I recently bought a big old house in the middle of nowhere in rural Virginia. I had been transferred to the area a year ago by my company, a textile manufacturer, and was offered a hefty salary and bonus to remain there in management at a small plant which was out in real rural country. The "backwoods" folk took some getting used to, they are friendly enough, but I haven't had much of a social life. It's okay, the money is really good.

I'm a 32 year old gay guy who is from the suburbs of a big city. I haven't had a steady relationship in a long time, there are literally no other like minded men out here, but I kind of like the peace and quiet. I exercise by jogging in the country and I am pretty fit, except I think my ass is still a bit big, it has some jiggle to it since I spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer, snacking too much and making out reports for our corporate office.

Anyway, after I bought the house, I knew I wanted to do some fixing up on the inside and it also needed some structural repairs to the roof, rafters and rear foundation. I am not a "manly" fix-it guy, I usually stay in the office most of the day and watch movies at home in the evening, so I decided to hire a contractor.

The choices were slim, most were too far away to do the job, and one company would have me wait for at least six months to get started. It was the end of June and I didn't think getting the job started in the winter was a good idea.

An employee in the plant, heard about my dilemma and she gave me the name and number of "ROC construction". She said her brother had once worked for them and now that her brother is out of "the big house," he's been working construction in North Carolina. And Rocco, the owner helped her brother with a new start. I thought I would give ROC a call and see if I wanted to hire them.

That afternoon, I called Rocco and he was very friendly over the phone, and he agreed to meet me early that evening to survey my needed repairs.

At 6:00, Rocco arrived, he was about 40 years old, 5'10, classic Italian looks, dark hair, and goatee. He wore jeans and a dark blue polo, which was a little snug for his somewhat muscled frame. He immediately shook my hand and gave me a warm smile. We inspected the house together, inside and outside and he jotted down notes. I had told him about my dilemma with hiring a contractor and he said he understood, the area being what it is was. When we were finished, I offered him a beer and we sat at the dining room table and discussed the job.

He said that he could get a crew together and start in about three weeks and the job should only take a couple of weeks. He also gave me a price that I thought was very fair. But, being a newbie with all that goes into construction, I asked him some questions about the quality of work, references and the crew.

"Daniel, I'll be honest with you, the reason that I can start so soon and give you such a good price, is that most of my guys are on day job work release from the State pen, about eight miles up the old highway."

I was stunned, and could only get out, "oh, um, so they're..."

"Yeah, they're serving their last few months and this is a way for them to get some work experience. I used to be the assistant warden there, that's how I moved out here from Chicago. But I thought I could help these guys out better this way rather than working on the inside."

I listened as he went on, "My foreman, Tyrone, who used to be like them, picks them up each morning and brings them to the job site with a prison chaperone, and then they go straight back. No pit stops, so they'll be here only to service your needs."

He continued, "Look Daniel, I know you might be feeling uneasy with all this. But the guys will get the job done; they need perform well for me, to get their final release. I know there aren't many other outfits out here that'll do this work now when you need it. The guys have to work during the day anyway. You don't even have to be here, if it makes you uncomfortable."

Feeling uneasy about the thought of a group of inmates at my home, "No, I think I'll take some time off from work to be here, um, you know. . ."

Rocco understood and responded, "Oh okay, if you can handle some minor crudeness, everything will be fine. They have skills, and don't worry; they won't be in orange jumpsuits or anything. (I let out an uneasy laugh) I'll make sure to be here most of the time too. Daniel, you are just the kind of customer we look for, open minded. You got a lot of heavy work that needs to be done here, so I'll make sure we get some big, strong guys for the heavy lifting." He sniggered and added. "You know there isn't too much for them to do in there, but lift weights. It helps us all if you, the customer, is satisfied. The job should get done pretty quickly, they got loads of stamina." We both kind of laughed, although mine was more of a nervous chuckle.

I had some reservations, but I did not have a lot of options, so we agreed upon the details and I took the time off from work.

The Monday of start date was already heating up to be a hot summer day. At about 8:00 am I heard some vehicles pulling up to my house. I looked out of my upstairs window and saw a big pick up truck, with lots of material in the back and a white van. A black guy in work gear got out of the pick up and went over and opened the van. Out jumped the crew members one by one. I couldn't believe my eyes, as eight big "thug types" assembled in my front yard. They made there way across the yard towards my front porch; all muscled up, and dressed in various kinds of works clothes.

I immediately ran downstairs and opened the front door.

Rocco was not there, which I thought was very odd. They driver of the van, who I assumed was the prison escort, was an old fat guy. He stayed in the van, already starting to read his newspaper. There were three Latinos, two white guys, and four black guys (one of which was the driver of the pick up). Rocco did send big guys, but two of the black guys towered over the rest.

All eyes were on me. I started, "Um, is Rocco here? Or, um, should I show you guys around?"

The black guy who drove the pick up responded in a friendly tone, "Mr. Miller? I'm Tyrone and Rocco should be here soon. But, I'm the foreman and will take care of the work that needs done. We'll do good by you."

"Oh thanks, and you can call me Daniel. Um, well, um, how about I show you around the inside." I was surprised how nervous I was, as I had a little trouble speaking.

