Tyler awoke to a sort of swishing sound. It was still dark outside the tent he and Joe were sharing and Tyler estimated the time to be about 3:00am. At first he thought the sound was coming from outside the tent, an animal trying to get in, but as the fog of sleep lifted, he realised it was coming from inside. The moon was high in the sky and that allowed him to see movement in the sleeping bag next to him. Joe was pleasuring himself.

Joe had been married for seventeen years, but that all came to a crashing end when his wife left him. She didn’t say why, but Joe knew it was another man. She had gotten much closer to a friend’s husband in recent years and Joe assumed they wanted to be together. He didn’t put up a fight. He let her go. This camping trip was Tyler’s way of trying to cheer him up. They’d boat, they’d fish and maybe do a little hiking, all to take his mind off his wife. And, it seemed to be working, too. Joe was upbeat and was becoming more like his old self.

The movement’s in the next sleeping slowed and Tyler thought his friend had cum, but after a few minutes they started up again. Tyler was a closeted gay man. He was married and divorced twice, both times to women. He just couldn’t bring himself to express his gayness out in the open. He was embarrassed, but whether it was the darkness of night or the lack of sleep or perhaps the isolation, Tyler’s penis began to harden and he opened his mouth to say something.

Then, he closed it again. Should he, he thought? What the fuck.

“Need a hand over there,” he asked softly.

The movement’s stopped.

“What,” said Joe after a few agonisingly silent seconds.

“Yeah, you know, I could maybe give you a bit of a hand. If you …” he trailed off.

“…uhm, okay, yeah sure.”

Tyler unzipped his sleeping bag and closed the two feet between them by scooting over on his side. He lay next to Joe, who had not yet unzipped his sleeping bag. With his hand, Tyler searched the outside of the silky plastic bag for the outline of his friend’s cock. Joe’s hand was holding it, and Tyler gently pulled his fingers off, through the bag. He then made up and down motions tracing the cock through the heavy, layered fabric.

Joe took his hands out of the sleeping bag while Tyler caressed him and fumbled for the zipper that would give his friend full access. Joe had had thoughts about doing sexy time with a man, but he never figured it would be with his best friend. Fantasies usually involved men he’d caught casual glimpses of at the hardware store or better yet, in the showers at the gym. But, Tyler? Well, maybe once when they were teenagers he’d entertained the thought — and maybe even jerked off over it — but that was a long time ago.

With the bag open, Tyler moved in a little closed and transferred his hand from outside the sleeping bag, directly on to Joe’s underwear. He liked when a man was still in his underthings. He had forever. It was something about being able to slip his hand under the waistband or through the fly — forbidden areas — that got him hot.

Joe’s cock was fully erect, lying on its back, frenulum up, waiting for stimulation. Tyler began by slowly caressing the pit of his penis. The frenulum area, where the two sides of his cock head come together. From experience, he knew that this action, especially through a thin fabric, could create a sensation that he imagined a woman would have while rubbing her clit. The small round motions he made were even similar to how a woman might masturbate and how he himself had played with his wives’ vaginas. But that was another life, from a long time ago.

The motions were having the desired effects on Joe. His cock was thickening and he was starting to really get into things. He thrust upwards, clenched and released his fists and moved his head back and forth on the pillow. He was feeling the way his wife had never made him feel… not in a long time, anyway.

Not wanting this session to end too soon, Tyler stopped and Joe’s tense body relaxed. Tyler’s head had been at chest level and now he moved it slowly downtown. He wanted to smell and taste his best friend. He wondered whether Joe’s invitation to “giving him a hand” extended to giving him head, too. He decided not to think about it, and would stop if Joe felt uncomfortable.

He didn’t seem to have a problem with it though, since it was Joe himself who removed his own underwear and exposed his 7 inch cock to the moonlight shining in to the tent. He held it, so it pointed upwards and gave it a few up and down motions to keep the feeling going.

“Fuck, man,” Joe said. “That was goddamn hot what you just did. I’ll have to try that myself sometime. Imagine me masturbating for decades and never discovering something like that.”

“Oh, I’ve got more little tricks up my sleeve, if you’re willing to try.”

“After that shit, I’m all yours, fuck. Let the games begin.”

And, begin they did. Tyler took his buddy’s hardness into his mouth. Just the tip at first, then deeper. He knew he wouldn’t be able to deep throat him, but he’d push it as far as he could. He grabbed hold of the shaft and masturbated as he sucked. Up and down, he went, as Joe began touching him.

First Joe rubbed his hands through Tyler’s hair. That felt so good. If one could shoot from one’s head, this would be the way to get Tyler off. After a few seconds, Joe’s roaming hands made their way down to his friend’s back.

He caressed, pinched, grabbed and rubbed Tyler’s back, as Tyler kept up the amazing blowjob — his first from another man and quite possibly the best he’d ever had. Tyler’s head bobbed up and down, as his hand kept rubbing the penis shaft. Joe could have cum, but he held back, wanting to to continue a little longer. In fact, he wanted to touch and maybe even suck Tyler’s cock.

Joe first reached down to touch Tyler’s cock, and then shimmied and scooted around so that it was staring him in the face. All the while, Tyler never missed a beat. He kept up the slurping and sucking on his buddy’s cock.

Joe felt a twinge of nervous excitement shoot through his body. He had never had a penis in his mouth before. What would it feel like? Would it taste like anything, like man sweat, perhaps? Would he gag? He stuck out his tongue and gave Tyler’s penis a lick. It didn’t taste bad. In fact, it really didn’t taste like anything. Maybe a little salty, but that was all. He puckered his lips and kissed the head, taking about half the head into his mouth. Tyler thrusted his penis softly, not wanting to hurt his friend, but needing a little more stimulation.

Joe obliged, taking the full head of the cock into his mouth. Tyler pushed some more and Joe now had three inches of his friend’s cock inside his mouth. It felt nice. He liked this more than he thought he would. While Tyler sucked Joe’s cock, he slowly and gently began fucking Joe’s mouth. Soon, Joe was playing the game, too. He was moving his mouth up and down on Tyler’s cock, using his hand for extra stimulation while thrusting his own penis in and out of his friend’s mouth.

The sensation was amazing. Of course, he had never got the feeling of cocksucking while with his wife, but this had to be the best blowjob he’d ever felt. It was almost like an ongoing orgasm, but he knew the best was yet to come.

The tension started to build inside him. It started in an area between his belly button and pubic hair. He felt his cock get a little thicker. Tyler sped up the fucking motions in his mouth and Joe did the same. He assumed Tyler was about ready to blow too.

Tyler let out a whimper, then a moan.

Joe matched his moan, but it lasted longer and then as the sensation started to spread to all parts of his body, the sound coming out of his throat got higher pitched. It sounded like an uhhhhhmmmm, then an aaaah, which he continued rhythmically for the last few thrusts before the gush began.

He ejaculated semen hard into his friend`s mouth. There was lots of it and his friend kept taking it, and kept the sucking and hand job going, milking the cock until there was nothing left to come out. All the while Tyler kept fucking Joe`s mouth, but now Joe felt his buddy`s cock thicken and semen started spurting out of his cock, too. There was a lot of cum, and while Joe didn`t swallow it, as his friend had for him, he kept his mouth around his penis, letting the cum spill out. He wanted Tyler to feel every bit as good as he did right now.

When Tyler`s orgasm ended, the two men lay as they were and eventually fell asleep. By morning, they had migrated to a somewhat less conspicuous position and while they didn`t speak about what happened the night before, they both knew it wouldn`t be the last time.




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