I was the Joke of Eros

By Entonces

A true story where the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I always thought that the Greek gods loved me. Little did I know that the god Eros was setting me up for the big fall. It began on Wednesday afternoon. I was sitting with a fuck buddy in a café in West Hollywood, CA. We had finished fucking the morning away and had decided that we have lunch together before we went our separate ways. I love it when friends know me, and this was such the regular friend with benefits that at one time he lived with me. He knew that I had a fetish for blondes. Often he heard me say that the reason blondes have more fun is because the rest of us want to fuck them. He caught me staring at a blonde guy walking by our outside table proudly displaying a copious bubble but.

My friend commented. "Honestly Rick isn't there any blondes that you haven't fucked or is he the only one."

We laughed but there was more truth to that than was stated. I had a phone book with over 300 names in it. Nearly all were blondes excepting the twins and a couple gingers. The names went from Aaron to Zach with extra pages for all the James, Johns and Joshes. Yes I considered that the Greek gods loved me because I am not the handsomest man, nor the wealthiest man. I had the gift of persuasion and a dick once aroused would not go down. Somehow I stayed very busy servicing some of the finest asses Los Angeles had to offer and this did not include all the tourists either. Look guys I am not bragging I am telling you how I have it. Yes Eros was my friend. At least so I thought.

I worked 6 days a week and never found time to take a vacation. I was now the number two man in the super market store that I worked. The pay was fantastic, and I achieved this level through hard work, knowing the industry, and by an early age. I at 27 was the youngest assistant manager in the company's history and enjoyed all the extras that came with the position. But today was my day to play. I wanted some new blonde butt to fuck and this was to be my mission. I returned to my apartment and quickly left with my mountain bike.

I was going to do a little slumming. I road my bike down Santa Monica Blvd. to where Hollywood began. There the bars were a bit seedy and the boys are a bit eager without all the pretentious put-ons the Wee-Hoe queens liked to project. In fairness I guess the same could be said of me but I started in Hollywood and worked my way out of it. Not to go off on a tangent; I walked into this bar and immediately saw what I was looking for. Sitting in the middle of the bar was one of the hottest blondes I ever laid eyes on. He wore a t-shirt that had the sleeves removed and the sides cut to open permitting a view of the skin below. It was rolled up so I could see his flat belly. He wasn't a worked out bunny but he had no real body fat. His cut off shorts barely covered his bubble butt. Most attractive than all rest was his hair, this is a real fetish of mine. He had hair like Rihanna, only his was natural and had no dark roots. He wore it shoulder length and that alone almost made me pop a boner in my seemingly sprayed on the pants, which showed off my ample endowment. When I do that, I call it cock-rocking; something that Mick (the stick) Jagger was famous for doing. I love how size queens don't even bother looking me in the face while their eyes stayed glued on my dick.

I ordered a beer while I studied the situation and soon was ready to pounce. I should have known right away that Michael was a problem that I should avoid. At this bar with a rumored to be a hustler pick-up joint; he had two non-notable older men fawning over him. Getting them out of the way was a sport I excelled in. I walked over and whispered in his ear; "Do you want to smoke a doobby? Before the old ones knew what happened, Michael and I walked out of the bar. One of the cool things about Santa Monica Blvd is that there are always taxi cabs cruising the streets. I hailed one and in minutes we were walking into my apartment with my bicycle. I always kept a bungee cord just for times like this. My home was my pride and joy. It was so expensive that I couldn't own a car in the nation's largest metropolitan city by area. But only kids fuck in cars, well mostly kids. I had a place that impressed even the well off.

It's kind of fun to watch a guy from the low rent side of town, suddenly change up as though he had walked into a palace. Oddly Michael was not one of them. Once we got better acquainted I learned that he grew up in the same area of Michigan that I did. My family was middle class but his was wealthy. It seems that they disowned him when he turned gay. I provided some Canadian beer and had my Marlboro cigarette sized joint in the ready. All the while I poured on the complements. Hot men get told about their beauty all the time. But I have yet to find one that tired of hearing it said. Michael was no exception. He did seem a bit detached or maybe aloof. None the less he was not too difficult to move into my bed.

You know how children seem to have big eyes that are disproportionate to their faces? Michael had that going on. He was a living doll. I could drown myself in his deep sea blue eyes. Or I could find it difficult to climb over the perfectly round mounds of his bubble ass. He was better looking than any twink-boy porn star that Belimi Studios has ever presented. My desires for that man were burning like a torch and all I wanted to do was worship his whole body. This I proceeded to do.

