I wanted to meet men to give them oral

At the age of forty-three, I had my first bi transgression with another man. My early days of being A.C.-D.C. type person, I only met men who would suck my cock. Receiving to perform oral intercourse from a male or female has to be one of the most enjoyable interpersonal activities two people can share. After three years seeking one-way cock sucking from anonymous men, I developed a curiosity about of giving fellatio. Once I had a man climax in my mouth, I became addicted to giving oral stimulation to a man's cock and receiving his ejaculatory fluid. I have met many men over the past years, many told that I am a passionate cocksucker.

I posted messages to different Yahoo groups finding strangers whom need the feeling of a hot mouth surrounding their stiff cock and taking their load. Carl and I met on line when he responded to one of my messages by sending an X-rated picture of himself and a brief statement why he wanted to get together.

I exchanged emails with Carl to find out if he might be someone, I knew. I did not want Carl to be a friend, family or co-worker. It would have been unlucky news to agree to meet someone then discovering they were someone you knew. I did not want to be embarrassed. It would have been hard to talk your way out of that situation. I asked Carl where he lived to find out the possibility of knowing him. Carl told me his address. He lived a few miles from me making it possible to meet with little notice. We agreed to meet at Denny for a public meeting, which allowed us to get to know each other and feel comfortable with each other.

I told Carl I would be sitting in the back of the restaurant wearing a yellow gold shirt. Carl said he would be wearing a white button down Oxford shirt with the logo where he worked. I met Carl at the time agreed; we shook hands and ordered coffee. I did not know what to say to a Carl so I let him start the conservation. I had a quick appreciation for Carl. He had a soft-spoken voice, which put me at ease. He did not appear in a hurry for a blow and go.

Carl said he worked as a masseuse at a local health spa. I noted that Carl had large hands with strong forearms. He said that he was thirty-eight but looked as he was in his twenties. Carl talked about his career telling funny stories about giving massages. Some of Carl's clients expected their manipulation to close by Carl applying oil to their cocks, stroking them off to completion. You could say that Carl's job was to give hand jobs, known as 'happy ending'.

Carl told me, "With so many naked bodies all-day long, touching, jerking, and having men shooting off in my hands, I come home horny. All I want to do is relax, lie back and need someone to suck my cock." He continued, "I have a girlfriend, but we do not spend much time together. She knows that I am bi and does not care if I meet another man."

I responded, "I can understand about coming home and wanting to relax but I like to relax by giving head, and you do not need to do anything in return."

Carl finished his coffee and said, "My place is not too far from here, if you would like you can follow me to my apartment." We entered Carl's apartment. It had a living room, with the dinging room set off in a corner separated from the kitchen with a countertop. For living alone, the apartment was clean and tidy. Walking past the couch, Carl suggested, "Let's go to the bedroom." In the bedroom, I noticed a portable folding massage table, a queen-sized bed, and a chest of drawers. Carl asked, "Would you like a massage?"

I accepted by saying, "Sure, I never had a massage before. I am sure you do excellent massages. A massage would feel so grand that would need a massage all the time." I stripped down to my boxers, asking Carl, "Where do you want me?"

Ray nodded toward the massage table saying, "On the table and remove your boxers." I felt a little nervous about being naked, but did as directed.

Carl's hands were like magic, strong and powerful hands moving over my body, touching all stress points. After fifteen minutes, I felt relaxed. I did not notice, but while Carl gave me a massage, he was undressing. I opened my eyes looking straight at his cock.

Carl said, "Roger lets move over to the bed where we can stretch out and be more comfortable."

A few minutes later, our naked bodies were lying on the bed. Carl stood nearly six feet tall and weighed less than one hundred seventy pounds. His body looked in prime shape his job kept him in excellent condition. My body compared to Carl is not trim and fit. I felt a little uneasy about my body being twenty pounds overweight, but not fat. Carl had an all-over tan with a hairy chest and legs. In comparison to Carl, my body was smooth and white from the neck down.

I lie naked in bed with Carl the first thing I noticed was his cock. After I accepted my bisexuality, the sight of another man's cock had fascinated me. The attraction starts when he is still dressed, and I try to predict if he is little or large, cut or uncut does his cock have a bend or is it straight? I think about whether he shoots off quickly and how much ejaculatory fluid he would give me. The obsession about cocks and cock sucking continues as I try to picture how the tasted of his ejaculatory fluid and would I swallow his load.

When talking with Carl, he is sort of person whom you would feel comfortable with whether you were sitting on the couch watching football or like now, lying in bed, two men naked.

I whispered that he had a large cock, teasing him by rubbing around his moderately hard erection; I continued to play with his cock. Looking into his eyes, I could tell he wanted me to keep doing this. In a few minutes, Carl's cock stood erect. I started to lick his shaft while cupping his scrotum in one hand and with my other hand; I held his cock moving it across my mouth and lips.

I knew what I like when a man sucks my cock and just tried to do the same when I played with Carl's cock. Carl's cock had a full mushroom shaped head colored a peachy shade of pink. I guided the head of Carl's cock in a warm, wet mouth hoping he would not come soon.

