Oh! Fuck me, Trey. Fuck me harder and deeper. Oh! I'm so lustful. Yeah, I think my cum is going to explode again. Ah! Yes!' The dick was throbbing violently, hitting Trey's stomach. Using his legs, Luke brought Trey's body closer to him. That hunky porn star lost his balance and almost fell down, but Trey managed to grasp Luke's chest. Their eyes met. The porn star did not want to pause his fucking. Again and again, he plunged his dick in Luke's willing ass hole. The precum that filled Luke's ass had coated the rectum in handsome amount. Some clung around the ass lips. Thus, each time Trey's dick descended, the ass hole made sloppy noises. 'Luke! You're so fucked! Ah! This is the hottest ass, I've ever fucked! Oh yes! Feel the power of my cock. Feel my manliness. Oh yeah! I like fucking your hot ass.' Sweat dropped down from his face. Trey's hair was soaking wet. Some sweat drops dripped onto Luke's naked body. Looking down, Trey gave more pinches to Luke's erect nipples. 'Yeah, I'm gonna make you cum, Luke. Then I'm gonna spurt my seeds deep into your ass. Yes, Luke, I'm gonna make you mine and plant my seeds inside you. Oh! Fuck yes!' The sofa produced screeching noises. Forceful thrusts of Trey's dick had moved the sofa an inch away from its initial position. Luke's body lying on top of it did not stop rocking. His head was thrashing to the right and to the left in rapid movement. Sweat droplets flew off his damp hair. Erotic groans from both of them filled the room, resounding through its walls. Sex smell, mixed with sweat scent, permeated the air. Suddenly, the temperature rose. Sweat kept flowing down their naked bodies. Without warning, Trey leaned over and brought his face close to Luke's. Swiftly, he snatched Luke's lips with his. A lusty kiss took place. Trey was kissing him as if he wanted to suck the lips off Luke's mouth. Their saliva was poured into each other mouth, mingling with each other. With no disgust at all, they were tonguing each other's tongue. Muffled groans came out of their mouth, vibrating through their oral orifice. Five minutes had passed when Trey suddenly broke the kiss and said, 'I'm so close to cumming, Luke! Oh!' His face did show the tell-tale sign of orgasm. It seemed that he was about to explode soon. 'Change position. I want to cum while I'm fucking you using doggy style,' he breathed, the chest heaving up and down. Immediately, Trey pulled his erect dick out. A faint popping sounded was heard as Luke's ass hole closed itself. Slapping Luke's ass, Trey yelled frantically, 'Turn over. Assume the doggy position! Quick!' Desperately maintaining his erection, Trey was stroking his engorged dick. That dick seemed content for it did not stop throbbing. 'Ah fuck!' Trey winced, forcing his dick to wait before cumming. Hurriedly, Luke rolled over on the sofa. The pools of sweat had somehow made the sofa slick. Luke almost fell of the sofa. Clumsily, he managed to assume the doggy position, getting on four. 'I'm ready, Trey. Shove your dick in!' he groaned, clenching up his dick. As the asshole clenched up, Luke winced for they were sore. Gripping on the sofa, he prepared himself to receive the dick back in his ass. 'Ah! Fuck!' he yowled when Trey mercilessly shoved his hard dick in. Luke's puffy ass hole was stretched forcibly. But Luke, of course, was very happy to welcome that dick back. 'Yeah, Trey! Finish your fucking. Come on. Drill my ass again. Fuck it until you ejaculate. Ah! Yes! It's so big and I love your dick! Oh yeah!' 'Yeah! I'm gonna fuck you and pour my cum in your ass,' trey answered, panting. Sweat flowed down his face profusely. His dick throbbed violently, as if it was jumping inside the tight ass. The head shuddered as it exuded a streamlet of pearly precum. 'Luke, I'm so close. Ah! I want to breed your ass,' Trey yelled, Scratching Luke's sweaty back with his blunt nails. Reddish scratch marks were left on the back, dampened by sweat. 'Fuck! I'm so damn horny for you, Luke! Feel my enraged dick. I'm gonna pound your ass and make you cum without touching your fucking dick. Oh!' Haphazardly, Trey was banging Luke's ass. His dick was sliding in and out, with almost no difficulty. Precum had lubed up the fuck canal very well. As the cock length surfed on the precum layer repeatedly in rapid movement, the precum frothed and turned white. 'Oh, where's your fucking prostate?' Trey gasped, rotating his dick to find Luke's happy spot. Blindly, the cock head hit anything that stood in its way. Grabbing the couch, Luke winced. A deep guttural growl escaped his quivering lips. He felt as if the interior of his bowels had turned pulpy. Trey's dick mercilessly bumped forward and crushed everything it found. Soreness filled his ass. 'Ah, Trey! You're hurting me with your big dick. But I'm loving it! Oh yeah! Keep screwing my butt. Ah! Spare me no mercy! Fuck me really hard! Trey!' Suddenly, Luke's body was jerking more furiously. Electric wave wracked his body as soon as Trey's cock head brushed something inside Luke's ass. At then, both men knew that the prostate was located there. 