My life was pretty awesome, I just turned 19 and was having a great time at college, I was on a football scholarship and was hot stuff on campus. I was dating one of the hottest girls there but that didn't stop me fooling around with many others, college was fucking awesome.

I was also pumped about the upcoming game, I was the only junior playing, and it was big news around college and made me even more popular with the ladies. Not that I had had any trouble with them, I had been blessed with good looks and a football scholarship had always been my dream meaning I worked out everyday and had a body any pro player would want; a hard set of abs, big pecs and shoulders and strong legs.

The day of the big game arrived and I was set to play running back, a great position as I knew I could get some touchdowns. I was right. I scored two touchdowns, we won 21-17 and I played great for my first college game, I knew we would party hard tonight.

'Fucking great game guys!' shouted Jason, the captain and the quarterback as we headed into the locker room and to the showers. 'Party at mine tonight, we got kegs!' he shouted again as we began to undress and congratulated each other.

We all headed to the showers, most of the guys didn't take long, they wanted to go and get the party started but I liked to stay a bit longer and chill after all the adrenaline pumping from earlier. Soon there was just me and 5 other guys left, including Jason.

I suddenly felt someone smack me on my bare ass and I turned to see Jason, with the other guys stood next to him.

'You played great today man' Jason smiled at me.

'Gee thanks, you were great too' I replied.

'So, you played your first college game, that means it's time for initiation, and we are the initiation committee' He told me, pointing at the other guys.

'Haha ok' I replied nervously, Jason was looking at me really weird. 'What have I got to do?'.

'How about you get on your knees, and you'll find out' He told me and I looked down to see he was pumping his hard cock.

'Whoa dude, you got the wrong idea, i'm not gay' I said but the sight of his hard cock had caused my dick to start to stir.

'I know that but you gotta do this if you wanna stay on the team' He grinned and put a hand on my shoulder and I gently fell to my knees.

He grabbed his hard dick and slapped it in my face and began to rub it all over my face, I could feel his precum smear on my cheeks.

'That's a good boy, now open up' he told me and rubbed the head on my lips, giving me my first taste of the salty man juice. At first I resisted but he continued to encourage me and I gave in, opening my mouth wide as he pushed his stiff cock in my mouth.

I didn't know how to react, so I let him gently fuck my face to begin with but I soon let my instincts take over and I started to tongue his head.

'Mmmm, you're good at this boy' moaned Jason. I began to suck harder and I soon realised I wasn't as disgusted as I thought I would be and was kind of getting into it. I licked along the shaft, then played the head and let him push his dick in all the way, until I could feel his pubes on my top lip.

'Damn boy, I don't wanna cum yet, give the other guys some lovin' Jason said as he pulled his dick out my mouth. I didn't hesitate and went straight for the cock next to me, I reached up and began to jerk some of the other cocks near me, I could feel my hard dick bounce on my stomach as I eagerly sucked on the cock in front of me.

I began to alternate between the 5 cocks in front of me, licking them up and down, playing with the head and taking them all balls deep. I was enjoying my new found talent, not caring that I was sucking cock, I found it erotic giving these studs pleasure and I didn't want to stop.

'whoa buddy, you passed this first stage of initiation, but there's more' Jason stated as he pulled me off a cock and made me stand up.

'Go stand against the wall and bend over' he ordered me.

'Hey man, I think i've done enough' I replied nervously, I was worried about where this was going.

'You're nearly there man, there are great rewards if you pass this stage of initiation' He smiled at me. He is so charismatic that I followed what he said and slowly made my way over to the wall and bent over, revealing my virgin ass.

I felt someone behind me and they began to rub their cock along my ass crack, smothering my hole with their precum. I heard them spit onto their cock and then they pushed hard against my asshole, and the head of their cock popped through my tight hole.

'Ahhh fuck' I screamed, it felt like I had been ripped in two as the dick entered my hole.

'Come on take it like a man, like the man you are out on the field' Jason laughed as he pushed his dick in, until I felt his balls slap on my ass.

He rested there for a moment as I began to adjust being stretched open, he soon started to pump in and out my ass, making me moan loudly. There was something that was starting to feel good as he fucked me harder and the pain became less. He then started to pull out almost all the way and then push back in really hard, slapping his balls hard on my ass, it was beginning to feel really good and I could feel my own dick begin to harden again.

Jason then pulled out all the way, I was kind of disappointed as it was starting to feel good but I soon felt a new dick in my ass. One by one all five guys fucked my ass, and I had to admit I enjoyed it, especially when Shane fucked me, he was a big black guy with a huge dick and it felt fucking awesome in my ass. However, none of them cum, so I knew something else was going to happen.

I felt the last cock leave my ass, I was left with an empty feeling as I stood up and looked around to face all the other guys.