Tyrone followed me into the house, most of the guys started moving towards the pick-up, but the two colossal black guys also followed us. I showed them the different rooms and what needed to be done. They were pretty quiet the whole time. As I would explain things, I was aware of my own uneasiness. Tyrone would just listen, nod and look around. The two big guys were almost gawking at me. I guess it was like we had come from two separate worlds. As I exited one of the bedrooms to go back into the hallway, the two huge dudes were blocking the entrance.

"Oh, excuse me.", I asked, trying to be polite. They obliged by giving me some space to get by, but since they were so big, I had to squeeze myself between them and I couldn't help but brush up against both of them. They seemed to be examining me as I passed between them. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

We walked through the upstairs bathroom, which oddly enough, contained the door leading up to the attic. I started up the stairs and then, one of the big black guys said in a deep voice, "He Ty, can I take a piss?"

Tyrone looked up at me. What was I supposed to say? "Oh, um, sure, go ahead." The rest of us walked up the stairs into the large open attic. I had put a couple of boxes up there, and there were some old pieces of furniture, lamps, books and a large old wall mirror left by the previous owner. I started to show Tyrone the different areas of concern. The guy who wanted to use the bathroom, who they called Bobby, was taking a lot longer than normal, but maybe he had to take a crap. I didn't have anything valuable in the bathroom, just toiletries.

I was pointing out the ceiling of the attic and the spots that sometimes leaked. It was already pretty hot up there, Tyrone took the bottom of his t-shirt and wiped the sweat off his forehead. I got a glimpse of his nice abs. Anyway, I was going to show them the rafters which were starting to rot and were a good 9 feet over our heads. Tyrone said to us, "Well, no problem Daniel, we'll take care of things, but I better get down stairs to see what my guys are up to. You mind showin' Bobby and Jamal which rafters you're talkin' bout?"

"Okay." I responded, although I felt weird about being asked to show these two brutes what needed to be done.

"It's gonna be a hot day," Tyrone said and walked down the stairs.

Bobby and Jamal followed me as I tried to show them the few rafters which needed repairs. I was very nervous, left alone with these two dark imposing hulks, and as I was talking to them at a feverish pace, they just seem to stare down at me with blank looks. I realized how they must have perceived me as a small, slightly feminine, limp-wristed "white boy." I was not sure if they truly picked up on my gayness.

Bobby made a head movement towards Jamal, and they walked over to the opposite corner of the attic and started talking in low tones. I figured they were discussing the work that needed to be done, although they kept glancing back at me. Quickly, I sized them up.

Bobby was about 35, 6'2, probably nearing 300 lbs of bulky jet black muscle. He wore an army green button down shirt that strained against his enormous barrel chest and immense shoulders. His arms were like tattooed black cannons, sheathed at the top by tight rolled up sleeves. He was glistening with the starts of some sweat. He wore big tight jeans that showed off his meaty waist, ass and package. How I imagined what that package contained. He had an unusually thick neck, shaved head and pronounced facial features, like a wide nose, flared nostrils and big full lips opening to some crooked teeth. It all made him very intimidating.

Jamal was younger, about 25 and taller, about 6'6, probably the same weight although sleeker. Like a huge granite Nubian statue. He had a black du-rag on his head, more youthful facial features than Bobby, but still tough looking. His skin was a medium cocoa brown. He wore a very tight white t-shirt which cling to his upper body like a veil of skin. He had extremely over developed biceps and triceps, and massive pecs. They erupted forth from his chest like two mountainous domes. I could make out nice sized round nipples under his shirt. He wore cargo pants that had a slight bagginess to them.

Trying to keep my composure, I approached and asked if they needed anything else from me and if they could remember which rafters needed to be taken care of.

"We should mark 'em, just to be sure", Jamal said with a distinct southern drawl. He pulled out some white chalk from his tool belt and started marking the lower rafters.

Bobby went over to the small window in the attic which faced the front yard and looked out, he said, "Oh, Rocco's here now." He pulled open the window and gave a nod to the guys below.

I went over to the small window, and poked my head out.

"Hey Daniel, how's it going? Gonna be a hot one. I'll get these guys going on the projects out back!" Rocco yelled up.

"Oh okay, I'll be right down!" I called out.

Tyrone who was standing there said something to Rocco, then Rocco called back, "No rush, um, we'll be awhile.

Tyrone called up too, "We got a lot of settin' up to do to start workin' on that back wall, come on down when y'all are done up there." It was strange he should say it that way, like I'm part of the crew.

Then Rocco added, "Bobby & J are really something, you're in good hands up there!"

I closed the window and turned back to the two behemoth dark beings. They were making some measurements and pulling tools out of the box Bobby had carried up there. Jamal was straining to make markings on the center beams which were out of his reach, even as tall as he was. He said, "Can't quite get it, hey buddy, help me out here." He said to me.

I came over and said, "Oh, um, I can go get a step stool or tell them to bring up a ladder."

"Come on, it'll take too long, I'll just boost ya up." and with that he handed me the chalk, stepped behind me, wrapped his huge hands around my waist and lifted my 5'7, 130 lb frame up into the air.

I was startled by this act of boldness, but I marked where it was needed and then was lowered to the ground. We did this in one more spot, his strong hands grasping me firmly. His muscled arms held me up there with very little effort. I couldn't help but notice that his face was just centimeters from my butt.

