"I know by now how to pull the applications to find just the right one. I have been doing this for some time now. Young, who lives in a poor neighborhood with little qualifications. As the owner of Melvin's Mini Market I can hire and fire who ever I want. Most of my people are paid under the table which allows me to get away with a lot"

It's 9 am and the day is just beginning Melvin sits in his upper office with his slacks and polo ironed and pressed looking threw the job database. He isn't actually looking for anyone to hire, there is enough staff. He is looking for some one desperate and wiling. At thirty seven years old 5'11, successful , black and charming. One would think Melvin can find a nice girl or guy to settle down with. But he is comfortable with his life and having people at his disposal. Melvin clicks on an application Tyree Phillips, 19 African American on Vine st. (The Hood) last job over a year ago at a Burger chain.

"Perrrrrfect" Says Melvin slow and deep

"Hello" says a low raspy voice

"Hi, can I speak to Tyree Please

"Dis him"

"Hey Tyree this is Melvin calling from the Mini Market on Sundale Dr"

"Oh hey, about my application?"

"Yeap, about your app. What time can I get you in here today?"

"Bout one ?"

"Okay 1:00PM works for me. I'll see you then just ask for Melvin"

"Aight, thank you sir"

Hearing Tyree answer him with Yes sir made Melvin hard in his slacks. Most of the people that worked at the Market were older people. No one ever suspected anything from interviewing younger people. Everyone knew they needed someone for the things they couldn't do. Right now Charlie handles all of the labor. Charlie is twenty two years old, very chubby and as dark as night. He hardly says anything to anyone. Charlie's mother work at the market and got Charlie his job there.

Melvin is sitting in his office waiting for 1:00PM to approach. His bulge already in place, and everything in the office positioned just right. He looks Tyree up on Facebook to see if he can find him but nothing pops up.

Tyree parks his bike in front of the Market. The Brown skin boy with round eyes and big pouty lips, about 5' 9" slightly stocky. He walks up to Brenda as she wipes off the glass.

"I'm here to see Marvin"

"You mean Melvin? Yes baby, go to the blue door walk to the very top of the stairs and he'll buzz you in suga foot"

Tyree nervously walked to the top of the well lit stairs, he really liked how everything was light green trimmed in blue. He thought about how new everything would feel if his room at home was painted in such way. He press the bell his heart racing. Melvin is laced with excitement, he buzzes Tyree in the office from his desk. Tyree pauses and looks around at how nice the office is. Everything is black, leather and Chrome.

"Come in Tyree take a seat, I'm Melvin I am the owner and operator of Mel's Mini Market"

"I went over you app and wanted to be sure to get you in for and interview, tell me a little about your work history"

Melvin already knew the answer to this question he had Tyree's job application right in front of him.

"I use to work a Better Buger, I ain't there no more because I wasn't gettin' no good hours"

"Why do you want to work for the Market, have you had many other interviews?"

"I see the sign for this place on all the bus stop and stuff, I haven't really got no call backs. I want to work here cause it's a friendly place and seem like a nice job "

"Hmmm, okay okay. I've been looking over your application and you don't have many qualifications that I'd normally be looking for."

"I can learn anything and I can learn fast, I just need a job"

Seeing the desperation in Tyree's eyes, Melvin sits toward the edge of the deal directly in front of Tyree. He bulge showing extremely well in his slacks. Tyree starts to feel a little uncomfortable having a man this close and with a juicy bulge.

"So you can learn fast huh? And you really need a job?" Melvin said as he grabbed his bulge

"Ye Ye yes sir"

Tyree was a little scared at what Melvin may be implying. His heart started to race. Melvin grabbed his bulge and gave it a shake, unbuckled his slacks and plopped out his thick meaty dick and huge balls. Tyree wanted to jump up but his body wouldn't let him move. He looked up at Melvin and back down at the meat in Melvin's hand.

"I don't think I'm right for this job"

Tyree barely getting up from his seat, legs feeling weak he made it to the door. Melvin still sitting at the edge of the desk with a hand full on dick.

"imagine how proud your Mother would be of you. Bringing in an income, helping out the family? It's your call"

This is just a sample/teaser to see if this is something the readers would like. I would love to receive emails about other stories or subject matter. I like to write and have a very wild imagination. So I am very open to new ideas. Let me know if you want more.


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