Everybody has those turning points in their lives. The spot where, depending on your choices, you can do one thing or another and either way you go your life will never be the same from that point on. It's all part of growing up, I suppose.

Mine came right before my eigteenth birthday. I was not a 'good' kid. I was a two bit burglar and a petty thief. I'm not proud of what I did. And I can't explain why I did the things I did. But I haven't done anything like that since, so I guess I learned my lesson. I can justify it in my mind to being a confused teenager, but... never mind.

I got caught stealing something and hauled into court. The judge was very stern and lectured me for what seemed like hours on the error of my ways. I tried to listen to what he was saying but the rebellious teen in my brain kept sighing and rolling my eyes. Then he gave me a choice. That got my attention. Either I spent three months in the county jail or six months at a conservation camp. In the jail I would get food and a place to sleep and nothing else. In the camp I would learn a trade and get my GED. In the jail I would be in a cell all of the time. At the camp I would be free and living in a dormitory. My choice.

Fortunately for me, I chose the camp.

The place wasn't too bad, apart from being a bazillion miles from anywhere in northern Idaho. I got enrolled in welding classes for half a day and was taking tutoring for my GED the other half. We were fed well three times a day and we got evenings and weekends to do whatever we wanted. The nearest town was almost fifty miles away but they ran a bus there and back every weekend. I went to town once and that was enough. There was one bowling alley and one movie theater and that was pretty much it for town. The land the camp was on was 'rented' from the local indian tribe, most of whom lived in town. They didn't seem to like us much and they made it clear. I stayed away from town after that and decided to make my own amusement back at camp.

Aside from a few female staff, the camp was completely stag. And with that many young men kept away from women for that long there was bound to be some 'alternative' sexual activity going on. It was inevitable. But it was frowned on and whenever someone was caught, they were quickly transferred out to another camp before there could be any trouble. Personally, I didn't care either way. I wasn't really interested in other guys and I was more than happy to take care of my own needs myself for the interim.

For my own entertainment, I learned to play the guitar and took to hiking in the woods. I had a favorite place about five miles away where there was an an old firewatch tower since abandoned by the state with a smalll cabin beneath it. Most of the other guys rarely ventured more than a mile or two outside of the camp so I was assured of privacy. The cabin had no electricity and when I found it the roof leaked like a seive, but it did have an old cast iron woostove for heat and cooking and a usable well with a hand pump inside. I had 'borrowed' a few tools and some grease and managed to get the place cleaned up and patched up and the pump working for my own use.

Several of the guys had asked me where I went every weekend when I disappeared into the woods with my guitar and I gave them some bunk about 'communing with nature and writing songs'. That pretty much discouraged them. Once in a great while someone would insist on joining me for the weekend. I had found an alternate place several miles in the other direction. I was jealously territorial about 'my' cabin and didn't want to share it with anyone. One guy was pretty sure I had a girl stashed out there somewhere and he tried to follow me on one of my hikes. I caught a glimpse of him about a mile out and instead of going ahead towards the cabin I led him on a hard trail that led up and down and around and around for about two hours. By the time I stopped he was thouroughly lost and I had to 'rescue' him and lead him back to the camp. It pretty much ruined my weekend hike, but it also kept anyone else from following me out after that.

After I had been there for nine months, I got my welding certificate and had also gotten my GED. They were making noises about me moving on and going out to get a job, but I knew as I was only eighteen that nobody was going to hire me as a welder. Besides, I was enjoying myself. I got fed three times a day, I had a comfy warm place to sleep and entertainment whenever I wanted it. I saw no reason to go anywhere else unless I absolutely had to. I talked to my couselor about getting into another training program to 'expand my horizons and employment opportunities.' He suggested that the heavy equipment program would be a good adjunct to my welding experience so I had him sign me up. A week later I was driving a bulldozer and learning that it was rather fun cruising around in all of that big equipment. I looked forward to another nine months of taking it easy and having fun. Since I had gotten my GED, they put me in the operators class full time. Running the heavy equipment was taxing physically, but even though I was tired when I got off every evening, it was a good tired. I didn't mind.

People rotated in and out of the camp every two weeks. Those who finished and were moving on left and they sent in replacements on the big grey bus. As some of the older guys had left, they made me a Dorm Leader. It didn't really mean very much, other than the fact that I ended up with a room to myself. That was cool. Much better than the eight man bay that I had been bunking in. They gave me a little bitty room, not much bigger than a walk in closet with a set of bunkbeds and two small closets for my clothes and gear. The other bunk and closet were in case we got temporarily overcrowded and they needed to stash somebody in there. For the time being, it was all mine.

Not long after that (about a month, I think) Richie came into my life. I had seen the bus coming in as I was walking back in from being out in the field. We were building a new playground for a school in town. We were almost done and I had spent the day doing finish work with the grader. In the morning a crew would come in and plant grass and our part would be over. It felt good to be doing something nice for someone else while I was learning my trade.

Don, one of the couselors, called me as I was walking back to the dorm. Standing next to him was a scared young looking kid holding a battered suitcase. 'Rex,' he said (that's me, by the way, Rex Rogers) 'This is Richie Drummond. He's new. We have a shortage of space so we are going to have to bunk him in with you for a few days until we can find some room for him.' I snorted at this because I knew his 'few days' was going to be at least two weeks until the next bus left. The kid looked a little apprehensive at the idea of having to room with me. My boots were caked with red clay and I was spattered all over with mud and grease from the equipment. The only place even remotely clean on me was the top of my head where my hard hat had covered some of my hair. I tried to smile but I was too tired to put much effort into it. 'Sure thing, Don. Come on kid. Grab your gear.' We made our way into the dorm.

I led Richie into my/our room and showed him where to put his stuff and told him the top bunk was his. I gave him directions to the bathroom and the chow hall and wandered off to get a shower and change. By the time I had sluiced off all the mud and felt fairly human again, Richie was gone . I assumed he went to dinner. I intended to give him the ten cent tour of the place just to be neighborly when he got back and I settled onto my bunk to wait for his return. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I fell asleep and didn't see him until my alarm went off then next morning. I was still laying on top of my covers with all of my clothes on. When I got up the kid was still snoring into his pillow, sound asleep. One of the things I was going to have to teach him was how to get up with an alarm clock!

The first week living with Richie wasn't as bad as I had feared. He was older than he looked. He was actually only a month or so younger than I was, not the fifteen or sixteen he looked at first glance. He was small for his age and had a baby face that he was trying hard to grow out of. As Richie said once when I remarked on it 'All of my people are small. It's just how we are.' I'm sure if there had been girls here, they would all have been after him, calling him 'cute'. Richie never talked much about his home life or what he did to get sent to the camp. From the bits and pieces I did pick up it seemed like he had led a pretty sheltered life until he got into trouble. It seemed to be a sore subject so I never pursued it much. He was in the GED classes in the mornings and learning to be a painter in the afternoons. I knew the guy who ran the painting program, a pretty good cat, and I asked him to keep an eye on Richie and let me know if he was having any problems. I also talked to Ms. Anita who taught the GED classes and asked her for input on what he needed the most help on. I figured the best way to get my peace and quiet back was to get this kid through the course as fast as I could.

So during the day, I went out to 'work' on the big equipment and Richie went off to school. We developed a pretty strong relationship right from the start. As I was the 'older and wiser' one he referred to me as 'Old man' and to me he was 'Young man'. When we were together we goofed around alot. Just guy stuff, mostly. In the evenings after chow we would sit down at the desk in our room and I would tutor him on the subjects he was having trouble with, or just drill him on the stuff for the upcoming quizzes. Afterwards he usually went out into the dayroom to watch teevee or out to play basketball with the other guys and I stayed in to read or play my guitar. Occasionally he would stay in the room and listen to me play. I'm not really all that good at it, but I try.

The second weekend after Richie arrived I packed my rucksack full of food and a few books, slung my guitar over my shoulder and took off for the cabin, intending to spend the entire weekend by myself. On saturday morning I woke up missing seeing his face snoring into his pillow. By saturday afternoon I realized I actually missed having the little snot around and decided to head back in. I shook my head at myself. So much for the rugged individualist! I thought that maybe if I thought he could take the walk, I'd invite him out the following weekend. That was the first time I ever even considered sharing my secret place and the idea kind of startled me. I hoped he knew how to keep his mouth shut.

I never was one of those 'touchy-feely' people. Especially not with other guys. Not that I think anything about that, it just wasn't my way. I know plenty of guys that will hug an old friend they haven't seen in awhile . The most I would usually do is a handshake or a friendly punch in the shoulder now and then. But Richie seemed to thrive on that sort of contact. He would reach out and touch my arm when asking me a question. The first time we got through a particularly difficult set of math problems successfully he threw his arms around my neck and hugged me. I could tell it was a reassurance thing with him so I made sure that when he needed to be rewarded for doing good work, I would throw in a hug or a pat on the back along with the praise. When I put an arm across his shoulders and told him 'Good work, Rich!' he would wiggle like a puppy.

Two weeks after Richie arrived Don came and told me they were still having some space problems but he could move Richie out into a dorm room with some of the younger kids and I would probably get one of the older guys to bunk with me. I told him not to worry about it. 'He's kind of excitable' I said, 'But he's not a bad kid. And he keeps his part of the room clean. I'm kind of attached to him. If you don't care, I'll just keep him there for now.' Don didn't have any trouble with that and it removed the headache of having to shuffle people around for him.

I got my first clue about what was going to happen between us the following weekend. On thursday we had gotten rained out on a jobsite by a big storm that rolled through but we ended up spending ten hours out in the rain trying to get our equipment pulled out of the mud. When I came in soaking wet and covered with mud Richie jumped up and guided me into the chair by the desk. He pulled off my boots, socks, jacket and shirt and tossed them in a pile in the corner where I usually put my dirty clothes. Then he opened my locker and got me my sweats and a clean t-shirt and towel and my little bag of soap and shampoo and stuff I carried to the showers every day. He handed me my stuff and told me to go get cleaned up. When I returned I found that he had rinsed off my boots and stuffed them full of old newspapers to dry and had rinsed the worst of the mud out my clothes and threw them in the washing machine. He had even snuck into the showers and taken my dirty clothes from there to wash! I barely even noticed as I came back into the room and fell into bed and was asleep within seconds.

