My dad knew an ex-military buddy Carlos. He had been married with 2 kids when he came out of the military. He found it very difficult transitioning. He was a different person to what he was before he entered. He missed the order and discipline. His bouts of depression and stress made him get annoyed very easily with people. He was missing the adrenaline rush of physical and life-challenging situations.

He had developed habits in the military that helped him cope but was misunderstood and problematic in civilian life. Eventually leading to his marriage break up and divorce. To try and cope he turned to drink which made him more aggressive and disagreeable. He was drinking heavily and ending up brawling over petty issues that got him into trouble with the law.

My dad got to know about his situation and helped him to get treatment. After a very long difficult period my dad got him a job in security which he enjoyed because of its discipline. He lives just a few blocks from us, by himself. Carlos is the same age as my dad late 40s 6’6" tall and about 240 lbs. His job demanded that he keep himself fit, he has the strength of a bull. I used every opportunity I could to spend time with him like helping him cut grass and stuff. Objects I struggled to move or lift he handled easily.

I was 19 going into 20. Hormones were exploding in my body. I have always liked Carlos and found him sexually attractive. I was lusting after him more and more. I jacked off thinking about him. I had thought about telling him I was gay but when it got to saying anything I chickened out and backed away. I had trouble sleeping, eating and would spend nights just laying awake thinking about how I would tell him. I was tired of living a lie and pretending to be straight.

It was a hot afternoon when I came out to him; we were sitting with a cold drink. I looked at him and said I have something to tell you, "No matter what, we will still be friends, right?" He looked at me with a rather confused look on his face and said, "Yeah. Of course." There was a long pause before I finally said, "I'm gay." He told me he had figured it out a while back and he was ok with it. "Just be careful whom you tell."

A great feeling of relieve shot though my body when he said he was ok with it. I had had no idea how he would react, would he freak out, what if he’s homophobic. I stood up and went towards him. I stroked my hand over his chest and looked into his eyes. He did not push me away or tell me to stop which gave me the courage to tell him I really liked him and found him sexually attractive. He sat back in his chair as though I had just knocked the air out of him. He looked at me annoyed as he said, "No you need someone your own age, I’m too old for you." I didn’t think so as I stroked his shoulders and muscular arms. He suddenly got up and pushed me aside and went and stared out the window. A cold shudder ran through my body had I gone too far?

I found it more and more difficult to resist the urge to touch him. It gave me an overwhelming feeling the times I did; much to his annoyance. Each time I would explore his body more as he sat there showing no reaction to what I was doing. I found it very exhilarating just to stroke my hands over his body. He let me run my fingers inside the waistband of his shorts stroking his pubic hairs. I could see the silhouette of his semi-hard cock. He would only let me go so far then he would get up with an annoyed look on his face and go and look out the window, I knew then that he had had enough. Every session ended that way, a look of annoyance all the time then getting up and looking out the window.

That’s how it was for weeks, months. Then one late afternoon Carlos sat with a can of beer. I stroked my hands down to the waistband of his shorts and slowly moved my hand inside stroking over his semihard cock. It was the first time he had let me stroke his cock. Carlos made no move for the window. I slowly unzipped his zipper, glancing at him now and then to see his reaction. I was thinking any moment he would get up. I pressed on further fondling his cock and balls. His cock was getting harder. I tried to pull his shorts down, I was getting nowhere until he raised his ass enabling me to pull his shorts all the way off. It was the first time I had seen him completely naked. My cock was rock hard.

I pulled my T-shirt off hoping he would stroke my naked chest. My hard cock made it difficult for me to pull my briefs and pants down. As I struggled I glanced at Carlos; he had a smile on his face. I smiled back at him and said, "my rock hard cocks preventing me getting my pants off." "Is that the effect I’m having on you boy?" he said with a sneer on his face. When I had succeeded in stripping I knelt down between his legs and licked his balls and cock. My body was shaking with excitement. I had never done this before.

I held his hard cock in my hand it was enormous. "It scare you?" He asked. "Wow it’s fucking big", I said with wide-open eyes as I looked up to him. "Some girls backed away when they saw it, they thought it too big for them", he laughed.

The shaft was thicker than my wrist. Sticky liquid oozed out the pee slit, precum. I licked my tongue over his pee slit making him shudder and sigh. The first response I had got from him. I had an intense taste of salt in my mouth making me at first pull back, a taste I got to like as I swallowed more of it. I was in ecstasy. Enjoying myself so much I wanted it to last forever. I was suddenly shook out of my mesmerized sensual trance when Carlos stood up, causing me to fall back. I looked up at him in shock as he looked down at me. Was that it, was he annoyed and now wanted to bring it to an end? He didn’t do his usual and go to the window. I was confused where was he going? He said nothing as he walked away from me.