'Welcome to club man' Jason smirked.

'Great work, but now the real fun begins' He carried on as he came over, dropped to his knees and took my cock straight down his throat.

'What the fuck?' I moaned as he played with my cock.

'Don't think you go getting all the fun, we love to play too' He winked at me as he licked my cock head.

'I'm not gay, I just did this cos you said I had to' I replied, I wanted him to know I wasn't a fag.

'We're not either buddy, just like to have man sex sometimes, and I can tell you're enjoying it' he grinned as gripped my cock and went back down to suck it.

Two of the other guys were also on their knees sucking the other dudes, I was having a hard time believing these guys liked sex with dudes but I was enjoying my time discovering it. Jason was fucking awesome at sucking cock and I knew I couldn't hold my load very long, no girl could suck like this.

'Awww fuck I'm coming' I shouted and he grabbed my hips, pulling me tight to his mouth as he took my load in his mouth. He didn't pull off until I finished and made sure my cock head was clean until he pulled off, his mouth was full of cum and I thought we was going to spit but instead he stood up pushed his face into mine. I had no time to react as he pushed his tongue into my mouth, giving me a taste of my own come, I did nothing for a moment, but the whole moment was so hot I started to kiss him back, savouring the taste of come.

'I need that in my ass, now' he said as soon as we pulled apart. My dick hadn't gone soft at all and I followed him to the bench where he lay across it and lifted his legs up.

'Give it to me hard, I love it like that, and Ryan, come here and sit on my face' Jason said, beckoning one of the guys on his knees over.

Ryan walked over and squatted his muscle ass over Jason's face as I pushed my dick in his ass, Shane also walked over and stood up over Jason, offering me his dick. I couldn't resist his beautiful black cock and I eagerly began to suck as I pumped in and out Jason's hot ass as I saw Rob bend over and take Nick's cock in his ass.

I continued to fuck Jason's ass hard as Shane stepped down and came behind me, I knew what was coming, and I spread my legs to give him easy access. I was expecting to feel a cock pushing at my hole but instead I felt a wet tongue lick across my hole.

'Damn, that feels good' I moaned a Shane began to bury his tongue in my hole.

'It tastes good too' He replied and continued to probe my hole with his tongue, Rob was now sitting on the bench as Ryan was fucking himself on his cock, Nick was on his knees sucking Ryan's cock as he bounced up and down.

Shane stood up and I prepared myself for his huge cock to plow my hole, he pushed the head in and without stopping, pushed in balls deep. He began fucking me straight away, I took it easily this time as I was still stretched out from my previous fucking and it felt great.

I looked up to see Nick swallow Ryan's load as Rob unloaded in his ass, the hot scene in front of me and the feeling of Jason's ass and Shane's dick meant I wasn't going to last much longer. It all started as I felt Shane slam hard into me and I knew he was cumming in my ass, this triggered me to unload deep inside Jason as he blew his load all over his abs. I surprised myself by quickly bending down to taste to clean up Jason's cum, I saw my cum slowly dribble out his hole and knew I had to try it. I began to eat his ass, tasting my used cum, and it was fucking delicious as I sucked him clean and played with hole.

'Taste good, doesn't it? Now give me a taste' Jason smiled as I stood up, and he motioned me over to sit on his face. I stood over his face and crouched down, exposing my hole as cum began to drop out into his mouth as hungrily lapped at my hole, making sure he got a good taste of the used cum.

'Nice show man, but we're not done yet' Shane said as I moved off Jason. Shane put his hands on the bench and bent over revealing his hole, Nick came next to him, and offered up his hole in the same position.

'Its our turn now, we both need some good man loving' Shane told us in his deep voice.

I had already cum twice today but my cock was still rock hard as I lined up and pushed my dick straight into Shane's ass. Jason stood next to me and did the same to Nick's hot bubble butt as Rob walked round and put his dick in Shane's mouth and he hungrily began to suck as I pounded his ass. Ryan slipped his cock into Nick's mouth and we all got into a rhythm of fucking and sucking, the sounds and smells of sex were so arousing and the feeling of a muscle butt wrapped around my cock meant I was first to blow my load.

I shot deep in Shane's ass as he moaned around the cock in my mouth, my orgasm triggered a series of shouting and I knew, one by one, each of the other guys dropped their loads. After everyone had finished and Shane and Nick had swallowed the loads in their mouth we all stood up and smiled at each other.

'Great work man, you definitely passed the initiation' Jason smiled at me and slapped me on the butt.

'Lets go get ready for the party, oh and the after party is at mine' He winked as he headed back to his locker.

My head was spinning after it finished, I couldn't believe what had happened and I was unsure about everything, about why I had enjoyed it. The only thing I was sure of was that I was going to that afterparty.


Chris Miller

[email protected]


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