The following morning I woke up with a serious cold. Body aches, fever and chills, the works. Called the boss and told him I was sick. Went to see the camp nurse and she told me to go to bed and drink plenty of fluids. Like I didn't know that. I went back to bed. Richie, bless his heart, raced back to the dorm at every break to check on me. Most of the times I was asleep, but when I was awake he would ask if I needed anything and if I did, he would run off to get whatever I needed. I told him he didn't need to keep running over here and he laid a hand on my arm and said 'Rex, you been so good to me since I got here, I will do whatever it takes to pay you back. Don't worry, old man, I'll take care of you!' And he raced off again to get to his next class.

By supper time that evening I felt like eating something, but was too weak to go and get it myself. Little Richie went to the chow hall and got in an argument with the head cook (a great big, fierce Indian woman who secretly liked most of us) and got permission to bring me a tray in the dorm room. The kid had guts! I was impressed. The cooks name was Gloria Whitekiller. She was a huge mountain of a woman whose face almost always wore a frown. But that was just the way her face was shaped. I had discovered months ago that if you sweet talked her, you could get almost anything you wanted food-wise. She was never fooled by my slick words and always threatened to kick my ass if she caught me in her kitchen mooching food. But I always got just enough of what I needed just the same. Between her expression and that ominous name, most of the guys were too scared to even talk to her. I suspect she was lonely.

After I had eaten a bit, I set the tray to the side and looked over at my roommate. He was sitting by the side of my bed watching me eat and telling me what he had done during the day. When I set the tray down he said 'Did you get enough? Do you want more? I'll go get you more if you want!' I reached out and placed my hand on his cheek. 'Richie, you are going to make somebody a fine wife someday.' I said, jokingly. He leaned his head gently into my palm and almost, but not quite, brushed his lips against my hand. It was a small gesture and I almost missed it. But I did see and it made me wonder. Was the kid just starved for affection? Was it a byproduct of his need for physical touch? Or was it something more? I decided I would just wait and see what happened. I wasn't thinking clearly anyway and I figured it wouldn't hurt to wait and see.

I spent the entire weekend in bed except for brief trips back and forth to the bathroom. Every time I got out of bed Richie was there putting my arm around his shoulder to help me walk and make sure I didn't fall. I was fairly certain I could have made it there and back by myself but on the other hand I was pretty weak and didn't want to end up face down on the bathroom tile, either. Some of the guys in the dayroom started giving Richie a hard time whever we would stumble through. One of them, a real card by the name of Archie 'Ace' Wiggins started referring to Richie as my 'little nursemaid'. He and his cronies would always laugh heartily after he made that remark. After the third time I heard him say that, I made an abrupt turn coming back from the bathroom and staggered into the dayroom where Ace and his buddies were hanging out. I walked right up to Ace, with Richie under one arm and said 'Since you seem to enjoy it so much, Ace, I decided I would share with you. Maybe you can get a nurse of you own.' And with that I held up my free hand, licked my palm and held it out to him. 'Here, pal. Shake and share.' Ace came up out of the seat and over the back of the chair so quick you would have thought I had offered him a live rattlesnake. 'No way man!' he cried 'You keep you germs to yourself! I don't want none of that!' The other guys were laughing at him now as he kept backing away. I just smiled. 'Behave yourself there, Ace. Or I'll sneak in and borrow your toothbrush.' On the way back in to the room Richie squeezed me with his arm and whispered 'That was awesome!' I just smiled.

By monday morning I was feeling better but not yet 100% and the boss told me to take another day off just in case. The jobsite was still too muddy to work and the crews were just sitting around doing routine maintenance. 'Don't want you dying on me, Rex.' he said 'You are going to be my next crew chief!' So I sat around in the room and napped and waited for Richie to get off of work in the afternoon.

He had a big exam coming up the following morning so after chow we closed ourselves up in the room and I quizzed him for several hours. It was all geopgraphy and history and easy stuff but I wanted him to do good so I quizzed him hard until I was sure he knew the material. When I was satisfied and we were done I stood up and put an arm around his shoulders and gave him a big hug. 'You are doing great, tiger! You got this!' He turned into my hug and wrapped his arms around me tight and buried his head in my chest. 'Thank you, Rex.' he said against my chest 'I don't know how I would have done this without you.' His right hand had slipped down to my hip and now it slid down to my upper thigh, just below my crotch. 'I'd like to repay you' he said, looking up into my eyes 'Any way that I can.' With that his hand slipped around and gently cupped my crotch in his palm. I looked down at him and I could feel my dick starting to get hard through my jeans. The heat from his hand started to spread through my lower torso. 'Do you realize what you are doing?' I asked. He gazed into my eyes and nodded. 'Do you want me to stop?'

My mind said 'Yes! No! Maybe!' I wasn't really sure what I wanted. Like I said before, I didn't think much about it either way and the situation had never come up before so I didn't know exactly how I felt about it. But I did like feeling him softly squeezing my cock and I was pretty sure I would enjoy it if we took it a few steps further. His hand was now slowly sliding up and down the length of my now fully erect cock hanging down my pantleg. I decided to put the ball back in his court again but with conditions. 'Just so you know exactly what you are getting into here, young man.' I said in the same voice I used while tutoring him in math. 'If you keep doing that then very soon you are going to end up on your knees with my cock in your mouth.' His lips parted to speak and I pressed a finger over them to quiet him. 'And if you take my cock in your mouth you are going to suck me until I come inside of your mouth and you are going to swallow all of my come. Do you understand that?' He nodded and I continued. 'And that may satisfy us for a while, but not long after that you are going to end up face down on a pillow and I am going to see if that prick of mine will fit up inside of your ass and I will fuck you long and hard and fill your tight little ass with my come too. Is that what you want?' His hand squeezed me hard and he started to slide down to his knees. 'Yes Rex! That is what I want!' He went to his knees in front of me, with both hands now holding my cock and stroking me. 'I want to suck you until you come. I want you to fuck me. I want to make you happy. I... I love you, Rex.'

I reached down and took both of Richies hands in mine and pulled him to his feet. As he stood his lips brushed against mine quickly but I pulled away. I turned him and sat him in the desk chair and I perched on the desk next to him. 'First of all' I said 'We will do nothing here. Nothing at all.' He started to speak again and I waved a hand for quiet. 'If we are careless here then we will get transferred to different camps. That would ruin everything. But if we are smart then we can be together as much as we want every weekend. There's a place we can go and have privacy. It's quite a hike getting there, but I think it will be worth it. But you have to promise me..' I took his chin in my hand and looked him in the eyes. 'That you won't tell anybody about this. Nobody at all. It's just between you and me. And nothing happens between us either in this room or anywhere else on this camp. Promise?' He nodded and his lips brushed my hand again. I slapped him gently on the cheek. 'No more of that. Not here. Not while we are on this camp. Now go watch teevee or something for an hour or so. This old man has got things to think about.'

He got up and scampered out of the room with a big smile on his face. I heard one of the other guys ask him what he was so happy about. 'Rex is tutoring me and I am going to ace that test tomorrow!' Smart kid.

In the meantime, I had things to think about. Was this really what I wanted? To have my first homosexual experience with this kid? He made it pretty obvious what he wanted. It was the first time he had ever sounded so certain about anything. For my part, I had a raging hardon that needed some attention. I guessed that that pretty much answered my question as far as my part went. I was definitely turned on by the idea of fucking him. After checking to make sure the door was locked, I lay back on the bunk, put a towel across my hips and opened my jeans to free my cock. With the image of Richie on his knees in front of me begging me to fuck him, I started stroking my cock. I didn't take me long at all to come....

'Business as usual' became our watch phrase for the week that followed. To say that there was a tension between us was an understatement. Richie seemed to want to turn every single touch into a sexual encounter and it was driving me crazy. I had to be firm with him several times and remind him of the consequences if anyone suspected. I would hold his hands down to his sides and recite the mantra 'Business as usual'. It was hard for him. Hell, it was hard for me! I was hard for him. On many levels. Once I even heard him say it to one of the other guys. A buddy of his passed us in the hall and asked 'How's it going, Rich?' To which he replied 'Oh, you know. Business as usual!' He turned and gave me a sly wink. You just couldn't help but like the kid.

When guys transferred out or went back to the world to go home or get jobs, they often put their excess gear up for sale. Radios, camping gear and the like. Randy, the guy who ran the gym and library, had a small slush fund and he would pick up good stuff when he could and hang onto it in case somebody new needed some gear. He would sell it to us for what he paid for it. He didn't make any money that way, but he didn't care. He liked his job and got paid enough by the state. And he knew that most of us were stone broke most of the time anyway. I picked up a smallish backpack that I thought Richie would be able to carry if it wasn't too heavily loaded and a used sleeping bag that was still in good condition. Those and a few other small items used up all of my available cash, but what the hell? It's not like I had anywhere else to spend it out here. Randy said 'The new kid got the hiking bug like you?' I smiled wryly and shook my head. 'He's been bugging me to take him camping. You know how these city kids are. Probably be scared half to death the first night and want to go home. But I figure if I'm going to be stuck with him I might as well make him help carry some of the food. He's got to be good for something, but I'll be damned if I know what.' Randy laughed and threw in a couple of flashlights for free. He knew I had been tutoring Richie and thought it was just a humanitarian thing. Well, it was at first, anyway.

As usual, the boss let us go early on friday and when I got back to the room I realized I had a raging hardon in anticipation. I draped clean clothes in front of my crotch and headed for the showers. Making sure nobody could see, I jerked off quickly under the hot water to calm myself down. No way I wanted to hike five miles with a stiff dick. It would have rubbed me raw! When I got back Richie was there and in the same state I had been. I could see the front of his pants pushing out stiffly so I gave him the same prescription I had given myself. Sent him off to the shower and told him not to come back until he had come at least once.