Finally there was one more corner which Jamal couldn't reach. "One more time, Danny". Boy was he getting bold. This time he picked me up, but he did it as we were facing each other. He wrapped his arms around my upper thighs and held me up as I made the final marking, then as he lowered me slowly, his big hands dragged across my buttocks and he undeniably squeezed the cheeks on the way down.

I looked up at him and he let out a grin and said, "Thanks, Danny. I think we got it, right?"

I was stunned with what had just happened.

Bobby had gone to the back window and opened it up, he called down to the crew, "Yo, we gonna get started up here, you know, make some space and start banging away."

Maybe I was still being naive, but I couldn't believe he wasn't talking about construction. "No prob" I heard Tyrone's voice. "Don't damage anything, tearin' things up."

"Yeah, guys! I want Daniel to be a pleased customer", Rocco added.

Bobby closed the window and turned around. He had undone all the buttons of his shirt, it was hot after all, and his rotund solid smooth black torso looked like a huge piece of shimmering beef waiting to burst from the opening. As he walked closer to me I gasped at the sheer width of his upper body. Bobby's big lips formed a kind of smirk and his eyes fixed on me. I didn't know what was happening, I felt all the blood rush to my head, things were happening so quickly, like the situation was willing itself to occur.

Bobby came within inches of me, and I started to slowly retreat, but Jamal had come up behind me. I backed up into Jamal, and the back of my head thumped against that enormous protruding chest.

"You don't need to go nowhere, do yah?" Bobby said in his commanding deep voice.

"You in good hands, buddy. We think ya like what ya see. And I know we like what we see."

I looked away in embarrassment. I was vulnerable, and almost afraid. Here I was, a much smaller lily white guy, practically wedged between two gargantuan black convicts. Separately, they each were more than double my size. I felt powerless, and the aura they gave off was one of total domination. I'm not a virgin, but these two are not the kind of guys I usually dated. But they were the kind of guys found in the nastiest of my dreams. I felt myself getting turned on.

"It's okay, Danny," Jamal said from up above me, "We got your number. We got some big ass black dick to go along with these big ass bodies." His big hands moved down and squeezed my ass firmly.

There was no question about what they wanted and what they thought of me now. My mind raced. I glanced at the back window, knowing that the work crew was out back, and concerned about the implications of what might happen if we were discovered. Bobby said, "Don't worry 'bout them. No one's gonna bother us for awhile." With that, Bobby removed his shirt.

My face was so close to his heaving massive chest, I could feel the heat rising off his skin. There was a split second; a brief moment, where I sensed, they gave me a chance to back out, but then my next action took me to the point of no return.

I couldn't control myself, and I fell face forward into Bobby's moist searing torso. I buried my face in his dark chocolate skin and started to lick the salty sweat off his muscles.

"Oh yeah, baby," Bobby uttered. He took my hands in his meaty paws and put them decisively on his heaving chest. My hands then ran over his enormously muscled upper body. I explored every hot inch of him; his stomach was big and thick like a huge drum, but still very firm.

Jamal started pushing the back of my head, "Yeah, boy, taste him real good", he muttered. Jamal started directing my face in exploring Bobby's upper body. Bobby flexed his arms and Jamal took my face and pushed it onto Bobby's arms and I tasted those immense pythons with my tongue. Those cannons were so thick; I couldn't even get my hands around them. Jamal then pressed my face into Bobby's pecs, I struggled to find his nipples in all that deep dark flesh. Bobby grunted a little when I found them. Bobby then raised his arms to expose his arm pits. I ran my supple white fingers over him to his shoulders. Jamal then smashed my face into Bobby's armpit. "Taste that, boy." Jamal hissed. The smell was overwhelming and the taste was both disgusting and intoxicating at the same time. Once I started to drink it in, I couldn't get enough, until Jamal directed my face to the other arm pit and I fed on that for while.

Jamal released my head, but then Bobby's big bicep came down and pinned my face in his armpit. I looked up at the brute and Bobby was just grinning and nodding. He spoke, "That's a good boy, ya like that huh?" I could only nod. "Yeah, I know you do." He let me go after a while and then grabbed my shoulders and turned me around to face Jamal. For a moment, I forgot how towering Jamal was, he was over a foot taller than me. He said, "Help me with this shirt." I obeyed, and tugged hard at the bottom of his up towards his head. He was so tall I couldn't get it above his head, but he helped me the rest of the way.

Jamal had rich brown velvety skin, inked by a couple of tattoos. His upper body was vastly tall, arms were rippled with muscles and his abdominal muscles were a big stacking eight pack. His glorious pecs were like two heaps of hard flesh exploding off his body. Two big round dark nipples stood at the summit of the two mountains. I just gazed with wide eyes for a moment.

I looked up at Jamal and he smiled and said, "Come here, bitch." He took the back of my head and rammed my face into the valley between his two pectoral muscles. His warm skin was tangy and sweet. My tongue lashed out and I started licking up and down. He flexed those two pecs together which lodged my face in between them. As he held me there, my hands explored the rest of his hard torso, my fingers ran along his stomach and abs. I could feel his rock hard muscles that came from years of hard lifting. I ran my hands up and down his substantially muscled arms, which he gladly flexed for me. I struggled to reach around his back, he was so huge. I grabbed his shoulder blades and pulled my whole face and body into him. I couldn't get enough of his hard body.

