Warner walked the long distance to classes in the wee hours of the morning. The sun was rising and the birds just starting to sing. A few cars passed him along the road. In times past he might turn and stick out his thumb but he wasn't allowed to do that any more.

The morning chill felt good as his body combated it by heating up more quickly.

The hoodie moved against his smooth skin, the hood itself massaging his scalp thanks to his short buzz cut.

His shorts rested on his hips as was the fashion. The lack of underwear allowed them to scratch his buttocks and crotch.

The sound of his flip flops were the louder sound competing with some bird songs and an occasional car.

He carried his backpack of books on his back and his overnight bag. He planned to stow them both in his locker knowing they'd be there when he returned the Monday after spring break ended.

His parents accepted his information that he'd be going on a weekend car trip with friends.  It didn't matter what they said, of course. He was 19 and well beyond their control.

Yet he still lived at home while going to the local community college. It was his second year and what happened beyond that, he wasn't sure of.

The buzz cut alarmed his mother but his father approved.

'Good one of the smartest things you did, so we won't have to pay for those damn fancy schmancy stylists' he said.

It was true that the thirty dollar stylings every two weeks were paid for by them. Warner's thick blonde hair was the pride of his mother since he was a child with long flowing locks.

She rubbed her hands across the stubble on his head and said she missed those locks even though Warner hadn't had them in many years.

He tried not to think about the first time he had it cut, kneeling undressed so the falling hair wouldn't get caught in his clothing. The hair fell on his shoulders, belly, thighs and crotch.

Afterwards he accepted the warm water that achieved two goals. It washed the little fallen hairs left on his head and told him he had committed himself.

It had been two months since that decision. Each weekend and some nights he performed his part of the agreement.  This long week would be the first step to the discussed summer ahead.

His parents never indicated if they heard him sneaking out in the middle of the night. Of course he had no choice. When his phone rang he answered and listened as always. His response and subsequent departure took him one step closer to the goal.

Warner didn't really know what the goal was. It was not his place to know. All he had to do was do what he was told.

He laughed at himself as he walked. All his life his parents had told him what to do. Now he was over 18, he could make his own decisions. Of course they gave him their opinion and considering he still lived at home, he had to oblige them. But soon he'd be out of the house on his own, completely free to do what he wanted.

But as he matured, he knew he wanted to be told what to do. Maybe it was because of the uncertainty of the future. Maybe it was because he didn't know who or what he was with respect to life. Maybe it was just that when someone else bossed him around, he secretly became aroused.

Old films about sailors being lashed and whipped, Italian films about old Rome and Greek with slaves dressed in loin cloths and some of the pornography he saw in the Internet, stirred his guts making him yank himself without mercy over and over again.

Warner knew he wasn't the only one of course. His friends jacked off too. He'd shared circle jerks, or private times in his bedroom with one or more.

He jacked them now and then. Nobody called his queer. They enjoyed it. Reciprocation rarely occurred. He didn't care as he knelt in front or over them, waiting for their sperm to splatter on him, making them sigh and even laugh at the sight of their cum dripping off his chin.

Things changed one weekend as he and a few of his friends celebrating their recent graduation from high school sat naked in a friends Jacuzzi. Collin sat up on the side to cool off. His cock was obviously aroused and the others chided Warner.

'There you go, Warn, take care of Collin' Warner laughed but moved through the water letting it flow across his own naked body. His cock too was hard. He could see the others were hard too.

He placed a hand on each one of Collin's thighs. The others gathered close to watch him jack the former classmate off.

Warner didn't plan this. He had jacked Collin off before in the privacy of his or Collin's bedroom. He had satisfied more then one of the other friends there as well.

'Jack jack jack' they chanted.

Warner moved closer and held Collin's cock with one hand. But he didn't jack the boy's erection. He bent forward and took it in his mouth.

Everyone grew quiet except Collins.

'What the fuck are you doin?' He asked but Warner didn't stop. Collin didn't move away either.

Warner licked and sucked as the sound of his friends jacking were loud in his ear. Collin's fingers moved into the thick blonde hair on Warner's head.

The sperm spewed into the back of Warner's throat and he swallowed and kept swallowing as his sex target kept shooting.

'Shit man, I thought so, ' and other comments were heard by his friends who were shooting their own white streams in the air, into the water, some on Warner and some on Collin's legs.

'Whew' Collins said as he slipped back into the water 'That was great, you guys gotta try it' he advised.

Warner let himself sink under water not sure what would happen when he emerged. Would his friends call him queer, fag or tell him to go away?

He rose and found most of them back in the water resting. Nobody said anything for awhile. Then Ryan broke the silence.

'So do you get fucked too?' he asked and some laughed.

'No, not sure what happened' Warner lied. He had had his cousins cock in his butt over the last two summers during visits. 'corn holing' his country cousin called it.

And he did know what happened. He had thought about sucking Collins and other guys for years.

