The inner Truth Its 2:45 A.M., 2 miles outside Clearwood Oregon a 2007 Volkswagon Beetle belonging to Suki Linage is parked in the surrounding forest. The leftside passengers door hang open, sticking out are 2 pairs of legs, each with pants around there ankles. The bottom set belong to Luke Evergroth a short but incredibly musculer cacasian man, with short buzzed blond hair and a darkened face. The ladder belong to the owner of the vehical, a 5 foot gothic teen of asian descent, she has long black hair with a pair of pink highlights running the entire length, a flower nose piercing shimmered moonlight onto her face. The light then glimmered onto the duo's bodies.Glisining off the sweat fallowing the contours of Luke's biceps and 6 pack. Reflecting back into the sliva on each off Suki's now engorged nipples, which Luke desperalty suckled as the pair of perked B cup breasts swung back and forth, as Suki pinned down Lukes arms as she rode, thrusting back and forth, placing herself firmly atop his 6 inch throbing penis. Riding it back and forth, as each of there moans of pleasure echoed out through the forest, they didn't notice the condom tearing. The fallowing morning Suki slowly crepted to the kitchen door to find it locked, fortunatly she peered through the window to find Xang inside. Xang Linage, Suki's twin brother was a 5'5, wore thick black, square rim glasses. He had short thick black hair with frosted tips dyed with a greenish hue. His orange hoodie hung draped over his wirery, boney frame. He gobbled down a granola bar as he readjusted his leather belt tighting around his hour glass waist, forcing his flat black skinny jeans to grip tightly to his pear shaped ass. Suddenly Suki knocked on the door, Xang jumped back in suprise clumsily hitting the counter behind him, before peering through the window and stepping forward unlocking the door, while annoucing " God Suki! Do you know what time it is? What the hell are you doing up so early?". Suki responded "Gee clutsy you seem happy to see me. And for the record I never went to sleep." "Oh, so it was that kind of night!" remarked Xang. Suki ingorning the remark reached for an apple, she proceeded to take a bite, chewing and pondering her next words before clearing her throat. Then asking " Hey, my darling generous Brother, you surley wouldn't mind giving me a ride to school this morning? Would you?"Xang starred at her, " What about your 10k pretty pink slug bug? Princess?" he said. " Lets say after the gyser last night, its going to need a lot if cleaning before it'll look presentable."she replied. Xang raised an eyebrow stating " Your kinding me?" she replied "Nope."" So wonderful compassionate brother, thank you Soooo much for the ride." Xang ignored her, Suki's personality sifted as she got angery stating "Oh come on! Your wearing my pants for christ sakes." Xang looked down at the jeans he was wearing and sighed. " Fine come on." Suki smiled as she fallow her twin through the backdoor. At Clearwood Highschool, a Green 2008 Kawaski Ninja with two riders pulls into the parking lot. As it parks the passenger removes her helmet revealing herself as Suki.She then runs to Luke who is standing beside the entrance along with his crew constisting of the Dalton brothers. Randy and Richard Dalton. Both have similiar features for not being twins, both having brown curley hair, Richard has a mustach budding, both are skinny, musclar and incredibly quick. Randy has a thicker jaw than his younger brother, him begin at 5'11 slightly taller than is brother at 5'9. Both of which pass Luke his is at 5'6. Standing behind them in stark contrast is a 7'0 giant known as Carlos. His frame is stout and wide to support the shere height of the man, with long hair that flows into his beard. He is a soft spoken man, more apt to shut up and fallow orders then speak his mind. Suki and Luke kiss as Xang removes his helmet with a look of disgust. As he attempts to walk as casually as possible past the group.The Dalton brothers stop him dead in his tracks, having Carlos pin him to the wall. " Where you think your going punk, you know full well a preppy boy like you is not welcome here. Ready to pay the fine?" the duo laughed as terror flided Xang's eyes, as a mountain of inescable scuplted muscle pinned him stedfast againist the brick wall. He was indeed between a rock and a hard place, sudden flashbacks of what he knew was going to happen raced through Xang's head. Suddenly he heard Suki's familiar voice " Oh, tell em to knock it off Luke, let him slide this once." She looked cheerfully at her boyfriend melting him down. " Fine, let him go boys!" shouted Luke. With a direct order from there leader the rest of the gang complied.. " You got off this round!" shouted Randy. "But you won't be so lucky next time." Stated Richard. With that Carlos let Xang down who landed on his ass bruising it, he felt the pain as he rubbed it hoping it wouldn't bruse. He looked up and saw a falling leaf flutter and land on his face as Luke's gang walked away. He studied the orange leaf and said to himself " Guess it is September after all." he placed the leaf on his left ear and hurried to class arriving just before the bell rung. One month later, Suki is head first in the toilet puking her guts out. Theres a knock on the bathroom door. Its Xang"Suki is everything alright?" he asks. " Go away" she shouts between heaving. "Suki somethings defiently wrong, you've been vomiting constantly for the past week." he replies. Suki opens the door having just finished, the toilet still flushing in the back ground. "I think" she wipes her eyes with a towel. "I think I have the flu." she looks to see Xang has something in his hand. " What you got there stretch" She questions. " Well sence you show no other syptoms, other then your usual brand of disgusting. I thought you might need to try this." he hands her a pregnancy test. She gives him a look like Are you fucking crazy? He responds with " Just to be sure". Suki depates it for a moment before taking it and closing the bathroom door. She walks over to the toilet test in hand.She slips down her tights, her blue mini skirt, and her orange panties. Exposing her pear shaped ass something she and her twin have very much in common. Along with her tight vagina. She sets down on her hand holding the test. She sets in completly quiet until the sound of flowing water breaks the silence. She then gets up however she sneezes and drops the test into the toilet, she quickly pulls up her outfit and attempts to fish out the test but inadvertently glushes it down the drain but not before seeing a line start to develop on the test. As she opens the door Xang asks " So?" "Go get the keys." she replies. "Why?" he asks. " Go get the fucking keys!" she shouts. Ten minutes later at a Quick Trip across town Suki buys a pregnancy test, with odds looks from the clerk behind the register. She strolls into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Xang waits patienly, skimming through the magazines beside the counter, a handson man dawning a stutsin hat catches his eye. Xang picks up the copy of Farmers Inc. and after studing the cover extensivly flips through the magazine stopping at a photo of a sexy machanic bent over the hood of a car, face firstin the engine, sculpted jean covered ass sticking up. As Xang marveled at it the bathroom door flung open. As Suki marched to the counter and asked for another, after paying she rushed back into the restroom. Xang stood there dazed. 5 minutes later Suki barged out to the counter again, finishing pulling her mini skirt upas she does so. When attempts to pay her pocket is empty, she looks frantic but Xang walks up behind her placing money on the counter. She flies past him and into the restroom for the 3rd time. Once again 5 minutes pass. The door slowly opens as Suki almost stumbles out. She walks right past Xang and exits the store. Xang runs after her charges through the door, he looks around seeing no one, he walks to the pink beetle and opens the passenger door finding Suki in the drivers seat. He enters and closes the door, he calls out "Suki?". She turns showing blank expression, a face of shock. She coldly says " I'm, I'm Pregnant." Suddenly and sea of emotions breaks the dam, she moves toward Xang as tears cascade down her face like a torent. Xang hugs her pulling her into him and replies "Oh Suki." He takes a breath. " Everythings going to be alright."


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