"Oh baby," Jamal murmured in his alluring southern drawl, "I feel ya gettin' into it. Well we both gonna give it to ya."

Jamal started grinding his crotch into me, almost at my stomach level. Bobby came up behind me, opened up his legs, bent his knees a little and started lightly bucking his crotch into my ass. I could feel his mammoth package each time he bucked. Jamal relaxed his pecs and I moved my mouth over the hills of his chest to one of his beautiful nipples. I started to suck on it. "Oh yeah, suck on that thing, hard." Jamal commanded and I complied. He put one of his big hands on the back of my head and the other on my chin and pressed my mouth onto his nipple. He flexed and sort of inflated that one part of his chest to an almost unnatural size. It was like he was feeding me his milkless tit. I was in heaven.

He then switched me to the other man tit and I sucked as hard as I could. He released me and then turned me by my shoulders around to face Bobby. Bobby wrapped his arms around me and engulfed me in a big sweaty bear hug, my t-shirt was soaked with all of our sweat, and he started bucking his crotch into me again. Jamal moved his hands from my shoulders down my back and finally found my buttocks. He then forcefully groped my ass over my khakis.

"Let's get busy!" Bobby said. And he grabbed the top of my t-shirt opening and started to pull on it. He then grabbed it with both his hands and ripped it entirely in half down the center. Then Jamal removed his hands from my ass and yanked off my shirt from behind. I felt small between these two magnificent giants of black manhood. As Bobby inspected me, he seemed to like that I was puny compared to them. He licked his lips then pulled my face once again into the endless black abyss of his chest. Jamal reached around to the front of my khakis and snapped open the button, his big hands pulled open the pants as the zipper slid down. As Bobby held me in his grasp, Jamal yanked down my pants to my ankles. I lifted each foot and tossed each shoe off and Jamal pulled off my pants completely and tossed them into the corner.

Bobby let his grip soften and I stepped back. The tent in my boxers from my erect cock was obvious as was the pool of pre-cum that stained them. Bobby reached down and squeezed my cock with his big paw like hand. I almost came right then, but I managed to hold it.

Jamal then pushed me to my knees from behind, "You had your fun with our big bodies, now you gotta give us somethin' too." I turned to look up behind me at Jamal and he was smiling and nodding. I looked up at Bobby and he said to me, "Hope ya like dick." I instinctively, reached up and massaged Bobby's crotch area and I could tell that an already huge dick was straining to be freed. I started opening his jeans and the tension was mounting. I slid down the zipper which was taut from the stress of what was trying to be unleashed. I pulled at the sides of his jeans, trying to get them down over his massive hips and then with a yank they came to his knees and out rose a huge cylinder of midnight black cock. It was uncut, but the ripe purple head was already protruding out of the dark foreskin. At the base of the slightly curved shaft were two big corpulent balls, they were almost the size of tennis balls. It was not quite fully erect and was close to a foot long and thicker than anything I had ever seen.

I couldn't believe the size of it. Bobby took the sides of my head and guided me to his cock. I started to kiss and lick the top and then picked up the shaft and ran my tongue down its girth. It had a salty and pungent flavor and a smell that I found invigorating. "Oh yeah," Bobby sighed and then closed his eyes. I licked that shaft up and down, running my tongue from the base, up the huge shank, as it started to grow increasingly harder and bigger. It had been a long time since I had given a blow job, and now I was going to enjoy the feast. I opened wide and engulfed the big mushroom head and rolled my tongue around it.

"Oh that feels so good, boy", murmured Bobby.

Jamal had stepped around next to us both to get a good look. "Yeah, Danny, suck that dick, go down on it, baby." He placed his hand on my head and started pushing me down on Bobby's donkey dick. I breathed in hard and then started to bob my head, sucking and slurping on his cock. I managed to get about half of it down my throat, insuring I didn't scrape it with my teeth and then rose back up. Jamal pushed me down on it again slowly and I got half of it down again. I continued to suck on that cock, my mouth stretched as wide as possible, but I kept gagging when I tried to get more down. Bobby then grabbed the sides of my head and Jamal then took a fist full of my hair and together they pushed my head even farther down on that huge piece of meat. I did my best not to gag but I was being pushed to the limit.

"All the way, white boy", Bobby said. "Deep throat it."

Then I relaxed my throat and with both of their help, I swallowed Bobby's humungous cock down to the hair on his pubes.

"Aw yeah, Aw yeah", Jamal chanted. They brought my head back up the shaft and then I squirmed back down and swallowed it whole again. They pushed me up and down on Bobby's cock multiple times. Now that I had the technique it wasn't too difficult. As they started picking up the tempo and I reached around and managed to grab onto Bobby's gigantic ass cheeks.

"Yeah, baby, now ya got it," Bobby uttered to me. I deep throated his monster again and again. They actually released their grip and I worked on it fast and furious by myself. Bobby face fucked me at a good grinding pace and I loved every minute of it.

He then pulled me off and took his hand, squeezed the mushroom head, and out of the piss slit dribbled some pre-cum and I licked it up with my tongue. I ran my tongue over the large slit and was able to poke the tip of my tongue down into it. I held the shaft with both my hands and sucked hard on the mushroom head. My hands ran down the length of his dick and I found his huge balls and the base of his meaty shaft.