I stood up and followed him, he went into his bedroom. He didn’t close the door behind him. Did he want me to follow him? I did. He lay with his back on his bed; his hard cock was sticking up. He just looked over towards me, there was no annoyed look on his face. Did he want me to join him on his bed? I would soon find out because that’s what I was going to do. He lay there with his hands behind his head, which made his biceps flex. He lay there saying nothing and doing nothing as I climbed on top of him placing my legs either side of his body in a kneeling position.

I stroked over his firm pecs and hard nipples making him shudder. I looked at him with intense eyes trying to weigh up his mood. There was no annoyed look but I still felt nervous. His cock was hard I could feel it sliding between my ass cheeks. I reached back and ran the head of his cock along my ass crack; pausing on my anus. I glanced at him hoping he would say something like shove my cock up ya ass boy, he just stared at me. I teased my anus with the glans of his cock; he made no effort to stop me as I pressed hard down on his hard cock. I was thinking fuck don’t stop me now I want that cock deep in me no matter how much pain I have to suffer. I was surprised how daring I had got and how far he had allowed me to go. Was he going to let me go all the way? I pressed down hard stretching my anus; he was looking up at me as I grimaced.

"Your fucking determined to get my cock in ya ass aren’t you boy? No matter what the pain," he said with a sneer on his face. He did nothing to help me as I pressed hard down. The head suddenly popped in making me scream with pain. All he did was laugh and say, "you doing this on ya own boy I’m not making you." When I got used to the head of his cock in my hole I started to enjoy the feeling it gave me. He did nothing to help penetrate me; he just lay there with a grin on his face. I slid a little bit further down the shaft of his cock. It was stretching my hole and gut. The pleasure it gave me was out of this world. My sphincter resisted until one final thrust down enabled the shaft of his cock to penetrate me deeper. I was moaning with delight as I felt his cock snake it’s way deeper into my gut until it was all the way in me. It felt like I had a long thick iron rod deep in my gut, pure ecstasy. Now I was going to enjoy riding his cock.

His cock was so big and thick, and a tight fit that until I worked my hole on it for awhile I had difficulty sliding my anus up and down the shaft. As it got easier I placed my hands on his chest and rocked back and forth. I was moaning out loud, stretching and arching my back as I fucked myself on his cock. Suddenly Carlos reached out with his hands and stroked down my back to my ass cheeks, which he squeezed with his hands. He was moaning and groaning as he thrust with the full force of his hips as I thrust down. At last he was reacting. His whole body convulsed as he gave a long drawn out "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Aahhhhhhhhhhh!"

I felt his cock throbbing in my gut. I warm sensation was felt in my gut as he squirted several times filling me with his seed. I leaned forward and kissed him gently on his lips. We lay there a few minutes; I could feel his cock shrinking inside me. He pushed me to one side and pulled his semi-hard cock out my hole, causing cum juice to spill out. Cum juice dripped off the end of his cock. He immediately got up and went to look out the window. I lay there fingering myself and licking my fingers enjoying the taste of Carlos. I glanced over towards him thinking, yeah I’ve got your sperm in me. I was in heaven. Was he regretting what he had just let me do? Would that be the one and only time, hope not.

After about 10 minutes he came to the edge of the bed, he had an angry look on his face which scared me. "You shouldn’t have done that fuck yourself on my cock you took advantage of me and did something bad. The way you were coming onto me I would have fucked you eventually anyway. You just couldn’t wait could you boy? I still think you should get a younger guy more your age to fuck you. Anyway you’ve convinced me until you do that you want me to fuck you" he said with a big smile on his face.

"I’ll do the fucking this time," he said as he climbed on the bed and straddled me lifting my legs onto his shoulders. He held his hard cock in his hand and directed it to my hole pressing hard until the head popped in making me shudder. Inch by inch he thrust it all the way into me. It felt fucking great now he had taken control. I wrapped my arms and legs around him. He pressed his lips hard on my lips and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth and kissed me passionately, as he gently at first fucked me, then more vigorously as the mood took him. It was a long, long fuck. Later I called my parents and told them we still had a lot to do and Carlos wanted an early start in the morning so I would sleep over.

Later Carlos confided in me that he was bi-sexual, it was part of his problem he was living a lie. He also told me that he wanted to fuck me before, but didn’t want to take the risk of being outed. He found it difficult to tell anyone. I made it easier for him when I impaled myself on his cock. Yeah he still fucks me and I’m still the only one he has told about him being bi-sexual. He did nothing to encourage me I had done all the flirting and persuading to engage him in sexual intercourse. I was glad I took the risk and told him, we could both have missed out on hot sex and continued living a lie. Carpe diem!



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