We had packed our gear up the night before but I went through the packs again checking for things we might have forgotten. Everything seemed to be ready. I had gone up to the nurses office a few days earlier for a 'checkup' after my cold. While she was out of the room I frisked the cabinets until I found several tubes of that 'surgical lubricant' they always have in doctors offices. I snagged two of them and stuck them in my coat pockets before she returned. They were now wrapped in spare socks in the bottom of my pack. I almost got hard again just thinking about using that stuff on Richies tight asshole but I managed, with difficulty, to calm myself down and put my mind on the hike.

Richie came back from the showers much calmer but still excited. 'Save your energy for the hike' I warned. 'It's no stroll in the park and we have to get there before dark falls.' I made sure he had good thick socks on and that his boots were laced up tight enough. We each put on a light sweatshirt, since it was already fairly cool outside. I eased the window to our room open and scoped outside. There was nobody looking and I dropped our packs and my guitar on the ground outside and we climbed out the window and closed it after us. It was my usual way. I often came and went through the window. That way they never knew when I left and never knew when I returned. I guess I just enjoyed being mysterious.

I won't say too much about that first hike. Richie wasn't used to such strenuous exercise, being a city kid, and he wasn't anywhere near as tall as I was (a mere 5'3' as opposed to my 6'1') so I had to shorten my usual long-legged lanky stride so he could keep up. He was getting pretty worn out by the time we neared the cabin but he soldiered on with dogged determination. He was working hard for his reward and when we made it there I planned on rewarding him for his efforts all night long. A few miles outside of the camp I slid an arm around his shoulders and gave him a squeeze. He took a deep breath and leaned into my side. 'Doing okay?' I asked. He nodded and said 'Just a little out of breath. I can't wait to get there.' I squeezed his shoulder and touseled his hair. 'We'll get there soon. And you are going to need all of your breath when we do.' With that I reached down quickly and squeezed one of his asscheeks then stepped away. It was all I could do to keep him from running all the way there. Nothing like working towards a goal!

We got to the cabin just a little before dark. I knew that night fell quick in the mountains and I wanted us prepared to stay inside all night. The last quarter of a mile we ranged side to side off the trail and picked up deadwod to carry along. There was usually a good stash of firewood already up there but I didn't plan on spending my usual half a day cutting wood to replace what got used. There were other things on my mind! We dropped our wood in the firebox outside the front door and went inside just as the last glimmer of daylight disappeared under the horizon. I took new candles out of my pack and set one in the holder on the table and lit it then set about building a fire in the little stove. I directed Richie to fill up the metal bucket with water from the pump and set it on the stove to heat. He didn't have a clue how to work a hand pump and I had to tell him what to do.

He put the bucket on the stove just as I got the fire going good. I closed the grate and stood up to hold my hands out towards the heat. Richie came up behind me and snuggled into the my back. His hands came around my waist across my stomach and started to slide down towards my crotch. I caught his hands in mine and turned around so I was facing him and put his arms around my waist. He held me tight for a few seconds then turned his face up to mine. I cupped his chin in my hand and leaned down and kissed him deeply. He moaned against my mouth as I kissed him and his arms went so tight around me it was almost hard to breathe. I reached down and cupped both of his asscheeks in my hands and he moaned louder and bucked his hips against my legs. After a few seconds I broke the kiss and pushed him gently back. 'I think it's about time, don't you?' Richie was nearly panting and gasped 'Yes Rex! Please! I want you! I need you!' I swooped down and gave him a quick kiss and opened my pack.

The only bed in the cabin when I got there was an old steel framed twin cot with an ancient foam mattress. I had tried the cot a few times but it was so old it squeaked loudly every time I moved around in my sleep. The second weekend the cot moved out to the back porch and I had just made me a pallet on the floor, using the mattress as a pad. One of the items I had managed to scrounge from Randy was a self-inflating air mattress that was almost as thick as the old foam pad. All I had to do was open the valve and the foam inside expanded and then close the valve again. I set this next to the foam pad and had Richie hand me his sleeping bag. This I opened up fully and spread it over the two pads. Then I opened my sleeping bag up and laid it over the top. My extra blanket went over the top of this and I got out the two empty pillowcases. Into these went our sweatshirts and made us each a small but comfortable pillow. A vision flashed into my mind of Richie clutching that pillow to his face and me fucking him hard in the ass. It made me flush warm with desire.

I rose and went to the one wooden chair in the cabin and sat down to unlace my boots and slip them off. I placed my hands on my thighs and looked at him. I thought about what to do next for a second and then said in a low voice 'Let me see you.' Almost as if he were in a trance, Richie started peeling off his clothes until he stood before me naked. He had a smooth firm body, with a small patch of furry pubic hair framing a beautiful 5-1/2' cock that stood out firmly in front of him. I enjoyed the sight and my mouth almost watered as he turned slowly in a circle in front of me. He had small firm asscheeks which I had already held in my hands once and I hungered to part them and sample the delights of his ass. His nipples were hard as rocks and I could see his nuts were shriveled up tight beneath his cock. I wasn't sure if it was from desire of the fact that the room was still a bit chilly or both. I stepped up and picked him up in my arms and carried him to our bed on the floor. I laid him down on the bed and covered him up with the blanket and stood up and slowly began peeling off my clothes. My 6-1/2' cock sprang out to attention as my pants came down my thighs and there was a little gasp from the bed. The room was still cold and I slipped quickly beneath the covers and took him into my arms. I slid my arm behind his head and rolled him so he was looking up at me. My cock was pressing into his thigh and it felt like his skin was on fire. He writhed against me as I kissed him and my right hand slid down his chest to the patch of pubic hair. His hips jerked and I slipped my hand down to softly cup his balls in my palm. Richie parted his thighs for me and moaned onto my mouth as my fingers slowly caressed his balls. His hands were clutching at my back and as I wrapped my hand around his cock they tightened and I felt his nails digging into my skin.

Richies cock was a little over 5' long but over 5' around and hard as a rock. He had been circumcised, but there was enough excess skin that my hand slid slowly up and down with very little effort. I wondered idly what his cock would feel like in my mouth... or in my ass. I decided I would find out soon enough. There was always time. For now I just wanted to make my beautiful boy happy. 'Beautiful boy'... That phrase echoed in my mind. Even though he was only a little younger than I and we were both very nearly adults, he seemed so young and innocent, in a weird way and the phrase fit him perfectly. My hand gripped him tighter and stroked him faster and faster as I felt him moving against me. Richie was jerking his hips upward wildly and suddenly he gave a squeal and started shooting come all over my hand and his belly. I held him tight and stroked him as he came. I flipped back the covers as the last jets subsided and surveyed the mess we had made. His hips were still churning and he was gasping for breath. I brought my hand to my mouth and for the first time in my life I tasted another mans sperm as I licked a little off of my fingers. It was salty, as I had heard, but it also tasted sweet because I had given him so much pleasure so easily. Maybe now that he had come he would last a little longer the next time.

Richie was still gasping softly and when I looked at his face I realized he was close to tears. 'What's wrong?' He wrapped his arms around my neck and sobbed 'Rex, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to... it... it just felt so good with you touching me. I couldn't help myself!' I shushed him and held him close. 'It's okay, my beautiful boy. It's okay...... I wanted to make you come. I wanted to see it and feel it and taste it. I wanted you to come for me hard and fast and you did it wonderfully. My beautiful boy.. you came just for me...'

He sighed into my neck and murmured 'It was my first time.'

'With another man?'

'With anybody.'

I jerked back a little bit and looked down at him nestled into the crook of my arm. A virgin? I could see it. He was a pretty shy kid. But I figured as pretty as he was there would have been at least one girl who had gotten into his pants before me. I'd had my share of girls and had even managed to knock off a piece from a local girl in the back of a tool shed on one of our jobsites in town a couple of times. A virgin and all for me? I felt like a kid in a candy store. But, come to think about it, technically when it came to doing what we were doing I was a virgin too. Ah, well.

Slipping my arm from under his head, I rose from our pallet and got a washcloth and a small towel from my pack. I dipped the washcloth in the bucket of warm water on the stove and cleaned off the rest of his sticky jism from my hands and then knelt down and wiped his belly clean and dried us both off with the towel. I hung the towel and washcloth on the chair beside the stove to dry and returned to bed. Richie had turned on his side facing away from me and I snuggled up close behind him, covering us both with the sleeping bag. I draped an arm around his waist and he snuggled back into my belly. My hardon had subsided a bit but the warm touch of his buttocks against me was enough to start waking me up again. It only took a few moments for me to realize that Richie had fallen blissfully asleep in my arms.

Well.... hell! I hadn't planned that. After the day of work and the long hike and the shattering orgasm the poor lad was tuckered out. My cock was till semi-erect and I felt that familiar ache in my balls from having an unspent hardon. I could feel the heat from his soft asscheeks pressing into my crotch and I briefly toyed with the idea of just going ahead and fucking him while he slept. I'm sure he would wake up when my cock went into his ass! But, no. I wanted him awake and aware during the whole process. I wanted us both to enjoy every second of the hard fucking I was going to give him. I sighed and settled down behind him to close my eyes. Richie took my hand in his and pressed it against his chest and murmured something sleepily before he drifted back off. Not long after that I was asleep as well.

I woke up the next morning alone on our bed. I blinked and stared at the wall and wondered for a few moments if the whole thing had been a dream. Then I heard a small noise behind me and turned over. Richie, dressed in sweats and a t-shirt, was kneeling with his back to me poking more wood into the stove. He had a merry fire going and the room was fairly warm already. I couldn't see his face and I desperately wanted to. What would I see there? Regret? Revulsion? Shame? I hoped not. Since I had committed myself to this course I want it to continue. I wanted to make him happy and for my own very selfish reasons I wanted to continue. I wanted very badly to fuck him hard and long.

He turned and saw that I was awake and came over and knelt by the bed. 'Are you mad at me?' he asked.

'Whatever would I be mad at you for?'

'Falling asleep on you last night. I'm so sorry, Rex!'