Bobby pulled his cock up and Jamal commanded, "Yeah, get at those balls." His balls were heavy, I rolled them around in my hands. I went in and started to lick his sweaty pungent balls. I licked and sucked on his scrotum as much as I could, it was really big. Bobby shoved my face up into his black ball sac. I looked up at him and he smiled back with a look like a master would give to his dog. "Good boy," he said.

Jamal then grabbed me from under my arms and pulled me up to my feet. "Come on Danny, gimme me some a dat now." I leaned over undid his cargo pants and pushed them down his long muscular legs. Out jutted a long brown torpedo like dick, smacking me right on the chin.

"Oh wow," I managed to get out.

"Yeah boy", Jamal responded.

It was cut and extremely long and straight, it was even longer than "Big" Bobby's, but not as thick. It must have been down in one of Jamal's pant legs, because it was already rigid like a long steel rod. A thick vein ran up the middle of it. His two big balls hung low in the sac.

I didn't need any coaxing now, and I grasped that cock and pushed it into my mouth. I plunged my face down on Jamal and tunneled his cock deep down into my throat. I struggled at first and then got most of his long stiff cock down, moving my head up and down his lengthy appendage. When my throat needed a break, I would run my tongue along the sides of his huge pole, down to his nice low hanging balls. Jamal just put his hands on the back of his head and enjoyed his treat. I was like a ravenous animal, gorging on all this man meat laid before me.

"Yeah get at that thing!" Bobby cheered as I continued to work myself into a frenzy, indulging on Jamal's long stick of hot rock candy. Because of Jamal's height I only had to lean over to feed on his cock.

Jamal then pulled my face from his dick. He pulled an old sofa that was being stored in the attic, sat down in it and spread open his legs. I immediately dropped to my knees and moved myself into position. I ran my hands up his burning hot muscular legs to his firm thighs and re-centered my attention on his cock. It was like a dark brown monument standing straight and tall before me. I again wrapped my eager lips around his meat and started to suck down hard on it. I tried desperately to deep throat Jamal multiple times. He moaned, "Oh yeah, boy, I'm gonna rape that mouth!" He grabbed the back of my head, held it still and started to shove his cock in and out of my mouth. He pushed harder and harder, he was gradually getting the entire length of his pole up into my mouth and down my throat. Even though I loved every second, my eyes started to water, but Jamal just picked up the pace and face fucked me even faster. He bucked his hips up towards me with each thrust.

Bobby sat down next to Jamal and yanked me over in front of him. I went to work on his fat cock. He growled with delight. He pushed me down hard on that thing and I struggled to swallow it as best as I could. He forced my head up and down and his huge dick slid in and out of my numb mouth. My jaw was aching, but I moved myself from one stud to the other. Their cocks were rock hard. The sweat was dripping from all three of us and as I was in front of Jamal, giving his lengthy pole another go, Bobby leaned forward and grabbed the back of the waste band on my boxers. He then pulled the boxers effortlessly, with me in them, up in the air. My lower half was flailing around as I grabbed onto Jamal's legs, then Bobby plopped me onto my stomach down into his lap.

My trifling body lay sprawled across their big laps. Bobby's thick member pulsed under my stomach and I immediately went back to sucking Jamal's cock. "This bitch just won't quit." Jamal laughed, roughly stroking my head. "Yeah, but we gotta get us some a dis." Bobby growled and then, Whomp, his big hand slapped my ass hard. I jerked my head up and looked over my shoulder. Bobby had a harsh crooked grin on his face. I then cracked a smile and nodded my head up and down in affirmation.

"Ah yeah, Dawg!" Jamal let out.

Bobby's big hands started to manhandle my ass over my underwear. He then grasped a fist full of material from my boxers and Jamal reached over and clenched some material from just under the waistband, they both pulled opposite ways, and with a loud rip, the rear of my boxers was in shreds. They both let out a holler. I lifted my waist a bit, so that Bobby could yank what remained of my boxers out from under me.

My Caucasian ass was still a bit pink from Bobby's big slap. I felt Bobby roughly groping my two petite yet plump globes.

"Aw, feel dat ass, J." Bobby told his convict buddy. And Jamal started to cup his big hand around one of my ass cheeks.

"Nice fat booty for such a little white boy, Danny." Jamal said and squeezed tightly.

I pulled myself off his cock and looked back over my shoulder. Bobby seized my one ass cheek with his big black paw and Jamal continued to grasp the other one. They each then shook their respective orbs brutally. I moaned a little and let out a "yeah". They laughed and continued to grope me.

Jamal pulled me up closer onto him and then reached behind me and gripped both of my butt cheeks and spread them apart. "Open him up, Bob!" Jamal commanded. Then as Jamal held my cheeks apart, Bobby slid one of his fingers down the length of my crack until he found my little asshole.

Bobby took his middle finger and started tapping on the outside of my quivering hole. He pressed against my little pucker and slid his middle finger in. It had been a long time and it felt so good as he started to move his finger in and out, I let out a sigh, "oh yeah". And Bobby then started to finger fuck my ass with more vigor.

