Stopping at a picnic area along the motorway I just had time to notice the number plate of the car whose bumper had kissed mine through the heavy rain. And what a strange coincidence it was to see that the car, or wagon which it turned out to be, belonged to the gendarmes who were also present at the picnic area.

Rapidly I ran over to the wagon and explained to the gendarme in the driver seat that he had hit my car, the rain drumming the roof of the wagon and me. The gendarme invited me inside and talk, opening the back door of the wagon. The interior of the wagon was equipped as a small on the road office where the gendarme had entered by the sliding door, leading from the driver seat to the back. Sitting in front of the portable computer he asked for my driver's licence and social security number, so that he could report the incident.

It was in June, and despite the warm rain, the atmosphere in the back of the wagon was somewhat suffocating and warm. The gendarme seemed to be suffering from the heat because his blue shirt clung to his chest, revealing two hard nipples underneath, and a faint patch of fresh sweat was beginning to show at his armpits. He wasn't bad looking, this gendarme, in his early thirties, with his brow hair in a characteristic army like haircut, a thin goatee enhancing his full lips. I didn't remain insensible to the looks he gave me nor to his wide, persisting smile.

There was a smell of fresh male sweat in the small cabin, and I quickly realized why. Next to a bag full of used sports clothes stood a pair of worn out trainers each of them containing a previously white sock.

It was impossible for me to resist the temptation to inhale the lecherous smell from the trainers. I dropped my car keys on the floor of the wagon on purpose in order to bent over and smell the socks as I picked up my car keys. The trainers seemed to be huge as I closed in for a thorough inspection, at least a 13 or 13½.

I have to admit I am and have always been a size queen, and as the rule goes, big nose, big hands and big feet are an almost sure indication of a big - or even huge - cock. And these trainers were huge, indicating that the owner had something huge tucked away in his pants. Something that I would love to get my hands on...

I didn't think that the gendarme had seen me investigating the size of his trainers, but he caught me by surprise following my gaze. The sound of his masculine voice brought me back to the back of the wagon, forgetting all my lewd daydreams. His eyes held mine a moment before he eyed my crotch. My cowboy shorts couldn't hide my present state; my cock was hard against the fabric, trying to fight its way out of the confinement.

The situation was rather delicate, and I was not sure how to react, and then suddenly I realized that the gendarme was ostentatiously caressing the huge lump of hardening meat, lying down his left thigh. At the same time he apologized for sweating, but he was extremely hairy all over and it was rather warm in the back of the wagon. And I could only agree with him, as he started unbuttoning his blue shirt, slowly revealing his hard pecs and dark nipples.

He kept caressing the huge lump between his legs through the thin fabric, and the lump hardened and grew, slowly but surely. This was really happening; this muscular hunk was getting undressed in front of me. I was intoxicated to the smell and the sight.

The gendarme turned his chair a bit to the right giving me a full view of his hidden goods, tucked away in his pants. I could distinguish his huge cock and a pair of balls that seemed to belong to a horse and not a man. A small nod from him was all the invitation I needed. With a timid hand I began to loosen his belt, and he gave me room by spreading his legs further apart. Without hesitation I pulled his blue shirts out of his pants and grubbed his hairy chest with my free hand.

I made contact with a torso that was humid and hard. At the same time his cock kept on growing, swallowing to gargantuan dimensions and the outline of it underneath the think fabric was clearly visible. Finally I had opened the belt and began to unzip his pants. He rose, letting his pants fall down around his ankles. His cock was totally hard, leaving a small humid spot of precum on the front of his boxer shorts. I rapidly freed the trapped beast; the huge cock presented itself in all its might and glory, standing erect and reaching above his navel.

The growth of the hair was just as opulent in his crotch as it was on his chest. I gulped first one and then the other of his huge, hairy balls. My tongue left a trail of saliva as I made my inspection of his crotch. And then I turned my attention towards the head of the monumental piece of man meat. A large vein snaked its way down the shaft and I followed it from the head all the way down, until my nostrils encountered his ample pubic hair. With a lot of lust and an even part of determination I managed to swallow all of this gigantic cock, much to my own amazement as the amazement of the gendarme, who saw his manhood disappear down my narrow throat.

With all of his long and thick cock buried in my throat, the door of the wagon opened. I should have thought about it; I have never seen a gendarme on patrol on his own, and I guess I never will. Of course he was not alone, there were always two or more gendarmes patrolling together. I tried to ease of the huge cock filling my mouth and throat, but the gendarme, who was obviously enjoying all the intense attention, grabbed me by the ears and forced me back down over the swollen cock, preventing me from turning around and eyeing the newcomer.

