In the Middle of Nowhere

by Hangry Holz

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March in Iowa is a crapshoot. The weather can be anything from too hot to ice storms from one day to the next. I rolled thunderstorms and rain. I came in the day before my great uncle’s funeral and drove the boring drive between Omaha and the little town my family is from. My aunt insisted I come by for dinner after I checked into my hotel. She had offered to let me stay at her place, but there was no way in Hell I was going to share two bathrooms with twelve family members.

After dinner I went back to my hotel and pulled up Grindr. It’s rare that nobody appears on an app nearby these days, but in the middle of Iowa the nearest gay to me was either in Des Moines or Omaha. The rest of the state was a gay desert. I closed the app, pulled up some porn and jacked off before taking a shower and going to bed.

The next day proved to be arduous. On top of all the competing levels of heartache, there’s all the petty grievances that get rekindled. Nothing major, just dumb things like people not returning casserole dishes or somebody not getting what they thought to be the proper recognition for the flowers they sent. Most all of these complaints came from older women who still thought a Black man tap dancing on Lawrence Welk was edgy.

The only thing that made the day bearable was getting to stare at all the hot white blue collar guys who worked at my uncle’s shop. As a member of the family, they all insisted on shaking my hand and expressing their condolences, some more awkwardly than others. A lot of them wore tight Wranglers and a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, showing off nice asses and massive forearms.

The instant I got into the rental car, my stress started to drop away. In exchange for my freedom, I’d agreed to return the following day for a family barbecue. I was already dreading it as I entered my hotel room. It was a recent build situated on a hill with a nice view of farmland as far as the eye could see. Thoughts of all my uncle’s coworkers slowly made their way to my crotch until my slacks had to come off to make room for my thick seven inch cock.

I picked up my phone and opened Grindr. Much to my surprise there was one solitary person nearby me. A single ping in the middle of Iowa. Just my luck to be one of two horny men in the middle of nowhere. I messaged him instantly. His pic was of a massive arm with thick black hair and a huge flexed bicep that looked like it might be as big around as my waist. He said he was 53, 6’ 2”, and 240 pounds with lots of hair.

He responded to my message almost instantly. My pic was of my naked torso and face. At 35, I’d kept myself toned and thin. I was now at my heaviest ever at 120 pounds at my demure 5’4”. He introduced himself as Jim and wanted to know if I had anymore pics. I obliged him with a pic a friend had taken at a pool party where I wore a pink thong. He responded with a pic of a massive cock and captioned it, “MY DICK RIGHT NOW!”

I told Jim where I was staying and said I’d be ready in about a half an hour. He said there was no way he could park his very noticeable truck at the hotel because someone was sure to tell his wife when she got back from taking their girls to a cheerleading competition. Instead he dropped his location and said he’d be waiting.

I quickly got ready and jumped into my rental. I followed the voice coming from my phone for thirty minutes and then it told me to make a left onto a dirt driveway with cypresses on either side. Slowly I made my way down the half mile of dirt road until it emptied out onto a clearing with a farm house and a bright red barn. When I turned the car off the rain subsided for a moment, giving me just enough time to get up onto the porch. Before I knocked on the door I noticed the silence that surrounded me. The road was so far away even the sound of traffic on the main road couldn’t be heard. Just newly planted fields and a few rows of cypresses every now and again.

I knocked on the door wearing sweatpants, a hoodie, and a pair of Crocs. The door opened and there stood the modern version of Paul Bunyan. He towered over me and looked down at me with piercing blue eyes and flashed a brilliant smile surrounded by facial hair so thick you couldn’t see his jawline. He wore an opened button down shirt and a pair of white Hanes boxer briefs. His legs were as developed as his arms and his feet were immense. Even with bulbous Crocs on, my feet looked tiny next to his.

“You must be Eric.”

“You must be Jim.”

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the television going and then I heard voices from the couch. “I’m Donny.”

“I’m Keith.”