'It just happened' he said.

'That's cool buddy, hope it happens again' Collins said and the others laughed.

And it did. By the next morning Warner had sucked each and everyone gathered. His jaws were sore and his taste buds seemingly permanently coated with salty sperm.

The summer after that Warner continued to suck his friends and slowly his needs were further explored by Collins and others.

'Shit man you gotta be careful in college, don't let em know you're gay' Collins said late August after draining his prostate in Warner's guts.

Usually Warner would say 'I'm not, just a phase I guess' but instead he said the truth 'yea you're right'

That seemed a long time ago. The Internet casual meetings had taken most of his spare time since entering community college. Summers and holidays he saw some of his old high school friends for soccer, swimming, baseball and sexplay.

Nobody called him names. He was still their friend with a new advantage. Word did spread however. Some people he knew in high school that never befriended him then, seemed friendly when he saw them in stores or on the street.

Warner was always well liked, but it seemed that more of his old classmates wanted to know him now.

He didn't mind. In fact he learned more about himself as he met some of them. Sex wasn't always involved but often. And for the girls he seemed to attract as friends that impressed his father while he gained sisters he never had.

He stopped and stretched. His body had begun to sweat. He had twenty minutes to arrive at class. Warner knew he had to meet the deadline. It was new and shorter then previously. He would end up sprinting towards the end and arrive breathless, coated with perspiration and looking around.  His phone would ring releasing him from further instructions until the day ended.

The next time his phone would ring, he would be taking that serious step towards his future.

It all began two months ago. He sat naked in his bedroom cruising the Internet for new places to meet men. He liked meeting strangers. The anticipation of the unknown added more excitement to each event.

Sometimes the others wanted to cuddle and kiss, others wanted mysterious anonymous meetings, others wanted to meet, have a drink and talk. Each one was different and he wanted different.

As Warner learned as he experienced.  The kinkier messages got him excited too. He endured spanking and bondage. Fantasy scenes were often described but not serious.

He was paged that night by someone who had the same fantasy Warner had read before and jacked off reading.

But there was something about this one that knotted his gut like it used to knot when he was younger.

He read it again and again and responded 'yes sir'.

That seemed to please the sender who chatted on and on. Warner turned his camera on and smiled back at the face he saw on his monitor.

He was an older man, looking kind yet serious. His flat top made him look like military. He stood and showed his erection, balls and turned as instructed to reveal his buttocks and crack.

The man seemed to approve but wanted an in person inspection first.

Warner agreed with a 'yes sir' and provided his phone number.

The man said he wanted a boy to train, someone who was new to this world of fantasy and reality and it would take months but maybe Warner would be a good slaveboy.

Warner's cock was oozing out more then one pearl. The key words made him want to jack off and he reached for his cock just as his phone rang.

'Stop jacking off' the deep voice said. Warner knew it wasn't one of his friends. He could see the man holding his phone as he spoke.

He obeyed answering 'yes sir'.

The man smiled. Warner wrote down the address and directions. He also wrote down the instructions, 'jockstrap, gym shorts, no shirt'

He rode his scooter at 2 am across town, the night air chilling his bare chest, his cock straining the minimal restriction of his jock strap.

He parked the scooter in the open garage. Almost immediately the door closed. Warner looked around and saw the cameras.

He stripped naked as instructed and knelt. The man's steps could be heard but Warner didn't look up, again obeying his instructions.

The man's hands moved over his body, invading his butthole, yanking on his testicles and cock, and running through his thick hair.

The man explained the training ahead. Warner kept his eyes on the floor while his gut stirred with each word he heard.

He had a decision to make and he made it.

After spreading the sheet on the floor Warner knelt . The buzz was loud in his ear as his thick blonde hair disappeared to announce the beginning of his training.

He was moved to where a floor drain in the garage was and felt the warm water that the man's penis used to wash the hair off and declare Warner his property.

Warner put away the sheet filled with his hair. He used the hose to wash himself off while the man stood and instructed.

His arms were fastened above him making him helpless. His stretched skin and muscles felt the man's hands slide over them. The now familiar buzz sound announced the man's continuing transformation of his body.

Like most blonds Warner had little body hair, but what he had was taken away. The man wanted him smooth, totally smooth.

Warner's cock dripped with his excitement as the man shaved and played with his body.

'You can leave or remain, if you're serious boy' the man said un tying him.

Warner flexed his shoulders and then knelt obediently. There was something in the man who was instructing him that offered something new.

He followed the man inside the house. Warner knelt sucking the man's cock as he watched videos and then typed on his computer. Warner did what the man said. At times he wanted to be fucked, tied up, spanked, jacked off but he could do only what the man said.

And Warner's excitement grew.

The man moved him into a bedroom. He lay on a kind of bed thing face down his arms and legs spread to the point of pain. Other straps kept his thighs and back pressed against the hard wood surface. His head too was strapped in place.