"Yeah, Bob, do it!" Jamal ordered and Bobby pulled out his middle finger and then aggressively inserted both his middle and index finger. "Yeah, baby," Jamal reacted at the sight. Again the waves of pleasure went through me, and I moved my head up so I could start worshipping Jamal's big chest again. Jamal continued to hold my ass open and then Bobby shoved three of his big fingers up into my hole, I found one of Jamal's dark brown nipples and I started nursing on it. Jamal looked down and smiled at me. Bobby started pushing his fingers in and out. I started to feel some pain now, he was doing all of this with just our sweat as lube. I started to gasp at the feeling, but I didn't want him to stop.

Finally, he pulled out and he smelled his fingers. "Hey boy, you smell sweet." And he offered his fingers up to Jamal who took a sniff too.

"Yeah, nothin' like this in the lock up." And Jamal took a swat at my ass cheek. "Baby white boy, we gonna tap you good."

Jamal pulled me up onto his lap and Bobby got off the sofa and went over to his toolbox. He pulled out a bottle of KY that looked familiar and I suddenly realized he had taken it from my bathroom and hidden it in his box. At least now it was finally being put to good use. He tossed it over to Jamal and said, "here bro, early birthday gift, go ahead first and break him in."

I shifted over off Jamal's lap so that I was kneeling next to him on the sofa. I wanted the big black muscle god's cock so badly. Jamal squeezed a generous amount of lube on his cock. Using both of my hands, I massaged the lube all over his big horse penis. Jamal bit his lower lip. I lubed up his cock, generously, still amazed at its length. It stood proud and tall.

Bobby put out his black paw and Jamal squeezed some lube into it, which Bobby quickly applied to the outside of my asshole, re-inserted his two fingers and slid some lube around inside.

The time had come. Jamal rose from the sofa and pulled me up as well. He forcefully directed me to one end of the sofa and bent me over, pulling my ass into position. Jamal grabbed my waist with his left hand, bent his knees so that he could line up and then directed his long dick to the entrance. He made contact with my quivering hole and popped the head through the opening. I let out a yelp as the feeling was so intense and I grabbed the sofa cushion for support. Now that Jamal had a piece of himself inside, he grabbed both of my hips and worked at digging his extremely hard pole up into me. As I took each inch, it got more painful and again I let out a whimper. I tried to move myself forward, but I was no match for Jamal's strength.

"Get up in there, J", Bobby called. "White boy gonna take that dick."

Jamal began pulling his cock back and then surged it forward again. He slowly started building a rhythm, pushing in and pulling out, then quickening the pace and going deeper with each thrust, he started into a full fledged fuck. It felt like my insides were being smashed, but as his fucks got harder and deeper, surges of pleasure shot through my entire body. He dug his mighty hands into my hips and rode my ass in a fury of force.

"Yeah, take it bitch!" Bobby shouted in approval. I looked up at Bobby, whose eyes gleamed back at me with delight.

Jamal bucked wildly and rode his entire length into me. Each fuck got harder and harder, his grip on me tightened even more. I was his white male slut.

"Oh god!" I couldn't help but scream, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder!"

"Yeah dawg, he wants it, give it to him!" Bobby ordered.

"Yeah, you want my big dick?" Jamal asked.

"Yeah, fuck me more!" I responded.

"Take it, take it, take it" and he pounded me doggy style at hyper-speed.

"Yeah, take my boy's dick!" Bobby rooted us on.

He was so far into me, I could feel him in my stomach. He kept up the tempo with incredible stamina and his slams caused both me and the sofa to start sliding across the floor.

"You gonna let me in there soon?" Bobby asked.

"Not yet, dawg! Hold down that end!" and Bobby braced the opposite end of the sofa. Jamal then pulled me back into him, loosened his grip on my hips and grasped behind my legs, which buckled under his might. He lifted my legs into the air and pulled them spread eagle and then planted my feet onto the arm of the sofa that I had been bent over. His cock never left being completely buried inside of me. I was now squatting on the arm of the sofa. Jamal was now able to stand up straighter. He wrapped his big hands around my trim chest to keep me from falling forward and resumed rhythmic pounding.

He fucked me with an even greater intensity than before. Even though we were sweating profusely, he held me still in that position and all I could do was submit to his anal assaults. He slammed his ram rod over and over.

"Yo J. don't nut yet! Remember we dawgs & all" Bobby said to him.

Jamal must have felt himself getting close, so he started slowing down and then moved his hands back to my hips and drew his long cock out of my ass. My sphincter tried to grab on instinctively. When he finally pulled the head out, my ass felt stretched and lonely.

"Yo Bob, this ass is dope, but I didn't give ya no sloppy seconds." Jamal said to his buddy.

Bobby pulled me towards him across the sofa towards his wide black body. He plunged my face back onto his groin and I opened wide and sucked on his thick member. It didn't take long for him to reach his peak hardness again.

"Hand me dat lube", Bobby said. Jamal handed Bobby the tube as he continued to stoke himself. Bobby squirted some on his shaft and slicked it up. He never took his eyes off me.

I laid myself down on my back across the sofa and spread open my legs. I pulled the back of my thighs up and exposed my already stretched out hole to Big Bobby. My ass ached to be filled again and Bobby's thick black monster was just what it needed.

