Every once in a while, a person has one of those tricks that you will never forget.  After not having written to Nifty for a while, I could not resist putting the pen to paper.  Recently I had a trick that pushed the limits. I still cannot believe it myself.  But I only write about things I have done.  There is no fiction in my writing other than the names which have been changed to protect anonymity.

For the last year or so I have been sucking a Honduran guy who I will call Jose.  I actually met him through another Honduran (who you might remember from the account I wrote about a Honduran janitor).  Jose is a hot blooded little Latino.  Like so many from his country, he is short in stature with thick black hair, flashy dark eyes and very dark brown skin.  Jose has a thick, uncut six inch cock which he loves to be told is very large.  I've had cocks almost twice that big from black guys but I play along and tell him how huge is dick is.  I also tell him it is "guereso" (thick)

Jose likes to call me on my cell phone and use names in Spanish such as "puto" (male whore), maricon (faggot) etc.  I almost never use English when talking to Jose because his English vocabulary is limited.  Instead, I lisp a broken Spanish which he seems to like.  He tells me I speak a lot of Spanish though other Latinos tell me my Spanish sucks and I'm a stupid white person trying to act Mexican.  I don't give a fuck.  If I can get a fucker to put his dick in my mouth, that's enough Spanish for me!

Anyhow, yesterday Jose called me and asked me for a ride across town.  His car is broken and he's been calling a lot.  Jose said that he had his Mexican friend with him and said in Spanish "two for you."  I was excited. The thought of two Latino cocks excited me.  Would I get them one at a time or both at once?  Would one try to fuck my ass and one try to fuck me mouth?  Would they want me to do them separately or in the same room?  I hurried to the trailer court where I needed to go to pick up Jose.

When I arrived at the rundown mobile home court, I found the trailer was as I expected, a total dump.  The whole court is full of drug dealers, white trash, illegal aliens, etc.  It's a real shithole and a constant source to trouble for the police.  I waited a few minutes and I was delighted when Jose and his friend Domingo emerged.  Domingo is HOT.  He's also short, with dark, greasy hair, black eyes but has beautiful white teeth and a swaggering "I hate faggots" attitude.  The prospect of landing Domingo was just too much!  I loved his wife beater shirt and baggy jeans which showed off a nice plump basket.  The guys climbed into my car.

Jose suggested we go back to my house and drink some beer and smoke some mota (weed).  I don't smoke weed any more but don't mind if someone wants to smoke it in my presence.  We drove across town in my car.  We were all bitching about it being too hot in the car.  I told them in Spanish that my little car has four sixty air conditioning which they had never heard of - you roll down all four windows and drive sixty miles per hour.  They thought that was funny.

When we got back to my place, Domingo and Jose went in and went directly to the refrigerator.  I had a six pack of Coors Light beer in the bottom compartment.  The Latino guys immediately wanted to suck down the beers. Everyone sat in the living room and we put in a porno movie with Oriental girls getting their pussies plowed by hung black guys.  Domingo and Jose kept laughing and talking about how the gorillas were fucking the pussies of the Asians.  You could tell the guys were getting horny.  Both Domingo and Jose were smoking weed and drinking.  By now it was having an effect on them.

I got on my knees in front of Jose and started rubbing his cock through the blue jeans.  He resisted and kept saying "No, beech.  Calmate. (calm yourself)" I was getting frustrated and kept telling him to give me the dick.  Jose would point and say "No, Domingo is for you."  Domingo would refuse me as well.

I was pissed.  I invited these guys into my home, let them drink my beer, and they were wasting my time.  I wasn't getting any dick.  It was time to take action.

I asked Domingo if he needed a ride back to town.  He asked why?  I explained that in my car liars cannot ride.  He didn't lie to me so he could go back to town with me.  I also said that because Jose lied, he could walk to the city.  Jose looked shock.  He's never seen me irritated before.  Truthfully, I would have given them both a ride, but I thought I would see if I could play a little poker and force Jose's hand.

Jose went into the bathroom and called me back there.  He offered me the dick and I said no, only in the living room.  Jose declined repeatedly and I walked back to the living room.  I said over and over to Domingo that we can go back to town and Jose has to walk.  Jose was silent.