Warner felt the man move some of the boards and pull his cock and balls downward tying them in place..stretching them to the point of Warner making sounds.

The man ignored those moans and stretched more until he was satisfied.

The finger told Warner what was ahead. Then a thicker tube moved into him. The man was using toys in him Warner knew.

Each one stretched muscles inside him. As soon as Warner seemed to get used to each toy it was removed and a larger one put in it's place.

Warner suffered pain and pleasure as the man trained his ass. He could feel his cock spit out fluid, not great streams as Warner was used to feeling but little spurts. He wasn't sure if they were pre cum spews, piss or actual sperm streams.

His moaning grew louder and the man told him to 'shut up boy'.

Warner tried but pain was pain.  'If you make another noise I'll get the cat' he was told and the thick toy jammed abruptly made Warner yell out.

It was as if the man wanted Warner to yell.

The ball gag was put in place. Warner had seen them but never worn one. The cat began to flog him and Warner yelled.

'Yell as loud as you need to boy' The man said repeating the strokes across Warner's butt, legs and back. Again and again.

As Warner felt pain in one area he knew his skin was bright red and the man was making it redder.

Then just as he braced himself the flogging would surprise him by being moved to a different area.

'The key boy is not to tense up, just relax and let it happen. Remember what you are and who I am, you need to learn to not mind the pain, to want the pain, to crave the pain'

Warner listened and relaxed his tense body as each stroke hit him. The man had told him the truth. The punishment was more endurable as he forced his body to flinch, not to tense up, to relax and let it happen.

'good boy' the man patted Warner's flogged buttocks 'You're a quick learner'.

Warner knelt naked in front of the man.

'I think you'll do well, here's what will happen from now on.' The man promised an orgasm that night but afterwards Warner couldn't trick with anyone else and he couldn't jack off.

'I'll make sure you don't' the man said.

Warner would respond only to the man's orders day or night. He was asked his schedule and Warner responded adding a 'sir' to each sentence. His cock erect was still leaking.

'Sit on my lap'

Warner arose and sat on the man's hard cock which easily slid up his stretched ass. Yet Warner could feel it's thickness as he had swallowed it earlier.

He lay back against the man his hands to his sides as instructed.

The man's fingers found their goal and began to tease then torture each raised nipple.

Warner groaned then stifled his own sounds. He had learned better then to express his reactions.

He pump of the man's cock up into his guts were like stabs despite his stretched sphincter. His nipples sent shivers of sensations throughout Warner's body. He wanted it to end and at the same time wanted it to never end.

The man called him 'slaveboy, faggot, cocktease, pigboy' each name seemed to mentally tattoo themselves on Warner's brain. Each one described what he was and he knew it, he admitted it to himself he needed to be branded.

His body wrenched itself on the man's cock. He writhed uncontrollably yet was kept in his place by the thick arms that surrounded him and who's fingers had fastened onto his skin like leaches of pain and pleasure.

Warner didn't try to control what was happening, he let it happened. He had learned from the man to do that during his flogging.

Initially, Warner's arms automatically moved as if to locate and pump his cock but he kept them in place feeling the restraint of the man's thick arms.

His body burned. It was as if lava was flowing somewhere inside him and Warner couldn't hold back his body from doing what it needed to do.

The man didn't stop lifting his hips nor twisting the nipples in their grasp. Warner wanted to collapse after his body had expulsed it's packed prostate. But the man was in control not Warner.

It hurt more now he had orgasm'd. The man kept fucking him. Warner let it happen presuming that when the man's own sperm shot up inside him it would end but it didn't.

It continued. Warner wanted to beg the man to stop but he didn't. Somehow he knew he shouldn't less he end up back on the bed being flogged until the learned.

Then the knot began inside him again. The thick cock that bounded in and out of him was pressing against his empty flesh bag as it began to fill again.

The arms that held him filled his nostrils of the man's aroma. His sore tortured nipples seemed longer then before as the man's fingers grasped more flesh stroking them hard, then twisting them.

'Made for slaveboy nipple rings' the man grunted as he worked each one.

Warner's cock hardened hearing the man's plans. He had seen guys get nipple rings, some were friends wanting to look like rock stars, others were guys he saw on the Internet enduring the initial pain of pins jammed through each nipple flesh. Each and every time Warner's cock had told him he needed it.

'Good boy' the man felt his cock and then returned to his briefly abandoned nipple.

The stab in each one made Warner jump. He looked down to see the clamps that held them and the chain that connected them. The man had one hand on the chain pulling yanking then releasing only to yank hard again.

His other hand was between Warner's legs pulling on his nutsac.

'These are all mine from now on boy' the man hissed in Warner's ear.

'Yes Sir' Warner answered obediently letting his head fall back on the man's shoulder. He had no control, the man owned him as his earlier piss had claimed him. The whip that had taught him and the sperm that had shot down his throat medicated him.