"Fuck me.....please!" I begged him.

Bobby looked over at Jamal and they both laughed. "Oh, you want it like dat, don't you?" Bobby toyed with me.

"Yes. Yes." I hissed.

"You want this big black dick? Where you want it?" Bobby taunted.

"Up my ass. Inside of me", I sighed. I started massaging my asshole.

"Yeah, boy." And Bobby then knelt in front of me on the sofa, pulled my legs even farther apart and brought his fat black piece of meat up to my hole. He started working it into me and then I felt a huge shock of ecstasy centering from my stretched hole as he burst through and drove his magnificent python up into my body. I couldn't make a sound, I was so overcome with pleasure. But he let out, "Ah, damn, your ass feels good!" He pumped it a couple of times and he filled my cavity with his humungous cock. He leaned forward on his knees and pounded me, harder each moment. His enormous hands were ripping me in two as he pulled my legs in opposite directions to accommodate his big body. He fucked me with intense powerful bangs. I closed my eyes and lay there, enjoying the thrill of the ride I was getting from this huge black inmate.

After awhile, he moved into a parallel position on top of me, my legs struggled, not making it around him as he continued to fuck me. I was almost crushed under the weight of his sweaty bulky body. I was completely engulfed by all his fleshy black muscles. My eyes were at his thick neck and he aggressively continued the onslaught of power fucks. His body crashed down onto me and drove me into the sofa. I reached my hands under his colossal arms and grabbed on, trying to keep us as one as we continued.

I was gripping onto his biceps as he arched his back and with powerful energy, plunged himself into me with deliberate thumps which were increasing in speed. He sounded like an animal, no words, just loud grunts and bellows.

We were interrupted with Jamal calling out, "Yo, don't leave me out Bob!"

Bobby came out of his trance and pulled his cock out of me. "Get back in there, J!"

I lay there exhausted, yet excited for more.

Jamal pulled me of the sofa and he sat down in it.

"Come on and sit on my dick!" he instructed. I would have done anything he commanded.

He held his young fuck pole still and pointed it to the ceiling. I got up and climbed onto the sofa and stood over Jamal, straddling him. I braced myself with his big hard shoulders and slowly brought myself down and found the connection between his cock and my asshole.

A big smile came over Jamal's face.

I lowered myself and allowed his big manhood to tunnel into me again.

"Ah, fuck, yeah", Jamal moaned.

I was already stretched out, so the feeling was all pleasure, and no pain. My body trembled as I enveloped his entire cock. I felt it inside of me, channeling a route to take. I started to bounce my comparatively small body up and down onto Jamal. With deliberate squatting, I rode him and fucked myself with his big stick. I focused myself into giving him pleasure as I impaled myself again and again.

Despite my best efforts, the big brown muscle god took control, and Jamal began rearing up into me. My bouncing collided with his thrusts with a mighty passion. I put my hands around his neck and held on for dear life. I was no match for Jamal and he just skewered me with such fierceness. I gazed into his brown eyes, sweat was pouring out from under his du-rag.

"Yeah, baby, take dat dick! Feel it up inside you!" he barked.

"Oh god!" I let out and submitted to his thrusts.

Jamal continued to ride me fast and furious. His wild bucking tossed me back and forth, like a rag doll. Jamal jack-hammered himself up into me, excavating even further. I rode him for what seemed an eternity. But Jamal wasn't done with his little fuck toy yet.

Jamal wrapped his strapping arms around me and he pulled himself up out of the sofa. He forced me to stay on his cock as he stood up. I adjusted, tried to wrap my legs around his waist and keep him inside of me. He started driving his cock in and out of me as I held on. He fucked me with untamed heat. My ass was now so raw. He walked us over to the old wall mirror that was propped against some boxes. Readjusting us, he held me up by grabbing onto my ass cheeks and he started fucking me again. We both watched ourselves in the mirror. I got a true picture of how much smaller I was compared to him. My little white body clinging on to this tall dark developed hunk of a young man, as he imbedded his long chocolate cock into my ass. He gazed at me through the mirror and beamed with delight. His fucks never lost their severity.

"Yeah dawg, hey by the window too!" Bobby taunted us with this dare.

Jamal laughed at this risky idea, and carried me over to the back window and then started another round of fuck thrusts. I was so lost in the moment, I couldn't even think straight. He bounced me up and down right next to the window. Down below the work crew was busy mixing cement and cutting lumber out in the hot sun. At any time, one of the guys could have looked up and seen us. We both watched them work as he banged me.

Fuck upon fuck intensified and Jamal let out howls of enjoyment. We were inches from the closed window, he barked, "Yeah bitch, take it!" directed towards the window. "Take my dick!" I noticed that one of the guys had looked up, I wasn't sure if he saw us, as Jamal quickly moved us back into the shadows.

"Ah yeah, I'm gettin' close!" Jamal let out.

"Fuck yeah! Give him your nut!" Bobby cheered.

Jamal backed us over to the sofa and dropped himself back down into the cushions, me crashing together with him. The wild sweaty fuck continued, so powerful that I was bucking up wildly. Bobby came over and put his big hands on my shoulders to steady me, but then together they forced me to slither up and down that shaft.

