I'm 18 years old, I've known for a while that I like guys and I've had a few flings with some lads. I enjoyed them but sadly they all had to come to an end.

As nobody knew about me I couldn't meet guys socially and I didn't want to go to a bar on my own so I didn't really meet many lads.

After a while I thought about joining an online site to try and meet guys that way, I was a bit cautious but I thought why not.

So I signed up, posted my picture and waited. I looked around but I was too shy to send the first message so I let other lads make the first move. I got a few messages and I went to meet up with a few of these guys.

Things moved pretty quickly each time, I mean the first guy I was with 10 minutes before he had my cock in his mouth!

Anyway these guys I only met once or twice.

Then I was looking through the site one day and came across this guy who was a bit older than me (not by much). I read his profile and looked at his pics. I liked what I saw so I sent the first message and he replied!

We talked for a while and really hit it off so a bit later we exchanged numbers. I text him quite a lot getting to know him, although I hadn't met him yet I knew I liked him, he was fit and he had a great personality! He seemed to think the same of me.

We decided to meet for some drinks and see how it went. I was really nervous but as soon as I saw him it was all good and we made our way to the first pub.

Once again we got on really well and after a few pubs we decided to book a hotel room,

On the way we had a few cheeky kisses making sure no-one was around,

Luckily we had to go through a few subways so there were a lot of oppurtunities to steal kisses from each other.

When we got into bed we were both pretty wasted so I just fell asleep in his arms. when we woke I stayed put with his arm around me while we spooned.

After a while we started kissing and it wasn't long before we were both in the mood. Luckily we were both already naked so some time was saved there.

He moved down my body and started sucking my cock straight away, teasing the tip expertly with his tongue, it felt amazing.

He kept teasing the tip while rubbing his hand up and down the shaft. He then swallowed it whole and bobbed up and down.

After not too long he moved back to stroking the shaft and teasing the tip which was the best bit!

I warned him i was close and he moved his mouth over and swallowed every drop of my load, before moving up and kissing me again.

I flipped him over so he was on his back and kissed his body up and down paying attention to his lips and neck,

I moved down and started stroking his cock, i kept this up for a while before positioning my mouth over the top and slowly took it all in, he moaned as i tried to swallow the whole thing, i bobbed up and down while rubbing his body, I've sucked guys before but always let them cum on my hand or their body so when he warned he was close i went to move away.

But i changed my mind in the last second and put my mouth over and let him shoot into me! Shot after shot of cum hit me in the back of the throat and I swallowed every last drop, i was glad i stayed because i loved it!

After we just laid there and cuddled for a bit before we had to leave.

He had a condom but no lube so we decided to wait, (something to look forward to next time)

I was disappointed when check out time came but we got dressed and headed down to reception, stealing a few last kisses on the way out.

He walked me to the station where we said goodbye,

I had a really good time and can't wait to see my 'internet friend' again!




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