Warner wasn't in control. That thought meant something that it hadn't really meant before. He wondered how long the man would keep him there, captive, naked and his sextoy.

'You will do chores, please me and my friends, do whatever I say. That's what a slaveboy does understand?' the man had said earlier.

Warner had said 'yes sir' but until now he didn't really feel what that meant. He was beginning to know.

His orgasm flowed surprising Warner his body had renewed and refilled so much so quickly. The man too seemed to cum as he jammed his cock upwards so hard and strong it nearly pushed Warner off his lap.

But the man's hold on the nipple clamp chain kept Warner painfully in place.

'That was good. Did you enjoy it boy?'

'oh yes sir' Warner's comments were mumbled, he had no strength.

The man pushed Warner from his lap to the floor.

'I said did you enjoy it?' the man's voice got louder and deeper.

Warner scrambled to his knees but looked down as he thought a slave should do.

'YES SIR' he said loudly.

'Stand up, hands behind your head'

Warner stood there naked his spent cock dangling over his emptied ballsac.

The man began to fumble with them.

'Well I'm glad cause it's the last time you'll be allowed to do that for awhile'

The pinch made Warner flinch.

'This device will be on you until I take it off, understand?'

Warner wanted to look down but he dared not to. 'yes sir' he said weakly.

Then something held his cock and the man did something that made him flinch.

'Ok boy you can look'

Warner looked down to see his boy penis encased in a black plastic tube. It was fastened to a ring that surrounded his ballsac.  A small lock dangled from it.

'Only I have a key' the man said holding it up from the chain around his neck. 'You can piss, shower, keep it clean but you cannot touch that cock let alone jack it..and why is that boy?'

Warner didn't know what to say.

'Who's dick is that now?' the man clarified.

'yours Sir'

'Want to feel what it's like to get a hard on with it on?' The man said but instead of waiting for an answer he left the room.

Warner remained in place, his arms behind his head. He wanted to touch it to examine the thing on his cock and balls but he dared not move.

'Clean up the place, use your tongue' the man ordered.

Warner knelt and licked the wet spots on the wooden floor where his cum had landed. He lapped at the surface tasting only a bit of his own salty brew.

The man's hands pet his butt, played with his balls as he worked.

'I think you're going to be a good slave. It may take some time but by he summer you may be ready for full time service. Want that boy?'

Warner didn't know if he did or not so he answered honestly 'not sure sir'

'Good answer boy, honest. Here's what we'll do. Over the next two months you'll respond to each time I call you, obey completely and you'll be trained. If at any time you want to stop you say so and come over here and I'll take that thing off and give you back the balls and cock I own and it ends. We'll never see each other after that.'

Warner knew, somehow he didn't want that to happen.

'In two months, you'll serve me full time during your spring break. At the end of that time you can quit or not. If you continue you'll be trained for full time service, understand?'

'yes Sir'

Warner's cock began to expand. He could feel it pushing against the plastic.

'Lean forward so your face is on the floor boy. Your ass is mine to use however I want and I will. And I'll share it with my friends too' his hand rested on Warner's ass. His finger jabbed into Warner's still open hole.

Warner's cock expanded against the plastic sleeve that held it.

'You'll do chores when I need em done, serve food at my parties, and don't worry your training will continue. I have a playroom downstairs, come on boy' he reached around and pulled on Warner's nutsac making him stand up and follow him.

Warner stumbled but followed he had no choice. Again, he knew he was not in control.

The steps led down into the man's basement. It looked like any other basement, a furnace, a pile of boxes, the door presumably leading to the back yard. He was led past the boxes.

The man released his hold to twist the dial on a combination lock. 'When you're left in here, and you will be sometimes, this lock is the only way you can leave. Only I know the combination so you better hope I don't have a heart attack when you're locked in boy' the man chuckled.

The door opened. 'In boy and kneel'

Warner stepped inside feeling his feet step on the black hard surface floor. There around him were wooden pins on the walls from which hung chains, leather items, whips and other items he would be able to identify intimately over the next two months.

The table in the center of the room seemed padded with straps on the sides of it. There were cages against one wall and a large wooden X against the other. Hooks hung from the beams over head and here and there some had chains dangling from them.

'You'll keep this room clean. Sometimes you'll watch from a cage and clean up afterwards, you'll help me train other boys like you but most important, 'the man pushed Warner's naked body forward.

'on the table face up'

Warner moved to the padded table as ordered. He spoke no words. He knew not to.

His ankles fit into the padded restraints and the man raised his legs. His arms were fastened flat against the pad and his head was strapped backward.

'Before I release you for the night, I want you to feel your boner against the chastity device so you know what to expect'.

The finger moved inside him. Warner's ass was sore from the toys and fucking he had received before. The man's fingers ignored that possibility and moved around going deeper and deeper.

'Hmmm I know guy who's entire hand might fit in here eventually' the man chuckled.

