First time: During puberty, my best friend was my nephew. I was the baby of my family and my nephew was only a year younger than I was. We did everything together. We often spent the night together and often alone. I did not know or even suspect he was gay. The first night I was aware of his admiration of me, I woke up with this very nice feeling. I did not open my eyes at first, but I had a warm, wonderful sensation around my groin area. I realized someone was playing with my privates. I did not move and pretended to be asleep. I knew it was my nephew. I let him continue while I faked sleep. He very gently manuvered my lower extremetys around and caressed my genitals and ass. It was pleasurable to say the least. To make a long story short, after confronting him, he admitted he thought he was indeed gay and was very in love with me. Well, I told him it was okay and that it felt good and he could do that anytime he wanted. Wow, did that open up a whole new world. We progressed, after I began to orgasm, through mutual masturbation, oral and anal sex. He discovered he was a transvestite and I discovered I loved transvestite. We lived in this wonderful, fullfiling world for years. He moved away eventually and I was heartbroken. I was very popular in school, a jock, well built and had several girlfriends. Little do they know, none of them fully satisfied me. Second time: A new neighbor moved in next door. There was a young man about the same age as me. Pretty good looking guy. I paid little attention to him at first. After all, I was super jock and in an elite circle and he was just the new dude. Turns out he was pretty athletic also. His thing was baseball. He grew some in popularity and we started hanging out a little. One day, I was particularly horney. No one was home, so I closed the blinds as I always did when I was gonna whack off. I took off my shorts and undies and started fondling myself. I was already hard and I layed my head back and was enjoying myself. After a few minutes, I realized I was not alone. I slightly opened my eyes and I saw my neighbor staring through a slit in the window. I played it cool. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I acted as if I was peeing. I got down and crawled on my belly to the back door. I slipped my shorts on and snuck around the side of the house. There he was, dick in hand, jerking off. Looking back and forth through the slit in the blinds. I got behind him and said,'what ya looking at.' He almost tore his dick off putting it away. He said,' I was just trying to see if you were home.' I said, ' oh, well come on in.' We then went inside. I told him to sit down on the couch and I got him a coke. We kinda sat there in silence for awhile. Finally, having been through this before, I asked, ' do you like the what you saw?' He almost choked on his coke. He did not answer. He did however turn beet red. I started giggling a little. Finally, after letting him squirm a little. I said,' calm down dude. I don't mind.' At this he smiled. I said,'would you like a closer look?' He looked at me as if he did not know what to say. I got up walked towards him slowly. I droppe my shorts to the floor as I walked and stood right in front of him. He just stared at it. I thought he was gonna start frothing at the mouth. I said,'go ahead, I know you want to touch it, I can see it in your eyes.' He tried to look away, but could not keep his eyes off of it. I just started swaying back and forth in front of him. Finally, I guess he could not stand it anymore. He reached out and grabbed me. He started stroking me and playing with my balls. He suddenly stopped. He said he was afraid someone would find out. I laughed that off and told him I too was gay. This totally relaxed him. He grabbed me and really started going at it. I told him to get his clothes off too. He was very sweaty from being outside. I told him, not till you get a shower and led him to the shower. We cleaned each other off, throughly. Afterwords, we had 69 on my bed. I came with a tremendous flood and so did he. We satisfied each other regularly for about a year until he moved away too. His dad worked at the prison and was being transfered again. Third time: I got out of the military and finally landed a job at the local prison as a correctional officer. I had married and had a couple of kids. My wife was alright, but I was never satisfied. I knew why, but she did not. Well, one night at work, I was patroling one of the upper tiers. This tier was specifically reserved for feminine, frail, or gay convicts to keep them away from general population. At this time, there was only one inmate on the tier. He was a very feminine, very sexy, shemale. No tits had been added yet, but oh what a body. This is where it gets strange. As I walked by his cell, he was washin off in his sink. He was totally naked but facing away from me. I walked on by and continued down the empty corridor. He called me back. I walked back to his cell to see what he wanted. He was standing in front of the door of his cell stark naked. I tried to ignore this, but he had this magnificently beautiful, very large dick. It was semierect and shaved completely. His whole body had no body hair at all. I tried to be cool, but I could not take my eyes off of it. He said,' Sir, I know you too are gay, I can sense it. Please, go disrespect intended. I think you are so beautiful and I had to speak up.' I must tell you, I was very flattered. This was the most beautiful chican shemale I have ever seen. He/she was perfect in everyway. Well, my dick had already given me away. I was stone hard and standing out. She asked me to come closer. She said,' you don't have to say anything, but let me take care of that for you, pointing at my obvious condition. I walked closer to her, but to her surprise, or maybe not, I made the first move. I reached through the bars and grabbed ahold of that magnificent organ. She was totally startled. She gasped for breath at first. I shushed her with my finger in front of my mouth. Her dick got really hard and she started moaning. No one could hear us so I let her go. I stopped after I got her totally erect and told her I would be back in a minute. I went to the end of the corridor and opened her cell. I returned and we had the most fullfilling sex ever. She was the most magnificent lover I have ever had. She did some really easy time after this. I gave her everything she wanted and more. She left when her sentence was up. She was from California and I never got to see her again. After all, I was married. My question, can gay men feel when another man who appears to be straight, is actually gay as she said?



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