This story happened a few years ago. Back then, I used to live in Paris, and I would sometimes call one of these phone sex numbers and listen to the ads. One of the first times I did that, one message really caught my attention. The guy was about my age (I was twenty one), sounded nice and wanted to have some fun. So I wrote the number down (with many others!), and called.

When I got in touch with Stephane, his mind had changed, since he had planned to go to the swimming pool. Anyway, I described myself: Black West Indian, 21 years old, athletic, good looking (as most peole say). Something in his voice told me that he had already switched his mind to the swimming pool, so I asked:

'What swimming pool are you going to?'

'They just told me about Les Halles. A friend of mine told me it is huge and there is a lot of room to swim'

'Les Halles! That's my favorite! Do you think we could meet there? What colour is your swimming suit?'

So there I was , about half an hour later, trying to spot a guy in a blue suit with white stripes. Woaw! There he was! Nice face, nice, slender body, about 1,90 metre (I am 1,87). As I was swimming towards him, he spotted me too and smiled. We did not exchange names but started some small talk while swimming for good. After an exhausting race, as we were leaning against the border of the pool trying to catch our breath, I just let my leg close to his hand, just to see if he would do a move. Well, he did not. I though it was because there were lots of people around, but then he said:

'I think I should go now. I have an appointment for dinner this evening'. Matter of factly, trying not to sound dissapointed, I replied 'Yeah, I think I will go too...'

We went to the showers, then to the locker room, and I raced to dress myself, so that I could wait for him by the exit. When he saw me there, he smiled lightly. We left the mall (Les Halles is the biggest mall in Paris), and walked by the streets, towards his home, I thought. I really did not know what he was up to, but I just tried to push my luck to see where it would

go. So we ended in his tiny place.

'Make yourself comfortable', he said, as he dissapeared in the kitchen.

'How comfortable?' I asked, as I started to undress.

When he came back, he raised an eyebrow and laughed, looking at me almost naked in the middle of the room.

'Well, you could have closed the curtains!', he said, while doing so.

Turning around, he started to kiss my lips. By then, I was just starting sex with men (and I was not very experienced with women either), so it was quite a surprise for me. But I liked it! His tongue was soft and quick on my lips as it was fighting with mine. Of course, his hand was by then wrapped around my cock, pumping it softly, as I was starting to undress him. Stephane insisted on keeping his tee shirt, but that was OK with me since I has access to his cock. I knelt in front of him to take it in my mouth, then he did the same for me and, after a few minutes of pleasing each other alternately, we ended on the floor in a good 69. What I liked most was the

contrast between his soft and warm mouth, when he sucked on my dick, and his rough cheeks, that needed some shaving. They were tickling on my cockhead when he would lick my balls, and that was both painful and exciting.

We started to try overwhelming the other by applying our greatest oral skills to the other's cock, trying to force ourselves to give up sucking to better enjoy the other's mouth. At that game, I was definitely loosing, since Stephane was much more experienced than me. After 30 seconds or so of almost complete abandon (his bastard was deepthroating me, there was no way I could resist!), I decided to make a bold and strategic move .. to his butt hole. Being on top of him, I grabbed his thigs while raising myself above him, took a look at his brownish hole ... and went for it with the tip of my tongue. I knew from being with him at the swimming pool that hygiene would not be a problem, but I was surprised by the taste, and even more surprised to like it .. salty, spicy, definitely a turn on! And not only for me.

After a few seconds of my shy rimming, Stephane struggled to get up and asked in a soft voice:

'Do you want to fuck my ass?' ('Est-ce que tu veux m'enculer?' in the original version).

He did not have to ask twice! Handing me a condom, he bent over, brought his fingers to his mouth and spat ont then, and then proceeded to wet his butthole (Now I really prefer KY or other lubes, but there is something definitely sexy about a guy spitting on his fingers to lubricate his hole before getting fucked!). Entering his was not very easy, and I would even say that it was a bit rough, but after a few minutes of lustful cooperation, I was buried to the hilt in his firm and tight ass. As I started to fuck him slowly, I really liked the contrast of our skins, equally soft and hot, yet so different in colour.

For a Black guy, Paris is a wonderful city. There is definitely a shortage of Black gays, and picking up a nice guy in a gay place is really easy. I even remember going to that gay night club with my girlfriend, and she would say, as we were going down the stairs to the dance floor, 'I think there

will be more guys after you that after me tonight!'. - Don't worry, I replied. The guy we bypassed a few steps ago already

fondled my crotch!'

Our fucking was getting more intense every minute. As he was tight and not very lubricated, the feeling on my cock was intense. I guess it was for Stephane too, because from time to time, he would ask me to stop in order to adjust his ass to my tool. Anyway, soon we were on orbit, getting ready to orgasm. Stephane raised a leg to put his foot on a chair, giving me a deeper access to his ass, and started to jerk off more intensely, encouraging me to fuck him harder. That made it for me, and we climaxed together, moaning loudly, yet covered by the music his stereo was playing. Stephane reached behind me and grabbed my ass cheeks to keep me deep inside him. He shuddered, then he caught the base of my dick and the condom before slowly removing me from him, giving my cock head a nice squeeze to get it out.

'That was cool, he said', and I agreed.

As we went back to the subway, we talked very friendly and shook hand before going our separate ways.

A few days later, I called him to tell him that it was his turn to fuck me, since we had both said we were 'AC/DC' ('Total reverse' in French gay jargon), but he said that although he would be glad to meet me over a drink, he did not want to fuck with the same guy twice. After that lost

opportunity, I mostly met bottom guys, and it took me a few years more to discover the pleasures of getting fucked in the ass ... with another Stephane. But that's another story!



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