I hooked my hand on the back of his neck, pulled his face down to mine and kissed him hard and fast. 'Don't worry about it, silly boy. We both had quite a day. And we have all day and all night to make up for lost time. Don't you worry.' I slid out of the bed and stood up. My cock was hard and standing straight out from my crotch. Richie started to reach for me and I batted his hands away. 'Not just yet, greedy guts. I have to pee before I burst. There's some instant coffee in my pack and some cups. Why don't you make us both some? I'll be right back.' I stepped out the back door and the cool morning air made me gasp a little. I had to stand by the railing and force myself to relax before I could pee.

I came back in feeling much better and my hardon had subsided and I hung limp. Richie handed me a tin cup of instant coffee and kissed me. I patted his cheek and went over to sit on the bed. He sat down beside me and leaned his head against my bare shoulder.

'Any regrets? I asked.

'Only one.'

'What is that?' I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.

'That I fell asleep. I wanted you to fuck me.'

That matter of fact statement caught me a little by surprise and I laughed. 'Don't you worry about that, my beautiful boy. It's going to happen sooner than you think. Don't you worry about that at all.'

I rearranged the top sleeping bag so that it was bunched up behind me and I leaned back against the wall and drew the blanket up to my hips. Richie snuggled up under my arm with his head on my chest. I kissed the top of his head and we sat and sipped our coffee for a few minutes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his warm body pressed up against me. I sighed happily and wondered what the day would hold for us.

I felt my little lover move and opened one eye and saw him set his empty coffee cup down on the floor. He leaned back into my chest and I could feel first his hand and then his warm lips on my bare chest. He was kissing and licking me, up and down my chest and down towards my stomach. I sighed again and set my cup down next to his. My hand went to the top of his head and I stroked his hair as he worked his way lower and slowly lower. His hand slid beneath the blanket and brushed against my semi-hard cock. It jumped at his touch and immediately began to get harder and rise up under the covers. I slid the blanket off as his fingers closed around my prick. 'Oh my god.' he said 'I didn't realize it was that big! My hand can't reach all the way around it!' I couldn't think of a suitable reply to that statement, so I said nothing. I just stroked his hair and back as he held me in his warm hand. Richie had slid lower and I could feel his hot breath on the tender skin of my prick. When he spoke I could feel his words on my cock. 'Do you think it will fit in my ass?'

The question made my cock jerk and finish getting hard as he began to slowly pull back my foreskin, exposing the puple head of my prick.

'I think we will have to work up to it, but I'm sure it will fit in your ass.'

'Do you think it will fit in my mouth?'

'Oh yes.'

'Lets find out.' He said as I felt his warm lips touch the head of my cock. His tongue darted out and I could feel him spreading warm saliva all over the head. He turned his head slightly and I felt his warm lips close around my prick. Oh god! It felt wonderful! His small hand was working up and down the shaft as he sucked my cock in and out of his hot mouth. He couldn't take very much of my length into his mouth but I didn't mind. I had been deep throated by a couple of girls before and it wasn't that big of a deal. Most of the sensation was in the head and Richie was doing a fine job there between his lips and his tongue. I debated with myself on whether he had had lessons somewhere or if it was a natural talent when I gave up and just enjoyed the sensation. Every now and then he would sigh in the back of his throat and the extra vibration would send a thrill down my spinal column. I could feel my orgasm building after he had been blowing me for a couple of minutes.


'Mmmmm?' My cock never left his mouth as he sucked me.

'I told you what would happen if you took my cock in your mouth.'

'Mmmmm hmmmm...'

'I told you I would come in your mouth and you would swallow all of my come.'

'Mmmm hmmm!'

'Do you want me to come in your mouth? Are you going to swallow all of my hot come?'

'Mmm hmmm! Mmm hmm!' He nodded enthusiastically with his head bobbing in my lap.

My hand closed on the back of his neck as my hips began to buck upwards into his mouth. He held his head still and let me fuck his hot mouth with my cock. I gripped him as tightly with my hands as he did me with his lips and I groaned and bucked upward one last time and came into his mouth. I could feel and hear him swallowing all of my sperm as it jetted down his throat. I bucked and shivered and came again and again and spurted what felt like gallons of jism into his waiting mouth. And he swallowed it all.

Richie held my cock between his lips until my orgasm had ebbed and I was breathing normally again. The with one last kiss on the tip he released me from his hot mouth and kissed his way back up my chest to my lips. He looked me in the eyes and said 'Was that okay?' I laughed aloud for the second time that morning.

After I had regained my breath a bit I got up, slipped into my sweats and a t-shirt and made us some breakfast. I had 'appropriated' a bit of food from the chow hall the day before to bring with us. I had pre-scrambled half a dozen eggs and put them in a plastic peanut butter jar that sealed tight. In another container I had some small ham cubes and shredded cheese that had been out with the salad from dinner. A plastic baggie had some butter patties. I sat the metal pan from my army surplus mess kit on the stove and dropped in the butter patties. When they melted I shook up the jar full of scrambled eggs and poured them into the pan. I stirred them around with the metal fork from my mess kit until they were about half done and then dumped in the ham and cheese. Richie watched all of this with awe. I'm guessing he never had to cook for himself before. He made me feel like I was some sort of genius. Even if I hadn't just had the best blowjob of my life I would have enjoyed having him with me.

We sat on the bunk and ate our breakfast and chatted and joked and talked about life at the camp. And afterwards he helped me wash up the pans and set some more water on the stove to heat. We both made trips out to the primitive outhouse out back. Richie was horrified at first but when I told him the alternative was squatting over a hole in the ground he worked up his nerve and went. What are they teaching kids nowadays?

While he was out I made us some more coffee and was sipping a cup when he returned. Richie seemed happer than I had ever seen him before. He was coming out of his shell right here in the woods with me. As I was sitting in the only chair (I was going to have to do something about that. How was I going to haul another chair all the way up here?) he sat in my lap and I held him close.

The day was getting warm out and I could tell that I needed to get cleaned up. I take a shower every day back at the camp and make do with a sponge bath when I am here. That gave me a fun idea. One of the items I was constantly bring up to the cabin was empty metal coffee cans with plastic lids of various sizes. They were easy to get and good for keeping things bug free and excellent for heating water in when I wanted to use for other things besides making coffee and instant soup. I got four of them out and seperated the remaining hot water into them and sent Richie to refill the bucket. When he brought it back I poured a little cold water into each of them to cool them down a bit and dumped a little liquid soap into the first one. Then I got out two washcloths and stuck one down in the soapy water. Richie watched quizzically as I began to strip down. I wrung out the soapy washcloth and began to scrub myself all over. In a flash, Richie was naked and taking the cloth from my hand. He began methodically scrubbing me all over, humming to himself and occasionally planting light kisses on my skin. He went to his knees behind me and washed my ass and down the back of my legs and even the bottom of my feet, then dipped the cloth in the water again and wrung it out and got on his knees in front of me. As if the mere sight of this naked boy on his knees in front of me wasn't enough, he began slowly washing my cock and balls with the washcloth and his warm hands. My eyes closed and I felt myself getting hard as he pulled back my foreskin and gently washed my cock. I felt him plant a small kiss on the tip and I opened my eyes and said 'Stop that. It won't taste good with soap on it.' When he stopped and looked up at me I said 'I always want my cock to taste good to you.'

I took the soapy washcloth from his hands and tossed it back in the can of water. Then I got the other cloth and dipped it in the can of clean water. 'Now' I said 'We rinse the soap off. Then it's your turn.' Richie went to work with abanodon rinsing the soap off of my skin. But he couldn't resist planting a small kiss on every part of me he rinsed clean. He saved my cock and balls for last and just as he finished wiping me off he leaned forward and sucked the head of my cock in his mouth and slowly pulled it out until it released with a small 'pop!' He grinned up at me and said 'It tastes great to me!' I was beginning to think I had created a monster! A hot, sexy, horny little monster, but a monster nonetheless.

When he was done I dumped out the used water and got the two other cans to use. I put soap in the first one and plunged the rag in to work up some bubbles. While my back was turned to him, I dropped one of the tubes of lubricant down in the can of clean water to get it warmed up. Never without a plan, me.

I had Richie close his eyes and I started by washing his face. 'Just keep them closed unless you get dizzy. You'll enjoy the feeling alot more that way.' I scrubbed him gently all around his hairline and up behind his ears and down his neck and shoulders and scrubbed my way down each arm and even between his fingers. I made sure I got more soapy water for his armpits and worked my way down his chest and stomach. His cock was already stiff and proud by the time I was working my way up and down his legs. I think I surprised him when I didn't stop to wash his pretty little cock but instead stepped behing him and started washing his back. I scrubbed my way down his back and knelt and started washing his asscheeks. I had washed the outside of his tight little mounds and I stopped to rinse out the cloth again. Then I parted his asscheeks and ran the cloth from the rear of his balls all the way up to the top of the crack. I did it a second time and paused at the opening of his ass and pressed gently, just so he could feel some pressure there. I could feel him tighten up and then relax and tighten up again. We were going to have to work on some relaxation techiniques, I imagined.

I tossed the rag aside and plunged my hands into the soapy water and worked up a good lather. Richies hardon had gone down a little but when I began washing his cock with my bare hands it quickly sprang back to life. I washed and stroked him until his cheeks were flushed and he was breathing a little hard and then I stopped.

He opened his eyes. 'You're teasing me.' he said accusingly.

'I sure am.' I laughed. 'Close your eyes.'

I got the clean cloth and started rinsing off the soap in the same order I had applied it, saving his ass and prick for last. Just before I rinsed off his cock I put the back of the chair behind him and guided his hands to the top of it. 'Just hang on to that so you don't get dizzy and fall. And keep your eyes closed.'

The lubricant was nice and warm when I took it out of the water and placed it on the floor where I could reach. Once again I put my bare hands in the clean water and started rinsing off his beautiful hard cock. I kept one hand gently gripping his balls while I one-handed the tube open and squirted a generous dollop of the warm lubricant onto two of my fingers. I ran my hand between his thighs and pressed my slippery fingers up between his buttocks and pressed my index finger firmly against his asshole. Richie gasped and clenched up, the outer ring of his sphincter grasping the tip of my finger. I whispered 'Relax... relax... relax...' over and over agin as I pressed my finger against his ring. Richie panted and said 'Oh..... oh..... oh....' and then 'Ohhhhhhhhhhh!' as my finger slid smoothly up inside of him. He kept gasping 'Oh my god... oh my god...' over and over as I began working my finger in and out of his ass. His sphincter was squeezing my finger and his asscheeks were clenched on my hand tightly. Richies face was flushed and he began to buck his hips back and forth with the movement of my digit buried in his bottom. His hard cock was bobbing inches away from my face and I knew if I didn't do something real soon, I was going to need another bath. So I did the only thing I could do, which was lean forward and take his hard cock in my mouth.