“I’m Joe.”

They all waved from their positions in the living room. My eyes darted over to the living room and then back to Jim’s eyes as he fished the keys out of my hand. “Don’t think you’ll be needed these for a while.” He pulled the waistband of my sweats to see my naked body underneath and shook his head. “Damn, thought you’d have a thong on.”

“Sorry, I don’t have any with me. Just visiting for a funeral.”

“Figured as much. Every time I see a funeral in town when the wife isn’t here, I start checking the apps. Easy pickings.”

“So, who are they?”

“Some friends who also like some out of town ass.”

“Ah. The road was a little bumpy, is there a restroom I can use?”

“Yeah, it’s over here.” He led me to a small powder room. “Come out when you’re ready. I’ll leave you a present on the door.”

I pissed for what seemed like two minutes and noticed his shadow in the hallway as it paused momentarily and the handle jiggled. I looked at myself in the mirror with my heart beating hard in my chest. While I was a good little whore for one on one, four on one was a new experience for me. At first I thought about coming out naked, but then I thought that might be too much, so then I opted for just my sweatpants on, that was, until I opened the door. 

There on the handle hung a red lace thong. This answered the question what he wanted me to wear. I slipped off my pants and pulled on the thong. It wasn’t until I tried stuffing my thick cock into the flat front that it dawned on me he’d given me a pair of his wife’s underwear. My cock went from stiffening to stiff in a second. Something so fucked up and sexy about this man giving me his wife’s underwear to wear, not to mention the surprise of the three other men.

My feet patted the shiny wood floor as I made my way to the living room where the four of them sat watching ESPN and drinking beer from bottles. “Hey guys.” They all sat upright in their various states of undress. “So, refresh my memory, who is who again.”

“I’m Joe.” A white guy wearing white socks, unbuttoned jeans, and an open shirt revealing a bear belly and grey chest hair held up his beer. Joe must have been the eldest member of the group from his lack of hair and his deep laugh lines and forehead wrinkles. It’s an unfair way to describe him really, because he was very cute to my way of thinking. A cuddly sixty-something daddy to do dirty things to me.

“I’m Donny.” A thin guy somewhere between Jim and Joe’s age wearing a NASCAR shirt and very full tighty-whities. He had a light dusting of grey and blonde hair all over his body that matched his Fu Manchu mustache, and the wild hair sticking out from under a Peterbilt cap. He made a point of shaking my hand and tilting the brim of his cap at me in an oddly chivalrous way that, despite the way he was currently dressed, made him seem like a gentleman.

“I’m Keith.” A smooth twenty something man wearing a pair of loose basketball shorts stood up and shook my hand. He had copper hair and orange freckles covering his incredibly white body. He looked like he probably played football in high school and ended up taking over the family farm. There is a difference between muscles made from working hard and muscles made in a gym and between him and Jim’s overdone veiny look, I’d choose a body like Keith’s every time.

Jim sat and patted the seat next to him. Donny asked if I wanted anything to drink. Joe asked if I had filled out my brackets. They all laughed at my confused face as I’ve never been interested in sports. “Sorry, I went to a performing arts college. Not even sure they had a gym on campus.”

We stayed like this for about a half an hour. At about the fifteen minute mark I started wondering how my life came to sitting around in some strange woman’s underwear while I watched sports with her husband and his friends in various states of nakedness. My mind was starting to spin when the doorbell rang and made me jump.

Jim went and let two men in. I could hear them coming up behind me. I turned around and the two men and I locked eyes wide with surprise. “Uncle Billy? Uncle Scotty?”

Jim’s eyebrows raised. “Uncle?”

“What the fuck are you doing here,” Billy asked.

“What am I doing here? I’m gay and unmarried. If anyone has a slight edge in the morality game in this room, it’s me.” A couple of the guys chuckled at my comment.