"Ah yeah, ah yeah, fuck, yeah!!!!" Jamal shouted and then at last with an impressive shove, I could feel his hot molten cum spew out of his cock and splatter deep inside of me. Jamal lugged my limp body towards him and clutched me against his huge steamy wet chest. He stopped thrusting, held his cock inside of me, and I felt it beat by itself against my insides, continuing to churn out his load. I experienced multiple huge strong surging pulses from my black stud's cock.

This drove me insane and suddenly my hard 6 inch dick began shooting its load of cum up onto Jamal's chest. Eventually, the thumps from inside of me slowed down, as I spilled the last drops of my semen between our two bodies. I just stayed clutched in Jamal's arms. I heard his heart pounding in his enormous chest.

After a brief moment, he lifted me under my arms and I managed to stand up and release his cock from my ass. It was still long and hard, coated with slick sticky substances of all kinds. Some hot liquid started to ooze from my ass, down my leg.

Bobby noticed it and said, "Yo dawg, he's leakin'", and Jamal scooped it up, running the side of his open palm along the inside of my legs. He also scooped up the splatters of my cum that were on his he-man torso.

He looked at me and held out his hand. "Come on Danny, eat our nut."

Without a second thought, I lapped up the man seed that he was offering. The salty brine of our jizz tasted so enticing, I made sure to clean his hand completely.

"Yeah, Danny, that's a good boy", Jamal said. I looked at him as I sucked each one of his long fingers, savoring the taste of man seed.

Bobby was at the end of the sofa, "Yo, bitch you ain't finished yet." He was standing there, he had been jacking his thick black cock and it was ready for some more attention.

Jamal pulled me down and pushed me over to Bobby, "Take care of my dawg, Danny."

I crouched on my knees on the sofa, in front of Bobby. I took a deep breath, gathering my strength. Bobby yanked the back of my head, I opened wide and took Bobby's huge cook in my mouth. I bore down on it and sucked good and hard.

Bobby held my head, pushing it down, as I slurped on his thick meat. It found its way into my throat.

"Yo, Bob, sorry 'bout shootin' up in his ass", Jamal said.

"No prob, J, I'm gonna nut in his throat." Bobby responded.

I deep throated Bobby and he ground his pubes into my face. I was seeing stars as I was face fucked ferociously. My jaw quickly became sore as I swallowed his man meat over and over.

Bobby ordered, "suck that dick!"

I couldn't take much more, as Bobby held my head still, I reached up under his cock and started stroking his huge heavy black balls.

"Aw yeah, feel those balls!" Bobby commanded.

I loved the feel of his big wet hefty balls, and I started to deep massage them.

Bobby got even more ruthless with his thrusts. I groped his balls even harder and they tightened up. Bobby started bellowing and forcing that cock hard and fast.

His balls ascended up towards the base of his shaft.

Then with strong deliberate thrusts, Bobby let out a loud groan, and his cock erupted as powerful jets of hot cum shot into my throat. He pulled back up a little and kept shooting his man spray, coating my mouth and tongue. The volume of his seed that he fed me was incredible, I had a difficult time keeping up. His hot sperm tasted bitter but delicious, and I gobbled each new spurt and swallowed.

After dozens of shots, he pulled his monstrous member from my tender mouth. I licked up the last remnants of cum off his cock. Out of pure exhaustion, I slumped backwards into the sofa, landing against Jamal. Bobby moved my legs and collapsed onto the sofa, almost on top of me.

The three of us sat in a heap, sweaty and panting. My white body crammed between their black fleshy muscles. The taste of all that cum lingered in my mouth.

"Yo Danny, ain't you glad you hired us?" Bobby said to me as he put his huge hand between my legs.

"Oh my god, yes", I responded. "You guys are amazing, your bodies, I've never seen anything like them. And I've never been fucked that hard in my life."

"Well, we're here for the next few weeks, anytime you want it", Jamal said to me, and he pulled my head into his chest. But we better get some real work done for ya too", Jamal kidded with me. "We always want the customer to be happy."

"No worries there", I responded, licking his chest, "but I guess the rest of the crew is wondering about us."

"Oh, yeah, well, they might be wonderin' what were up to." Jamal said, trying to keep his chuckles in.

Bobby started laughing.

I could tell there was more to it than just a spontaneous act of passionate animalistic fucking, like it was somehow planned.

"Um, are all the guys from, um, you know, prison?" I asked.

"Yup, well not Tyrone anymore, and of course, not Rocco the boss," Bobby answered.

"Then I guess you all get sex, um, well you know, ass in prison," I meagerly asked.

"Well, not anything like you, baby," Jamal chimed in gleefully, running his hands through my hair. "Your ass is tight and sweet!"

"You're a precious little pure white package on the outside, but a true dick ho on the inside," Bobby added.

We all laughed. They got up and they started putting their clothes back on. I'd have to get back downstairs to my bedroom without being spotted.

As they walked towards the steps, Bobby smirked and looked at Jamal. Then he said to me, "Don't worry, Danny, we won't tell no one about this."

"Oh, uh, that's probably for the best", I said.

"Yeah no one," Jamal then grinned and added, "Unless you want us to."

"Um..." I started.

They both chuckled at me and then Jamal said, "Cause you got enough ass for the whole crew." And with that they walked down the stairs.

Is that the end?

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