Allow me to explain for my Southern friends something about Southern California. It is dry there, we don't know what humidity is. When Michael said that he walked a mile and a half on an 85 degree day, I knew his body would still be fresh as if he just stepped out of a shower. I'm not fastidious about those kinds of things, but I don't want to deal with outright funk. I wanted to put my tongue everywhere on Michael's body and not have to wait for him to take a shower first. Now in my bedroom I removed his shoes, then his socks. His feet were barely moist from sweat. I licked each toe and ran my tongue across his instep. Then I moved up one leg to his short-shorts and down the other to work on his other foot. I was consuming this man and making him love the process. The hair on his legs was slight but golden. I lifted his body and pulled off his shorts and briefs in one motion. Michael is a true blond even his pubic hair was almost pure gold. The heat that had gathered under his briefs had produced a clean manly smell. I inhaled his aroma with the same gusto as I had on that fine Humboldt County skunk weed we shared earlier. His cock was coming to life with all my nuzzling around his pubic hair and balls. I scooped up the head of his man rod and gently sucked it in my mouth. This man was intoxicating to me, not only his blonde looks, natural clean smell, but his cock was expanding rapidly in mouth which was the proof that I was pleasing him too. All of this became powerful drug. I quickly disrobed before I forgot how.

This was only about him. I did not need Michael to try to pleasure me during the foreplay. I was going to fuck him silly that was for sure. Guys like him don't come to my home not expecting that to happen because of the aura that I give off. For now I wanted to consume every part of Michael and was doing just that. I suckled his tits. I had my tongue in his ears. I sucked on his neck branding him for all to see. Then I rolled him over and applied my favorite technique. With his body almost limp and stretched out on my bed I lapped up his leg starting at his heel. My tongue moved over his calf, then thigh, then headed straight for that deep valley between his ample butt cheeks. Most guys anticipate that I will immediately stop there and begin to probe their man holes but I don't do the expected. I love to simply run my tongue across his pucker and move on to the depression made by his spine. I stop only at the ear and then proceed to venture back down this time to explore the other leg after slathering again the now excited pucker.

To me nothing can compare to having my face buried between two halves of a man's biggest muscle on his body known as the gluteus maximus. After getting Michael's back moist with my saliva it was time to devote my full attention to his man hole. Even with his legs spread wide his butt cheeks had to be pried apart by hand so I could probe deeply with my tongue. It was as if his hole had these large round guardians preventing any invasion but a superficial one. It was wild. I accidentally lost my grip of one cheek and it slammed shut on my nose. Wow to have my NOSE pinched by his awesome ass cheeks! Now I didn't care if Michael was ready or not. I had to feel his insides with my cock. I used the best lube there is. Spit. His hole was already wet, so I applied some to my dick. Still on his stomach I eased my head into him. His hole literally sucked the rest of my dick inside. I was not pushing. Michael's hole was sucking me in. He fit around me like I had put on a warm condom, but way more sensational. He had something going on inside him. There was a rippling feeling that mixed with a gripping one. It almost felt like his manhole was giving me a blow job and had a swirling tongue to boot. Never before nor since did I have such an exquisite sensation all round my dick. It felt like I could reach an orgasm without doing the in and out motion. I asked Michael what he was doing to me. He said everyone asks him that. All he knew is it was some sort of spasm his hole always had when it was filled up. He said it didn't feel uncomfortable to him, so I enjoyed the rarity of it all.

After several minutes of his internal messaging, it did become clear that I was only being kept at the cusp of cumming. I had to go for completion in the time honored process. His hole increased in its messaging as I pounded into him. My God! I never felt anything like this. But it was all too much for me to hold off. I erupted like I had never shot a wad before. I had cum filling him to the over flow. There was my man juice leaking down onto his balls and onward to my bed sheets below. This went on for a time that I still can't recall how long. Eventually I was spent. I felt as though his ass had sucked my whole essence into him. I laid my chest on his back and tried to regain consciousness. An eternity later I asked how I could get him off. I had to do something to please the best fuck I ever had. I even offered my ass but he said that he had to get home to his boyfriend. Can we talk about crash and burn after reaching such heavenly heights?

I reluctantly withdrew from his still spasm-ing hole. His portal almost felt like it had slammed shut while pushing me out with the same force that it sucked me in. We got dressed and all the while I asked about this lucky man he called boyfriend. Michael told me that he was in the bar when I met him. His BF was playing pool at the time and was the sketchy animal I glimpsed at. I was resigned. All I could do now was ask if we could see each other again.

"Sure;" Michael said, "but first could I have fifty dollars? We are short of money and the rent is due."

"Absolutely;" I replied. I could have given him the 200 I had in my wallet but gave him $60 instead, intending the extra ten for taking a taxi back. "Michael wait a second. What is your phone number?" He didn't have one so I had to settle with leaving mine to his whims and if he wanted to call. The most exquisite and incomparable fuck of my life disappeared behind my double doors on the wrong side. Damn how I hate leaving fate to those fickle gods. I could hear Eros chuckle.

To be continued.




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