Scotty thumped Billy on the chest. “Who the fuck are you kidding? You’ve wanted to fuck him for so long. Hell, we both have. And I’d venture to say, at least from all the bigger older guys this fucker has brought around over the years, he won’t shy away from having his uncles fuck him.”

Jim looked over at me, “You okay with this?”

I tried being coy about it, but a smile snuck onto my face. “I mean, Uncle Scotty’s not wrong.”

“Fuck yeah.” Donny said off to the side with his growing cock proving quite the strain for his underwear.

Keith had his hand down his shorts. “I think we let them start us off. This is so fucking hot. Hope I don’t cum before I get inside that fucker.”

I got on my knees in front of my uncles and undid their pants. Staring back at me were slightly larger copies of my own cock and balls. They had thick grey pubes and their balls had started to hang lower, but there was definitely a family resemblance.

Back and forth I went between the two of them until they were both completely hard. They said very little to me, but the other men egged them on. 

Billy took a seat on the couch and Scotty bent me over the arm and slipped the thong off me. At first I thought he’d just fuck me, but then I felt his tongue. His tongue was the stuff of legends. Every woman who’d ever been with him had commented on his agile and incredibly long tongue. He routinely date women way out of his league for months longer than they should have let him, just because he was so good at eating pussy. 

I was thrilled to feel that his talents were adaptable to my asshole. His tongue reached further inside me than I’d ever had a tongue reach. His rough facial hair felt amazing against my bald crack. I don’t know how he did it, but within only a few minutes my ass was covered in his spit as his face pressed harder and harder into me and his tongue continued to break its own record inside me.

I continued to suck my Uncle Billy off as Uncle Scotty line up his cock with my hole and pushed his way in. He was a perfect fit. This fantasy I’d had since I hit puberty was finally coming true and it was better than I could have ever imagined.

“How’s that ass Scott,” Billy asked.

“Remember when we were stationed in Thailand and we accidentally got that lady boy?”


“Even better. This fucker is nice and tight, but presses back on you like a good little bitch.”

As I continued to slobber all over my Uncle Billy’s cock, I could see Jim haul out his giant cock in my peripheral. Even though I was having the time of my life living out this fantasy, Jim’s cock looked even bigger in person and I couldn’t wait to get him inside me.

Uncle Scotty was gripped tightly to my hips as he threw his cock into me at a feverish pace. Soon his gruff calls to God flattened to a low moan as I felt his cum colliding with my insides.

“Fuck yeah little nephew!” He slapped my ass as he pulled his floppy cock out of me.

“My turn. How about you show us how good you can ride a cock?”

I got up and positioned myself between Uncle Billy’s legs. I grabbed the head of his cock and pressed it against my hole as I sat down on it.

“Holy fuck!” Billy said repeatedly as I reached the base of his cock. His hairy belly felt amazing against my back and my cock jutted out in front of me drooling precum.

Keith reached over from where he sat and grabbed my cock. “Damn, this fuckers’ got a nice dick.”

Jim sat stroking his cock across from him, “Maybe you guys can flip at the end.”

“Fuck yeah, been forever since I had a dick in me.”

“I keep offering.”

“Yeah, no, you can keep that fucking tree trunk to yourself dude.”

Jim laughed as he squeezed a pearl of precum out of his piss slit and licked it off his thumb.

I rode Uncle Billy as hard as I could. As I started to tire from the leg workout, I leaned back against his big belly and rested the back of my head against his shoulder. He reached up and twisted my nipples. I’m assuming whenever he’d tried this move with my aunt it didn’t have any effect on his cock, but my ass was quick to tighten around his cock. The move surprised him and he came uncontrollably as I milked his load out of him.

I rested against him as his dick plopped out of my ass. “Damn, you got to come with your Uncle Scott and me next time we go to Sturgis.”

“That would be hot. I’ve got a pair of leather shorts with a zipper up the back.” The idea must have resonated with him because I felt his cock jump a little at the thought.

“Me and Keith go every year. Be nice to have somebody to shine my bike and my knob,” Joe said with a smile on his face.

