We both looked at each other for a whole minute but honestly it felt like an hour. I looked at him still looking pretty much the same. He did gain muscle mass and he was wearing black jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt and dark colored shoes. He was wearing this black leather bracelet I had given him for his birthday. It had been after our fight and I felt that something as our stupid fight didn't matter to me. I still wanted him to have something and I found it in a store and I immediately thought of him. I was surprised he didn't throw it out. I thought it was a good sign but I wasn't sure.

'Hey' I was the first to speak. I thought it was better I speak up then him.

'Hey' he stuck out his hand so I shook it. I helped him bring in his bags and then I sat down on the bed. It felt awkward I didn't know what to do, or what I should say. I looked down not wanting to look at his face and not knowing what to expect.



'This it awkward huh'


'So you want to get this over with'

'And what might that be'

'There is tension and I want things out in the open, I don't want it to be like this for the rest of our time here, or would you rather me change my room'

'Shouldn't I change my room? I'm the stupid one here'

'Don't say that, you're not stupid I just want to talk things out:

'What exactly do you want me to say? That it was a mistake, we both know that. That I did those things to you, yeah that was the biggest mistake, and I'm sorry' I couldn't continue. I started to cry and I started to choke out.

'Dude no comes on. Don't start crying, I just wanted you to feel better'

'That worked out perfect then, how do you think me telling you the horrible things I did to you would make me feel better and i'm sorry i'm making you re listen to this'

'You don't have to be sorry; I don't blame you for anything'

'Why not it's my entire fault'

'No look at me' he came over to my bed and sat next to me, he took his index finger and hooked it under my chin and lifted my face to look at him. I struggled to turn my face but then he took both his hands on either side of my face and held me there. 'I don't blame you, believe me when I say this'

'How can I not. Who am I suppose to blame, you? That's a joke'

'I'm not saying any one is to blame, things happen and I want this to be something left in the past'

'How can you not hate me?'

'Because we've been through too much to just throw it away on some silly incident'

This made me feel a little better. I had stopped crying and was looking at him. I gave him a weak smile and he started smiling.

'Do you feel better?'


'Great help me unpack some clothes and dress nice for tonight, my mom and dad would love to see you tonight'

My eyes grew wide 'I haven't seen your mom in forever, sounds awesome' I loved his mom. She was the kindest women, next to my mom of course. Robert's dad wasn't bad he just didn't accept that I was gay; he still loved me like a son which was alright with me. 'Casual or dressy?'

'Casual they're just my parents and we aren't going to a fancy restaurant'

'If you say so'

I helped him unpack some clothes and stuck them in his draw. Soon we started talking like nothing happened. I felt amazing to have Robert back. My best friend and this time I swore nothing stupid like that would ever happen, even if I was drunk. We talked about things that happened after our tiff. He had one girlfriend but it didn't workout, she was just interested in sex, he was more of a romance guy always with perfect dates and special gifts and everything. I had a boyfriend pretty much the same deal with all the sex. It was great sex but I mean that's not all there is to a relationship. It didn't even feel awkward talking about this anymore. We got dressed and met up with his parents. His mother nearly attacked me.

'Kevin! Oh my goodness I haven't seen you in over a year. How are things going? How's life? I didn't know you were attending this school'

'Yeah i'm not only attending i'm your son's roommate'

'You're lying. Oh that's wonderful. Just like old times huh'

'Yeah it's just like old times'

'Mom leave him alone, stop breathing down his neck and calm down'

'Hey there son' Roberts dad looked older. Not in a bad way I guess because I haven't seen him in so long. He gave me a strong handshake and half hug.

'Hello sir'

'Shall we sit?'

'Yes sir'

We ate and talked for more than an hour. We said our goodbyes and his parents left. Robert decided he didn't want to go straight to the dorms.

'Let's walk around the campus, and check out some places'


So that's what we did. We walked around campus and found some stores and of course a cinema. We were pretty bored so of course he wanted to watch this new movie that came out. A strange sense of déjà vu came over me. It was hard to stay awake during the movie. I felt really bored but I stayed awake for Robert. I think midway through the movie I fell asleep because I found myself leaning on Robert's shoulder with the tiniest line of druel on the side of my mouth. I didn't slobber but I felt so embarrassed.

'Oh my god i'm so sorry'

'Ha no problem. Aw yuck you slobbered on me'

'Oh my god i'm sorry it was by accident'

'Calm down Kevin it was a joke'

'Oh ha funny' I punched his arm softly to joke around.

We made our way back to the dorm and I got undressed and stayed in basketball shorts. Robert went in cargo shorts.

'So you decided to keep it'

'Keep what' he said with a confused look.

'The bracelet' I said pointing at his wrist.

