I adore my pocket diary because it contains only the names and phone numbers of the most attractive boys that anyone could dream of and who I have remarkably enjoyed.

I like boys who are able of satisfying my most extreme fantasies.

I don't ever make it with anybody twice. At least I try it that way.

I like fresh flesh very much.

I like inexperienced boys who inside themselves keep a sea of concerns that somehow I can resolve.

But there's one who sticks out among those boys, all having different skins, from tender and sensual to sadistic and Machiavellian looks and, among many boys having thick penises some of them and some with long penises, almost all of them with asses excessively agreeable for my expectations; among so many boys with a variety of fantasies and ways of understanding sex.

One who is special...Emanuel.

I was 18 years old when we ran into each other while he was arguing on the mobile phone with his girlfriend. His eyes flashed under his eyebrows with a mysterious and sensual appearance.

His body was beautiful and strong, a challenging dick and his testicles seemed like those of a bull that made him to look very attractive.

But what I liked the most about Emanuel was his magnetism. I would say that he had an animal magnetism.

His manners of walking, being, moving and feeling were very masculine and he absorbed me completely.

The truth is that I had seen him walking through the streets before, talking to him; he really impressed me and I got so desperate to have sex with him.

That evening we went to my apartment since my mother traveled to one of her sister's birthday.

Emanuel's look dominated my body, it got me confused and it turned me on wishing for a happy sex evening.

Suddenly we wanted to experience everything.

His hands searched for me with strength and I also gave the same response that he started to feel satisfied about.

We licked each other inch by inch, until finding and consuming the most hidden sensations.

We continued licking each other, we went crazy and we felt full of pleasure as well as wet and vertiginous.

Emanuel invited me to a surprising frenzy made up by emotions.

I felt an uncontrollable impulse, growing once and again.

His buttocks were outlined and delightful, his dick was mouthwatering and my mouth could touch them full of passion.

That way, my tongue was like a party of sensations all over him.

Our penises enjoyed in our bodies' holes without holding back.

We burst into a million passions.

We were intense and repeated fury and domination in many ways.

Without knowing it, we perceived how something exciting was growing in the middle of the game.

Our dicks were stiff like stakes.

Rolling over each other, full of anxieties and forbidden caresses.

Our dicks touching each other ignited us, made us search deeper.

Our dicks got extended in our brutally sucking mouths.

Our dicks struggled bluntly inside our yearning asses.

We were terrified and we felt that we were going to other extremes, more outrageous, less vivid and those extremes made us to more than what we were before.

Due to strange and indefinite reasons, we were both anchored in strength meant to seal to the feeling of ecstasy and paradise.

Emanuel awakened in me a new unrepeatable manner of interpreting male sex.

We were pure vertigo; innocent and dirty arriving to the most fierce satisfaction.

Emanuel was convincing as a wild blacksmith, like a little devil who was riding on my back until breaking my ass in an unforgettable abuse that tore me and at the same time it was glorious.

There was a special moment when he merrily fucked me in my mouth, where he poured Champaign over it, meant to use my twinkling tongue to motivate an ecstasy in his stiff dick.

I did the same thing... I got in and out of him without resting, like being angry, like wanting to swallow him all; going deep inside him each time my hungry dick fucked him.

His ass was a delightful heaven, impossible of leaving it for a second.

Emanuel drank my semen as it happened to be the most exquisite liquor on earth, and I drank his convinced that I was swallowing him up to keep him in my memory.

Months have gone by and I couldn't forget his face depicting a very young and sexual fierce horse.

I really adore my pocket diary.

Each day has a new name, smelling like semen and it has its own adventure.

And on one of its pages, the special reference about Emanuel.


Roberto Escorda

[email protected]


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