I'm straight I swear...

How did I get here? I swear I always thought I was straight, never had a thought about another guy. And being on a football team since the beginning of high school I think I would've noticed if I was gay. I never had a problem seeing other guys change before but now he changed everything...

Let's get to that later. My name is Robert Jackson. I'm 18 years old, senior in high school and I'm team captain in my high school's football team. I have hazel eyes and jet black hair. I hit the gym hard and since I've been into football since forever my body is in great shape -not to brag- I'm lean and built but not overly done like a meathead, I have 6 well defined abs and pecks that every girl loves to play with while they ride me (before I got a girlfriend, I'm always faithful). I know what you're thinking, dumb jock, but my parents always told me my academics comes first. I'm proud to say I'm a straight A student. Let me not forget to mention my girlfriend of two years Samantha Baxter head cheerleader -of course lol- Enough introductions let's get to the real story of how my life changed dramatically... it all started the first day back to school from summer vacation.

I pulled into my usual parking spot as I approached the school. It felt good being back from vacation seeing all the students catching up with their friends. Some of my friends' cars were already parked.

"I missed you so much this summer" I heard Samantha say approaching my car window on the driver's side.

"Morning babe, you look beautiful" I said to Samantha and gave her a long kiss. I had gone on vacation to visit family and haven't seen her all summer.

Her long black hair was longer and hitting right above her perfect ass. She had definitely spent time at the beach this summer. I could tell by her tanned skinned, it went perfect with her emerald eyes.

"Come on everyone is already here" she said opening the door and pulling me out. I wrapped an arm around her shoulder as we walked together towards our group of friends.

"Hey everyone" I said as I joined the group. I was met with hi5s and hugs from the girls.

"What's up man" Bryant my best friend said giving me a one armed hug.

"Nothing man just glad to be back, family's great and all but god how much can they freaking argue?"

"I hear ya" he responded knowing full well what I meant. Bryant has been my best friend since middle school. He stayed over and sometimes even went to some family gatherings where of course my family would get a little drunk and start arguing.

I remember how we became best friends one day back in middle school he was getting pushed around by this big bully on the playground while the teacher was attending to other kids. I saw what was happening and Bryant being smaller back then couldn't defend himself I ran right up to the bully and grabbed his fist before it made contact with Bryant's face.

"What's your problem Ronald -the bully's name-"I said pushing him away. I hated seeing anyone getting abused who couldn't fight back.

"Mind your business or your next" he said pushing me back a little. Man was this guy big. He looked like an eighth grader already and we were barely in 4th.

"Leave the kid alone I said helping Bryant up" I dusted the kid off a little.

"I told you mind your fucking business" he said getting red and angry balling his hand into a fist.

"And what're you going to do if I don't" I said straitening myself out to look more intimidating.

"Ooooo" I heard from the small crowd that had formed around us to watch the fight that was about to happen. He became furious at that. I knew what was coming so I pushed Bryant away so he wouldn't get in the middle of it. Ronald threw a punch but him being way bigger than me also moved slower than me, I saw his arm swing at me. I ducked out of the way and elbowed him straight across the face. A sputter of blood came flying from his nose. Oops didn't mean to do that. He fell to the ground and started whimpering and crying holding his now leaking nose. So much for a fight.

The teacher came just as I was fixing myself up. Of course, not there when you need them and there when you don't.

"What's going on here? A fight? Robert Jackson I'm surprised at you, how dare you strike another student, come with me your parents will be notified"

Great I thought. But Bryant jumped in between me and the teacher and yelled "no he was protecting me, he -pointing at Ronald- has been bullying me every day. And he -pointing at me-just saved me from that monster." He said stretching out his arms to cover me from the teacher.

"Is this true" she said looking at me with narrowed eyes. I nodded quickly.

"Okay" she said. "And of course you would be involved" grabbing Ronald by the arm "I'm going to call your mother and tell her what her little boy has been up to"

"My name is Bryant" the kid said offering his hand. I took it "names Robert" and boom best friends ever since. It helped our mother were friends and we lived right across from each other.

Back to the present...

The bell rang letting us now it was time to head to main room. I dropped Samantha off to her class and saw I would be running late. I started running to English literature. Mr. L was a hardball and I didn't want to be on his bad side first day back.

The door was closed already. Shit. I knocked three times. A guy I've never seen before opened the door for me. "Thanks" I said walking past him.

"Glad you could find the time to join us Mr. Jackson"

"Sorry Mr. L" I muttered looking for an open seat.

I made my way to the back and took a seat.

"As I was saying" Mr. L resumed "this is a new student, who can show Michael around the school to get better acquainted." At least half of the girls in the classes shot their hand up in the air. I looked at the kid and could tell why. He didn't look bad at all. He was lean with lightly tanned skin, brown wavy curls fell from his head, and his eyes were a lighter hazel then mine with a hint of green. His teeth were pearly white, I could tell because he was smiling and blushing a little at the reactions from the girls in the class. Obviously a little embarrassed. And you could see his abs through his fitted shirt. He had long legs he presented in some blue jeans that fit him well also.