'Another first for me.' I thought to myself. It was an odd but not unpleasant sensation. It felt bigger in my mouth than it looked and I made sure to hold my teeth apart so as not to scratch him. His cock was soft and hard at the same time as he thrust in and out of my mouth and I gave him a little suction and hummed in the back of my throat for the vibration. Richie was gasping and I felt him grab the back of my head with one of his hands. Like he did for me, I held my head and hand still and let him buck his hips back and forth between my mouth on his cock and my finger up his ass.

It didn't take long between my mouth and my finger working in and out of his ass before I felt him start to tense up. His knees were getting a bit wobbly and I moved my free hand around to the small of his back in case he fell. Just as I felt him begin to come, I ran my finger in as far as it would go and tightened my lips around his pistoning cock. His rectal ring clamped down on my finger so hard I thought I might lose it and his asscheeks tightened on my hand like a baseball glove. Richie squealed and cried out and came in my mouth in long shuddering spurts which I swallowed down just as fast as I could. The kid sure could come alot! I felt him start to lean over forward suddenly and his cock popped out of my mouth, the last few spurts of his come dribbling on the floor. I shifted so he came down over my shoulder and he laid himself over my back, gasping and panting. I slowly eased my finger out of his ass and he moaned and twitched and a few more spurts of come hit the floor between my feet.

Not wanting to stay crouched down and uncomfortable like that, I simply stood up with Richie over my shoulder and carried him over to our bed. I laid him down gently on his side and went over and rinsed off my hands in the soapy water. Then I got the washcloth and rewet it and went back over to the bed. He was still laying there softly murmuring 'Oh my god' over and over. I softly wiped the lubricant off of his asscheeks and when I parted them and wiped the slippery goo off of his asshole he jumped and squeaked. I tossed the washcloth aside and lay down beside him, spooning him into my chest. I slipped an arm under his head and put my other one around his waist. Richie grabbed both of my hands in his and held them to his chest. I could feel his heart still beating hard and he shivered like he had a chill. I held him close and whispered 'Are you dead?' He actually snorted and laughed a little. 'Tell them back at camp I died happy.' Then he suddenly turned and looked at me over his shoulder. 'Was that just your finger?' I nodded. He laid his head back down, clutched my hands tight and said 'Oh my god!'

We lay together for awhile murmuring back and forth until Richie fell asleep. I gently unwrapped myself and covered him up with the blanket. He grumbled in his sleep some but was soon snoring again. So much for the boundless energy of youth! I figured I would wear myself out riding herd on him and here I'd knocked him out twice! I grinned to myself and set about cleaning up the cabin and drawing fresh water to heat. When everything was ship-shape again, I made myself another cup of coffee and pulled out a battered paperback book and one of the four cigarettes I had allotted myself for this weekend. I moved the chair into a patch of sunlight and read and smoked and relaxed. It had been a good day so far. Maybe, I thought, it would get even better!

Richie came awake with a start about an hour later. We wandered sleepily over to where I sat and wrapped his arms around my neck from behind and laid his head on my shoulder. 'I'm sorry I fell asleep on you again. What time is it?' I patted his head gently and looked at my watch. 'It's nearly noon, sleepy head. You've slept half the day away!' He groaned and went over to pull his pants and shoes on and wandered out to the outhouse. While he was gone I made us each a cup of coffee and lit another cigarette. When he came in Richie went over to the sink and pumped a little cold water on his hands and splashed it into his face and dried off with a towel. He came over to me a took the cigarette out of my fingers and took a drag. From the way his face looked and the way he coughed I could tell he didn't do that very often. He coughed and shook his head and said 'Nasty' and set the cigarette in the ashtray. He took my book and laid it on the table and crawled up into my lap and wrapped his arms around my neck again. I held him tight and patted his back. I felt that he wanted to say something so I just waited for it to come out. This had been a learning experience for both of us and I had enjoyed myself up to this point and didn't want anything to queer the deal. So to speak.

After a few moments he sighed into my neck.


'Yes, love?'

He hugged my neck and said 'You called me 'Love''

'I meant it, too.'

He was quiet for another moment and finally said 'Are you going to fuck me in my ass?'

A fair enough question. 'I had planned on giving it the old college try, anyway.'

'Face down in a pillow?'

'That's the picture I have in my head, anyway. Maybe in another position, I don't know.'

'I'm not sure it's going to work. You're pretty big and I'm scared.'

I patted his back in what I hoped was a reassuring way and said 'If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. No big deal. If it scares you then we won't even try.'

He lifted his head and looked me in the eyes. 'I want to try it. I've wanted you to fuck me for ever! I want you to fuck me!'

I smiled and kissed him. 'Then we will try it, beautiful boy. We will go slow and easy and get you nice and relaxed and we will see what happens. And like I said, if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. But we will try. What's say we get some lunch first and go from there?' He kissed me back and said 'I'm starving!' One true thing you could say about teenagers (him and me both) is that we are always hungry.

One of the good things about being on the camp and eating in the chow hall was that there was always plenty of food put out for meals and it was easy to gather up a little 'extra' for later. I had scrounged up enough food for about five meals for the both of us and managed to bring it along, mostly in my pack as I hadn't wanted to overload Richie on his first big hike. Now that I knew how much energy he had and how quickly he recovered, the next time he was getting a bigger part of the load. And I meant that in every possible sense of the word. I grinned to myself as I made us a couple of turkey and cheese sandwiches with only slightly wilted lettuce and partially squished bread. Packing food in a backpack was a talent that I had not yet quite mastered. I suggested we sit out on the front porch and eat and I went and pulled out one more of my holdout surprises. I had carried along one can of beer that I had gotten from one of the guys who looked old enough to buy it in town. I had left it outside overnight underneath the porch and when I pulled it out it was still frosty cold from the chill mountain air. I'm not really much of a 'drinker' but I do enjoy a cold one now and then. I limit myself to one at a time and I thought that just one between us might help take the edge off just enough. I popped the top and took a swig and handed it to Richie. He sniffed it first, took a drink and handed it back, making a face. He said 'Bleagh! How can you drink that?' I just laughed. 'It's a taste that grows on you. Have another bite of your sandwich and try it again. Goes down better with food.' He seemed to like the second drink a little better and was sat and ate our sandwiches and drained the beer between us.

When we finished we went inside and cleaned up the dishes and I dug out my final holdout for the weekend. A small plastic botttle of baby oil that I had dropped down in one of the cans of hot water with the tube of lubricant right before we started to eat. I set the can down by the head of the bed and pulled my big beach towel out of my pack and spread it out on top of our bed. I stood up and kicked off my shoes, peeled my shirt up over my head and dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. Richies face was slightly flushed and I stepped up to him and pulled his shirt up. He held up his arms as I pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor. I knelt in front of him and pulled his shoes off and as I reached for the waistband of his pants I could see he was already hard and standing out proudly. I tugged at the elastic of his waistband and pulled his pants down slowly. His cock popped out right in front of me and I gave it a small kiss right on the tip. Richie gasped at the touch and shivered just a little. The boy was just a bundle of nerve ends all over! It's not so surprising that it was so fun and so easy to make him come.

I lifted him in my arms and carried him to the bed and laid him down on his back right in the middle of the towel. I knelt down next to him and planted a long hot kiss on his lips. When I broke away I whispered in his ear softy 'Turn over.' I could see he was trembling and he clutched the pillow up under his face hard. I whispered 'Relax.... relax.... slow and easy. We have all of the time in the world. And any time you want to stop, just say the word. I love you and I don't want to hurt you. I won't hurt you. Just relax.' He took a deep breath and when he let it back out I could see him relax a little. I could see that his asscheeks were still clenched tightly together in anticipation of getting fucked. Well, we would just have to work on that.

Taking the bottle of oil out of the water, I could tell that it was warm but not too hot. Just perfect! I popped the top and poured some of it onto my hands and began spreading the warm oil all over his back and shoulders. I spent long minutes concentrating on his shoulders and upper back, massaging the tension out of his muscles until I could feel him loosening up under my fingers. Richie sighed contentedly as I worked on him and I could even see he was smiling a little. Excellent. I slowly began working my way down his spine and back up, taking my time and loosening him up the best I could. When I got down to his hips I switched and started working my way back up from his feet, digging my fingers deep into the taut muscles of his calves and thighs. By now he was sighing and saying 'That feels so good!' When I had worked over both legs pretty good I straddled his calves and poured more oil on my hands and began slowly digging my fingers into his smooth butt cheeks and giving them the same treatment I had given the rest of him. I made sure to go all the way up to his neck and then back down to his ass a few times. Kind of a distraction technique. The next time I got more oil I let some of it dribble straight from the bottle down the crack of his ass. I reached down and cupped his balls with my warm oily hands and massaged them for a moment before returning to his back. He rolled his hips at my touch and sighed happily again.

I said 'Better?'

'Oh yes' he breathed.

'More relaxed?'

'Oh yes, Rex. You can do anything you want with me.' He lifted his hips a little and said 'Please fuck me, Rex.'

I patted his bottom and said 'In time, boy. In time. Work up to it slowly.'

I worked up and down from his neck down to his asscheeks a few times and tipped a little more oil down the crack of his ass. I spread the cheeks just a little to make sure it got all the way down. I began slowly working my thumbs around the cleft of his ass and working my way inwards, massaging as I went. I worked all around his crinkled little rosebud asshole but never got quite to it. I wanted him used to the feeling of something back there without making him too tense. When I felt he was as about as relaxed as he was going to get (I didn't want him falling asleep on me again!) I grabbed the tube of lubricant and squeezed a generous portion of it onto my first two fingers. I applied it all around his asshole working my way in just passing over it lightly before getting a little more. I worked my way in again and stopped this time with the tip of my index finger resting on his opening. I could feel him tighten up just a little and then relax. Good.

