My name is Andrew Luck, I'm really athletic, swim built, got some facial hairs enough to impress the girls, and I got women pregnant at a very young age, but I tell you one thing, it was the smartest thing I ever done, when I hold my little boy in my arms I felt this deep love toward him, his innocent blue eyes looking up at the man that created him it was amazing feeling.

I had no trouble raising him, he didn't argue me, nor did he argue with my wife Alicia, he is really kind and thoughtful, when school was about to begin for the little guy, I held him back, I want him close to me as possible, I don't anyone taking away my innocent child. I named him Andy, it fitted him, and I started teaching him like a teacher since I refuse him go to school. Alicia works at the hospital. Our money is alright, no close to being poor not close to being rich, just enough to support us.

For my sons 4th birthday, I got him a teddy bear, right when he saw the sight of that bear, he will never let it go, I was slightly jealous, it felt like Andy loved the teddy bear more than me, I shook that thought from my head, of course Andy loves me, he will always love me.

It was a year since I got him that bear, Andy became really smart, Alicia insisted that I should allow him to go the school so he can make friends. I told her no, this innocent child will never be damage on my watch. When I looked in the mirror I found that same blue innocent eyes looking back at me, am I innocent like my son is the question, I didn't mean to get Alicia pregnant I felt guilty for doing that for awhile, the guilt slowly passes.

It was a year later, around April couple days before Andy's next birthday, I got a phone call; I answered it while thinking what to get for my little guy, 'Hello?' I said in a cheerful voice, a voice slightly grunted and spoke 'Is this Andrew Luck?' I replied saying 'Yes' the man sighed on the other end 'Andrew, your wife got in an accident on the freeway, her car was badly damage, and Andrew... She's dead.' The news shook me, the happiness I had for years disappeared like that. I slowly hanged up the phone and collapse on the couch; I rested my face against my hands and let the tears run.

'Daddy, why are you sad?' I looked up my face is red from crying, I see my son hugging his teddy bear 'Son, mommy went away for a long time, she won't be back.' What could I tell a five-year old? That his mother died? I couldn't destroy him like that. Andy waddled over me and climbed on the couch, he snuggled against me, 'Mommy will be back, she will never leave us.' I felt my heart soften; I hugged my son and cried he was the sweetest child ever.

After a day, I decided that I have to keep things in order, I have to take a job for money and food, and I need to hire someone to look after Andy. I got to a phone and dialed a number and waited, the phone clicked and I got a sweet voice answering 'Hello?' I sighed and spoke 'Mrs. Yarn?' The women gasped and said 'Andrew? I'm so sorry for your lost honey; can I do anything to help with the pain?' I smiled knowing I got the right women 'Mrs. Yarn I want to hire you to watch over Andy, I need a job to support us, I hope you understand.' Mr. Yarn whistled and said 'Sure thing Hun, but I won't allowing you to pay me, I want to help your family as much as I can, when can I start?' 'Tomorrow' after saying our goodbyes I hung up.

Next step find a job, sure enough I found one, and I have to work for 1 am to 2 pm seems like a hard working schedule, but I have to load cargo on ships to be shipped off to Europe, seems easy. The next day I walked in to work to my surprise all the man have no shirts on, they expose their muscular chest, arms and abs. I guy that is muscular than the rest and had light tan skin maybe he is in his thirties, he walked over me to greeted 'Howdy, first day?' I nodded the man smiled, something about the smiled made me shiver, 'Name's Rex, and I'm going to be your friend, if you like it or not sadly, and I recommend that you take off your shirt, people like to tease the workers who don't fit in.' I shook my head 'That seems stupid, who came up with that rule? ' Rex chuckled and slapped his hand against my back I flinched but I didn't want to show that he hurt me.

'Come on pussy cat, don't be shy you have to leave that little ol' house and become a wild cat soon.' I shook my head again this seems really ridiculous, but I didn't argue, I started unbutton when I was done I wrapped my shirt around my arm, Rex was studying me. 'Man, oh man, don't you look sexy, I bet the chicks are swarming around yah' I blushed I couldn't help it. 'Don't go blushing on a compliment, geez what are you, gay?' I shook my head fast 'Heck no.' Rex raised an eyebrow at me 'Heck no? You don't even swear, an innocent little kitty.' My face become even redder, Rex laughed 'Come here and help us will yah?' I worked in a ware house I'm suppose to give the cargo to people outside so they can load it on the ship. After the working for an hour I felt a pair of eyes staring at me, people were staring at my body like an eagle watching its prey, it was uncomfortable and I keep wondering why their staring, what thoughts swim in their minds? I wasn't the only one they stared at; they seemed their staring at Rex also.