Warner was feeling his cock responding to the fingers. It grew fat and pushed against the device that restrained it.

'Try this boy' the next item was the return of the tit clamps but this time they pulled as soon as they were fastened to his nipples raising the flesh.

The toy that replaced the man's fingers lodged deep inside and remained. The man stepped back away from the table.

'Nice' he said. Warner could see him out of the corner of his eye. The man fumbled with something that hung from a beam.

Warner knew what it was. The camera was being adjusted.

'I'll be back' the man left. Warner heard the door shut and the clank of the lock.

He was trapped, captured. But the man had said he'd be released for the night. Perhaps he had been too willing and the man would keep him there for as long as he liked. There had been stories Warner read of boys kept enslaved for months in a basement dungeon.

He was both getting scared and turned on more. His cock pushed against the plastic pulling on the ring that surrounded his nutsac too. It hurt but it was bearable. Could he endure it for two months? Warner wasn't sure. He was more concerned about the effect of not being able to cum for two months.

'ah I see you're suffering' the man's voice made Warner jump. He hadn't heard the lock or door.

'Good, slaveboys suffer, that's their job' his hands slid over Warner's nearly shaven smooth head and his face. A finger moved into his mouth. 'suck on your Master's finger boy like it was his cock'

Warner nursed like a baby calf on the digit that moved into his mouth. He wanted it to cum down his throat.

'oh hungry little fucker huh?' he man said. The finger disappeared.

Warner heard the man moving something. 'open up boy time for your feeding'

The familiar cock moved down into his mouth where the man's finger had been.

'nurse on it like you did Daddy's finger boy'

Warner did as he was told. It was different then sucking cock but Warner was quickly learning that if he did what the man told him, new sensations and pleasures would follow.

He nursed on the cock hungry for what it offered him. 'swallow boy'

Warner swallowed the fluid that came, it tasted different. It wasn't cum it was piss. He knew the taste. Warner had experienced water sports now and then but never swallowed like this.

The piss threatened to gag him.

'Just swallow' the man said as his piss flowed out of the corners of Warner's mouth.

'Keep nursing' the man said as he flicked each of the chains connected to Warner's tit clamps.

Warner sucked, nursed hoping the cock which was growing larger would offer what he had originally expected.

'oh yea, suck your Daddy' Warner heard it. It shocked him, he had old fantasies of having sex with his father. It wasn't that the man was sexy, he was a typical father, tall, hairy, slightly overweight. Warner though there was something wrong with him when he dreamed of touching the man.

And once oral and anal sex had become part of his experience, Warner had other dreams each involving his own father entering him.

The cum came and Warner didn't need to be told to swallow. He lapped at the spurting cock head as it shot down his open throat.

'Nice boy'

Warner jumped as the toy was yanked out of his ass and his legs unfastened. The tit clamps sent painful shocks through his body as each was removed. His head released, Warner stretched his muscles.

'Turn over boy' Warner nearly asked to be released to be let go to end this. It was fun, educational but he wasn't sure if the man knew when to stop. As horny as he got and was, the pain in his cock was harsh and he was exhausted. But he turned over as told too.

The man's thighs pressed on either side. Warner knew the man's cock would be inside him again. He was amazed the man could fuck a third time but perhaps he had taken one of those cock drugs, Viagra or something.

Instead the man's thick hands pressed into his shoulders, then back.

Warner realized he was being massaged, not fucked again.

'A good master takes care of his property. I'll keep you fit, strong, healthy..so you can serve me better, understand boy?'

He finished the massage and slapped Warner's bare ass hard.

'Thank you sir' Warner said and he meant it. He was glad he hadn't asked to be released.

'Dress and go get some sleep. When you see my number on your phone you answer within ten seconds boy' the man stood in the garage where he had led Warner by his ballsac.

Warner pulled on his shorts over his constrained cock. He got on his scooter and watched the garage door open. He turned to thank the man but he was no where to be seen.

And Warner entered the cold night air wearing the shirt the man had put on him.

'remember a Master takes care of his property and I now own you' he had said as the cut sleeve sweatshirt slipped over his head.

That was weeks ago. Warner neared his goal. He looked at his watch. He had three minutes and so he began to sprint. He'd be sweating by the time he arrived. But he had time before his first class to calm down.

Somehow the man he now called Master would know if he arrived on time or not. Warner felt the mans eyes. But after weeks of training he always felt the Master's eyes even when he knew the man was nowhere to be seen.

He arrived on time and his phone rang.

'Good boy. Are you ready to report after class?'

'yes SIR' Warner's cock hardened as it always did when he heard his Master's voice. The pain he felt was expected and hurt but stimulated him more.

'Good, shorts only, walk down the back road until a black van comes close to you and stops. When it stops remove your shorts and kneel. If  you don't it will drive away and it's over, understand slave?'

