I've already written about my first gay relationship and how I got into group sex, what I didn't tell in that story, is about my feminization, and how I learned to take care of myself so I could always look as pretty as possible, and how I would go out shopping for my female attire, how I acted and looked.

I was young and I was actually a very cute boy, my hair when I met Larry was about 4 or 5 inches past my shoulders, it was cut in a style called layered and feathered, it kind of framed my face, making my face stand out more, I knew I was cute and liked it so I tried to play it up, I had long eyelashes whichmade my eyes stand out, and I had very full lips for a boy, I was on the slender side and looked good that way, I was 5'3" and about 90 pounds.

Larry liked my look, he said with the right clothes I could be very pretty, I liked that, me being pretty, I liked being the center of attention from people, it made me feel special, I was the center of attention for Larry from day one, He was handsome, rich, powerful a intimidating man, one you would want on your side as a friend not a enemy, his giving me attention is what kept my interest, I really liked it when he started to make his move, him lightly touching me, rubbing on me, his taking my hand and holding it as we talked, his looking at me with something in his eye, desire I think it was, he made me feel like he liked me and wanted to spend time with me, I felt wanted and liked it, so the further his advances went, I went along with them, I didn't want him to stop, it felt to right, after the first couple of nights and we had spent both days together alone, he talked to me about wearing something different then what I was, I asked like what, he said some sexy female lingerie, he said I could be even cuter, maybe pretty, if I wore them and did my hair up, I said if he wanted me to I would, we went to the bedroom and he pulled out a number of things and I tried them on for him, he told me I look incredible and then said you will have to put a curl in your hair, so he showed me a curling iron and blow dryer, he said do your best, I did, it was alright, I stayed dressed in some of the womans lingerie the rest of the day, the next morning we woke up and he told me to get dressed I did, he took me to Carmel and to a salon, a womans salon, I was embarressed, he told me to relax they were going to teach me how to fix myself up for him, in we went, Larry talked to the girl and he told her that I needed to learn all about how a young lady does her hair, make-up, nails, how to pick underwear and clothes, he told her I was his boyfriend and needed to know how to prepare for him, she said no problem but it will be about 4 hours, he said ok paid and left, they were to call him when we were done, we went in and went to a private room, I was told to get naked, I did, she looked me over and said you have very little body hair but a well groomed woman has no body hair, so I shaved in the shower, all but my eyebrows, eyelashes and head, the rrest of me was silky smooth, I liked how it made me feel, next she plucked my eyelashes some, not enough for it to be really noticed but some shape, I was taught how to apply make-up, all kinds of make-up, I really felt hot after I put on the listick, I was taught how to put on lingerie, and how to pick it out, to buy, I was taught how to sit like a proper female, how to cross my legs, how to look at a man, how to flirt, I was taught all I think there is to taking care of yourself as a woman, I loved it and it worked.

When Larry came to get me he was going to be in for a big suprise, they had picked out a outfit for me to wear home or whereever and I was going to be wearing it for him, and I had on my make-up, my hair done up pretty, and female sexy clothes, he pulled up and I walked out, I also had on my first high heels, I looked hot I thought, and so did he, we didn't go right home, he said he was proud to be my date so we were going to go out to a few places, we went to eat, we went to a club, we went a few places and I loved it I was being treated like a lady, and looked like one, he was my man and I his docile companion, after we went home and I was fucked long and hard by my man.

The next time I went down I was told I was to go buy a few things, I was drI'ven by his drI'ver, we went to a upscale specialty store, dealing in womens fine clothes from nothing to fully outfitted, I talked to a sales girl and told her kind of what I had in mind, she asked if they were for my girlfriend, no I said they are for me so I can look hot and sexy for my man, ok she said and we shopped, I tried on things and would come out in them for her opinion, she told me I looked very goodin these types of clothing, I picked a few and paid and left, on the way home his drI'ver kind of asked me what was up, I said nothing just want to look nice for Larry, he said from what I saw you will look nice for him, I think so I said, I was fucked in one of my new underwear purchases.

From that time on, for three and a half years I went about every other time to shop, I was responsible for my choice of clothing to wear for him, at the shops I frequented they all knew my name and they all knew I was Larrys possesion, his boy, his sex toys, he was 25 years older then me, I loved to walk into a lingerie store and shop for something that would make him want to fuck me, I would ask the clerk if something made me look like someone a man would want to fuck right now, usually I dressed in my maleclothing, although cute on me it was boy clothes, after going out to do this a few times I just decided to go as a girl, I was passable and the clerksloved it when id show up in drag, I loved wearing womens clothes it was so hot, well not as much detail as id hoped but it will have to do for now, gI've me some feedback, I will feed off the positI've and I will write more about me, my life, my encounters, So you know how I turned out after all my years, as I write this I am wearing a pair of skin tight black streatch pants, like a ssecond skin, I have on a bra that has no straps, it sticks to your breast and feels great, it actually takes ahold of your flesh so it looks like I have some titty, I feels so good, I have on a white satin camasol top, and for the last week or so I have taken a nine inch long and 6 inch diameter latex cock deep inside of my hole, riding it fast and hard and of course deep, I was a bitch when young and still one now, I wish I could find a handsome man older then my 52 to ride me long and hard, a big cock would be a added bonus but not required, I would love to be taken away for a weekend and spend both days just getting used, yes I would, so if youd like e-mail me, [email protected] look forward to hearing from you.



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