'Oh yeah, wow I almost forgot I never thanked you. This was a perfect gift' he ran up to me and hugged me really tight. It wasn't an awkward hug, it felt right.

'No problem'

'I loved it right when I saw it, I wanted to get you something but I couldn't think of something'

'Eh no problem you don't owe me anything'

'Don't worry ill think of something'

I smiled hard at him and him back at me.

'So what do we do from here?'

'Um want to see who can do more push ups?'

'That's not hard'

'But let's make it interesting, whoever loses has to streak across the whole campus'

'Oh no I'm not risking that; we could get in so much trouble'

'Fine um do you shave?'

'Yeah I got a blade but my face isn't stubbly and I thought we were wagering bets here'

'We are. What my offer is, if you loose the winner gets to shave you from head to toe'

'Aw man' I felt bad because I know I could beat him and I know where this could lead.

'Its up to you, if you don't want to we don't have to, unless you're scared' he stuck out his tongue at me

'Let's go then'

We got up to the 150's before we stopped counting and just kept going. My arms were getting really tired and I saw his wobbling. I was trying to beat him but both our arms gave out. It was a close call and I don't know who won exactly.

'You lost'

'Uh no fair I don't know'

'I saw you'

'It was a tie'

'Sure, sure'

'It was'

'Fine so that means we both have too'

'Or none of us have to'

'A deal is a deal'

'Ugh fine you little bastard'


I knew I wasn't going to be able to get out of this so I did what I was told; Robert left the room and went in the bathroom. I heard him going through some things. He came in with a razor. I was sitting naked laughing at how stupid I felt.

'I hate you'

'You knew what the stakes were' he said sticking his tongue out at me.

'Fine, but i'm not happy about it'

Truth be told, I was more than happy, Robert was going to touch me in places that I wanted him to touch since forever. The bad part I knew I wouldn't be able to control certain parts of my body.

I looked down at my now semi hard dick. I begged my dick to stay down. I didn't want to make things awkward, uncomfortable, and maybe even messed things up between me and Robert.

'Okay get ready' he started shaving my chest. His hands moving on my Pecs felt amazing. I loved my light patch of hair and he knew it. This was done purposely to annoy me. I was staring in the mirror and saw how it was turning out. It was painful to watch all my hair being shaven away. He was laughing at how I was pouting my face. It was starting to be a little funny until he ran his hand over my nipple.

'Mmmm, don't do that' I said pushing his hand away from the spot he ran his hand over it.

'What happened?' he said with a confused look on his face.

'Sorry I didn't mean to say it like that. My nipples are just sensitive and-it felt good when you did that and I didn't want it too'

He laughed 'oh so you have sensitive nipples hmm?'

'Shut up'

'No, no you're right ill be gentle' he said it with a mischievous look on his face. He winked and poked my sides which made me laugh a little.

He started shaving my chest again he ran his hands over my very sensitive nipples.

'Grrr you did that on purpose'

'Oh you know you liked it'

'Kind of the point why I don't want you doing that'

'Aren't you the gay one, shouldn't you be attacking me?'

I pouted my lip in a serious way. 'Not funny Robert'

'Sorry, I was kidding. He kissed me on the cheek and smiled.

I had a confused look on my face and he saw it.

'Oh please don't get all happy on me now it was just a kiss on the cheek'


I was still confused. That wasn't at all normal and I couldn't think of another time a boy kissed me on the cheek that wasn't gay. But I wasn't going to question him, I didn't need him getting all straight guy macho on me and being wierded out by the gay thing. I hid the confused look on my face and faked smile.

'Now stop rubbing my tits'

'Fine' he smiled and did it again. I punched him in his arm. 'Ouch'

'That did not hurt you liar'

'I know trying to boost your confidence'

'Uh offense taken'

He stuck out his tongue again. 'Hey leave my treasure trail. I love that part of me'

'Fine but you have to do the same for me'


I forgot I was going to have to rub my hands all over his body. My dick started to rise just at the thought of touching him.

'Ahem' he said. He brought me out of my daydream. I looked down and my 9in dick was just standing straight out in front of me. I backed away from him and tried the best I could to hide my dick and balls from him. 'Calm down, calm down I've gotten boners before' I was blushing.


'Don't be sorry, it doesn't matter'

I had a strange feeling that he was hiding something but I had to try and concentrate on everything over then anything being sexual. It didn't help.

He grabbed my cock by the head and I moaned loud. My knees gave out from the sudden pleasure and I ended up in Roberts arm and my face pressed up against his crotch. My eyes bugged out and I immediately got up and started to apologize.

'I'm sorry, oh my god i'm sorry'

'Why are you so sorry?'

