He had been staying at my house for a couple weeks. His car was busted and he couldn't get to & from work staying with his parents. It was the best couple weeks of my life. To the common eye he seemed like a typical guy. Had a girlfriend (even though things were on the rocks), chilled with the guys, passionate at work.. you know, nothing special.

Well to me he was a god! Mario was his name and let me tell you, that boy was gorgeous. He was just a tad shorter than me, latin with dark hair and tanned skin. The most amazing hazel eyes that went right through you. He worked out but still had a bit of a belly.

So he's staying at my house and after a couple weeks he got pretty comfortable. Walking around in just a towel after showering.. sleeping on the couch in his boxers.. it was great! I got a free show whenever I wanted, I just admired him from afar. Never daring to make a move.

That all changed one day though. He had passed out in my bed the night before and I crashed on the couch. I woke him up for work then next morning and was surprised when he wasn't wearing his normal boxers. I pulled off the sheets and he laid there with nothing on. He slowly woke up and realized he was nude and he grabbed the sheets to cover up. I just smiled and left to get ready for work.

That night I was in the shower when he came into the bathroom to was his face for bed. I didn't think anything of it until he spoke....

'Shawn.. about this morning..'

'Don't worry about it man, its no big deal' I said from behind the curtain.

'Nah, I shouldn't have been in your bed without anything on.. sorry bro' he replied

'I don't mind...'

there was a long pause... he finished up and went back to the living room. I finished my shower and joined him on the couch.

We sat there in silence for a while watching tv and then he finally said it...

'Well, you got to see me.. soo does that mean I get to see you...?' he turned and smiled at me.

After I pulled myself together I replied, 'umm I don't just give free shows like you, I gotta get somethin in return'

He moved over on the couch and placed his hand on my knee.. 'How's this..' he leaned in and softly kissed me..

'uhuh..' was all I could barely mutter as I kissed him back.

We stayed there for a while.. just making out until he slid his hand to my junk and squeezed it. He leaned back and smirked, 'excited are we?'

I looked back at him and just nodded stupidly. I was so confused and amazed at the same time.

I leaned in to kiss him again and he leaned back till he was laying down.. I crawled on top and continued to kiss him. His shirt slowly came off as did mine. I could feel his smooth warm skin touching mine and I want wild inside. I wanted all of him right there. I reached down and slid my hand over his jeans feeling his hard bulge.

Now I'm no superstar but I'm pretty well endowed.. about 6 1/2 and pretty thick. He was a monster. It had to be at least 8 inches and my hand barely fit around it.

He flipped me over and sat on my stomach. He looked down at me and smiled as he unbuttoned his pants. I helped him take them off and he was already poking out of his boxers. I was in awe. He stood up and took the boxers off. I folled him of the couch and took mine off aswell.

I pushed him against the wall and began kissing his neck. I slid down his smooth check and slowly made my way down to his rock hard cock. I knelt back and just admired the piece of meat in front of me..

'Do you want it?' He asked

'I've always wanted it..' I replied

'Its yours take it..'

At that I began sucking his massive tool like a mad man. 'Slow down man.. this isn't a race.' I slowed down to almost a stop but kept taking as much as I could into my mouth. He began to groan. I slid my hands around his legs and played with his ass a little..

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.. 'SHIT I NEVER LOCKED IT' I thought. I jumped up and ran to the door peaking through the hole. It was the downstairs neighbor.

'yes?' I said through the door..

'its almost 11 and my kids r sleeping.. keep the banging to a minimum please' the man said

'sorry we'll be quit!' I replied.

Phew.. that was close.. I turned to go back and I was pushed against the door making a loud thud. 'Shhh' I said to him as he started kissing me. He just reached down and started playing with my softening cock.. It didn't stay soft for to long though. He made his way down and took it all into his mouth. You'd think he'd done this before from the way he licked and sucked all the right places. I was about to explode when he suddenly stopped and looked up at me...

'Have you ever... you know.. done it?'

'had sex u mean? ... yeah you?'

'with a chick.. never in the ass.. you?'

'yeah I have..' I said embarrased.

'does it hurt?' he asked.

I smiled and looked down at him 'not if I go slow..'

He stood up and nodded his head.. I made my way to my room and got the KY.. I returned to the living room and he was sitting in the chair.. He stood up and asked 'how do we do this?'

I couldn't help but laugh.. it was so cute, 'relax' I said as I pulled him off the chair and took him to the couch. 'Bend over the armrest.. get comfortable.' He followed my directions. I lubed up a finger and teased his asshole a bit.. 'ready?' I asked.. he nodded and I slowly slid it inside him. He tensed up but I kept massaging until he relaxed. I slid another finger in he grunted a bit. After a little while I slid my fingers out and lubed up my rock hard cock..

'you ready for the real thing?' I asked.

'I'm all yours' He replied.

I slowly slid my cock inside him and he jerked a bit. I started slow and eventually was pounding the shit out of him without even realizing it. He was moaning and grunting like crazy. I finally exploded inside him and he screamed with pain/pleasure. I slid out of him and he turned over and looked up at me..

He smiled and said 'Your turn now..'

'Shawn?... Shawn!?...'

I jumped up and looked around... I was on the couch in the dark...

'Hey man I just got home.. I'm pretty smashed I'm just gonna crash in ur bed okey?'

'Uhh yeah...' I said dissapointed that the amazing night I had was all a dream

I went to bed and woke up late the next morning.. I went into my room to wake Mario up and he was naked in my bed......




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