I just pressed my finger there until his asshole stopped spasming and told him 'Now push a little, just gently, like you are trying to poop. Don't try too hard, tho.' I felt his sphincter open to me and my finger slid easily inside. He said 'Ooooooooo' and then 'Ahhhhhh....' as I slid it all the way in. He started to move his hips and I put my other hand on the small of his back to hold him still. 'Just let me do all of the work.' I said. 'Just push a little as it goes in and tighten up as it goes out. Just concentrate on that. In and out...... in and out..... in and out......'

After a few minutes of getting him used to that, I added some more lube (you just can't have too much it seems) and slowly worked a second finger in next to the first. He said 'Oh! oh! oh!' as it went in and his hands clenched and released on the blankets. I worked those two fingers around inside his ass, turning them this way and that to open him up.

As I worked the third finger in a few seconds later he took a deep breath and hissed through his teeth. I held still for a moment until I could feel him stretching and relaxing open.

'You okay, love?' I asked.

He blew out a big breath and said 'Feels like your whole leg is in there! Oh my god!'

'Feels okay?'

'Feels wonderful! Please don't stop!'

I grinned. 'I wasn't planning on stopping any time soon. Are you ready for something just a little bigger?'

He hesitated only for a second and nodded. I said 'Okay, I'm going to take my fingers out for a second and have you turn over on your back. I want to see your face.'

I slowly eased my fingers out one at a time and wiped my hand off on the beach towel. As Richie turned over I spread his legs and moved between them, lifting his legs and placing his ankles on my shoulders. I grabbed the lube and shot more of it on my cock and as a precaution shot a little more of it into his asshole, which was still gaped open slightly. I leaned forward on his legs, which brought his bottom up off of the bed a bit and aimed my cock at the opening of his ass and just placed it there. Richie just lay there with his eyes screwed tightly shut.

'Richard Drummond.' His eyes popped open and he looked at me.

'Do you want me to fuck you?'

He nodded. 'Yes, Rex. Please fuck me. I want you to fuck me in my ass, Rex. Please fuck me now!' With that I began to slowly ease forward, pressing the head of my cock into the ring of his asshole. It began sliding inside of him just a little at a time. Richie whined a little and said 'Oh! Ow..... Oh! Oh my god... Oh... it hurts a little but I can take it. Please give me your cock Rex! Please fuck me in my ass!!'

Now who can resist an offer like that? I know I sure couldn't. I pressed forward until I felt the head of my cock pop past the tight muscle ring. Richie gasped and panted and I saw his toes were tightly curled up.

I said 'The hardest part is over. It just gets better from here on.' Richie just moaned and said 'Oh my god!' I gave him a moment to get used to the feeling and then pressed my cock further up inside of him. He looked up at me and said 'I don't think I can do this.' I reached down and took his hand and placed it between his legs where he could feel my cock planted in his asshole. 'You already are doing this. I'm over half way in!' He felt around with his fingers at my cock planted in his ass and just said 'Oh my god!'

I grinned and said 'Congratulations. You are now being officially fucked. You are no longer a virgin.' I started moving again, in and out a little at a time, getting a bit deeper on each stroke, working slowly until I was buried completely up his butt. Richie started moving his hips in time to my strokes and he went from 'oh my god' to 'Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!' I took this as a good sign and started stroking into him faster. I had been concentrating on not hurting him so much that I had been trying hard not to notice how wonderful it felt fucking him in the ass. It was tight and hot and slippery and just so incredibly tight! Sweat was beginning to pour down my face and back and chest as I fucked into him harder and faster. I looked down and actually watched my cock disappering into his ass and it was the greatest hottest sexiest thing I had ever seen. I reached down and grabbed both of his asscheeks in my hands and held onto them as i fucked him hard. I could see his cock was hard too and I took one hand off his butt and reached over his thigh and took his cock in my hand.

That was either the wrong or the right thing to do at that moment. Wrong if I wanted it to last longer, but right if I wanted to drive him over the edge. As soon as my hand gripped his hard cock tightly Richie squealed and howled and bucked against me and started shooting come all over his stomach and chest. His sphincter clamped down hard on my cock in waves and that sent me over the edge and I groaned deep and started spewing gobbets of come deep up inside of his body...... We locked together frozen for what seemed to be an eternity as my cock spewed come into his rectum and his spit and spurted come onto his belly and we writhed together in ecstasy. My vision was blurry and my arms and legs were trembling so hard I thought I might fall over. But with the death grip his ass had on my cock I was afraid one of might get seriously maimed if I moved suddenly. I held on and braced myself until the spasms had died down and I felt my softening cock start slowly sliding out of his butt. As the head finally popped out, Richie twitched and moaned again. I lowered his legs and lay down beside him and took him in my arms. He rolled into me and clutched at me tightly and we were both immediately glued together with his sticky come that was all over him. A part of my mind told me that this relationship would be greatly enhanced by a place with running hot water.

Richies face was flushed and we were both still breathing hard. I stroked his hair and kissed the top of his head as he trembled against me. I waited until the trembling had passed and cupped a hand under his chin and turned his face up to mine. I kissed him softly and asked 'Was that okay?' He smiled and kissed me back and stretched like a cat and said 'All I can say is 'Oh my god!' ' I took that as a good sign.

After a few minutes i felt that I would be able to stand without falling, so I disengaged myself and staggered to the stove for some hot water. By now the can was too hot so I carried it with the washcloth to the sink and added a bit of cold from the pump. My body already felt scalded, I didn't want to make it a reality. I wiped myself down using lots and lots of warm water and cleaned my cock thouroughly. I planned on spending as much time as humanly possible with my cock buried up his ass and i didn't want either one of us getting sick. I got another clean cloth (note to self: bring more washcloths!), dipped it in the water and rinsed myself off one more time, even running it through my short brush of hair to wipe off some of the sweat.

When I was as clean as could be expected, I dumped the water and got another can and cooled it down and dipped the cloth in it. Richie was laying on his side all curled up. I gently rolled him onto his back and started washing the sticky jism off of his chest, working my way down his belly. The boy was just covered in it! I chuckled and said 'Good lawd, boy. Youse a mess!' He smiled weakly and said 'It feels like you pushed all of my guts right out of my mouth. That big prick of yours is bigger on the outside than I am on the inside!' I shook my head and told him not to exaggerate. But the compliment did make me feel good. When I rewet the washcloth yet again and started washing his cock and balls, Richie squeaked and twitched and almost pushed my hands away. He was still just a bundle of nerve endings. One of the reasons he was so much fun to play with.

I had cleaned the front of him off the best I could but still needed to tackle the back. I took him by his hands and pulled him reluctantly to his feet. He pouted and whined and didn't want to get up, but I made him do it anyway. I put his hands on the back of the chair so he could lean on it and started cleaning him up, beginning with running through his thick brown hair which was matted with sweat all over his head. We both needed a place with a shower, bad! I wiped him down all the way down to the small of his back then started wiping from his feet upwards to his cheeks. His buttocks were just covered with lubricant and my sticky come which had leaked out of his ass. Each time I wiped across his asscheeks he sighed and rolled his hips but the first time I ran it up the crack of his ass he squeaked and went right up onto his tiptoes. When he came back down his knees were trembling and he said 'Oh my god! What have you done to me? I'm ruined back there!' I dipped the cloth again and ran it between his cheeks a little more gently this time and said 'I hope you aren't ruined completely. I very much plan on doing that again and again. Just as soon and as often as possible.' He gasped and placed both hands across his ass and turned away from me. 'Not right now, okay? Just let me rest a bit. I don't think I could take it!' He started to sit down in the chair but right as his butt started to come in contact with the hard wood of the chair seat he squeaked and stood back up. 'I think I need to lie down for awhile' he said. I went over to the bed and pulled the messy beach towel off and tossed it aside. Richie moaned and groaned like an old man and crawled onto our bed and lay face down with the pillow clutched tightly under his head.

I tidied up a bit and got clean water in the cans and set them on the stove to heat. I found my watch and saw that it was only a little past two in the afternoon. It felt like we had fucked for hours! Plenty of the day left. I smiled and whistled to myself and made another cup of coffee. I pumped out a cup of cold water for Richie and set it down by him. He lifted his head, pulled the cup to his lips and drained it right down. I took it and filled it up again then rummaged around and lit my third cigarette. I reclined next to Richie on the bed and patted his back softly as i sipped my coffee and smoked.

'Any regrets?' I asked.

He sighed into the pillow. 'Mmmmmm-mmmmm'


'Mmmmmm hmmmm....' he sighed. Then he lifted his head and looked at me. 'Why didn't we do this sooner?'

I smiled and touseled his hair. 'Didn't know you wanted it for sure. Didn't know I wanted it for sure. Had to figure it out as we went, ya know? This is all new to me.'

'Do you know now?'

I leaned over and kissed the top of his head. 'Oh yes, my beautiful boy. I know now. I want to fuck you every day for the rest of my life. I want my cock in your hands and in your mouth and in your ass every chance I get.'

Richie moaned and hip hips writhed and he husked 'I think your come is still leaking out of my ass. It's going to be coming out of me for days!' He put one hand on his asscheeks and clenched them together. 'I think if I went and tried to shit right now all of my guts would fall out.'

I laughed and patted his back. 'You'll be okay, I promise.'

A few moments later Richie turned on his side facing me and propped his head up on his arm. 'Do you want me to fuck you, Rex?'

