My wife Michelle is a wonderful woman. She is a tall, dark-skinned Italian brunette bombshell of a woman. She is sweet, generous, intelligent, and devoted. She is everything a man could hope to want in a partner. 

Outside of the bedroom. 

Inside the bedroom, she was boring, un-interesting, and unsatisfying. Perhaps it was just me, but I just never felt quenched or complete by our sex life. 

We had been married for sometime, and I had become close to her brother, Pete. He didn't live close by, so we only saw him sparingly on holidays, birthdays, marriages, funerals, etc. He and I both shared a passion for horror movies, so we'd try to steal away for a flick when he came to town. 

Pete was openly gay. He was more or less what you might categorize as a 'bear'. He was only 5'11", but he had a typical Italian gorilla-like build. His olive skin was covered with thick tufts of hair, especially on his chest. He had very muscular, well-defined arms, shoulders, legs and chest combined with what only could be considered a massive belly. His weight flirted with the 260-270 pound mark consistently. 

Pete worked for a startup that ended up being purchased by a larger company earlier this year. In order to economize the acquisition, they shut down the small office, allowing those employees to work remotely. Given the circumstances, he decided to stay with us for the summer. He made himself right at home in our guest room. 

The first weekend after arriving, we found ourselves alone at the house, trying to fend off the summer sun by relaxing in the pool. This was the very first time I caught myself enjoying his physique. I tried very hard not to let on that I was ogling him. 

Every now and then, he would climb up the ladder and I would trace the muscles in his back and calves as he pulled himself out of the pool only to quickly dive back in, as if to tease me with just a fleeting glimpse of his wet olive skin. 

Then it hit me. I was rock hard. My cock was throbbing in my swimsuit. As if by some serendipitous disaster, Pete suggested that we get out of the noon day sun and have some lunch. I waved it off and suggested I wanted to do a few laps first. 

He nodded at me, and extricated himself from the pool while I took to swimming a few laps to cool myself down before giving away my developing desire. 

After a short while, I was able to get myself under control and I left the pool. 

I entered the house and called for Pete. I heard his voice coming from the upstairs guest room, but I couldn't quite make out what he had said. I climbed the stairs and walked down the hall, and opened the door to the guest room...

We both froze. I had my hand on the doorknob as I stood in the doorway. He was standing several feet away completely naked. A towel from the bathroom lay at his feet. I can only assume that he had taken a quick shower to wash off the chlorine, but my thoughts weren't on the towel, the pool, chlorine or anything so trivial. 

I was staring right at his cock. It seemed like an eternity. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, and I wanted it. At that moment, it was the only thing that made sense to me. I just needed to have it. On me. In me. Close to me. 

I had been staring at it too long. I realized it as he cocked his head downward towards me as if to get my attention. 

"I said, I'll be down in a minute. I just got out of the shower." he was smiling as he said it to me in a manner that revealed he could read my flushed face like a billboard lit by electric pink neon. 

"I'm sorry", I stammered, barely uttering the words as I bowed my head and closed the door behind me. 

I took a quick shower. Cold. 

All I could think about was his cock. As I washed myself, I wondered what it would have felt like with his strong hands touching me. I turned the water colder and quickly ended my shower. 

I went downstairs where he was waiting for me. His smiles and demeanor were clear that I was failing to cloak my anxious-laden temperament. However, he said nothing, and the day moved on without further event .

Several days later, he, myself and my wife were watching television together. My wife excused herself to go to bed early as she often did. We took the opportunity to find a horror movie. 

He moved over to sit next to me on the couch, and suddenly all I could think of was his hands on me like I had fantasized about in that cold cold shower only days before. 

It happened all at once. I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck and his firm hand on my thigh at the same time. 

He whispered into my hear, but his words filled every inch of my body with electric, burning desire, "It's ok." 

He planted a kiss on my cheek and then gently placed my earlobe between his lips. I turned towards him ravenously and kissed him. It felt as though I had never been kissed before. I couldn't stop. His tongue invaded my mouth, caressing my tongue and my lips forcefully. I spun over to him and straddled his waist as he wrapped his powerful arms around the small of my back. I felt the bulge of his biceps in my lower back drawing me into him. 

I lifted my head as he started to sloppily kiss my neck. His arms briefly came up to pull my shirt off, only to squeeze me tighter as he kissed and sucked on my chest and shoulders. His lips brushed my nipples and I uncontrollably moaned. 

Sensing our potential loudness, he picked me up and carried me down to the finished -- soundproofed -- (The previous owner of my home was a drummer) basement. 

In a maelstrom of limbs, zippers, kissing and stripping I found myself on my back on the basement rug. His hands were firmly in the pit behind my knee as he lifted up my legs and placed his face flush up against my ass. I bit my lip as he tongue fucked me, licked my asshole, spit to lubricate it and then began to finger it. 

He put his finger up at me as if to gesture, "Wait one minute." I painfully licked my lips and settled down as he left the basement. I wrapped my hand around my hard cock and slowly stroked it, holding myself at bay. 

He returned with a tube of lubricant. I felt it against my ass as he worked my asshole.

Without warning he was inside me. My mouth shot open in pain. Wonderful pain. He pulled a throw pillow off of the couch and handed it to me. I quickly bit down, and he proceeded to fuck me like a bull. God it hurt. Tears streamed down my cheeks and he asked me if I wanted him to stop. I shook my head vigorously and pulled him towards me. 

He fucked me harder. Harder. I felt him buck slightly, and then he pulled out of me and ripped off a condom. He stood up and pulled me to my knees. The pillow was replaced with his cock. He gently grabbed the back of my head and guided it back and forth on his shaft. He coached me how to loosen my jaw and throat. I felt his body tighten and my mouth was suddenly filled with something moist and salty and altogether different and wonderful. 

I gagged as I swallowed his load, but at the same time, I felt unquenched, as if I wanted to gulp it down again. He laid me back down on the rug and gently began to kiss my body and caress it. I felt his firm hand wrap around my hard cock and without any further provocation,  I exploded. 


Harry Cheeks


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