I was 22 that year, like most other boys from small city, shy and quiet. I spent almost all of my time in lirary, thinking studying can change my life, building my name in the academica area. I was thin, I mean of course I am thin now but that time I was even thinner, fair skin and long hair. some friends told me I have beautiful eyes and long eyelashes, I never thought of this stuff, I just concentrate all my attention on my major, I thought I was doing something far more important.

it was autumn afternoon, the weather was quite nice, I was in the library preparing for a paper. I got a call from john. professor john, I liked him, I mean respect by saying like, he was tall and with salt and pepper hair and blue eyes,charming guy. I signed in his class, and we talked several times.

I was a little surprised, he asked me if I have time to help him to move his stuff to his new apartment. last several conversation were quite pleasant, and I did not want to be rude, and then I said yes.

after all the stuff moved to his new apartment, I was already dark outside.

I ordered some pizza you can have a shower before it arrived.

so I went to the bathroom, it was a huge one, I turned on the tap on let water flush all over my body, and soon the steam all over the bathroom.

I like hot shower, when I was closing my eyes enjoying the floating water. suddenly I felt something wrong,

it was john. his hands gently on my shoulder from my back, I was shocked, never came cross things like this before. he suddenly grabbed my arms tightly, now I knew he was totally naked. I did now when he entered the bathroom even. he was taller and much stronger. then bent down his head press his lips onto mine aggressively, and his hands rubbing my thin body, he has hair and muscul legs, and strong hips I felt something hard hot tightly against my little butt, I could not even breathe then, his tougue all stick into my mouth my throat.

he wildly bent me over, one hand grabbed my waist and the other put into my mouth, I was trying to push him away but in vain. he was strong guy.

after a sharp deep pain through my heart. I felt like my body was torn apart by something. yes, something hard and big penetrated into my body.

relaxed, I love you.

john babling something

sticked his tougue into my mouth again. after about half hour I felt something hot shot into my body, I felt spasm from john, and he loosen me up a little, I finally can look down, I dont know when my cock was erected. even having some white stuff on it: it was my sperm

I was even more paniced.

all the following I can remember was he carried my with his arms put me into his big bed.

he said nothing and me neither.



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