I mulled it around in my mind and couldn't come up with a good decision. I said 'Hmmm..... I'm not sure. I guess so, if you want to. I'm not against the idea, and I'm sure we should try it just to see. But..... truth be told, the thought of you fucking me doesn't turn me on half as much as the thought of me fucking you does.' I looked down at him and said 'Does that make me greedy and terrible and selfish?' Richie shook his head, leaned over and kissed my arm. 'I think...' he said 'I think I feel the same way. I'd like to feel what it's like to fuck you and I hope it makes you feel as good as it did to me. But the thought of your big beautiful cock fucking me in my ass again......' His hips churned and one hand went back to his ass cheeks and I saw his cock twitch and start getting hard again. 'That thought just makes me hot as hell!' He looked up at me again and asked 'Does that make me greedy and terrible and selfish?' I smiled and leaned down and kissed him thouroughly. 'I think it just makes us right for each other. It suggests for me that we have established our roles in this relationship.' I shrugged. 'I don't know too much about it, but I have read some of the stories in the magazines and stuff. I guess I would be classified as a 'Top' and you would be classified as a 'Bottom' to use their phrasing.' I shrugged again and then grinned. 'I don't know much about terminology, but I know what I like!'

We spent the rest of the afternoon taking it easy, laying on the bed and chatting. At one point I picked up my guitar for the first time that weekend and tried to compose a song about 'My Beautiful Boy'. It didn't work out to well but it did give Richie a case of the giggles. I stuck to playing the simple tunes I knew after that.

Spending a whole day relaxing and lying around naked with someone i was sleeping with was a new experience for me. To be able to kiss and caress and pat an asscheek or squeeze a nipple without the need for sexual urgency and the immediate need to stick my dick in something was kind of startling. I still wanted to fuck him bad and every time I watched his butt wiggle as he walked across the room or bend over to put more wood in the stove made my prick twitch and start to get hard. And I knew all I had to do was say the word and he would have been at my feet before the sentence was finished with his warm hands and soft mouth and even offering up his poor sore ass again if I wanted it. I knew I could and would have him again any way I wanted and it was enough for the time being just to able to enjoy that feeling. We could relax together and enjoy our time without the need to be fucking 24/7. It felt nice and made me feel so mature.

I boiled a package of hot dogs for our supper and we ate the whole pack between us. Of course, we couldn't resist making the expected juvenile remarks about their size and consistency and just the right look as one or the other of us was trying to stick a hotdog in our mouth was enough to make us fall over with laughter. Teenagers are such dorks. But we had fun. So much for maturity!

Darkness fell and the night turned quickly cool. I lit a candle and stoked more wood onto the fire to keep us warm. I felt a twinge of regret knowing this was our last evening together and sometime tomorrow we would be back in the dorms and the policy would return to hands off and 'business as usual'. Waiting the five days in between the weekends was going to be sheer torture for both of us. I sighed heavily and stood up. I looked over at the bed and saw Richie laying there watching me. He lay on his side with his head propped up on one hand and he was slowly stroking his cock as he looked at me. We grinned at each other as my prick started to rise. I ran to the bed and practically dove on him, catching him by surprise as I pushed him over onto his back. One of my legs went between his and I leaned over him and crushed my lips to his, kissing him hard and deep, my tongue chasing around in his mouth. My hard prick was pressed into his thigh and I could feel his like a hot little branding iron against my hip. Richie moaned and churned his pelvis against me as I kissed him. I broke the kiss and buried my face in his neck and began kissing and nibbling on his soft neck, biting just a little but not enough to leave any marks. No way I wanted to try and explain that back at the dorms! He gasped and sighed and clutched at my back. I kissed my way down to his chest and nibbled and sucked at his nipples, making him gasp and squirm beneath me. Richie turned and reached his arm across and tried to reach for my cock which was pressing so insistantly at his thigh and leaking a little bit of pre-come on his skin. I caught his hand in mine and brought it to my face and kissed the palm of his hand and ran my tongue in a little circle around his palm. Then I sucked his thumb into my mouth with my lips tight around it and slowly pulled it back out, kissing the tip as it left my lips. I repeated the process with each finger in turn and as his pinkie left my mouth with a kiss I placed his palm against my cheek and looked down at him. His cheeks were flushed and his mouth was slightly open and his eyes glittered with desire.

'Love you, Richie.'

'Oh Rex' he sighed. 'I love you too!' I lowered my head back to his belly and started kissing and licking my way down his belly towards his writhing hips. Richie grabbed a handful of my hair and tried gently to pull me back up to him. I took his wrist and pinned his arm back down to the bed and used my superior weight to my advantage as I held him down. I planted a kiss right atop his pubic bone and he gasped 'Rex.... wait!' I ignored him and wrapped my other hand around his sack and caressed his balls. He said 'No.... Rex... wait.... I ...' I didn't wait for him to finish the sentence. I parted my lips and took his erection deep into my mouth and sucked him hard. Richie moaned and stuttered. 'N-no.... b-ut, b-but I...... oh my god...' I sucked his cock in and out of my lips and gently squeezed and tugged on his sack, rolling his balls around in my palm. Whatever he was trying to say dissolved in a series of inarticulate grunts and moans as I sucked his hard beautiful cock. His hips were rolling and thrusting in time to my head moving up and down over his crotch. His movements got faster and shorter and began to get a little erratic and I knew his orgasm was building fast. When I knew he was going to explode at any second, I slipped my index finger down between his asscheeks and pressed it firmly into the rose of his asshole, putting firm pressure on it. Richie howled and bucked so hard he almost threw me off and began spurting into my mouth. Even though it was the reaction I was hoping for, the ferocity of his orgasm caught me a little by surprise. I had to swallow quickly to keep up with the copious flow of his spurting come in my mouth. I held him in my mouth and sucked and swallowed as he shivered and twitched beneath me. Finally, after several long minutes, he began to relax his death grip on me and I could feel his cock begin to soften in my lips and his flow of come had finally ceased. I leaned forward and sucked him all the way into my mouth until my chin rested against his pubic bone which made him say 'Ohhhhhhhhhh........ my god' and I slowly sucked my way back up to the tip and let him fall out of my mouth. I took my hand from between his asscheeks and lay down beside him and took him into my arms and held him close. Richie made a fist and punched me weakly in the shoulder. 'Oh my god, you bastard' he panted 'That wasn't fair.' I just laughed and hugged him tighter. 'It was what I wanted.' I said. 'You seemed to enjoy it just a little so I don't think you really minded it all that much, did you?' He halfheartedly beat at my shoulder with his fist again. 'It was horrible' he pouted. ' I hated every second of it.' I laughed again.

We lay there quetly for a moment or two and I said 'So... what was it you were trying to say again? I'm sorry I so rudely interruped you. What was it?' Richies face was buried against my chest and when he spoke I felt his voice inside my chest cavity.

'Face down in the pillow.'

I looked down at him and said 'What?'

'I wanted you to fuck me face down in the pillow. You put that picture in my head and now it's all I can think about. I wanted you to fuck me face down in the pillow.'

I reached down and grabbed his ass with my hand and parted his butt cheeks with my fingers. I put two fingers firmly against his asshole and pressed. Richie gasped and jumped and said 'Ow! Oh! Ow..... oh my god... wait..' I released the pressure and removed my hand. 'That's what I thought.' I said. 'After your first time I think you are too sore to try that again. As much as I would love to fuck your tight hot little ass again, and I do, believe me! I think it would hurt you too much and neither one of us would enjoy it as much as we should. I'm afraid we are going to have to wait for that one. Maybe next weekend, if we can get away.' Richie pouted again, sticking his lower lip out. 'It's not fair.' he said 'I wanted you to fuck me again.' He reached down and wrapped his hand around my soft prick which immediately sprang up and said 'I wanted you to come inside me again. I want to make you happy. I love you Rex.'

I placed the tip of my finger against his lips and said 'I'm planning on coming inside of you again, my beautiful boy. I just can't come in your ass again so soon.' He parted his lips and I slipped the tip of my finger into his mouth and he sucked on it. 'But lucky me,' I said 'You can make me happy from either end. Your hot sexy little mouth makes me just as happy as your hot sexy little ass does. So why not be happy with what we can do and not worry about what we can't?' I patted his cheek and smiled at him as his hand was slowly stroking my rapidly hardening prick. I asked 'Will you make me happy with your mouth? You do it so well anyway. Better than anybody I have ever met. Will you make that sacrifice for me?' I could tell he was enjoying the flattery, even if he was trying hard not to show it. And, truth be told, he was better at sucking cock with almost no experience than any girl I had ever slept with who bragged about her expertise. A natural talent, I guess.

I parted my legs and patted the space in between them. 'Come down here' I said. 'I want to watch. I want to see my cock going in your mouth. That is just as hot as seeing it going in your ass.' Richie crouched down between my thighs, my cock still gripped in his hand. He licked his lips and started running his lips and tongue all up and down my shaft from my balls all the way up to the head. He gently pulled back my foreskin all the way and looked up at me watching him. As he saw me watching his cheeks reddened, from desire or emabarassment or a combination of both, I'm not sure. I wasn't in the mood to analyze the situation right at the moment. Having this beautiful young man kneeling between my thighs stroking my cock and busily spreading his saliva all over my purple knob with his tongue drove all ideas of being clinical right out of my head. My pulse was pounding in my temples and my whole body had turned into a giant nerve ending centering on my cock. Richie kept his eyes on my face as he parted his lips and slid them slowly down over the head of my cock, taking me deep into his hot sucking mouth. My toes curled and I groaned. I put my hands on either side of his head and stroked him gently as he sucked my cock. 'Oh, god.' I groaned. 'My beautiful boy. That feels so good. And I love watching my cock sliding inside of you. That is so hot.' Both of Richies hands were wrapped around my shaft as he bobbed his head up and down in my lap, stroking me up and down in time with his head. The last time he went down on me, all I could really see was the back of his head. This time being able to see everything doubled the sensations.

Richie hummed in the back of his throat and make slurping noises as he sucked my cock. I groaned again as I could feel the tension start to build rapidly. 'Oh yes, my beautful boy..... suck my cock. Make me come in your hot wet little mouth. I want to watch you swallow my come. I'm going to fill your belly with my come...' My words of encouragement made him squeeze me tighter with his lips and he started moving even faster up and down on my shaft with his hands and mouth.

My hips started to buck upwards of their own accord and my hands went from his head down to the fabric of the blanket and I held on tight like I was afraid I would fly off the bed. Just a split second before I shot off, Richie looked me in the eyes and just opened his mouth wide while his hands stroked me. I watched the first spurt of my come shoot into his mouth and hit the back of his throat before he closed his lips tightly around my meat and started sucking and swallowing my come. My head slapped back into the pillow and my eyes squinched tightly shut as I groaned and bucked and shivered and came into his hot sucking mouth.