I got down on my knees in front of the couch and started rubbing Jose's cock through his jeans.  I knew I could get that far.  It got harder and harder.  Domingo was stealing glances at his buddy getting his crotch felt. I rubbed and squeezed harder and harder making the thick dick quickly inflate.  Guys are guys - you give them a hard-on and you can do anything you want to them.

I tried to pull the zipper down on Jose's jeans and he resisted. Eventually he gave in and I got the jeans open.  Domingo was looking away, presumably out of respect for his friend.  I quickly got Jose's hard young dick in my mouth.  There is nothing like a warm mouth to melt away any leftover inhibitions.  Jose groaned loudly.

I started slowly sucking up and down and Jose's cock.  It swelled to its full thickness and responded to my wet slobbering strokes.  I glanced over and saw Domingo looking toward me.  He quickly looked away saying "puto maricon" (faggot whore) and other derogatory stuff.  I didn't pay much attention to him.  While watching the movie, I did notice Domingo stealing glances in my direction.  Domingo did seem interested in watching me suck his friend's dick.  I turned slightly so he could see my mouth fellating his friend.  He looked disgusted.  "Pinchay jotos."  (fucking faggots). Domingo could not help but hear the moans of Jose.  It was getting louder.

I concentrated on Jose.  He was a little nervous as well as drunk and high. It was hard to make him cum.  He did relax to a steady pace.  Jose kept thrusting into my throat and moaning.  Occasionally his moans were loud enough to make Domingo look over.  The girl on TV was screaming as the black guy fucked her.  I timed my sucking with the fucking on TV to add to the effect.  It was working.  By now Domingo had moved closer to where I was sucking his friend Jose.

"Chupame puto (suck me whore)," said Jose, moaning.  "Chupa mis huevos (suck my balls)."  I dove down and started licking and sucking his balls. Domingo was staring with interest.  Jose moaned and his dick throbbed, it's red head poking angrily out from under the foreskin.  I returned to his cock and started sucking faster and faster.

Jose started rubbing my head and saying softly things in Spanish which mean "suck me bitch, swallow my milk (cum), I fuck your ass," etc.  He was thrusting almost hard enough to gag me.  By this time Domingo was only a few feet away and not even watching the movie.  His jeans were tented out by a sizeable erection.  I reached for it and he pulled back.  He was content just to watch.

I heard a sigh, the cock in my mouth swelled and released several torrents of cum which I tried to hold on my tongue.  Jose slumped back, exhausted. I turned toward Domingo and opened my mouth showing the cum.  He stared.  I tilted my head back and swallowed it.  Domingo had a small wet spot on his pants where he had leaked pre-cum.  The jeans were still tented.  I asked to suck Domingo and he again declined.

I asked each where he needed to go.  Domingo wanted ride back to the trailer court across town.  Jose wanted to go to a grocery store near where he lives.  I dropped Jose off in front of the supermarket.  As Domingo and I drove we talked about why I liked to suck dick and how I am a faggot not a man, etc.  He was still tenting in his jeans.  I reached over and copped a feel.  He jerked for a second and I continued to grope.  He protested and said in broken "No, is for women".  But I continued to rub.  I told him in Spanish that I know he likes women and to call me back.  One day if he cannot find a woman I would like to help him and swallow his leche (milk). He didn't fight me as I felt him up.  Before I dropped him off, Domingo took my phone number.  He called several times, taunting me and making fun of me.  I know he wants it.  It's only a matter of time till I get it.

As for Jose, he's pissed now.  He told me today that Domingo called his wife in Honduras and said that he witnessed Jose letting a maricon (faggot) suck Jose's cock.  I asked Jose if I can suck his cock again and he laughed and said I am his faggot bitch.  I've now come to realize that where I once could only be degraded by black guys, I am now more satisfied by homophobic Latinos who hate themselves and the queer cocksuckers that blow them.  They are totally in denial as they pump their sperm down a fag's throat.  We should count ourselves lucky to be the recipients of their macho cum.

This was definitely one of the hottest experiences I have ever had.  It is known to Jose's friends that he likes to get blowjobs from guys though he will not return the favor.  That's okay with me because it will open the door to more guys like Domingo.  Word is starting to get around that I will buy beer or other things and suck Latino guys' cocks.  It's only a matter of time until some more open their jeans for the "pinchay joto"...

Do you like to be dominated by hot young black or Latino guys?  I would love to hear about it!






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