'I did it by accident I wasn't expecting it'

'But why are you always apologizing'

'Because of that thing that happened. The thing you wanted me to forget. The things I did to you. That's what i'm sorry about, and you wont let me say anything about it, but I am I'm sorry it happened, and I wished it didn't'

I didn't hear him right but I believe I heard him say under his breath 'I didn't' I swear that's what I heard. But it couldn't be possible. Robert is straight. He doesn't act gay or didn't. He doesn't have a problem with me being gay but is that because he likes it. But then what happened last year. Ugh everything was so confusing and I am so confused.

'What was that?'

'Nothing, come on lets finish. Lay down this time I don't need you passing out'

I laid down on the bed spread my self out and got ready. He grabbed me by my dick again and again I moaned and the pleasure was very intense. I heard him chuckle. He moved my dick every which way to get every hair. He then continued down my legs and shaved them. Crap I felt pissed he was shaving my legs.

'Flip over'


I flipped over and he shaved everything. 'Hold your butt cheeks apart'

'Uh why'

'I said every part'


I did what I was told. I spread my cheeks apart and very gently he grabbed my butt and started shaving away.

'All done'

'For real can I see?'

'Sure can'

I got up and looked at my whole body in the mirror. I did like how clean everything looked. I started rubbing my hands over my body and feeling all of the missing hair. One special place was of course where my pubes use to be. It felt weird not having them there. And of course they looked weird. I smiled at myself in the mirror.

'Not bad'

'Your turn'

'Aw thought you forgot'

'Not at all'

I pushed him on the bed. This would have been a perfect entrance to a porno but I was afraid to say that. I shaved him pretty quickly. Didn't want anything happening that shouldn't. I had rubbed my hand over his nipple and he giggled.

'I see what you meant before'

'Yeah, you see'

'I didn't know it was that sensitive'


I kept shaving and left his treasure trail. When I got done to his dick, it was semi hard. I grabbed it pretty much the same way he did too me and he moaned very loud.

'Mmm oh god Kevin'


He was clenching his teeth every time I moved my hand up and down in an almost stroking motion and he was rock hard when I was done. He looked pretty good in that area and shaved his balls clean, and then his legs and then I flipped him over. I shaved him down from his back to his nice bubble butt. If he were any other guy I didn't care for I would have sunken my teeth into his tight little butt. But no he had to be someone I cared for. 'Spread 'em'


I shaved him very slow as to not cut him. But really being this close to his hole made me want to come and I haven't even touched myself. I finished up and lifted him so he could see himself in the mirror. He whistled to himself and he too rubbed his body to feel all the hair that use to be there.

'I want to go shower' I said looking at all the hair on my body.

'Yeah me too'

'You could go first'

'Oh I was planning on you joining me' my eyes widened.

'What' I said as normal as I could.

'I'm just kidding'

'I know, ha'

I felt myself turn bright red so I turned around. I heard him laugh so I could imagine that he had already seen my face.

'Okay so I'll go first'


He got his things together and went into the shower. I immediately got a towel on the chair and sat down on it and started to jerk off. With all the touching I cummed in under 5 minutes. I cleaned up and 5 minutes later Robert was out of the shower.

'All yours'


I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. I continued to rub my hands all over my body. I started liking how it felt to be all shaven. I took about 30 minutes in the shower. All this time due to jerking off 3 times and the time I spent washing up and running my hands over my body.

'Pretty long shower' he said smiling as if he knew what I had been doing.

'Yeah I wanted to make sure I got all the hair off me'

'I didn't take as long' he said smiling then sticking out his tongue.

'I'm more thorough' I said giving him a wink.


It was pretty late so I went to call it a night. Robert decided to read a little. I turned off my lamp got under the covers and slid my shirt off.

I was remembering everything that happened tonight. It made my member give a standing ovation. I don't think I was ever going to stop having boners because of this. Anyways a certain moment came into my head when I had told Robert I regretted what happened, the 'incident'. I remembered how he had said he didn't regret it. I don't know if I should say something or just drop it. I didn't want to but...

'Can I ask you something' he didn't look up from his book. I waved my hand around in the air to signal to him. Was he ignoring me? Then I saw he had head sets around his neck leading to his ears. I got up and sat on his bed. He turned up from his book.

'What happened?'

'I got to ask you something' I said nervously.


'But I don't want to'

'Why, what is it about?'

'Just something I wanted to know, maybe I misunderstood or misheard'

'Okay so what is it?'

'I can't really explain it, or I don't want to'

'Spit it out already' he said smiling.

'Are You Gay?'

-will Robert bug out and get angry at Kevin for even asking it, or is this the opportunity that Robert was waiting for to get busy with his bestiee. Till later guys-

** Sorry to do this again. But I need to keep you guessing. So again, till later I leave my story here.....**



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