I walked over to Rex one time and asked 'Why are those guys staring at you and me?' Rex shrugged 'Who knows jealous maybe,' that's when I spotted our boss talking to some of the guys that stared at us, the boss looked at us for a moment, I gasped, was it just me or did I see our boss licked his lips? I couldn't tell for sure from this distance, 'Rex! I wish to speak with you.' Rex groaned 'Whatever did I do?' I shrugged, Rex grumbled and hurried to the boss, and the boss patted Rex on the shoulder and walked into office with Rex. It was 12:00 pm when I saw Rex again he was sweating slightly and he collapse right next to me, 'What happened?' I asked really worried Rex shook his head 'nothing' much, he just wanted to talk.' 'Oh' I said, my worries left me, I wipe the sweat from my forehead, tired from the work and wish for some break. I picked up crate and walked over to the next guy who is going to load it onto the ship.

When I set the cargo down and turned around, Rex lips pressed against me, I was shocked my heart was pounding, Rex gently pushed me into a ware house, he kept pushing me to a corner hidden from everyone else I turned around 'Why did you kiss me and brought me here?' my voice was shaking I failed trying to keep my voice strong and firm. Rex smiled and kissed me again 'I know you like it pussy cat.' I blushed and look away, he wasn't like this before, the boss must've done something to make him flirty with me. Rex started rubbing my nipples and starting kissing my neck. I couldn't help but moan, gosh this feels great. 'The boss did this to me in his office, I was so eager to try it on someone else,' I KNEW IT! But at this point, I don't care. Rex lowered his lips onto my left nipple and started sucking on it; the sensation was too great for me. 'God...' I whispered, Rex laughed quietly 'You finally swore.'

I smiled I guess I did , Rex switched to my other nipple and started sucking that one dry, by reflex and instinct I pressed my hand against Rex's head refusing him to leave my nipple alone. But sadly my hold of him wasn't strong, Rex pulled back 'Don't worry pussy cat, I will give you a better sensation.' With that Rex went on his knees and unzips my pants, 'No underwear?' Said Rex as his nose was bump against my 8 inch cock 'They're in the wash,' I said shyly Rex smiled and kissed my dick 'it's beautiful,' I gasped as I felt his warm mouth over my cock, his tongue was swirling around me, like he is sucking on a cherry popsicle, but in this situation a meatsicle, I moaned loudly, as my legs started to shake 'Keep sucking that cock man, suck it dry!' I demanded, Rex obeyed and kept on sucking without hesitation, I grabbed the back of his head as I started mouth fucking him, I didn't care if he is choking, and I want my cock pleased!

Later Rex was bent over his arms rested against the wall, his ass in straight view, I knew that his ass begs for me, but to be sure 'You sure you want me to do this?' I said, Rex growled 'You bet!' With my cock lubed by his saliva, I didn't give him a warning I pressed my cock in, the feeling of his warm butt around my cock turns me into a beast.

'Uh, fuck that feels good, come on pussy cat, fucked me' I leaned over and whispered n his ear 'Call me Daddy and I shall please your ass.' I didn't know what I was saying but it felt good, 'Please Daddy fucked my ass, release the beast within you on me,' I slipped my whole cock in as I started performing small strokes inside of him. 'Fuck me, ugh.' He kept saying as I passed over his happy spot I started picking up pace, I started ramming him like my life depended on it, 'FUCK ME DADDY!!!' Rex yelled over my grunting, 'Daddy I'm going to cum, your little Rex is going to CUM!'

I took my cock out of his ass, I ordered him to sit down on floor, and Rex sat on his pants that he took off, 'Stroke' I said, and Rex started stroking furiously. 'AH!' Screamed Rex as his cum sprayed over my bare feet, I grinned as I stroked my cock 'Want to taste daddy's cum little Rex?' Rex nodded and whimpers I blasted my load all over Rex's face, Rex catches every last drop of my sweet milk in his mouth. 'Mmmmm, taste good Pussy cat.' Rex said while licking his lips I rose an eyebrow at him 'I thought I told you to call me Daddy.' Rex laughed 'No fair man, I'm the one that started this' I grinned 'But, I'm the one that is taking control now.' I blinked I felt like I came to my senses what have I become? All my innocent, gone, taken away from this man, but I didn't care for now on, I want sex.

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