'yes sir' Warner would do what he was told of course. He'd be kept captive, naked and used for the next week and a half as he was tried out for a summer long servitude. And he knew even if he served well as he had learned to do, the man might decide to hire another boy instead.

There were other slaves. Warner had watched them being trained. He had helped his Master with some of them, but mostly he was kept in a cage watching what the Master did to train his competition.

He wanted to be really owned, to be more then controlled and played with, more then trained, he wanted to be absorbed into the Master's will day and night. His cock was hurting him as he put the overnight bag and backpack in his locker to stay.

If the Master had ordered him to skip classes and report now he would. But the Master demanded he go to all classes and keep his homework done. There were nights when he lay naked on the floor of the Master's living room or dungeon working on his homework.

'What's this? Your grades have jumped a grade? What's going on with you ?' His father had registered surprise. It was true his graded had improved. 'Shit maybe you will get into the University in the fall after all'

Warner wanted to kneel in front of his father as he had learned to do to his Master and confess his fantasies, his needs and what he was.

'Dunno, guess it all finally sunk in' Warner said 'I think I have a summer job too' he added. His mother looked up.

'I'd be taking care of this guys yard and house, kind of like a houseboy I guess' Warner said seeing his Mother register concern as she looked at his Dad.

'Good, time you should learn how to make a living. I hope the guy is rough on you, it would be good for you.' His father said.

Warner's cock had strained. Little did his two parents know that beneath the clothing he wore that they bought, his body had been kept shaven smooth and a plastic thing squeezed his testicles and penis constantly torturing and exciting him. 'What would they think if he was standing there naked' thought Warner 'he almost wished his Father would order him to strip then and there'

Classes were easy that final day of the trimester. Most of his classmates and even some of the teachers were dressed more casually then other times. Everyone held themselves back form the big escape for spring break.

Calley, one of his female friends repeated her disappointment he wasn't going with her and others to Ft. Lauderdale. 'There's going to be lots of hot men there' she said. She was the only one of his female friends he had confessed his sexuality to.

'Gotta work' he said shrugging 'Life isn't all play' he added for effect not believing it himself.

Gym class just let the class members do what they wanted to do. 'You better save up your energy for the week ahead' the coach said following that by a vaguely worded warning about unsafe sex. 'if any of you come back with little bugs or some rash, don't say I didn't warn you'. The guys and girls all laughed and made comments.

Warner knew many of them would experience some sort of sex for the first time, perhaps some of it would be gay sex. There were one or two of the guys in that class he wished were gay. His cock strained as he looked at them.

He lay his head on a table and napped during the rest of lunch period. Memories of phone calls over the past two months flashed through his head.

Five AM. 'wake up boy, what are you wearing?'

'uh low rise whiteys' Warner said.

'what?' the voice sounded mean which alerted Warner he hadn't answered correctly.

'Uh sorry SIR, tiny whiteys SIR' Warner said. It had only been three days since he had arrived home. The phone numbers that appeared hadn't been from the man till now.

'Take them off now'

Warner pulled his whiteys off throwing them across his bedroom.

'off SIR' he reported.

'from now on you will sleep bareass, if you have to get up to piss, you go naked, understand?'

'yes SIR' Warner was excited each time he had snuck out into the hall to go to the bathroom naked. His parents might hear him and look out of their room. That excited him.

'And form now on you will not wear underwear'

'yes SIR'

'Today you will wear torn jeans and a shit with a hole over one nipple. Got it?'

'uh yes sir' the man hung up.

Warner pulled on his only pair of torn jeans. His parents always yelled at him when he wore them. He planned to sneak out of the house that morning before they saw him.

The rips and tears threatened to reveal his penis but the device which encased it, prevented that.

He tore a hole in an old t-shirt without thinking. He realized he had unquestioningly obeyed what the man said.

'Nice tit Warn!' one of the guys said 'needs a ring I think like all fags' the asshole added. Instead of being insulted, Warner thought about his nipple being grabbed with a tool and a needle jammed through his still stretched nipple. His cock expanded and it hurt.

'You awake?' another phone call came. It was 2 am. 'report here naked back door'

Warner didn't dare cross town naked so he rode his scooter to the man's address. The garage door was closed. He climbed over the fence into the back yard and stripped naked knocking on the back door and then kneeling. The training that night was severe. The man flogged him while attached to the wooden X while wearing a leather hood.

Warner noted before the hood was placed over his head the man adjusted the camera again. Where the camera sent its image he didn't know.

'I want you to scream, yell, whatever you need to do boy' the man whipped him and each stroke hurt. Warner responded freely and loudly finding new excitement in being able to release his reactions to each flog.

He sucked his Master gratefully and bent forward to accept the butt plug that was maneuvered into his butt.

'If you take that out to shit you better put it back in, report back after you last class for removal'.

Warner reported back and the plug was yanked out of him.

'Clean the kitchen. You got homework?'