“Fuck yeah,” Keith said raising his beer in a toast to the idea.

Joe took off his pants and sat back down on the couch, “How about me next.”

“Yes sir,” I said slithering between his legs, accidentally wiping my precum on his knee.

Joe didn’t wear underwear. His big belly made sucking his cock a little treacherous at first, but once I started tugging on his massive balls and playing with his hairy nipples, his cock grew into an eight-inch surprise. It was similar to my uncles’ cocks and made me feel like I was being passed around a family reunion. My cock wouldn’t stop drooling and it kept stringing cum between my legs so I looked like I’d spun a web.

The rest of the guys seem torn between watching March Madness or the live-action porn in front of them. I kept twisting Joe’s nips until I felt his hand pull me away. “Got me pretty close boy. How about you turn around and let me add to your uncles’ loads?”

I turned around and backed up onto his cock, wedging myself precariously between his stomach and his thighs. He pulled me on a bit more and we organically worked out a system where I would try getting off his dick and he’d pull me back on. This lasted through three commercial breaks until he said, “Put your hands on that coffee table.”

I got off his cock for a moment and placed my hands flat on the table. Joe’s long torso and short legs worked to his advantage in this position, for his cock was at the perfect height to re-enter me. He slid into me further than I’d been able to get him in during our previous position and it made me moan a bit. For the first time everyone in the room was paying attention to what was happening to me instead of the television.

He started off at a geriatric pace, but soon found a nice pounding rhythm to enable him to finish. I’d seen guys online where they cum like a fountain, but never experienced it myself, until Joe that was. It was like somebody had opened a hose inside my hole. When he’d finished, he sat back on the couch and I happily cleaned my ass off of him.

“Come on over here. This’ll be like a dream come true, I get to watch ball and fuck at the same time,” Donny said as he pulled his underwear off. 

I wasn’t prepared for his cock to be as big as it was. I thought he might be a solid eight, but he was every bit as big as Jim, except he wasn’t the same thickness all the way down his shaft, he started with a narrow head covered in foreskin, then a thick middle that look about three inches wide, and then a slightly narrowed base. I was so excited to see how this carnival ride of a cock would feel thrusting in and out of me. I didn’t have long to wait either. As soon as I was behind the couch two basketball player did a tip-off and Donny slid completely into me. I couldn’t help but gasp.

Joe and Jim were heavy into the ESPN, but my uncles and Keith were glued to my face as Donny pounded away inside me.

My uncle Scotty grabbed his crotch, “Damn, that’s got me hard again.”

“He still ain’t cum yet,” Keith observed, “I bet that load is gonna be huge when he fucks me.”

“Damn, now I’m hard too,” uncle Billy said.

Donny thrashed away in me as he watched the overtime play out on the screen. Every thrust bounced my cock off the back of the leather couch until I had created a stringy wet spot. As the buzzer announced the end of overtime, Keith growled and announced his ejaculation.

He rested with his head on my back and let his big cock flop out between my legs. I kneeled in front of him and cleaned off all the residual cum that had collected between us. As I stood up, I saw Jim across the room in his recliner, motioning me to come over.

I started to kneel in front of Jim to suck his cock, but he stopped me and turned me around. “Not really into oral. Just a hole guy.” He lowered me onto his cock and it felt like I was sitting on a parking bollard. In my mind I imagined all my insides tipping their hats and saying “pardon me” as his cock bullied its way past. His massive arms and hands tossed me around like a toy. Part of me thought he might just be making up for not being at the gym. I thought I’d be on Jim’s cock for a long time, but after only five minutes he shot his load in me.

Keith cleared off the coffee table, slipped off his shorts, and laid on top of it, “Come on, let’s give these old fuckers a show.”

His cock was almost identical to mine except his was much whiter than mine and fringed with a light dusting of orange hair. I got on top of him and sucked his cock while he ate my ass. My cock was so ready to explode, I was smearing precum all over his smooth chest. After a bit he tapped me on the hip, “Let’s switch positions and see if I can still take a dick.”