The gendarme, who was viciously fucking my face, told his friend to join in, while the only thing I was able to do in my current situation was to swallow the huge cock I was so generously feed by the first gendarme. I identified some sounds behind me, indicating that the newcomer was quick to get undressed and take part in the action. He stood behind me, when my t-shirt literately exploded in two pieces between his strong hands. My shorts soon followed, leaving me butt naked in the back of the wagon with two horny gendarmes. Then his expert hands began to investigate my naked body. One of the hands soon found my prick, hard and longing for some attention. The hand rubbed my cock a few times before it disappeared again, leaving me wanting more.

Subsequently, the idle hands reached my arse cheeks, caressing them gentle, before they were separated and a rough finger found my hole and began working on it. Without warning the finger made its way inside and began its own investigation, and just as I was beginning to enjoy it, another finger joined in, renewing the sharp pain. The piercing investigation of my arse continued, until the second gendarme had four fingers buried inside of me, stretching my sphincter to new dimensions. And all the time I was trying to enjoy the fingers invading my butt, sucking the huge cock and preparing myself for what would come next.

The newcomer asked the first gendarme, if there was any lubricant in the wagon. Unfortunately there wasn't, but they came up with a solution; they would use my cum as lubricant. The second gendarme kept widening my sphincter while he jacked me off vigorously. I was so horny and totally ready to be fucked by the two gendarmes. The first gendarme withdrew his cock from my mouth, forcing me to suck his balls, while he slit his hand around his cock gently removing all the precum oozing out of the slit mixed with my plentiful saliva and smeared it into my crack, easing the way for the second gendarme's fingers. That did it for me, and I came into the hand of the second gendarme, who made sure to gather all the cum in the palm of his hand, smearing it onto his cock before ramming it into my arse.

He pressed on the small of my back, forcing me onto the floor. As I felt the head making its way through my sphincter, a sharp pain went through my arse and my lower back. I could feel a cock of monstrous proportions entering my narrow crack, and the only thing I could think of was getting the hell out of there. But before I could scream, the first gendarme rammed his cock down my throat again, leaving me no choice but to swallow. The head of the donkey sized cock entering my arse just kept on pushing forward, forcing my sphincter to open even wider.

My attempt to escape the intruding piece of man meat made it easier for the second gendarme to push forward, as he grabbed me by the hips, giving me a few forceful thrusts, and then my sphincter gave way and allowed the cock to enter; the gendarme, who was about to fuck my brains out, trusted forward with all his mighty force and rammed the cock all the way to the hilt. And then he stopped for a few seconds, giving me just about enough time to adjust to the huge cock invading my arse. But before I knew it, both of the gendarmes trusted forward and buried their cocks in my arse and my throat at the same time.

I felt the huge cock in my arse advancing inch by inch, filling me. Then the advancement stopped, and I figured that I had taken all of it. To be sure, I fondled my balls and made my way towards my crack to fell the second gendarme's nuts. But I couldn't find his balls. What i found was the large piece of meat sticking out my arse, and I realized that several inches were still outside. The advance began again and it continued for a moment, until I finally felt the second gendarme's balls hitting my crack.

I had two huge cock buried within me; one in my mouth, and the other one in my arse. And they both wanted to set the pace. The gendarme fucking me, began a slow, hard fucking rhythm, which slowly quickened, giving me no time to adjust. I felt big drops of sweat dripping down onto my back. After a few minutes the almost excruciating pain finally gave way to an intense pleasure, especially when the gorged head moved past my prostate. The gendarme fucking me began moving faster and faster, until he unleashed huge jets of cum deep in my arse, filling my man hole. The smell of the hot cum pushed me over the edge, and I cum on the floor of the tiny wagon. The gendarme still fucking my face was just about to reach climax, when the gendarme behind me pulled back and let his somewhat limp cock drop out of my sore arse, before he joined his colleague, smearing his cock over in my face, waiting for the mouth fucker to shoot his load.

We didn't have to wait long. The gendarme withdrew his cock, gave it a few jerks and shot a gigantic load all over my face. I swallowed as much as I could of the richly flavored juice, being somewhat distracted by the second gendarme's cock being showed around my face and the large amount of fresh cum.

After a few moments in total silence, I got dressed, and before I left the back of the gendarmes' wagon and thanked the two hot gendarmes, who were obviously heteros, or at least pretended to be, for their services, and much to my surprise they invited me to come back, when I was in need of their services...



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