Richie kept sucking on me even after I had stopped spurting and every time he moved it sent an electric shock that traveled up and down my whole body. I couldn't uncurl my toes and finally I had to pull him bodily away from my prick. I couldn't stand it any longer! I pulled him on top of me and wrapped my arms around him and just lay there trying to catch my breath. My heart was beating so hard I could see it moving his head up and down as it lay on my chest. Richie reached up and ran a finger through my hair (which sent another electric shiver down my spine) and said 'Was that okay?' I snorted and laughed weakly and reached down and patted his bottom. I kissed the top of his head and said 'Oh my god. I thought you were going to give me a heart attack! Holy shit!' I held him and patted him until my breathing started to slow down a little and i didn't feel like I was going to pass out.

After I could breathe again, I tipped his head up to look at me and said 'Not to sound creepy or anything, but you know there is no way I am going to let you get away from me. Even if I didn't love you, and I do!, the sex is too good to let you get away. I'm afraid you are going to be stuck with me for a long time to come.' He smiled and moved up to my face and kissed me long and deep. When he broke away he said 'I love you too, Rex. Now and forever.'

We fell asleep still curled up together, with Richie laying half on my chest. I remember waking up cold and wrapping the blanket around us and drifting off again...

I awoke Sunday morning alone in the bed once again. I smelled coffee. I rolled over and looked blearily at my love stirring a cup of instant coffee and asked 'Why is it that you are always up before me here, but back in the dorms I have to shake you out of bed every morning?' He smiled and handed me the cup and gave me a warm kiss. The leaned in and whispered in my ear 'Out here I have something wonderful to look forward to.' and he went back to the stove to stir up another cup for himself. I just shook my head and grinned.

Richie was dressed in his usual sweats and t-shirt and sneakers. He fixed his coffee and came over to the bed and sat down. Still mostly under the covers, I curled my body around his lower back and he leaned into me. I heard a flick and I saw him light my last cigarette. He blew the smoke out quickly and put the cigarette between my lips. 'Nasty' was his only comment. I guessed I was going to have to quit.

'Our last morning.' I observed. 'We have to head out sometime this afternoon.'

Richie just nodded.

I sipped my coffee and smoked some more. Richie tipped his cup up and set it empty on the floor. When he looked at me he had a serious expression on his face. He said 'You better go out and pee so we can get busy.' I wondered what he meant by that. The expression on his face made me worry just a little. He looked at me and frowned just a little and said 'I'm not going back until you fuck me again.'

'Are you sure you are ready for this?' I asked. Richie was in the position that loomed large in both of our fantasies, face down with the pillow clutched under his head, his ass up in the air and pushing back against the well-lubed fingers I had buried deep in his backside. He grunted and moaned and said 'It still hurts a little, but I can take it. It's not too bad. I want you to fuck me, Rex! I want you to fuck me now! Please..... please fuck me, Rex!' I was on my knees behind him and had just squirted a liberal gob of lube on my stiff prick. I said 'Okay, here we go, then.' I pulled my fingers out of his ass and swiftly pressed the knob of my cock to his opening before it could tighten up again. As the head of my dick pressed against his asshole, Richie took a deep breath and pressed back into me, making the head pop quickly past the tight ring of muscle. He stopped and tensed and said 'Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god' and all of the air went out of his lungs in a couple of short breaths.

I held still until he started breathing again and he loosened up some. Richie took another deep breath and pushed back as I pushed forward and my cock slid into his ass all the way to the root. I grabbed him around the hips and just held him there, the feeling of my cock buried all the way up his ass and his warm buttocks pressing into my crotch was almost too much for me. I looked down at his smooth muscled back and watched his ribs moving beneath the skin as he tried to catch his breath. I pulled slowly out almost all the way and then slid back up inside of him in one long stroke. I waited a second and then started another. Richie was squeezing my cock on the outstroke and pushing on the in, just as I had suggested. It felt wonderful. It felt better than wonderful. And just the act of taking him this way... the way that I had pictured in my mind so many times... was like a dream come true.

On the next stroke in I slid my hand up his back (making him break out in goosebumps) and gripped his shoulder while my other hand held onto his opposite hip.

'You doing okay?'

Richie squrimed his hips and pushed back into me with his butt. 'It's just like I thought it would be. Better. Come on and fuck me! Fuck me hard!'

Hey, I can do that. I returned my hand to his hips and grabbed him tight and began to fuck him harder and harder. I thrust into his ass as hard and as fast as I could. The sound of the rhythmic slap slap slap of my belly against his asscheeks was like intoicating music to my ears. I could feel that I wasn't going to last too long in this position, it felt so good. Richie had the pillow clutched tight in his hands and I could see his knuckles were white with the tightness of his grip as I fucked his ass hard. He was bucking his hips up into my crotch just as hard as i was slamming into him. I could feel my orgasm building fast and I hoped Richie was getting close too because it was coming up on me. Right before I started to come, Richies knees went out from underneath him and he started to slide forward. I went down on top of him and when we hit the bed it drove my cock all the way up in him. His asscheeks tightened into two fists of muscle and he was squealing and bucking beneath me as I pumped deep into his ass and started flooding his ass with my come. I could feel his legs kicking beneath me and he ground his hips in between me and the sleeping bag. He gasped and cried out and bucked against me over and over again and my cock still twitched and spit more come inside him. I collapsed across his back and lay panting on top of him. I tried to take as much of my weight as i could on my elbows, but i didn't have alot of strength left at that point.

We lay like that until my softening cock slipped back out of his ass. I moved to the side and lay down next to him, my slippery cock leaving a trail across the back of his thigh. I panted and wiped the sweat out of my eyes. Richie just lay there, breathing hard. I patted his back and asked 'You okay?' He just nodded into the pillow then turned his face toward me. I could see the sweat sticking his hair to his forehead. He opened his eyes and said 'Oh my god!' he turned a little to his side and I could see he was laying in a puddle of sticky come. And not all of it was mine!

We cleaned up the best we could with the washcloths and soapy water. I racked my brains for a way to build us a shower, even a crude one that would put out hot water. Never having been in this position before, it had never come up, but I was determined to find a solution! We stowed our gear back in our packs and, after making sure the place was clean and the fire was safely out, we sadly said goodbye to our cabin and began the long hike back to the camp. We walked slowly, taking our time. Not wanting the weekend to end, but still going forward. We talked about the things we would bring out next weekend and what we could scrounge up for our comfort. Entertainment was certainly no problem!

As we neared the rusty broken down fenceline that marked the outer perimeter of the camp, I stopped and slid my heavy pack to the ground. Richie did likewise and looked at me questioningly. We were only about a half mile from the dorms and he was wondering why we had stopped. I stepped up to him and took him in my arms and kissed him long and hard with my hand on the back of his head. Then I broke away and picked up my pack and slipped it back on. 'That is going to have to last me for five days.' I said. 'I wanted to make it a good one.'

We slipped back into our room through the window and started unpacking our gear. Both of us were pretty whiff and needed a shower pretty bad. We got out clean clothes and soap and shampoo and stuffed all of our dirty clothes into laundry bags and added both sleeping bags to the pile. As we left the room to hit the showers and the washing machines, we ran into Don, who was wandering around the halls to see if everything was quiet. 'Hey, our two campers are back!' he said. He looked at Richie and said 'How was your first camping trip, big guy?' Richie grinned, shook his head and pointed his thumb at me. 'He thinks he's so tough. Just because I'm a city kid he doesn't think I can take all of this outdoors stuff. But I showed him I can take anything he can dish out!' And with that Richie went off to get clean. Don smiled and looked at me. I just shook my head. 'I think he'll be alright. He's a tough kid and pretty good in a clinch. Might just be worth keeping after all.'

We spent the entire summer there, going up to the cabin every weekend we could. Some of the guys wanted in on some of our 'camping' trips so occasionally we would actually have to spend the weekend out actually camping in the woods. Of course, we never took them anywhere near our cabin, so nobody found out about that. Every now and then someone would make a snide remark about me and him taking off together every weekend. They found out that it's hard to make wisecracks with a bloody nose. There were a few setbacks, but all in all, it was a pretty good summer. I worried a bit about the onset of winter and how it might make going to the cabin difficult if not impossible. I despaired of not being able to spend 'quality time' with my beautiful boy.

One day well into fall, my boss called me into his office after we had got back from a jobsite. As I had become crew chief, this wasn't unusual, but I sensed something in his manner.

'Rex' he said 'You are about the best guy I got on the equipment right now and the best crew chief I have had in a long time.' I nodded, waiting to see where this was going, not sure yet if I was going to like it or not.

'I talked to Robert over at the painting shop and he says that pal Richie of yours is a sharp painter and a good drywall man.'

I nodded again.

'My brother in law lives over in Coeur d' Alene and he has this notion he is going to get rich building apartment buildings and department stores there. Got a contract to put in a new chain store or two and wants to put up five apartment complexes before the end of next summer. He needs some good help and I thought of you two fellers. You guys interested in the job?'

I spread my hands and started to say 'Well....' and he interrupted me. 'Hang on just a second, Rex. I know my brother in law and he's pretty tight with a dollar. But I vouched for you guys and told him what the deal would be. I said he could get by with paying you ten percent below union scale as long as he gave you guys one of his apartments rent free for as long as his contracts and projects held out. After that, if he wanted to charge you rent, he would have to pay you scale. He grumbled about giving up one of his apartments, but I said he was getting two for the price of one. I guess you and Richie wouldn't mind sharing a two bedroom apartment, would you?'

I just shook my head, slightly dumbfounded. A vision popped into my mind- A king sized bed to roll around and fuck in and a private shower we could both get into at the same time! Running water and heat and privacy! Paradise!

The boss leaned back in his chair and waved me away, saying 'Go talk to your partner there and see if he's interested. Let me know what he says.'

I walked back to the dorms like I was in a dream.

That was thirty years ago. Richie and I haven't been back to that little ramshackle cabin in the woods since then. But we relive the best parts of the experience almost every night.





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