I laid on the wood coffee table and Keith lowered himself onto my seven in cock. He clearly hadn’t been fucked in a while, his ass was already tight, but half way through getting down on my cock, he slipped and slammed himself down the last three inches. He froze and tried to catch his breath while his hole spasmed clenched onto my cock for dear life.

“Relax, breathe, let that hole open up,” I said trying to get him to not make me cum so fast.

It took a couple minutes, but eventually he relaxed enough that he started riding on my cock, albeit very slowly. Despite how tight Keith was, I was still managing on holding off on cumming, but then my Uncle Billy decided he was ready for another go.

He knelt by the coffee table and slid his cock into me while Keith continue to ride me. It all became too much and within thirty seconds, I was emptying my balls into Keiths tight little hole.

Keith leaned over and kissed my chest while Uncle billy continued to fuck me.

“Uncle Billy, stop!”

“What’s wrong.”

“I can’t get fucked once I cum. It hurts too bad.”


His cock slipped out of my hole just as mine came out of Keith. He smiled at me for a moment, and then his face changed to one of pain and ecstasy as Uncle Billy slid inside him. I stayed on the coffee table as and kissed Keith while his hole got stretched a little bit wider.

“Damn, this is a nice hole too!”

I’ve never had a problem with recovering fairly quickly, but at thirty-five, I was quite surprised to feel my hard cock between Keith and I already.

“Hey, your cock is hard again,” Donny said with excitement.

I slid out from under Keith and then reinserted myself in a sixty-nine position with him. I looked over at Donny, “What you waiting for?”

He shucked off his bulging briefs and slipped his amazing cock into me as Keith sucked my dick.

I looked around to see every cock in the room being stroked to get ready to enter one of our asses. My Uncle Scotty’s cock was so hard it was practically purple. After Donny came a second time in me, my Uncle Scotty slid his fat heavy cock into me. It was so hot watching one of my uncles’ cocks disappear into the ginger ass above me while my other uncle railed my ass. They must have been turned on by it too, because they both came shortly thereafter.

Jim took a turn in Keith’s ass while Joe went another round in me. The heat in the room was palpable and the twisted situation of my uncles being there made the older men cum pretty quickly. 

When Jim and Joe were done, I pulled away from Keith and asked, “How about we finish this show with you in me?”

He grabbed his cock and balls and pointed his tool straight in the air, “What are you waiting for, get up on it.”

While he wasn’t the biggest cock in the room, his body, the fact he was a ginger, or maybe the fact he was the first guy I’d ever had top me who was younger than me made the scene especially sexy for me. He felt amazing inside. The ridge under the head of his cock hit my prostate with every thrust. I grabbed his nipples and discovered they were wired to his dick. I rode him like a bull until he nutted in me. With his still hard cock in me, I quickly jacked off all over his stomach, chest, and face.

It sounds incredible, but for a few minutes I’d forgotten there were other people in the room. That was, until they erupted in applause. For the first time since I entered the house, I noticed the television had been turned off.

It was getting late and I had an early flight the next morning, as did my uncles, so we all made our excuses and walked out together. I was about to get in my car when my Uncle Scotty came over. “You leaving out of Omaha in the morning?”

“Yeah, 6:30 flight connecting in Dallas.”

“We’re on the same first leg. How about you follow us back to Aunt Kelly’s house, we drop off her car and then we just stay with you?” Then he shrugged and tried to take the sexual tension out of the air, “It would really help your aunt out.”

“Okay, but I’ve only got the one bed.”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” he said with a wink.

By the time we got to my great aunt’s house, there was a wet spot on the front of my sweat pants from thinking about sleeping with my uncles. As they went inside, collected their things, and said goodbye, I quickly looked up information about when Sturgis was and sent in a time-off request.

by Hangry Holz

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