He did but he didn't bring his backpack in from the scooter which was parked in the garage.

'Get it and get it done' that was the first time he felt at home as his Master watched him sitting naked on the floor taking notes from the books he read. The collar around his neck was chained to his wrists which couldn't reach close to his crotch as a result.

'Call home you'll be here tonight' the man said.

'Ok honey, we understand' his mother said when he said he needed to get his work done and a friend was helping him.

He sucked, swallowed and presented his butt for a late night invasion of toys, fingers and the Master's cock.

He knelt in the basement near the floor drain as the Master showered him for the night.


Warner crawled into the nearest cage and watched his man lock it.

'Sit back put your legs out and arms on the sides' the man ordered. Warner's ankles were fastened to the sides of the cage and his hands over head.

The man released still more of his processed beer wetting Warner's armpits, face and chest. The lights were turned off and Warner heard the door close and the lock click. And there he slept for the night.

Again the splash of warm water hit him and Warner awoke as he was released for the day. The man washed him head to toe, dressed him and told him to go to school. Warner felt like a little child, a pet animal, indeed like property that the man was taking care of.

Then there was the first presentation the Master made of him to friends.

'Tell your parents you're going camping or to the beach Whatever' the man said.

It would be his first two day service, a challenge to see if he was going to be ready for spring break service.

Warner put on his torn jeans, no underwear as usual, and the black tank top he was told to wear. He arrived at the Man's house to see several delivery trucks there also.

'help them' he was told by his Master who barely looked up at him.

He carried boxes, unpacked them and threw out the trash.

'Come' the Master got in his truck and Warner started to get in beside him.

'No slaves ride in back' the man said. 'give me your shirt'

Warner jumped in back after relinquishing his tank top. He rode in the back like cattle, half naked and wishing the man had ordered him to remove his jeans too. His cock strained.

Wearing his tank top again, he followed the man into a store full of video tapes and sex toys. They went downstairs.

'I need to fit my boy' the man said 'Shirt off'

Two store clerks watched as Warner obediently removed his tank top.

'Collar first' the man ordered and the clerks started presenting them to him. Each was held up to Warner but not put on him.

'You think you're ready to have these pierced?' his Master took hold of his constantly stretched nipples. The clerks watches as Warner flinched but endured the pain.

'yes Sir if you say so Sir' he said loud and smartly. He didn't care what the clerks thought.

'You have him well trained Clark' one of them said.

'Yes he's doing real good but I think we'll wait for those after we see what he does this weekend'

They left, Warner still shirtless. He got in the back of the truck for the ride back to where Warner discarded clothing for the weekend.

He helped prepare the bar table, aided non reacting kitchen help in their preparation of snacks.

The party would last that night and the next day he was told. But it didn't start till late.

His Master led him downstairs. The tube shoved into his butt offered warm water that made Warner embarrassingly release all the excrement that was in him. Another slave boy naked and collared was waiting and assisted the Master.

Warner tried not to appear surprised or embarrassed as his Master controlled his bodily function. He didn't want to appear to be a bad slave in front of the other one. He hadn't seen the boy before yet he looked familiar. Perhaps it was because he had a short hair cut, shaven body and wore a device on his cock like Warner's.

'Cage, both of you' Warner moved into a cage and was soon joined by the other slave in the device that was barely big enough for one of them. Their bodies intertwined.

'You boys better gets some sleep it'll be a long night. No talking I can hear you' the man said as he turned the camera aimed towards their cage.

To Warner's amazement he did sleep. He felt the other slave boy piss out of his device onto him and out the floor of the cage. It made him do the same and felt strangely sexy pissing while wrapped around the other slaveboy.

He wondered if the boy was his Master's slave, if he was in competition with him. But he dared not ask. It was the Master's orders.

Warner slept. He was amazed did so. The streams that awoke him felt familiar but there was more then one. As he sputtered and opened his eyes, Warner saw the other slave boy was awake already and both of them were being showered by several men holding their cocks. They were laughing at the two naked slaves as they waved their pissing penis back and forth across the cage fencing.

'Barbeques on' the voice called. Warner recognized it as his Master's voice. 'You get them cleaned up'.

A tall reddish haired young man appeared. He wore a wide collar with silver studs on it. His pierced nipples had a chain connecting the two rings that hung from them. He wore a leather pouch which had similar studs to those on his collar.

He unlocked the cage and pointed to where Warner and the other boy were to go. He held a hose and aimed it at them. Warner turned and ducked to get the stench of piss off him. The other boy did the same reaching out to wash his back.

Warner looked around to see if anyone was watching and he returned the favor. He wished he was naked and the other boy too so they could suck and fuck each other while the leather young man watched or even participated.

'That's enough. You two slave dry each other off and report upstairs to the kitchen, you have work to do'

Warner and the other slave boy helped put food on tables, get beers for guests and do whatever they were told.