Next, I wanted to lick Carl's frenulum (that cute little flap on the underside of his gland; it is similar to the floppy thing under your tongue, only smaller). I love flicking my tongue along the shaft then toward this; Spots at the crown were I hope I would find Carl's tickle site. I moved my mouth to Carl's gonads, licking and sucking them. Moving his leg Carl allowed access to his perineum, (the space between his scrotum and the anus hole). Carl has showered, so I take my tongue back and forth and found his second tickle spot.

I lightly brushed Carl's shaft with my fingertips while I kiss and overcome other parts of his body. Carl provided me a jar of coconut oil, which I used to lube his erection. Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature, melts at body temperature, and is a common healthily food. It has no taste, unlike the most commercial lubes that taste medical. Oil is helpful when playing with a man's cock because the skin on the shaft of the penis is thin and sensitive to chafing.

I kissed and licked Carl's cock shaft as if it was an all day sucker. I circled the head of his cock with the end of my tongue, tickling the frenulum with my tongue. I removed my mouth from Carl's swollen shaft and proceed to his nut sack where I suck, kiss and lick his gonads, his hole and his perineum, everything. When I am between Carl's legs, he closes his eyes giving a little moan of pleasure. I did not do this for long; a little relaxation can go a long way.

Taking one of Carl's nuts in my mouth, I sucked on it gently. Stimulated, Carl responds to the warmth of my mouth by saying, "Oh yeah, that feels good. Suck my nut."

Carl was respectable larger than other men I have met. I had to take his cock with both hands. Trying to look like I knew what I was doing I commented, "You have too much cock to get in my mouth, thick and long." I wanted to make him feel strong and confident. I am relaxing him with my warm, wet mouth, my massaging hands and by the sound of my voice.

I remained in power with his dick in my mouth, and wanting him to fuck my mouth. I finished teasing him and eager to carry on his full erection in my mouth. My mouth started sliding over the head of his dick and letting it slip between my lips. I made sure my lips were covering my teeth. I made small, unpredictable movements with my tongue on his gland head, gradually; I began moving my head back and forth more vigorously.

My lips slid on his stiff rod, my tongue moving around as much as possible, massaging Carl's dick. I tickled his shaft with my tongue while his dick went, deep down, in my mouth. Next, I twirled the head of Carl's dick around with my lips and tongue. Obviously, the motion of the tongue caused increasing Carl's delight. Carl gasps, "Wow you are fantastic. You sure can suck a cock."

I knelt next to Carl, with a mouth full of dick. I replied with an indication of my head. I used various techniques on Carl's dick, changing them to keep Carl from climaxing. My mind thinking Ray would lose his load, in my mouth, on my face, or on my naked body. I put one hand around the basis of his shaft. I slowly brought my lips over his stiff cock head taking him all deep into my mouth. My mouth felt to Carl liked a friendly, wet pussy. Carl watched me give him suck his cock; it was a powerful visual stimulation.

I wrapped my hand around the base of Carl's cock acting as an extension of my mouth. This action kept me from gagging on Carl's cock when engaged in my mouth. My hand and mouth worked together to provide tension on the top of Carl's. I gently pushed my tongue down Carl's pee hole. As I move Carl's cock from my mouth, I let the head of his cock slide from the roof of my mouth, inducing more pleasure.

I could feel Carl's climax starting; I felt his cock getting harder as Carl arched his back. Carl softly said, "I about to shoot. Where do you want me to shoot?" Carl gave me advance notice that he indented to shoot.

Like all cocksuckers, I like the taste of a man's semen and I love to swallow. What else could I say? I uttered, "Carl erupted in my mouth."

I decided I wanted Carl's male essence in my mouth, and I wanted to swallow his load. I knew that a man's semen is healthy and knew the risks if his ejaculatory fluid shot into my mouth. I wanted to take Carl's load because I am submissive. By swallowing, Carl would know that I have accepted his control over my actions. Holding my breath, with Carl's erection far down my throat, I wait for him to shoot. He did not shoot. I moved my head back to allow me to breathe. Once more, moving down I go all the way on him again. I did several times until he starts to orgasm. Firmly, I locked-in my hungry embrace of my throat; he shoots a creamy mixture on Carl's cock as he shoots. I flexed and contracted my throat muscles to simulate a throbbing wet pussy. I knew Carl's cock looked ready to erupt, causing me to fondle his balls aggressively. I received that feeling in my throat, of the throbbing burst of energy, the dam breaks and Carl's divine love juices flood my throat to my gut. Carl's cock dribbled his man cream out of his pee hole and filled my mouth. Carl's cum does not have immediate taste, where he came, it was engaged in my mouth, and there are no taste's buds.

I moved Carl's cock to the center of my mouth as I continued to massage his cock in my mouth and tongue. The rest of his climax shoots warm, creamy fluid in my mouth. I swished his warm man cream around in my mouth, some spills out of my mouth spreading all over his cock. I keep sucking him, taking all of his love juice until his erection starts to go soft. I then lick his cock clean of all his cum, ending by giving his cock a little thank you kiss on the head.

For a long time, Carl and I rested on the bed. When we were dressing, Carl offered me something to drink, coffee, coke a beer. I selected a beer. We sat on the couch and acted like two normal straight men. He did not mention of what we had done in the bedroom. Carl had a sense of separating our bi activities with his straight acting activities.

I finished the beer, shook hands with Carl, and I returned home. I sent Carl an email thanking him for inviting me into his home for an enjoyable evening.



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