'Oh! Fuck my at that spot, Trey. It's my prostate. Pound it hard, ah!' he yelled, whimpering. Contracting, Luke's back muscles bulged to their limit. Underneath his body, his erect dick was hanging aimlessly. A string of precum was hanging on the tip of his knob for a few seconds. 'Yeah, finally I found it. Ah! Feel my dick, Luke. Take my cock. Ah! You want it, you've got it. Ah! My dick is precumming so much. Your ass becomes sloppy and wet with my precum. Oh! I love hot wet tight ass,' Trey slurred, throwing back his head an closing his eyes. 'Fuck yeah! I'm so close to cumming. Ah! But I want you to cum first. Ah! Come on, Luke. Cum for me. Let Trey see how much cum you can shoot. Give me all you've got, Luke. Let me see you shoot that cock juice. Ah, cum for me, Luke.' Deliberately, that porn star was jabbing the spot which previously had rendered Luke helpless. 'Yeah, I'm hitting your G-spot. Yeah, it feels great, isn't it?' Panting, Trey reached down to find Luke's hanging dick. 'Oh, your cock is so hard, Luke. I can't help stroking it.' Feverishly, Trey held Luke's erect dick and held it captive. 'Yeah, your dick is throbbing in my hand, Luke. Oh, this is hot.' Stroking that engorged meat up and down, Trey was milking it. 'Yeah, I know you're close, too. Cum for me now!' 'Fuck, Trey! Yes! I'm gonna cum!' Luke yelled suddenly. The sensation that he received was simply too overwhelming. Instantly, the muscles in Luke's body tightened. They were contracting hard. 'Oh! Shit! Here I cum, Trey! I'm cumming for you! Oh fuck! Yes!' And the cock in Trey's hand exploded. A thick gooey cum gob was shot out from the slightly parted slit. The cum immediately hit the sofa below. Throbbing wildly, that cock continued to spew forth its sperm loads. 'Fuck! Oh! Yes! My cum keeps spurting out! Oh, Trey! Yeah! Fuck me hard! Oh! I'm cumming! Oh!' Luke yelled, his head reeling with great lust. Repeatedly, the cum jetted out while Luke's naked body convulsed. 'Shit! Oh yes! Oh!' Luke groaned, his eyes widening. Trey had to hold Luke's convulsing body with the other hand to keep it steady. Feverishly, Trey shoved his hips forward and backward, burying his dick as deep as he could. But during Luke's orgasm, Luke's sphincter contracted. As Trey's dick continued to slide in and out, it was choked as the anal ring got narrower. Drops of sweat ran down Trey's broad chest. He knew that he was seconds away from orgasm. 'Yeah, Luke um for me. Oh! You cum a lot, yeah!' But suddenly, Trey's body convulsed, too. 'Fuck! I'm cumming, too! Take my cum, Luke! I'm cumming in your ass. Ah! Take my seeds! Oh! I'm breeding your ass!' When the cock was plunged in, it immediately spewed out its cock juice. As the first shot flew out, Trey let out a deafening groan. 'Oh fuck! Yes! Ah, take my cum! Oh! Luke, I love your ass! Ah!' The ejaculating dick did not stop humping Luke's ass. Again and again, cum was spurted into Luke's willing ass. Some splattered the rectum wall. Both men's faces were contorting, as if they were in great pain. The sexual rapture seizing their naked bodies were too overwhelming to handle. Their sweaty naked bodies were rocking back and forth. Luke was having trouble to balance his body. Finally, he fell down onto the sofa while his dick was spurting its last drops of cum. Behind Luke, Trey was wrapping Luke's waist with one hand. Thus, that porn star was pulled forward, falling on top of Luke's perspiring back. Trey, too, was still cumming. As his body fell down, it caused his dick to plunge deeper. Louder groan resounded through the room. For several seconds later, Trey was still humping Luke's ass. Lustfully, he was kissing Luke's damp head, inhaling the strong scent of masculinity. And finally, the shattering orgasm faded away. It was over. Lying on the couch, they were panting heavily, trying to regain their strength back. Lovingly, Trey embraced his fuck buddy. Softly, he whispered, 'Thanks for your lovely ass, Luke. I'll definitely want to fuck your ass again next time.' Slowly, he lifted his body up. The buried dick was plugged out of Luke's ass. The battered hole slightly gaped open, not being able to clenched up properly. The anal opening was smeared with gooey cum. 'Ah, I really enjoyed fucking your ass. It was great,' Trey said, shaking his dick to remove any cum excess. Shriveling, Trey's dick grew limp and short. Luke quickly turned his body around. Obviously, he had ejaculated too much cum. Luke's body was smeared with cum. It also reeked with cum smell. Trey lowered his body down and both of them were locked in a lustful embrace. 'Thanks, Trey, for giving me a memorable horny time. So, I guess, I can write my interview report much better coz now I know about your dick, how you fuck, and the other horny details.' He snaked out his tongue and lapped Trey's lips. 'Don't forget to read it, ok?' The response that he got was only a lewd grin. The, both of them continued to stimulate each other until both of their cock got erected. END




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