Warner felt his ass be smacked, pinched and his balls held tight now and then. Even his pointed nipples were explored by more then one guest.

'I may buy you from Clark slave, what do you think of that' a very large hairy belly man wearing chaps and a vest said.

Warner didn't know how to answer.

'Not for sale' his Master appeared 'at least not yet, maybe this summer you can rent him though' his master's arm surrounded him and his fingers fastened on one of his nipples. 'that is after he's prepared for it'

'Gentlemen I want to present two boys who have started training. Get over here slaves'

Warner scrambled to his Master's side and knelt. The other boy moved to the other side.

'Tonight they will be available to everyone, neither one is allowed to say NO, understand slaves you are party treats along with all other slaves here.'

Soon the tall young man and two others dressed in collars moved near the Master. They too knelt, stripped naked except for their collars.

'Miller and Castner have donated their boys too' The Master said.

Warner remained in place until a large man came to him and felt his head. 'Come on boy I want your mouth on my cock'

The night began and Warner was kept busy. His mouth and butt were available, he understood that. Nothing unsafe was going to happen. His butt would be spanked and as the party moved downstairs, he knew that more would happen.

It was the night he was treated to electro torture. Pads fastened to his nutsac, his nipples and one to a prod placed inside him. The shocks were indeed torture making his cock expand as well. At one point, Warner though his nutsac gave up sperm, he wasn't sure as his body was going through several sensations.

A game of first scream was the final torture with all four slaves tied and flogged until one of them screamed. Each, like Warner, muffled their reactions. Warner didn't want to be the first to scream, he knew that would embarrass his Master.

And it was the other boy who did finally scream out loud.

Warner and the others were then treated like injured pets slowly covered with some sort of salve that treated the reddened skin.

He sucked the man who had applied it to him, feeling like a fed puppy thanking his owner. When he licked the last drop, Warner saw his Master nearby.

'Good boy, I think you're ready for a treat'

Warner stood naked in the middle of the group. Around him party goers were drinking, joking, watching the porn that was on the TV screen. The other slaves were engaged in satisfying some of them.

Warner was on display as his Master had him turn, lift, bend over, spread his cheeks. Master's friends were suggesting future training that ranged from being tied to pikes in the back yard to bathing in sports balm.

'Ok stand still boy'

The leather straps felt good. Warner liked being naked and the harness that the master fastened to his chastity device then surrounding him made him feel clothed at the same time naked.

'What about the collar?' One of Master's friends asked.

'He's not earned it yet. I think he will, kneel boy'

Warner knelt and fell forward where he was pushed as his Master inserted his thick cock and fucked him while others watched. Using the leather harness as a handle his Master moved in different ways that slowly took Warner to an orgasm that seemed to happen inside him and not make him expulse streams of cum.

By that time it had been four weeks since he was able to manipulate himself and he missed it, yet at the same time had learned so many new sensations. Paramount however was that he had learned the need to please one Man, his Master.

Warner awoke hearing the bell. Two more classes and it would be time for him to once again do his Master's bidding.

His crotch hurt. It had been eight weeks and each time his cock tried to expand the stabs of pain that were felt merely added to his excitement.

Two more hours and he would be naked in the open air, vulnerable, obedient and submissive.

The possibility that he would be late and miss the van frightened him. The possibility that bad timing on his part would results in the van speeding away.

He told his teacher at the last class he may have to leave a bit early. The man nodded not responding verbally.

Five minutes early he stood at his locker pressing his backpack against his already stowed overnight bag. He held his phone and looked to see if there was any new calls. There were none.

He breathed deep and recalled his orders for that afternoon. He took his hoodie off and put it in the locker too and then with a note of finality he closed the door and twisted the combination knob.

There was no turning back now. Warner trotted out the door with a few classmates looking at the half naked student running.

He went down the hill and through a small group of out buildings to the alley where he waited.

Warner wanted the next week and a half to go well. He would do whatever he was told, after all he knew his Master would take care of him, lead him, teach him and train him as he had done for the past 8 weeks.

He pulled on his nipples crossing his arms which always excited him more. He wanted to feel his expanding cock pull the device stretching his balls. Warner needed the pain to remind him what he was.

A ways off he saw a black van driving down the alley. It was going to be time soon. He removed his pants and knelt awaiting.

The van stopped and he heard the doors close. Whoever it was put a black cloth bag over his head and lead him into the van. He felt his pants thrown against him inside.

The muffled voices laughed as the van drove off knocking Warner over to his side. What if these weren't the men Master had sent for him? What if they would sell him into some foreign sex cult. After all it was well known that some liked blonde boys and would use them until they were bored, killing them or worse yet turning them into some kind of modern eunuchs.

Warner mentally laughed as his fertile imagination and the fact it excited him giving him the much needed reminder in his crotch of what he was.

After all that's what lay ahead and Warner wanted it, needed it and would do whatever it took to deserve it.



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