"Like that's going to happen" Mr. L said with a scoff. The girls started lowering their hands all looking a little sad. I raised my hand. I had to get back on Mr. L's good side.

"Great Mr. Jackson will show Mr. Andrews around and where his classes are. Please take a seat" he said to Michael.

I looked over at him trying to find a seat, I waved him over since there was an open seat right near me.

"Names Robert" I said extending my hand. He looked at it for a moment before smiling and taking it. "Hi I'm Michael" he said. Mr. L went on the whole class about all the projects and things that we had to do this year. Senior stuff like always.

I looked over at Michael and saw he was drawing intently in his book.

"You draw?" I whispered over to him. He looked up at me and smiled a little. His smile was infectious, made me feel happy just to see him smile. That's weird.

"A little bit, want to see?" he offered his book.

I took it and went through several pages. I was impressed, he knew how to draw well. "You did all of these?" I asked.

"Don't sound so surprised" he said chuckling a bit.

Ahem. We heard from the front of the room. Mr. L looked was looking at us.

"Sorry Mr. L I was just informing Michael about some things school related"

"Please leave that to the end of class Robert. Thank you" he said looking less mad.

"Yes sir" I said. Thank god I didn't want to end up on his shit list again. "You're a great artist" said as I handed his book back to him.

"Thanks" he said. Class was over quickly and we made our way out into the hallway, Michael following right behind me.

"So Michael-" I started

"You don't have to show me around, I don't want to bother you. Honestly ill find my own way" he said looking around at the room numbers.

"I honestly don't mind, plus it's a big school easy to get lost in if you don't know where you're heading" I grabbed his schedule out his hand and went down the list. I saw that we had some of the same classes.

"Come on I'll show you where our next class is" I said walking in the direction we should be heading. "Oh and I meant what I said earlier, you are a great artist"

He smiled wide and said thanks again.

"So why did you move on the final year of high school" I asked to make small talk as we walked together.

"Uh" he stammered. "Just some problems at my old school" he said looking away. Weird. I let it go, if he didn't want to talk about it I wasn't going to force him to say anything.

"So the cafeteria is down that hallway at the bottom of the steps, you have Gym1 which is in the back building on the left side. We have 1st, 2nd, 5th/lunch and last period together."

"Thanks man" he said giving me that smile that made me feel weird.

We rounded the corner to our class. I felt someone crash into me. I realized it was Samantha as soon as she wrapped her arms around the back of my neck and kiss me. I was caught off guard.

"You never picked me up from my class babe" it was sort of our thing that I've been doing ever since we started going out. I would pick her up from her class and walk her to her next when it was possible.

"Sorry babe, I had to help out my new friend Michael here get better acquainted" I said gesturing over to where Michael was awkwardly standing. She was still climbed on top of me.

"Michael this is my girlfriend Samantha" it felt weird saying that to him.

"Hey" he said quietly.

"Hi Michael" she said extending her hand. He took it and quickly let it go.

We chatted a bit but things felt a little awkward so I gave Samantha a quick kiss and told we had to get to class.

Michael and I didn't talk much more. He sat near me though and I watched him draw the whole second period. I walked him to his 3rd period class.

"Hey want to give me your number so I could text you where to meet me and my friends during lunch, if you want" I asked Michael. For some reason I felt awkward asking him for his number.

He said sure and punched in his number on my phone smiling a bit. The next two periods went by without incident. I went to pick up Samantha and headed for lunch. I texted Michael to meet us by the table where we usually sat.

"Why do you keep looking around" Samantha asked looking at me.

"I told Michael to meet us" I said wondering what was taking so long. I saw him walking and I waved him over.

"Hey" he said looking at me for reassurance. Everyone looked up to see a stranger standing near us.

"Everyone this is Michael, he's new here"

"Hey Michael" they said in unison. I made space for him to sit.

"So why'd you move" Samantha asked Michael.

"Um just problems at the other school" he said looking away.

"What kind of problems" Samantha asked. I don't know why she was pushing him to know.

I saw he was feeling uncomfortable so I tried to change the subject. "Anyone heard when football tryouts start this year?"

"Coach said in a few weeks" Bryant said.

"What sport" Michael asked. He looked relieved to change the subject.

"Football!" Bryant and three other players Vance, John, and Jimmy yelled at the same time. The girls at the table yelled from being scared. I just laughed because they always do this. Jocks right?

"What position" Michael asked looking at me. "Quarter back" I responded proudly.

"Nice" he said. "Do you play" I asked trying to get him to talk a bit.

"Yeah actually, I was center in my uh, erm my old school" he said getting me back to square one.

"You should try out then" I said trying to cheer him up. He looked up and smiled. "Just let me know when"

The bell rang and we all parted. It turned out Michael and Samantha had the same class 7th period. I dropped off Samantha with a quick kiss and told her quietly not to be so nosy. I was kind of joking but I'm not the pushy type I wanted Michael to feel comfortable and then I said bye to Michael punching him lightly on his arm which felt like punching a wall.

When the final bell rang I went to my car and Samantha was there.

"Michaels gay!" she said as I walked up to her.

"What?!" I exclaimed.



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